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Episode Discussion - The Proof in the Pudding

Episode discussion for:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 12
The Proof in the Pudding

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Please, do not say "wow, that must be what leads to..." or "well, that won't last because Hart Hanson said that 2 episodes from now she will..." or whatever. I will have to delete any comments that include spoilers for future episodes or download links.

Other than that, please discuss away, every aspect of this episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!


Mary said...

The ending was cute, but overall, this episode was ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

What a great, great episode!!!


Ronnie said...

Good episode. Good but not great. One comment. How handsome is DB/Booth. OMG!!!!!

Destiny said...

I know gloating is wrong,but, about the prgnacy thing, I'd just like to say that I called it.

"I just want to point out that the quote was "When the show returns on Jan. 14, someone must contend with a positive pregnancy TEST." Empasis on test. Pregnanct tests have a margin of error. Espesially on TV where they seem to be about 50/50. I'm not convinced that anyone will actually be pregnant in this episode."

Anyway, even though I usually don't like the "solve unsolved mysteries" premise I enjoyed the episode.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Anon 9:02. I. Loved. It. -- totally and completely. She who must always put forward the truth, buried it out of love to make Booth feel better!

Also loved how they wove both her bones expertise with his sniper expertise in a single plotline.

Mysti said...

I truly loved this episode. I mean could Booth be any HOTTER in this episode? I mean THUD!!! And for Brennan to put her rational reasoning aside for the benefit of Booth is HUGE!!! She loves that man and I think she got her proof in the pudding tonight. Loved Hodgins & Angela. Glad that Angela isn't pregnant, but loved that Hodgins was ready to step up and be everything she needed. And I loved Cam her protectiveness of her lab and at the beginning when she wasn't really ready to toe the line. LOL! Thought this was one of the best episodes of the series.

Maggy said...

I STILL despise the Wendel story line and I REALLY hope the ridiculousness of that story line is over. The stupid pregnancy thing was a lame ruse to get them back together. Or maybe its just because I despised Angela having random sex with a younger male intern with whom there was no chemistry? Or maybe its because its taken entirely too much attention away from Booth and Brennan's relationship which seems to still not be going anywhere!!! I mean its like we're in limbo... neither moving backward or forward. *bangs head into wall*

Anonymous said...

Sorry but for me? Best. Episode. Ever. Well, okay, this season to date. Booth is so dang hot.
Even Hacker cracked me up. He's too goofy for words and will always be Jethro in my book. Or someone equally goofy. Glad to see the Angela we know and love back but still missing her and Brennan and their "girl" moments. Loved Hodgins and what he had to say. Even Sweets was likeable. I loved that the first person he called when he was in trouble was Booth. And Booth going all covert ninja was hot. And I really liked Brennan in this one. She seemed more herself. Mellower perhaps but still squinty. And her "awwwww" moment for Booth. Very sweet. Yay writers! Great episode.


Justin said...

I really liked this episode. The whole "top secret, national security, men and black suits" thing was reeeeealy annoying, but the rest of it brought back memories of the action from previous seasons. The random callout to James WIlkes Booth was wierd, but I guess it made sense. And at the end, even though it really wasn't JFK, it was still sweet that Bren thought it was, but still lied for Booth. And the fact that everyone but Cam walked off arm-in-arm with someone was sad. Right now, my thoughts are all over the place. So, random things:

1. Hacker bursting in with military personel was, what Angela would call, "Awkward, awkward, really awkward."

2. Everyone commenting on Booth's ninja moves seemed forced.

3. A secret door? Random.

4. Even conspiracy theorist Hodgins sounds depressed.

5. The highlight of this episode was Cam getting mad at the NSA in the begining.

6. Finally, I agree with Maggy. We are in limbo! Will we ever get out?
(Dun, dun, dun)

Cheryl said...

I loved it too :)

Booth refusing to back down when the GSA guys wouldn't let him in; the conspiracy to get the weapon from Storage; Bren talking science straight over everyone's heads to get permission to shoot the cantaloupe; Booth switching weapons at the last minute & _nailing it_; Hodgins stepping up to the plate & puttin it out there that he loves Ange; Bones helping restore Seeley's faith in his gov't; Booth getting Federal on the GSA guys to get Bones the time she needed for her final test; Cam tellin the dude "For future reference? Tell ur employers that we don't trade in half-truths"; Cam being all Mommy with respect to Michelle.

I like that the closing scene involved them all & that both Jack & Ange and B&B walked off arm in arm. Will be re-watching!

ceecee said...

Booth doing Michael Jackson moves cracked me up and surprised the heck out of me. Hodgins was so sweet and sincere...hopefully no more Wendel and Angela anyway. Loved the hug Booth gave Brennan, a real hug. The end was sweet when he said he learned from her to sometimes go with the brain over the heart. I liked seeing them walk down the street together and talking.
Brennan chose heart over brain when she chose to ignore the truth to spare Booth's feelings. So not like her at all.
Booth is just

Kelsey said...

Best episode of the season so far. It was great! Everything I loved about the first few seasons of Bones was in this episode!

Leila said...


Really hodgins isss soo cute,

Andrew is really lame.

the ending... Loved it! I think its the first time bones lies to protect booth. It's really great!

Anonymous said...

THIS was the true, over due and so perfect love letter to the fans, HH.
Just. This.

Did they miss a note in the symphony that is classic season 1 - 3 BONES?
Not for me.


