Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MegaBuzz: BB this Season

TVGuide's MegaBuzz discusses current spoiler rumors from TCA. Not much new. Talks a bit about tomorrow's Bones episode, "The X in the File."


Anonymous said...

I think its maybe still on the fox site, because the youtube link on this blog is broken, if you want to verify what I'm about to say BUT---

In the B-roll of the dinner party in 'the goop on the girl' you can clearly hear David Boreanez talking about an upcoming kiss, and then clarifying that it would not be the first, or in other words basically telling everyone that Booth and Brennan have a kiss coming up. I'm not trying to get peoples hopes up, listen for yourselves!

it made me so excited!

Anonymous said...

i take it back, it sounds like sweets talking about kissing the lady hogins refers to as 'tattoo girl'. damn, wishful hearing of scrambled crowd voices

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