Thursday, January 28, 2010

Favorite Quotes: The Dentist in the Ditch

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: The Dentist in the Ditch.


Cheryl said...

Jared: This is Temperance Brennan. my brother's partner (pause) friend.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh the good that pause does my heart. Like "My bro's partner {who I swear is gonna be his in a bit cuz have u seen the way these two relate? I've already reserved my tux for the wedding but I prob'ly shouldn't bring that up here} friend."

ceecee said...

A few quotes by Brennan:

When Hodgins says Vincent Nigel Murray is a genius....Brennan: "yes, but so are we all, except for Angela"

Brennan: "It's a question of logic, so I'm just going to be quiet now while you work your way through it"

"Because I believed you, my father and I have a relationship today" .... awww

Anonymous said...

Brennan: "I don't see the need for slang for slang"


Anonymous said...

"Before I met Booth, I didn't believe in love..." AHHHHHHHHHH!!! They are so in love!!!

Anonymous said...


and bones' quote about her stomach

Anonymous said...

I especially love when Brennan proposes to toast, Booth questions her lack of toasting with an actual drink (alcohol), and she says that Jared's an alcoholic. LOL! Does this woman not know boundaries?


Anonymous said...

Vincent: "If I had killed everyone who looked at me lustily I wouldn't have made it out of school"

Hodgins: "Look what Vincent did ... turned our victim into rhubarb pie!"


Jen said...

lovecd the line about Angela not being a genius. hey that girl has mad skills

Anonymous said...

Angela: "OKay. But who do you turn to when you need pretty pictures?"

In response to Brennan's genius comment---or rather her comment about being a genius..
you know what i mean.

Anonymous said...

Booth: What if I ruined it for him [Jared]?

Brennan: You would never forgive yourself.

Booth: Thank you.

Brennan: On the bright side, he might totally ignore you.

Booth: Great.

Anonymous said...

Re spider scene:

Hodgins: "You okay there (peers down at Cam with her hand engulfed in the top of her dress)...Dr. Saroyan?"

Cam: "I'm just itchy...all over. I'm gonna go burn all of these clothes-and maybe my hair."


olivia said...

When Hodgin's passed off the blame on Mr. NM... "See how that's done?"

Anonymous said...

Sweets: Did you run a background check on Jared's girlfriend?

Booth: Why does everyone say that to me like it some sort of terrible thing?

Sweets: Because it's kind of terrible.

Kelsey said...

One of the funniest lines all season:

"You ran a background check on Jared's girlfriend?"
"Well, yeah, you do that for people you care about."
"Do you do that when I go out with someone?"

Miss Mary said...

Loved the line where Vincent and Hodgins are talking about the rough time the victim had, and Hodgins gets all uppidy about how gays are treated in America... and Vincent is like "I was actually talking about the football..." priceless

and Brennan

I distintly remember saying this once before....good job!"
Hilarious....just throw the poor kid a "bone!" (cheesy pun intended :P )

leeloo said...

"Before I met Booth..." who would Gordon Gordon be talking about???
"one of them is acutely aware of that attraction, struggles with it daily as a matter of fact"...because Booth claimed that he was in love only after the coma dream

any thoughts?

Renee Malove said...

Leeloo: I have to go with Dr. Wyatt "talking about Booth" there, since you see him looking kind of gobsmacked when Bones is playing with his handkerchief. Sexual attraction is NOT love, and Booth likely would have written it off as inappropriate to be sexually attracted to his partner...repeat ad nauseum for several years running...

Anonymous said...

Hodgins in the lab with VNM when they thought how the skull got those holes:

'... when the soft inside gets harder than hard and when the time goes by it eventually breaks the hard shell ...'

(not sure if the words were just those, but the idea was)

Just thinking of who that might fit ...

Amanda said...

Cam: Usually I can follow your jumpy little brain.

I loved that!

Cheryl said...

Me too! Tho I wanted to say "Bad Cam! That wasn't a very nice thing to say."

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