Anonymous said...

I just loved loved loved this!! It was great to see that these characters really are the best at what they do (otherwise why would they be chosen to do this, and still be smart enough to figure out what's happening).

I think it really did flow naturally, and even though I'm still on the fence with the Angela/Hodgins thing (I want them together, but not by sacrificing Hodgins's self respect), but I didn't feel like that really took away from the story.

Part of me gets annoyed with Hacker, but I think it actually played off well. In this episode, he was the goofy character, and Booth, for the most part, is serious again. If having Hacker there for goofiness gets Booth back to being the serious FBI agent, then I'm all for it.

I just want to point out that Brennan didn't completely lie, but merely stopped looking for truth. There are no reports of JFK having the disease, so that part is true, but he could have had it and not been diagnoses. She knew there was still a possibility, but decided not to pursue it further, which for her is huge! I know it's a form of lying, but I only point it out because I don't think, even now, Brennan would tell Booth it wasn't JFK if she were 100% sure it was.


i liked this episode, much better then last weeks let down.

the begging was amazing! booth needs to dance more often! man is he sexy!

cam getting all protective was great, the transition she has made from being the boss to like the 'mother' has really advanced the plot line.

hated the whole pregnancy thing with regard to ange (michelle bit with cam was okay). was just there to force hodgins to realise he loves her. again.

unlike everone else i hatedddd that Brennan covered something up. part of the greatness of the show is how she is a character who always strives for the truth. i think that is one part of her that shouldnt change.

the chemistry in this ep was perfecto thou.

and booth going all whamm to the guards was great.

hacker is such a nerd!!

peace out

Jessica said...

OMG loved the episode ! Everything about it ! Loved Booth saying his people although the most important reason was Brennan being in there imo, loved the MJ dancemoves crackes me up everytime I see it, also Brennan kind of lying to spare Booth's feeling and that hug so not a guy hug *sigh* loved it !

Anonymous said...

(not pregnant not vegan anonymous ;p )

Very good episode!

Lot's of action and basically having only the core people of the series involved. Booth was very good as being an 'FBI agent with hard fists and a heart of a lion'. During the main action sequence the alfa male and alfa female (not Cam) really showed how they can do things together.

It looks like B&B are coming closer to the other half of the pair because the half normally using mainly 'gut' is increasing the use of the 'brain' and vice versa.

Hopefully Brennan will keep her celibacy and will not give up with some not-so-good good guy.

'Awwww' scenes were on the par with the 'non-Awwww' scenes though it'll probably take some time ...

Shep said...

"The whole "top secret, national security, men and black suits" thing was reeeeealy annoying" I agree. I found Mr White irritating, too.

And how the hell is Andrew Booth's boss?

One word sums up Booth in this episode = HOTTT!!!! And David's MJ was hilarious! I would've liked to see some kick-ass Brennan though.

I think this episode did fairly well in re-affirming why these charcters do what they do - it's about finding the truth (although it is also about justice for the victims).

I loved Hodgins - he was just adorable with Angela. But I rather wish they hadn't used Wendell and a pregnancy test as a vehicle for the possibility of them getting back together. Lazy writing, really.

B/B: they were great! I love that Brennan gained an understanding of Booth and so didn't tell him the possibility of it being JFK to spare his feelings. I know the truth is important to Brennan but I think that she did get most of it, but just refrained from telling Booth. I think she was content with knowing that there was a chance it was JFK.

Shep said...

Kudos to Emily too for being able to say that jibber-jabber. Wonder how many times she had to practise that - I'd love to see the bloopers.

Forgot to mention, r.e. the actual case, I wasn't a big fan of it. I'm glad it wasn't too goofy but I didn't find it that engaging or convincing. The seriousness of it seemed a teensy bit forced. Sorry to those who may be tired of hearing this, but I really miss the old cleverly written, true-to-life cases we used to see.

Anonymous said...

Andrew isn't Booth's boss, but the next step further in the hierarchy. He was brought in in the Mummy/Museum episode probably for mixing certain (wink) things in the series.

As I said just before your post that I hope Brennan would not get mixed up with not-so-good good guys. He's one of them.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the episode. I like how B&B are moving ever closer together without too much fuss being made of it by the writers. I know we all (well most of us) want them to get together but they're getting there. I agree with Sweets and Gordon Gordon - Booth doesn't want to push her and I think this provides a nice counterbalance to Brennan wondering why he hasn't made a move(at least that's how I see it) e.g. ref: "...if Booth wants to fish, he'll fish..." With each episode I am seeing Brennan's feelings for Booth come to the fore - sometimes in a physical way (she touches him much more) and in an emotional way - look how upset she was when he walked out on her when she brought up the Wilkes Booth thing (random... by the way). It was bordering on angsty. :)

Shep said...

In the episode recap for 'Night at the Bones Museum' on the FOX website, it says that Andrew is Booth's boss.

Anne said...

I thought it was excellent. I loved the case - probably because I was alive when JFK was shot (albeit very young) and have heard intense opinions about it my entire life.

I loved all the characters.

I thought the pregnancy bit was a really good wake up call for Angela. It seems that deep down she really isn't as shallow as she has been acting all year. So even though the false results were a cheat, I thought the overall purpose was good.

Nice to know for sure that Brennan isn't sleeping around lately and that her and Hacker fizzled. Also liked how they acknowledged Booth is a better agent than Hacker.

I felt there were lots of good details for long time fans. Absolutely a favorite episode for me.

