Thursday, January 14, 2010

Episode Discussion - The X in the File

Tonight's episode is:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 11
The X in the File

Please, please, PLEASE -


Please, do not say "wow, that must be what leads to..." or "well, that won't last because Hart Hanson said that 2 episodes from now she will..." or whatever. I will have to delete any comments that include spoilers for future episodes or download links.

Other than that, please discuss away, every aspect of this episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!


em-jay said...

"Those terms are satisfactory."


em-jay said...

...and the Dave Thomas reference! Too sweet.

Anonymous said...

O-M-G for the trailer for next week!!

Anonymous said...

Waited six weeks for THIS. It stunk.
Worst episode of the season by far.

Maggy said...

It was not all it was cracked up to be. I thought there'd be more X-Files references.. Langley's part (forget actors name) was small and just didnt meet the hype.

And since when did this show become all about Angela and Wendel??? I mean my care factor for that pairing is ZERO. Yes, I feel bad for hodgins but I'm sorry there's no chemistry between those two characters. It was not thought out well or executed well either. I hope they break up soon because I hate them cutting into our Booth and Brennan time :P

Which by the way the convo on the car was hard to listen to. There was no big squee moment there... boring chatter. *yawn* I was looking for more!

Pheealzabub said...

Loved Booth's take when the MRI machine yanked his pistol out of his hand - vintage Han Solo from the Vader/Fett reveal on Bespin in Empire Strikes Back.

Rolywa said...

I though it was cute! Being a huge X-Files fan it paid nice homage to the series:)

But next week looks INTENSE! I love getting series episodes!

Cheryl said...

I'm gonna need to re-watch (as always) but overall I liked it. Watching the closing scene I felt the return of my Shipper Side. It wasn't a gooey ending but full of understated connection & I'm just longing for the day when Booth does stuff like take her out stargazing with an _obvious_ romantic intention.

I'm glad Angela & Wendell r no longer sneaking around & I love that Sweets is all grown up, as far as using his psych skills to help Hodgins. I reeeeeeeeeaally like him & I'm hoping they writers give Jack the happiness he so deserves.

When the Mgr Lady was like "Do u really think ur gonna b able to extradite me?" without even trying to deny her guilt I instantly hoped Seeley would get to go federal on her, but, alas, it was not to be.

The local sheriff? Pretty cool. Seeley being all pseudo-squinty and lifting the print off the block? Took me by surprise but I liked it :)

JonesinforBones said...

I was kind of let down, actually. The plot was a bowl of cold oatmeal holding some random X-Files references together. Even Dean Haglund was dull.

Angela and Wendell - I like Wendell a lot, but their relationship just isn't interesting, except to bring out Hodgins' character.

Some good B&B banter and lines, but hell, those were the shortest scenes. No fluff, no sqeeworthiness. Hmph.

Amanda said...

There were nice little Easter eggs for X-philes, and DB's dad was a nice touch. The rest was pretty meh. I didn't like the overkill on Wedgela... but the local sheriff was great. To me he was a call back to S1 "The Boy in the Bush" where one of the local LEs commented that in Brennan's books her locals were always a bit two-dimensional. It was nice to see a guest character who was more than a cardboard cut-out.

On a slightly unrelated note, my SIL got hooked via "Critic" and asked to borrow my season 4 DVDs. Since some of the S4 eps are included in S3, I loaned her both seasons. My nephew (7.5) is hooked as well. My work here is done.

Cindy said...

Very few meaningful B/B moments in this episode. People watch this show for one reason, and that is for Booth and Brennan. Like a previous poster stated, who cares about Angela and Wendall. TPTB are doing everything in their power to keep BB apart. After the museum show I thought their relationship was evolving. As usual don't ever get your hopes high about BB.

Mary said...

I thought this was a decent ep, maybe a C+ or B. I loved the MRI scene - those terms are satisfactory. The scene with Sweets and Hodgins was also cute. I was glad to see more Hodgins in this ep. I hate Wedgela - no chemistry there whatsoever. Not to mention Hodgins and Angela are meant to be together!

I liked B&B under the stars, too :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting reactions... wow.

