Friday, January 8, 2010

Episode Stills: The Proof in the Pudding

View this album to see the episode stills released for the January 21st episode of Bones: The Proof in the Pudding. (spoiler warning)


Elizabeth said...

Booth looks so cute when he's trying to break into the lab!

Anonymous said...

Look at Emily's biceps in the last picture! Impressive.

Shep said...

Clothing-wise: Booth with a leatehr jacket + Brennan with trousers and no frumpy tops = good. Brennan wearing Crocs/Holey Soles, whatever you want to call them = AHHHH!!

No offence to those who do wear them, but I really hate them!

Stephanie said...

I really, really hate them, too, Shep! Though, I've read that these promo pics are usually taken from rehearsals and/or different shots than the actual footage, so we may not see her wearing those in the show.

Leila said...

OH Shep... You're good! I didnt saw those horrible crocs!!

They soo ugly! But i tryied once... they are really confortable!

Anonymous said... looks like Canada won't be getting Bones early this year :(

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