Anonymous said...

THIS is what I'm talkin' about! This week's episode was soooo much better than last week's. Last week I felt like B&B could've been any partners working together--no special chemistry, no closeness. This week they start off just right. Booth bringing her pizza? Nice! I love those goofy interactions they have--cheese on the pizza looking like Michael Jackson, the dancing, LOL. Booth going in to be with "his people"--classic! Loved the whole Brennan using her big girl words to explain why they need to do the experiment. She is so happy that she got to be in on the scheme this time. Sure the plot is a little far fetched, but who watches tv for reality??

I also liked Andrew being the buffoon of sorts. He is so not a good match for Brennan. I hate that they are trying to put them together.

I also enjoyed having just the core group together without an annoying intern. Most of the time, I don't mind the interns as much, but it was nice not to have one there this week--still miss Zack, though! I think that this group, doing what they do best and working as a team, is what makes us all love this show. This episode was an almost perfect example of that. The only thing missing was the Angela/Brennan talk about being pregnant. Since when wouldn't she go in and talk to Brennan--her best friend--about something so huge?

I thought the Angela/Hodgins thing was very sweet and worked well to kind of open Angela's eyes. I really think they are the couple to marry at the end of the season...can't think of anyone else it could be...

Finally, the ending was great--so warm and fuzzy. Much more satisfying than that silly ending last week!

gabriel said...

My feelings can be best described by Hodgins's: my head was about to explode after I watched this episode. In a good sense! I loved it. I SO missed some real action, and there we've got it in a huge dose. I don't often say sth like this because I feel old for such statements, but yes, Booth was all hotness and there's not even a shade of heroness in Andrew - let's hope Bren realises that and goes for the best she can get.

I liked that Bren was almost tearful when she hurted Booth's feelings. I just wonder when she will be able to understand Booth and not need to be explained by someone else (like Cam here).
Also was great to see Booth kicking some ass and show his best, despite looking so fragile (agree that DB looks kinda sick). I liked that all the others were cheering for him, they are really his people!

I so knew they would push Hodgins to get his feelings out in the open for Angela, and I didn't really mind the false positive test to do the job - since they also used it to confuse Cam (and mainly us, fans, with all the conjecturing beforehand). Would have been a lot more complicated if it wasn't a false positive...

DB doing the MJ moves was a bit weird for me (although pretty good at it), but even weirder that Brennan doesn't know what that means (come on, she was 15 when her parents left her, when was that? Even she must have heard about MJ!)

All in all, my heart still beats faster and adrenaline is a natural drug as we all know, so can't wait for my next shot!

Anonymous said...

Hello to all--

I hope lots of people are giving Hart crap on Twitter for the "false positive" pregnancy test. Hollywood doesn't seem to get how amazingly accurate those home tests are.

Hodgins was so awesome in this episode, what a sweetheart for his offer to Angela...

As my last name is Booth, I didn't care for the reference to John Wilkes Booth. Hart had told me months ago a line had been cut from the pilot regarding Booth's descendancy from J. Wilkes, and I don't know why a similar line had to be inserted in this episode. It just seems cheap to me (sorry, I can't quite find the right words for what I mean.)

Really did enjoy the action in this episode though--"a good old American classic" had me laughing!

Hope you all have a good week!

B. Booth

Gary said...

I must be the only one that agrees with Mary. This was almost a non-episode. Who doesn't know how Kennedy died?

Hodgins may have stepped up, but Angela didn't commit to anything at the end.

By itself, the net result of this episode was: nothing.

The only seemingly important part of this episode was an off-comment by Sweets. "This must be a test."

I hope Hart Hanson has a followup to this episode that would explain the purpose of it.

Anonymous said...

I think the pregnancy test served more than one purpose. Not sure if the writers had thought so, but it's possible to think so afterwards.

Not only in steering Angela back with Hodgins (don't know if that's going to happen) but they also could tell us that Brennan hasn't had sex for some (quite long?) time.
- waiting for someone to do something?

I think they don't need to show all things the characters do like it seemed obvious that Booth talks to his pops quite often. So Brennan could have had sex, but now she revealed that she hadn't.

Is that a good thing? Might be for 'Happy end' people.

Not pregnant and not vegan anonymous

Anonymous said...

Haha, I just loved how Brennan looked after Booth shot the fruit. she had that I-just-did-something-I-wasn't-allowed-to-and-I-secretely-love-it face :D

Anonymous said...

I love how Bones twice sits down so close to Booth that their knees touch :)

Courtney said...

Overall, I liked the episode but felt that some things didn't seem to quite fit with past episodes in earlier seasons. Booth knows the government lies - the episode where they learned about the cover up of a house full of civilians that were killed by our military and being covered up.

I thought it made Booth seem a bit dim to not believe our gov't lies. Sheesh.

The other was the reference to John Wilkes Booth - we have known he is an ancestor of Booth and I wish they had taken a moment to allow Booth to respond to her comment in some way other than getting angry and rushing off. I would have liked to hear him say something about his feelings about that - not just huff and take off.

DB really is so very thin - his clothes were hanging off his wonderful self - I have to admit I like him with more weight on him. Still looks good obviously - it's just that - to me - he looks really terrific when his face isn't so thin and he is a tad more filled out, so to speak.

Emotionally, the only one I responded to tonight was Hodgins. With his large eyes and his expressive face, he really does bring the emotion.