For me there is waaaaay more to this show than B and B. They may be the center but without the squints and Sweets, they are the center of nothing. This was a "their story" episode, from Cam calling them on not being a secret, to Ange and Wendell's decision to tell Hodgins, to Hodgins in Sweets office, to Hodgins looking through the Founding Father's window. THIS was the story this time.

And I applaud it. I have missed th "dropped" Hodgela storyline and the "not followed thru" Ange and Wendell storyline. All the unanswered and unasked questions. Think how much we now know that we didn't.

The crime scene with B and B in NM wasn't stupid (like Chicken man) and the interactions between B and B were, to me, refreshingly "normal" -- as in THEY are back, more and more. It's not all about Booth's recovery anymore.

The scene with the MRI? I laughed out loud. THAT felt wonderfully back to normal too. Put me down as a happy camper with this one.


Leila said...

oooh shes soooo diferent!!!

At the end! Befoire she will never but nerver ever enter in booth game and say yah im an alian!

It's so cool! I really like the ending!

Anonymous said...

i agree that the endless dragging out of the will they/wont they, or really since the series has been playing up the sexual tension and attraction _for ever_, the 'when will they'... the longer the wait goes on, the more these characters keep their distance, you would think it would up the tension and suspense but you cant up it anymore. we're just hanging at this point that sometimes might as well be neutral, and thats a very dangerous, boring, irritating place to be

erin said...

I think this episode is being vastly underrated.

Yes, Dean Haglund was under/badly used. Yes, we all know Wendala is not meant to be. Yes, it was a tiny bit of fluff.

But the fluff epi's make the serious epi's more intense. Wendala makes us all love and miss Hodgeala and reminds us that this is a *character driven* procedural. That means _all_ characters, not just our favorites. And, well, i don't have an explanation for poor old Langley, except that as an ex-x-phile, it was a joy to see his face again.

And to all the people who are complaining about Bren's current "robot-ness" I point to her picking up on Wendell's joke, the scream, and (as was stated earlier) her actually playing along with Booth there at the end.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, it made me laugh out loud several times, I give it a b+, and am pretty much just glad to have "Bones" back in my weekly schedule.

Project Trenchcoat said...

Really, they just need to make out. The stars, laying on the hood of car...come on, so natural!

ceecee said...

Waited over a month for this mediocre episode. not bad, but nothing special. For the first time I had the thought that I may stop watching if B&B don't start moving forward in their relationship or if we don't start seeing some kickass episodes again. I've been so obsessed with this show for so long that it makes me sad to feel this way. Liked the sheriff. Not interested in Angela and Wendel. Liked seeing more of Hodgins. The end was different & enjoyable, but I would prefer a little more flirtation at least. Brennan played along and didn't take every word so literally.

Anonymous said...

i have been rewatching the first season with my roommate who has become hooked, and as she watched this episode tonight, she said it didn't feel the same as the first episodes. i enjoyed this one, it made me laugh, but i feel like we havent had a serious episode since third season. next weeks looks promising though. but i did enjoy the adorable scene at the end and i also liked hodgins experiment with the mellons and putting there faces on them. but it wasnt a case that will stay with me. but i had fun watching it like i always do.

Anonymous said...

i loved the last scene, the central-ness of hodgins et all (yay! all the characters are important!), and the only thing i could have used a teeny bit more of would be x-files stuff. it was so fun to hear the theme song in the beginning but they could have had so much more fun with this opportunity.

Stephanie said...

Wow, really surprised at the reaction here. I LOVED this episode! And I'm not an X-phile. I've seen maybe three episodes and both movies, but only recently, so I'm sure I didn't get the majority of the references.

Honestly, after seeing this episode, I think the Wendell/Angela thing is just a plot device to get Angela & Hodgins moving towards getting back together. The entire B-story this week was about how upset Hodgins is over Angela's new relationship. Totally loved how TJ acted that experiment scene, too. He was great this week.

I loved the stargazing scene with Booth and Brennan, too. First, because I loved the whole "Brennan's an alien" joke because that's what Emily used to tell Zooey when they were kids, and second, because Brennan was laughing and joking around with Booth, saying he "found her out" when he accused her of being an alien rather than saying he was being ridiculous. At the end, I almost thought he was distracting her with the "what was that?" so he could kiss her, but of course not. The MRI scene was fantastic, too. Also, Emily looked gorgeous in this episode.

