Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Bonesday!

Happy Bones-day! "The Dentist in the Ditch" looks like it might be a lighter episode. But we know how honest the promos are!

Lots to watch/look/read under the tag here on the blog, if you haven't already perused the spoilers.

I will post the episode discussion tonight by 8pm eastern.



Anonymous said...

So can not wait for tonight after last week's amazing episode!!

Love the Hinky part there, makes me think of Abby from NCIS!


olivia said...

This is so pathetic, but I know after next week, the next new episode isn't until 8 April, so I was counting up the weeks and crying. 8 weeks!!!! Boo hoo!!!

Jeannie said...

Wait - there is going to be an 8-week hiatus? Why's that? I thought February was supposed to be a sweeps month?

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