In early season, I was awash with emotion while watching the episodes: the young foster care girl who left the rose after her younger brother accidentally killed her boyfriend; the little boy who was afraid to tell anyone who took his brother and killed him because he was afraid he would be taken away from his foster care mom until Brennan got him to talk - I still cry during the scene she gets him to tell her the truth; and, on and on.

Can't help it - I miss those days and for the life of me I can't understand why they walked away from such a perfect formula for the show.

I'm still waiting for the "wooing" of Brennan that DB said he would be doing of Bones this season. All I see is friends who understandably care about their friend and partner. No sparks anymore - but, that may just be me.

cd3010 said...

One of the best ever,.... and that means something with them being in their fourth season,....

Simply Amazing episode and show!!!

Kate said...

Easily the best episode of the season for me and by far the most entertaining. The pregnancy test thing for me was mixed--lame that a test which is very accurate was made not as a convenient return to the status quo, but good in that Hodgins was upfront with his feelings to Angela and that Angela admitted that she and Wendell have an expiration date. It really cleared the air between them, I think.

I'm most pleased that conspiracy theory Hodgins and Action Booth are back.

Jeannie said...

I'm unbelievably impressed. This is easily one of the best episodes ever for me.
Sure there are bits and pieces that people may be offended by (I was worried for a while how the JFK mystery was going to bode for some people) but to me, this was as good as TV can get.

I'd like to point out that there were a ton of note-worthy side information, like the fact that Brennan hasn't had sex for quite a while now or the fact that Booth is bringing her food. In my book, that does count as wooing of sorts. ;-)

I was a bit undecided on the pregnancy test plot for a while but I've decided to remain open-minded about it and see where it takes us.

In regard to why this may have been a test (which was my thought exactly even before Sweets said it), I thought that was implied at the end when somebody said that they govt wanted a "test run" in case JKF got exhumed and we later saw that the exhumation was denied, maybe because cause of death really could be identified? (Assuming that the body was indeed JFK and there was indeed something being covered up.) Got to say I really liked the somewhat open ending. That was excellent writing.

A word on Booth - I have to admit, halfway through the episode I wondered how he could be so naive about the govt never lying. But then Cam explained this very well and it made completely sense to me.

I thought this was a really awesome episode. Please keep them coming!

midge said...

i thought the episode was great. by a funny coincidence i watched the episode of angel where db has a fantasy dance sequence the night before and then he danced again in bones. he is actually an amazing "pop and lock"-er, i recommend googling the video of his little performance on the rachel ray show. i felt like everyone was in their element last night and i like the subtle growth in the b&b relationship. i also loved sweets last night. i really can't understand how people can dislike that character. at the end when booth tells him to go to bed and he grins "okay... i can't remember where i parked my car" or when he said booth's moves were ninja, there may be some anger issues there but... i had to pause the show i was laughing so hard. this is the show at its best, when the characters are at their bests - more like this please.

jenny said...

Lol Jeannie
"I'd like to point out that there were a ton of note-worthy side information, like the fact that Brennan hasn't had sex for quite a while now or the fact that Booth is bringing her food. In my book, that does count as wooing of sorts. ;-)"

I agree-and you reminded me of what Emily had said in that little piece on Esquire last summer,that what a man needs to do to impress her is bring dinner to her haha!

As for the epi as a whole,I loved it too but I don't know if I can say it was a season best(so far) or sth.Maybe I need to rewatch-watching only once never is enough for me,what with the language barrier and my obsessive analyzing of every bit and piece :p

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode so much! One of my favorites up to date.There were moments after moments for not only booth and brennan but also hodgins and angela and the story line was I do not think I've ever seen Booth look so delicios!! He is so manly and amazing, mmmmmm I love him!

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a lot of questions about the actual case. As far as the case goes, it follows the classic conspiracy formula. This is my take on it, in case it helps anyone understand it better.

The open ended part is whether or not the body is JFK. If JFK was buried like the gov't said he was then it isn't him...if the gov't switched out bodies before the burial, to protect it in case someone goes looking for the "truth", then it probably was him. During a conversation with Hodgins and Brennan they discuss how the bones would not be that way had they been buried properly, but it showed evidence of it being prepared for the viewing like JFK was. Hodgins mentioned the idea that he never was buried the way they said he was.

This was a test to see if the squints could figure out JFK's cause of death (either on his actually body or a stand-in), and whether the gov't could control that info. The gov't was using their results to decide if they were going to actually public exhume JFK and potential release the results. The decision was made not to exhume him (as shown on the t.v. at the end).

The big part open for speculation is why they decided not to exhume him. Did they feel it was a security issue (clearly the squints were talking about it to outside people, and Booth got involved)? Was it because they didn't like the results (that there had to be 2 gun men)? I personally think Cam's line about "we don't do half truths" was a lot of it. She basically told him that no matter what the results the truth would come out. That idea scares some people, especially if there was an original cover-up.

I'm sure there are more details, but I didn't really want to drag it out. I just thought it was clever the way they left it open, but in a realistic type way. I didn't follow the real JFK 'scandal', so that maybe why I can just enjoy it for what it is.

Vasso said...

I LOVED this episode!! Good old Bones is back! I can say it's this season's best and it actually reminded me of seasons 2 and 3!

Also LOVED Hodgins. I knew from
the beginning he would step up. It reminded me why I liked his character from season 1.

And, obviously, I LOVED everything DB did or said in this epi...LOVED kick-ass Booth!