My one complaint? Roswell is NOT EVEN CLOSE to the Mexico border! About four hours, minimum. The town I lived in was about a three hour drive to Mexico, and I was 80 miles south of Roswell. So that really irritated me since they apparently didn't look at a map. They got the rest of it right, though. There really are diners in Roswell that look like that.

sophie said...

mmm that should have been a better episode! i mean we had to wait ages and thats all we got?

i personally cannot stand wendell and angela, im rewatching season 4 atm and her and hodgins seem so much more natural. w+a just seemed forced, a way to get hodgins to think about her. it should not have taken wendel to make him realise that he loves her.

the MRI scene was very funny. about the only funny moment in the episode.

i love this show but i was expecting a btter episode.

and i never want to see cam in a pumpkin orange turtleneck ever again!!!!

a_n_c_i said...

At the end of the episode I felt like... is this it? Like if something was missing as it ended so suddenly...

What I liked about this episode is that Hodgins is realising how he feels and that he maybe will stand up and do something, it seemed to me like he was doing all that on porpuse so that they 2 would figure out that their relationship is nothing in compare to H+A... I hope they get back together soon....

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed at the lack of kissing... after that interview ppl seemed to think something would happen in this episode... but it wouldn't have worked, the case was the cetral plot and Wendgella/Hodgins was the B-plot. I was hoping for a more satisfying BB moment at the end, but hey, it was a great scene. I was expecting Booth to make a move but nothing happened... lol, this is what i get for loving B/B too much :o)

Courtney said...

Again, I just don't get much depth or tension (sexual or otherwise) between Booth and Bones - they just banter along like two buddies at this point and it's not that engaging to me.

In earlier seasons, the writers added some seriousness that I am definitely missing. I would have liked even a small moment of just Angela and Hodgens alone - just to show she had a little feeling about how Hodgins might be feeling about her being with Wendell.

I don't rewatch any of this season's episodes, while I can still rewatch the first three season's episodes many times.

On a superficial note: I like DB when he has a bit more weight on him. I like his face when it is more filled out - and, he's just so much thinner this season - still looks good, of course, but...

The only part I enjoyed was the sheriff who was a real hoot and the MRI scene with the scream and the gun. Cute that Booth was ready to shoot the corpse.

I hope they ratchet up the tension betwen them again - in a good way. I haven't seen it since the mummy episode.

Anonymous said...

I will have to re-watch this, but my first reaction was not great. Angela and Wendell have NO magic between them at all. I like seeing other stories amongst the cast, but felt too much time was spent on the Angela/Wendell stuff and quite frankly thought it fell way short!! And, where was the passion we should see at times between B/B?? I don't need it crammed down my throat, but it is the reason we all watch!! I didn't even see any real passion in their characters either. David B is getting skinnier and skinnier......I hope he hasn't lost his passion for the show, because it is starting to show through in his character!! I love Hodgins and felt bad for him, I too think there should have been a scene between him and Angela stuck in somewhere to show their "passion" still. I know this is not S1-S3 but we need a return to some deeper episodes that have meaning.....S5 has been one long comedy for me...I am ready for some PASSION to return to the show!! I will re-watch this again tonight and see if I missed something???

Anonymous said...

I agree with many who think this episode didn't live up to expectations. There were some moments that were good--they've all been mentioned. As far as B&B, I didn't get any sexual tension, deep friendship vibes from anything in this episode. I need to rewatch, too. I think the last scene stargazing could have been soooo much better...I can take the inching toward a romantic relationship as long as they do actually move an inch in every episode. Finally, I absolutely hate Angela with Wendell. Even if Angela and Hodgins don't get back together, at least have them date someone they don't work with, and that they have chemistry with. All I could think of during the scene where Angela and Wendell are in bed is ewwwwww...not a good reaction to a bedroom scene. AND, when is poor Hodgins going to get a hot date to make Angela think about what she gave up??????

Anonymous said...

I agree that Angela and Wendall are not a good pairing but this is all a means to an end, I am sure. They are completely gearing up for the return of Angela and Hodgins - he still loves her and she was very uncomfortable so she must still have feelings. I really like Wendall but he is no match, I mean he wouldn't have sex in the egyptian room - got to be a sign! Wouldn't be surprised if they are the ones that end up getting married off screen later this season.

