Monday, January 11, 2010

Blend TV - Best of 2009

Blend TV made a "Best of 2009" TV character list and Booth is in the mix:

Seeley Booth - Bones (Fox)

FBI Agent Seeley Booth is the epitome of “All American.” He’s a fan of arena rock, he’s athletic, he has an easy charm and confidence that is always apparent, and while he doesn’t fit in with the “squints” at the lab he is still able to integrate himself within their academic community. Just as capable of throwing a knife with deadly accuracy as he is unable to see his love for Dr. Brennan, Seeley Booth finally came into his own at the end of last season. When Booth was diagnosed with a brain tumor it became immediately apparent how much “Bones” cares for him as she worried so much about the guy, even if it was in her own way. During a post-op coma Booth fantasizes about a world in which he and Brennan are married with a baby on the way. Booth as a character would remain the clich├ęd “All American” on a lesser show, but season four of Bones made sure that fans knew this alpha male was actually quite at home working with the “squints.” And they respect and care for him in return.


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