@Courtney, I agree with you about DB's weight. I liked him so much more in s4. I just think he looks older now, while still hot obviously!

All in all, I just hope that the rest of the season is also this good...

Anonymous said...

hey guys

that case totally confused me:S:S:S

if it was a replica of JFK how on earth would they be able to get bones that were exactly the same as his? and even if they like re created them, surely our squints would have figured out they were fake bones in no time?

the rest was great. except the pregnancy thing. its amazing how little false positives happen in the real world and so many happen on TV.

what made it a good epsidoe for me is that Booths back baby!!!!!! its good to see macho tough booth back.

i want kick ass brennan back. give us a gravedigger or eps so she can go karate chop on their ass!

Anonymous said...

i think it was important at the end, when booth actknowledges bones for teaching him something. I mean, we always see everything brennan learns from booth; but i think i hadn't listened booth saying he learned anything from her. For me, it is a step forward for both of them and he surely reassured brennan on being useful to him.

dee-em said...

Great episode for me because it showed everyone working together as a team, putting personal differences aside--Sweets sowing seeds of doubt at the very beginning, Hodgins and the janitor's closet, the jibber-jabber ploy (lol)--all to beat the establishment! It truly brought out the idea of the truth has priority, no matter what, and that is what the show has always been about.

I agree with Kate that having conspiracy theory Hodgins and Action Booth back is wonderful --after all, these are the characters we've grown to love, and I was getting worried that we weren't going to see them anymore after some of the epis in S4 and S5.

Great plot, with lots of twists and turns, and a brilliant use of the who-actually-killed-JFK controversy. Wonderful writing!!
Hope there'll be more of these!!

K said...

I'm with everyone who LOVED this one. I did have issues with it, like the stupid false positive ('cause yes, they're pretty darn rare), and the weird, rushed conversation about John Wilkes Booth (though Brennan's defensive clarification about not promising was kind of perfect). I also miss the eps where we really feel something intensely for the victim, and even sometimes the killer, but while it meant the case didn't feel like classic Bones to me, the episode overall surely did.

Someone mentioned how goofy it was that everyone was impressed by Booth's ninja moves, but Brennan wasn't, and she's the only one who sees them more regularly. It doesn't surprise me that the usually-in-the-lab squints would be impressed. And it was fantastic to see Booth in action, of course.

I also think it makes sense that Booth would be overly invested in the truth of the assassination. It's one thing to cover up incidents such as the friendly fire/civilian deaths incident, but it's on a whole other level of deceit to cover up something of the magnitude of JFK's death.

I especially loved this ep for Cam, and not just because of how it delved into her rel'p with Michelle, but because of her "we don't trade in half truths" line. She clearly has changed spending so much time with B&B! Think of her first few episodes, especially Woman in the Bay and Girl in Suite 2103. She wasn't all about the truth then, she was about closing the case. I think her line about half truths is huge. It seems that she and Bren have actually come closer together, with both of them committed to the truth but understanding the nuances of what that might look like.

I'm also really glad that Angela seems to be back -- she actually seemed like the great, emotionally resonant character I used to love! Even if the plot device was lame, if it means we get Ange back, I'm okay with it.

Anonymous said...

Not my favorite episode this season but I still loved it of course. As far as the conspiracy thing goes, I think it was JFK's body. Too many similarities to his actual body to be a stand in. Once they were aware that actual cause of death would be found, the exhumation was conveniently shot down. I loved how Sweets and Booth are more friendly now, almost like a big brother would be, joking with him and giving him a hard time about things. I think the fact that Brennan was looking for any reason to assure Booth that it wasn't JFK shows how much she cares for him and his feelings.

I also think DB looked a little thin but didn't he have the swine flu? So maybe this is the reason for the weight loss. Don't get me wrong, still HOT! I love me some Boreanaz anytime!

CrazyaboutBones said...

off topic:

You guys, do you know in which episode Hodgins impersonates Booth?


Cheryl said...

That would be The Woman in the Garden. They were all giving it a go. Funny :)

winona said...

Well, you can count me in with the group of you who loved the episode. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also agree that one of the most important lines was "this was a test". I think it was a test. I think HH and the writers are testing fans to see if we tolerate and/or love shows in which B&B are not emitting oodles of sexual tension but just a closeness, am understanding of each other...a different kind of chemistry. If writers were scared that getting them together would ruin the chemistry, maybe this is a BIG test....of our reactions to the downtick of sexual tension. I thought it was a blast. LOVED IT!

Anonymous said...

Winona's comment made me really think. HOW would this episode be ANY different (or any less in any way) if Booth and Brennan were a couple?

It would be NO different. They would just be walking together, arm in arm, back to their shared apt, that is all.

My point being, the idea that BONES cannot survive without the "will they or won't they" UST just doesn't fly. This episode is what BONES is about: how much all these characters care about each other and care about the truth -- even if, or when, it hurts.

This was one of the best episodes this season; fans are loving it on every board. BONES is about head vs heart, and head AND heart, and how these characters, all of them, struggle to be true to both.

YES a whole bunch of us want B&B to get together, but as long as they keep BONES about the struggle to be true that this show and these characters do so well and we love so much, there are seasons and seasons of EPIC episodes and story arcs out there. Brennan and Booth finally getting to explore their love as a couple and not just partners would NOT "end" anything.