Was also disappointed - my fault for reading spoilers about cosiness. Can't imagine many squee moments next episode either given the trailer. Are we really going to have to wait til Apri - I suspect so..?

Anonymous said...

Okay, here's my take on the Wendell/Angela stuff. I like Wendell a lot. It's good to see a smart but "normal" guy there that Booth can relate to. I really liked how they interacted in the Fire and Ice one (whatever the title was). But does anyone remember Angela looking at Mr. Nigel Murray and saying "Vroom vroom" kid. Not sure how old Wendell is but he seems to be in a vastly different place than Angela, if not in experience then at least expectation.

I also like that Hodgins and Wendell are friends and that Hodgins didn't blow that when he found out--conversely disappointed that Wendell would date a "freinds" girl but maybe that's just a girl rule? I loved the Hodgins/Sweets interaction. Hodgins spreading out on the couch like an old-timey shrinks office was great. Loved what I saw of Sweets to. So often he's used as a mouthpiece to push the BB relationship and it was good see him be a serious grownup caring for a friend/coworker.

And then there's Angela. Where has our Angela gone? She used to be one of my favorites and I loved the friendship between her and Bren. Now Bren rarely confides in her and her part on the show seems to be in name only. I don't like that. I say quit making her a cougar on the prowl and give her back some substance. *Please* The old Angela would have noticed the almost-kiss she interrupted in NatBM and confronted Brennan. This one seems to be too caught up in herself to notice. And PS, her offering to take Wendell to the Egyptian room where she used to go with Hodgins (and didn't Sweets and Daisy use it too?) *completely* sqeevs me out. I mean--ew.

As for the episode itself, first watching, I enjoyed it. Will be going back in a sec to rewatch. It's nice to see the old Booth coming back. Liked the interplay between him and Sweets on the interrogation--Sweets calling him a showoff and him closing the laptop. It was very Boothy and great to see him relying on instinct again. There were several laugh out loud moments for me and I enjoyed hearing the Emily/Brennan laugh at the end as they were joking around. When you're with a person 24-7, not every moment has to be fraught with sexual tension. If there's no real connection and understanding between the two, once the sex act is complete and the tension's gone, then they cease to exist as the BB we love. I see this as a growth in Brennan's character and believe it's building toward the happily ever after we all want. Even if it's taking tooooooo long. :)


Anonymous said...

This isn't directly to X in the file episode, but because it's the last one so far I'll post this here. Season 5 not yet running in this part of the world... so asking you who have seen all the episodes:

Someone complained somewhere here that Brennan had a trench coat in a restaurant or whatever (no McD anyhow).

Has Brennan all the time had more covering clothes during this season than earlier seasons? (like a trench coat and definately no T-shirts etc.)
Has ED got more weight IRL?
A vegan getting more weight?
... hmmm
What if someone's going to have a baby IRL?

Kate said...

Honestly, if they hadn't returned from holiday break with this episode, I think people would have liked it more. It's a bit fuffy, but hardly bad. I think a lot of people were expecting a "bigger" episode--more bang, so to speak.

Eli said...

I can't stand with this episode because I have to watch 4 scenes of Angela and Wendell were kissing, and some flirting. Do HH has to show all that scenes to show that they did what the couple do.

And the scene of Hodgins on the couch in Sweets is a repeat of 4x04. I want Angela is the one to sit there but not talking about the pig.

In this episode the thing I love is the syeriff. Loved that he overtake Booth on preceding things.

gabriel said...

I agree with anon 10:31 - that's what I felt too - they just wanted to show us how Angela tries to get full speed in a relationship after her long celibacy but also flashed here and there that it isn't completely working for her either (she had a few lines addressed to Wendell that revealed a kind of disappointment). Also Wendell knows that sth's wrong about Hodgins' reactions. And of course Hodgins had to realise that it's not OK for him to see Angela with someone else. For me, this all points to one direction: Hodgins and Angela back together! So if you hated Wedgela, there's your answer: we are supposed to hate it.
About the episode as such, I really liked it, it was great fun with great lines that are just so Bones-y. I had no X-files expectations as I wasn't/am not a fan of that series. I just wondered if Booth would bring up the Scully and Mulder reference again (well, probably they thought it was an old joke). For me, Booth freaking out about extraterrestials all the time is a bit strange (being a Catholic and all that) but it's still in character as he's always taking the non-scientist side (as opposed to Brennan). Liked his reasoning at the end. It wasn't exactly flirtatious, but definitely teasing. Looking fwd the next epi which I hope will be a serious one. I'm also missing drama!

