Monday, January 11, 2010

More 100th Episode (And Season 5 Finale) Bones Buzz

You can read the official Fox press release on the 100th episode of Bones here

Matt Mitovich talks to Hart Hanson re: the 100th episode

Ausiello talks to Stephen Nathan about the 100th episode and the Season 5 Bones Finale

No Goodman. If he's not in this one, I'm guessing he'll never reappear. Sadface. Hope for Sid at some point? Cullen? (another personal favorite of mine) ... I won't hold my breath


Anonymous said...

Wow. This is a lot to digest. I think it's obvious that the marriage will not be Booth and Brennan. I really hope it's not Angela and Wendell. I could see it possibly being Angela and Hodgins (it would be great for Hodgins to have a storyline again), but for those who think it's Sweets and Daisy, I agree that's a good bet.

I'm more interested in the 100th episode and what happens as a result of the flashback. Ausiello says that Booth resolves his feelings for Brennan. To me, that means he is relieved of the struggle of deciding whether or not to tell her about his feelings. I think she finds out in this episode. Now how this takes them on a different trajectory? I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

oooh I was reacting to the news about the flashback taking their relationship in new directions very, very negatively. I was thinking it might be a step backwards. I like the idea of it leading to Booth's confession. But all the hinting that the flashback makes BOTH of them REALIZE something... huh!? It just better not be 'ugh, we really ARE bad for each other'.

IF ONLY Hodgela. I doubt it though. I agree that I dearly miss Hodgins- just give us one intern who is his equal who he can get along with or at least bounce brilliant ideas off of like he did with Zack. Or find SOME way to make the most of his awesomeness.

And figure out what to do with Cam, or get rid of her. Please.

Anonymous said...

I'm leaning toward it being Sweets and Daisy mostly because we know it won't be Brennan and Booth and no matter how great Hodgela was ... their greatness/cuteness/hotness is a was. Hodgins and Angela back together at this point feels like a fan fic pipe dream to me, a not very plausible one. Who they were is no longer who they are.

And I too miss Hodgins. Until Wendy pointed it out I hadn't realized that with both Angela and Zack gone, he is too in a lot of the ways we got to see him before.

Between replacing Ange or replacing Zack, I would rather have a new squint for Hodgins to shine with.


Nina said...

Nobody is really talking about 1.Sweets book-- will he publish it, ever? It seemed completed at one point but then I think Gordon Gordon made him rethink everything, but he's still writing it, right?? And hes got to conclude that at least one is in love with the other, and they've got to read it. So does that happen!? Why bring up the book and have it play such a big role and never use it?
2. Brennans book- she mentions needing to stay late at the Jeffersonian to work on it in one of the sides from an upcoming episode. We dont usually see Brennan writing her books, except for the nightclub fantasy book. And her books always 'reveal how she really feels' about people, according to everyone, always. so... what about that?
3.When will Bones tell Booth about his father and then hold him and tell him everything is all right?
4. So they're definitlely not having a baby now? Did they ever talk about it?
5. Is Booth finally 'back to normal'? i assume its assumed but not too long ago he was witholding his love confession until he was sure he was sure.

and now a pregnancy and a marriage?? And a change in the B/B relationship thats very very big but resulting not from any of these but a flashback??

is this an overload or will it all come together?? Lets not have yet another season end in a "WHAT THE HELL?"

Kate said...

1. I doubt Sweets' book will make an appearance anytime soon. It seemed more like a one-time thing. 2. Brennan's next book will probably be referenced eventually, but who knows when. I see no reason to believe it will contain any bombshell revelations this season. 3. I know I sound like a broken record, but I doubt Brennan will tell Booth about his father until Hank is dead or maybe dying. So probably not this season either.
4. No baby. At the end of Critic in the Cabernet right before they go to the hospital, Booth backs out of the arrangement and Brennan says, fine whatever, just go to the hospital! It's never been mentioned again and HH has given some fairly clear indications that that's the end of it for now.
5. I'd say Booth is back to normal.

Finally, I think the pregnancy is a red herring (and unrelated to B&B anyways) and the marriage is certainly not their's either. Can you really imagine their wedding not being shown? Sweets and Daisy is a better bet.

Anonymous said...

didnt booth tell brennan that in case he died in surgery hw wants her to know that she should have his, you know, stuff. its pretty much off the table as long as they're grappling with other stuff like feelings and confusion but what about when her desire to have a kid flares up again? im just intrigued about how they're still workin that angle sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I vote the wedding is Jared's. Supposedly he comes back from his trip with 'some surprising news' in the dentist episode (if i remember reading correctly)... My bet is he's the one getting married. And it will (hopefully) make Booth realize that he needs to step up to the plate with Brennan... I mean, if his little brother is getting married before him, and most likely to some girl he hasn't known nearly as long as Booth has known Brennan, he SHOULD feel a need to start making a move with the woman he loves... But just a thought :)

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