This episode proves this. IMO


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the comments on B&B. That they could definitely be a couple and the show would still be great. Sexual tension is good, but the characters of B&B have grown enough that we would still love the show, probably more even, if they were together. It's their closeness, dedication to their jobs and interaction with the squints that make this show, NOT just sexual tension.

Cheryl said...

I was mulling over y Booth would be so upset abt a gov't cover up. I re-watched the ep & this is my take:

Booth is a sniper. He pretty much loathes that era of his life & has shown Bren just how guilty he feels abt that. He's descended from the assassin who took out Lincoln. In his mind, the only difference between him & the other Booth is that his kills were justified but still, that difference doesn't do much to help with his conscience.

If the gov't lied abt the death of a _President_, then as Cam said, they can lie abt anything. (This carries far greater weight than when in , SOTG, a single Army unit lied to cover up the fact that they killed ppl who they thought were insurgents but turned out to be a family abt to sit down to dinner cuz that unit was just reflexively covering for itself. Their actions did not bear gov't approval & was on a much smaller, simpler scale than deceiving a nation.).

Booth has the blood of 50 ppl on his hands, blood he justifies spilling cuz his gov't told him these ppl needed to be taken out. But what if that gov't lied? What if his guilt is deserved? What if all of those ppl were innocent & their only crime was getting in the way of some hidden agenda? What if the little boy whose bday party was interrupted by Booth's fatal shooting of his Dad has even more reason to hate him? What if he's not only _like_ his ancestor but worse since he has killed many more ppl?

So yea...I can see y a cover up of an assassination (of all things, resonating with similarity to a sniper job) would upset him.

Did Bren lie? Tricky. I think it could have been JFK but the statistical unlikelihood gave her enuf pause to help Booth. If she had absolutely conclusive evidence I believe she would have told him the truth & then tried to comfort him. I think their work was a test run to see what science could reveal abt the JFK assassination & if those facts would be s'thing to be revealed (officially exhume the body) or concealed (tell the public that the exhumation has been denied out of compassion for the family).

That said, I _love_ how cohesive they all are now. Like how Booth doesn't pick on Sweets & how they worked with Hodgins to get the gun from storage. & how Cam (as s'one pointed out) is fully rockin the "we need the whole truth" now. & how Booth got fully Federal on the GSA guys cuz Bren needed time to do a final test...he didn't need to know what she wanted to find out. He just knew she needed s'thing so he found a way to give it to her. & I love how B&B r reading each other now-- she picking up his tone in the pr'ous ep (You say "uh-huh" but what u really mean is "you don't think so" or s'thing like that)& he her facial expression when one of teh radii sinks "Whoa...s'thing big just happened".

And on the Silly Cute Front :

The tone & facial expression Bren uses when she says "I think he looks like Booth" and back in TGOTG when Angela re-created the Santa explosion & she said " That's Booth, with the cocky belt buckle" and in TFITF when she says "I've never had a nickname. Just what Booth calls me. Just Bones." is adddddddddddoooorrrrabblle!

Oh & Booth impersonating MJ? _priceless_!

Ooh & when Bren is like " I promise now! I promise now" her wanting to make it right & the heartbreaki-- I mean heart crushing;) look on her It's clear that his pain matters to her.

So yes, I loved this ep. Can u tell? ;)

Anonymous said...

hahah i found it very funny how Booth was dancing to michael jackson and then the main suit was named Mr White but he was african american.


Anonymous said...

Quick check about Hacker in the Museum episode:

Brennan said to Angela right after she came to the lab from the date with Hacker that he is Booth's bosses' boss.

luscious said...

@ Anon 9.58am Yes you are right Brennan did say that Hacker was Booth's Bosses boss.
That for me was one of the best episodes of Bones since season 3 and as others have stated Bones is Back. Excellent case as this is something that could happen and the writers done good to not even attempt to mess with changing the outcome of the JFK mystery.
Brennan was great in this episode and in this season has taken such a huge jump forward in her relating to other people however the Pizza conversation shows that she still has some work to do on that front however her willingness to limit her findings for Booth is something special. she would never have done this any any of the seasons up until now Cams comment that she would never forget what she done for Booth was for me nice as these two never really interacted until tonight and the relationship between these two is going from strength to strength and Cam might meddle more now she knows Bones is willing to put things on the line for Booth. Hodgins and Angela were amazing and sweets even had a good role tonight I am starting to take to this character.

Mike said...

I just found this blog and it's really a great source for me to catch up on Bones since I only have been watching for about a year now. This my first post so if I don't make sense just tell me lol.

I really like this episode. I've watched it 3 times already and I'm thinking it's my favorite one of the year so far. One thing that caught my eye was a the end, when Booth and Brennan are walking away was not that she took him arm but she cuddled up to him as they walked. I think she knows Booth is who she wants and she realizes he will never leave her. The only person who will come before her is Parker and she is fine with this. As far as how she acted in the lab, my fiance explained it to me. Brennan didn't have a regular childhood and since most of her relationships were based on sex, she's never really had the opportunity for a school girl crush. I could see that with the JFK/Booth comment but there was other instances she pointed out to me as we watched.

I'm really of the belief that this episode we have seen Booth and Bones become a couple. Or at least when they do become a couple, this episode will be the start of that relationship.

Sorry if it was to long, but man I do really love this show lol.

Cheryl said...