Anonymous said...

I think spoilers are well named: they can spoil things. Like others have mentioned, the complaints/ disappointment of many have to do with unmet expectations. We didn't see what we expected to see or were led to expect by spoilers or speculation on boards or even interviews with HH and the actors.

Problem is ... sometimes that's all we see: what is missing vs what we are being given.

This ep gave us a lot, IMO. Fun stuff. Subtle stuff. Painful stuff regarding A and W -- but how else to set up future development with Hodgins, either with A or with truly moving on?

Patience and hope. I think there is good stuff ahead and we are being taken in that direction -- on the show's terms, not ours. (sigh) Patience and hope.


Shep said...

I thought it was an ok episode. It wasn't as serious as I'd like them to be (though they hardly ever are anymore :( ), but it wasn't uber-light either. Some parts of this season do feel like the writers are trying to get back to the old seriousness of the previous seasons but haven't quite got there yet, or are keeping in mind that we want them to: Sheriff: 'Killing that poor crazy woman for a video'. The sheriff was great. I agree Amanda - very S1.

I loved seeing the old Booth coming back: relying on his instincts; shooting inanimate objects; being generally Boothy, but I did feel that there were inconsistencies in his attitude towards the whole aliens and alien-believers thing: in Spaceman he was more sarcastic and cynical 'Tin Foil Hat squad..they wear little tin foil hats, probably to keep the aliens from entering their minds'. He also doesn't need Sweets to tell him that some people believe in alien abductions!

Loved the Dave Thomas shoutout btw!

I liked that they dealt with the Hodgins/Angela/Wendell issue but they could have done it more effectively in fewer scenes: it made the case feel like the B-plot. I also wanted more B/B conversation in general.

I did like what we did get of B/B, though. The stargazing was great and I loved the MRI scene. I liked how Brennan was impressed when Booth showed his inner squint and got the fingerprint. I also liked Brennan's line: "You say 'Yeah, I guess' but you mean 'I don't think so'".
On the other hand, I still want to see moreof the intelligent and assertive yet socially awkward Brennan from S1-3 (albeit with S4-5's emotional development)

I'm glad they included an experiment however, it was pretty much there to show Hodgins' feelings and I'm not sure if I liked it overall or not.

I wasn't expecting it to be amazing after the hiatus but I did expect a little more.

R.e. the dragging out of B/B, I do agree that they really need to get a move on and it seems to be going on for too long yet I was just imagining myself in Hart's place a few days ago: it must be quite difficult. Considering how important it is and how badly the fans want them to get together, it has to be very difficult. I think it would be very easy for it to turn out cheesy or overshadow the rest of the episode, or even end up being too serious that it interrupts the flow of the episode. I think it has to have the right amount of fluff, seriousness, humour, something that will keep the relationship goinga & evolving and that uniqueness that only Bones has. Think about it: as soon as it happens the internet fansites will go into overdrive. So much has been expected for so long and by so many fans that it must be quite daunting for HH.
Then again, a larger part of me does think 'Oh for God's sake, you're supposed to be cleverer than I am and you created the show so hire back the old writers, get back the old spark of Bones and get your arse in gear!'

Jeannie said...

I'm with historynut. I truly loved this episode and I guess I should in part credit the fact that I remained completely unspoiled. I hope most of you will like it better upon a re-watch.
Also, I'm pretty sure I missed most of the X-files references and such but I still had a great time watching.

Anonymous said...

Can anybody plase remind me what is the relationship between B&B? I have almost forget and so seems that the writers have forgotten the relation between both of them.

Maggy said...

