Tuesday, January 5, 2010

David Boreanaz hogs the Sexy

BuddyTV has the same sexy-blinders as most of the Bones watchers and focuses solely on David Boreanaz in it's sexy men of 2009 list. How does Hodgin's chest not rate?!

Link to the slideshow

#14 David Boreanaz, Bones

Bones is probably the most fun-to-watch procedural on TV, and a large part of that is Boreanaz' simple, everyman charm. Of course, every man doesn't look like him, but it's a credit to him that we still think Seeley Booth is perfectly attainable.


Anonymous said...

Damn right!

He might not be a conventional pretty boy, but everything about him screams sexiness. The killer smile, the perfect build, his protective instincts towards his loved ones--off and on screen, his sense of humor...

I could go on and on...

No wonder I am still single, I measure up every I guy I meet to DB... I gotta stop that soon or I am gonna die an old maid =D

M Barboney said...

David Boreanaz is the perfect man. Emily said in an interview that the reason the show is a success is because DB is so handsome. I don't if she made this statement in jest or she was serious. What I do know is that the many women that watch this show, watch it because of DB only. ED was an unknown before this show. It is only because of DB that she is somewhat famous now.

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