@ Mike

I didn't notice the cuddling so of course I'm going to go back & look :) I thought the way B&B walked off was very cute & couple-y, plus these last few eps (maybe from TGITG) there's been a fair amount of crossover: Booth going with his brain or Bren admitting that while she doesn't get Booth's Math she can see that it works. & ur allowed to love this show. I'm a _tad_ obsessed but only a tad;) WELCOME to the OWB family :)Say hi to Wendy, who owns this awesome joint :D

Mike said...

Hi Wendy, awesome site! been coming here a few nights a week so I can read your reviews and catch up on the episodes.

I guess what I should have said was snuggle instead of cuddle. And the only reason I caught it was because earlier last night we caught the second part of Yanks in the UK episode last night on WGN America. At the end when Booth offer Bones his arm she takes it but at a distance. Maybe I'm reading to much into it lol.

As far as being obsessed.......well when my gf and get married this summer part of our vows are to be each other Booth and Bones. I guess I'm a tad obsessed too lol.

Cheryl said...

It's ok...either way I will be looking out for it. It's not like re-watching Bones is a hardship. SCORE! ur obsession has just been confirmed & I can safely say that u belong here.;)

Mike said...

Why thank you Cheryl :)

I just got done watching this episode again and I do love how Bones in her own ways blows off Hacker at the end. I think any guy can remember that look and tone from a woman when they're trying to be nice and say "it's not going to happen."

Cheryl said...

ur welcome Mike. Even more than Bren's reaction to Hacker is Booth's face. Like...really? Are u _still_ trying to play the hero to impress Bones? Really? I just love how they say so much non-verbally. Mad props to Thyne in this ep...when he was being all tense b4 telling Cam & Bren that he thought the remains were JFK's I could see his face getting flushed...he really looked like he was abt to have a coronary.And his eyes when he was tellin Ange that he's her man. Love it!

KM said...

I completely loved this episode. The Hodgins moments had a LOT to do with that, but I am also fully supportive of the way they dealt with this JFK story. Brennan had the faith that Booth could handle the truth (which he proved he could), but she didn't want him to NEED to handle it. She preserved something really important for Booth, and it shows serious character development. Besides, there’s no way for her to prove that it was JFK without taking bone samples. The GSA guys clearly weren’t going to let this story get out anyway–after all these years, what would it do? In my opinion, they were only hoping to confirm the truth of the current assassination story. Had Brennan proven that Oswald acted alone, the government could’ve released a story putting conspiracy theorists to rest. But since she discovered signs of a second gunman, the government decided to continue suppressing information (“out of respect for the family.”) So this was really all about OUR team of characters–the govt. was never likely to share the info anyway. Brennan (who, as Cam pointed out, is good at following orders) took her assignment seriously by figuring out what killed this man without figuring out WHO this man was. She took her partnership seriously by doing what she could to preserve Booth’s sense of duty. All in all, a WIN on both counts. Besides, it’s complete fiction, and the JFK assassination is definitely a sensitive topic, so leaving it open was best. The episode had a few discrepancies in terms of the timeline of JFK's actual murder and the state of the remains after that amount of time, but I actually liked the inconsistencies because they reminded us that this is a fictional world, where the Smithsonian is the Jeffersonian and anything can happen.
Side note: Did anyone else LOVE IT when Booth told Sweets he was “working out, building up a sweat” when he was actually chowing down at the diner? And how about “Look at this guy: WATER POLO”? Classic Booth. He's so consistent, and I love him for it. He anchors this show. Brennan, on the other hand, went way beyond just classic, proving real growth as a person. Even her scientific jibber jabber exemplifies this. I LOVED that moment. I think that, as much as her decision to lie for Booth, showed character development. The Brennan of old would never have been so AWARE of how crazy she sounds rattling off scientific terms. Remember “The Girl in the Fridge”? Remember when she testified using all of that scientific jargon and seemed shocked that people couldn’t understand her? She understands that now. She was practically parodying herself in that moment. It was brilliantly self-aware and also hilarious…which is why I love this show.

Cheryl said...

@ KM

Yes! I was like...wait, didn't Booth just say he was working up a sweat??? Over food? lol. Booth in the parking garage with Mr White & the GSA guys was also his classic interrogation behaviour. He kidded around, he disarmed them & then he reveals that he knows more than u thought he did. Love that man!

Also, I _love_ that the Bones crew give us so much of the characters. Take Cam, for example, I love how much more of her heart we're seeing now. And her supporting the quest for truth while being a concerned mother & friend to her team was just...brilliantly done. Kudos to Mz Taylor!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVED Brennans jibber jabber. To quote and old song "Nobody does it better". Excellent show all around, loving Sweets being in the thick of things. Booth, perfection in a character. Hodgins, Angela, Cam, all great. Loved the ending with B&B and the others lined up at the counter, so cute, so them. Then B&B walking of arm in arm.........perfect.

KM said...

@Cheryl that's so true! I kind of just looked at that scene as another classic example of Booth kidding around, refusing to let others get the best of him or control his situation. But you're right; it's more than that. He was reading them, disarming them with his charming wit (DB, you can disarm me with that wit any day), and ultimately proving how good he is at reading people.
Speaking of which, I hope in the rest of this season, we see a return of Booth's mad skillz in the interrogation room. Of course he was "off" right after the coma, but he's been fine since meeting with Gordon Gordon, so I'd like to see him return to prominence in his little black-walled domain again. Even starting in season four, he relied on Sweets a bit too much, which was partially just the writers trying to get John Francis Daley in on the action, but plot-wise, I've now decided to attribute that to Booth's tumor (because I like to justify every off-camera decision with an on-camera explanation. It just makes me feel better). Anyway, Sweets is fully a part of the crew now, and Booth's brain is fine, so the writers should let Booth have his interrogation room back. Just a suggestion :)

Cheryl said...