I use to be a HUGE X-Files fan and apart from Dean Haglund and the X-Files theme playing in the beginning... I'm not sure there were any other references! I mean they didn't even use the "I want to believe" poster!!!! Or if they did I missed it. For it being an "X in the File" there wasn't a whole lot of X IMHO. But its been a while since I watched the show so maybe I missed something? When the body and the gun hit the MRI machine I was all like YES SHE HAS AN IMPLANT! But no. MAYBE the hokey local law enforcement was homage to the X-Files? Since XF did have quite a few weird ones... and I dont think Bones has dealt too much with local law enforcement except a line here or there?

And I agree how we seem to be stepping backwards in their relationship to where there practically isn't one! There's just Angela and Wendel and I am so not interested in that!

Vasso said...

I can't say I liked this episode...and I think this is mainly because of Angela and Wendel...I hate them together, I really and physically HATE them.And I used to like Wendel in season 4.Now, all I'm thinking is: Bring in some hot beauty queen for Hodgins!!! I mean, I hoped that Angela and Hodgins would be together again , but now I don't think I'd like that... He deserves better!!
And the B+B moments...Where were they??? Ok, the last scene was nice, but that was all. I just miss their " bickering" and their fun conversations...
Best moment for me -besides the screamiong scene- Hogdins shooting the melons with the faces!!! That was hillarious!
Oh, I can't finish this comment without screaming: OMG, can Booth be any hotter??? How could Brennan resist him in that stars scene? And,by the way, how can she always resist him????
Excuse my English!!

Kelsey said...

Overall, this episode wasn't that great. I didn't strongly dislike it, it was just a bet blah, not the best.

However I love two things:
1. It really showed the huge changes in Brennan. Watch the first episode in the series and the ones now, and it's striking how much she's grown. I don't always like the ways she's changed (I love how she's less socially awkward, but I miss her being really kick-butt) but I have to admit the writers and actors have done a good job of showing slow and steady progression.
2. Hodgins. The scene in Sweets' office seemed very heartfelt to me. He was the only character that evoked an emotional reaction from me in this episode.

I'm guessing the "Angela and Wendell" thing is just going to serve as a catalyst to eventually restart her relationship with Hodgins, so I'm okay with it for now.

So... C-. I'm looking forward to next week's- it looked really good!

VeganLady said...

Quick Vegan side note to Anom 12:22.

Its very easy to gain weight as a vegan. Vegan desserts are loaded with sugars. Begin vegan does not mean your are thin

Shep said...

For everyone who gets worried about the goofiness of Bones:

Bluesun89: '@HartHanson @squarechicken I've loved Bones since ep 1 and S5 worries me. You need to pull back on the goofy, find that happy balance again.'
about 14 hours ago from

HH: @bluesun89 I agree with you that BONES is much too goofy but @squarechicken INSISTS that it's the secret to our success. He hits me.'

Stephanie said...

I couldn't tell if that tweet from Hart was serious or not. I don't really think it was. I mean, if he *really* thought the show was "too goofy" or whatever, he would be the one person on that set who would have the power to put his foot down and actually change things. Plus, he regularly sends joke-y replies to people with negative comments about the show.

Shep said...

Yeah, I know. But it's something to consider.

Anonymous said...

Them joking reminded me of them joking in superhero in the alley about her being an anthropologist with superpowers :)

Pheealzabub said...

HH and the writers/directors challenge themselves with every episode that takes BB offsite because it divides focus/arc between two locales: Offsite Case (NM) and Lab Case vs Offsite BB (NM) and Lab arc (in this case Hodgins/Wengela). Wengela doesn't bother me so much because it is an example of Angela being true to her nature of 'living in the moment' (which os why Roxie decided to end her second go round with Angela). Angela only seems uncomfortable when she sees how much her moving on with a male intern at the Jeffersonian instead of a hot female artist ex of hers makes Hodgins act so weird. That is the true nature of Angela: living in the moment, consequences to be dealt with later (if at all).

On Hodgins' part, while no means faultless, he has spent almost no time thinking about what he wants because he's been focussed on getting over Angela almost exclusively (meaningless throw off comments about dates and moving on not withstanding) as shown in his take after Sweets asks him if he wants
Angela back - his face illustrates that the question has taken him completely by surprise because he has never even considered it - an amazing acting moment on the part of T J Thyne, considering that surprise and grief are the two most difficult emotions to replicate sincerely (kudos to Emily on her reaction to the revelation of McVicker that he and Brennan's mother were in love and planning on running out on Max in tWiL on the same front)

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