@ KM

Yea he was reading them. lol Which reminds me of when he gets into the lab & White says " ur now confined to this facility of course" & he says "Damn. Didn't see that coming" LOL! All ep he just kept ribbing White...poor man.

Mike said...

I liked the Sweets-Booth phone call when Booth is at the diner. A little each week Booth is gaining more and more respect for Sweets as a person and a man. He's still going to pick on him because that's how Booth shows he likes someone.

As for Angela, I could give or take the whole Wendall stuff or pretty much anyone she dates. I do think her and Jack make a nice couple but both REALLY need to grow up. They both showed some more maturity this week so I hope that keeps up.

One thing I've noticed about this show is that the men are the ones who more vocal about long term relationships. That's really rare on TV and as a male that gets tired of how many men are portrayed on TV, I like that.

Pheealzabub said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pheealzabub said...

Like many others here, I have some trouble with the premise that Brennan doesn't recognize Booth's moves as classic MJ, or doesn't even recognize to the musical reference. We know that she appreciates music and uses songs as markers for different periods of her life ('Keep on Trying' in tKitC, 'Hot Blooded' in TBitL). Brennan was born in '76, which would have made her 6 when Thriller came out ('82). I was 13 when it came out and it was impossible to miss no matter who or where you were, so it seems unlikely that she would have not known about it at that age.

As for the bring her food aspect of Booth's wooing of Brennan, it's gotta be the longest process in history (remember Booth bringing Brennan Wong Fu twice in tWiL?), or Booth is not conscious of its underlying meaning and/or Brennan is either unaware of its significance or ignoring it/hoping it is just coincidental. Of course, they just like the tense dance that they've been doing for almost the entire series (or HH likes it because it drives so many of us bonkers...).

Pheealzabub said...

I'd like to join the chorus of props for TJ Thyne and his acting skills in this episode. Either of the directions that he and the writers took Hodgins in are a big enough undertaking for an episode, but to accomplish both in a single episode is pretty amazing.

We've all seen Hodgins in his element as a seasoned conspiracy theorist before, (the Marvin Beckett/Gus Harper angle in JoaP, and, of course, the multiple angles of the Gormogon arc in season 3, where, incidentally, he seemed happiest (a meaty conspiracy theory to sink his teeth into and his (successful) courtship of Angela!)) but this episode presented him with the penultimate conspiracy right there in the lab. I thought about posting Cam's two quotes from when he first came onto the forensics platform after discovering the pink wool on the fav quotes thread ("Hodgins, you look like you're about to explode.", "Hodgins, you're vibrating!") but ended up not because they're not memorable quotes without Thyne's performance of actually looking like he was about to explode and actually vibrating.

The transformation of Hodgins from tXitF (confused and bleakly despondent about how he's feeling about Wengela) to his assuredness about how he really feels about Angela in this ep is also some amazing acting by Thyne. Hodgins must have thought pretty hard about the answer to Sweets' question that brought him up short in tXitF. However it turns out between the Hodgins and Angela, these two episodes are up there in the top five or higher as far as performances by Thyne (Another being AiaS, which I watched again after seeing so many references to it here).

To borrow a Hodgins quote from tKonG and apply it to Thyne: "Kid's got chops!"

KM said...

If I could just offer a suggestion on the whole Michael Jackson thing, Brennan never actually SAID she didn't know who Michael Jackson was. She just gave Booth a blank, confused stare when he (a) pointed out MJ's image in the cheese, and (b) danced as ONLY Boreanaz can. I think I'd react the same way if I were Bones and someone did both of those things within minutes of each other. Isn't it possible that she was just expressing her inability to see MJ in the pizza and/or her bewilderment at his dance moves? ALSO, since this episode clearly established that Brennan will sacrifice truth for Booth (even truth in a murder investigation), it's not a stretch to suggest that she has--by this point in the series--recognized that Booth likes being the pop culture expert. Her expression (in addition to signifying her confusion about the pizza and the dancing) might've also been Brennan's way of silently acquiescing to Booth's superior pop-culture knowledge--not by lying, but by letting him have this one, which is basically exactly what she did with JFK's remains. It might not have been the right decision (I think Booth would have appreciated it if Brennan knew who MJ was) but it was a thoughtful one.
Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Also, I'm about Brennan's age and I grew up with very little idea of who MJ was. Didn't see Thriller or hear Madonna 'til I was in college. I certainly wouldn't have recognized any dance moves. I totally relate to her pop culture cluelessness, even though I too have a few of my own touchstones -- they just match whatever small thing my parents let into the house (like her knowing Poco and Girls Just Want To Have Fun). So, believable to me! :)


Mike said...

In regards to Brennan not knowing who Michael Jackson was, she did smile after Booth left. She might have been teasing him because Booth knows she doesn't know a lot of pop culture. I thought at first it was weird she didn't know either considering her joy over Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. (although I'm thinking seeing the guy you love shot while that song was being sung probably took some luster off of her enjoyment of that song.)

Another thing to think of, maybe she just liked watching Booth dance and wanted to see if he'd do it again. Maybe this is the coy Brennan :).

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