Monday, January 4, 2010

Today's Chatter Post - A Little Friendly Competition

Let's start the New Year with a little friendly Bones competition...

What makes you the most obsessed Bones fan? Rabid promotion to everyone within reach? Twitterholic? Daily rewatching?

Share your obsessive tendencies with the rest of us!

(10 days and counting until the Bones return) :)


Ruth said...

Where to start? Daily rewatching, reading fanfics for hours on end, Bones on computer wall paper and screen saver, twitter constantly open to a #Bones search, my 4 yr old constantly talks about Bones and asks to watch it, my 1yr old who can say precious little will pick up my Bones DVDs and say "Bones". I'd better stop here as this is sounding insanely addicted.

Anonymous said...

Main Reason: My cats are called booth and bones...

Other Reasons: Daily checking of this blog.... obsessive spoiler checking... being really angry at how hart hanson decieved us all over the season 4 finale, despite loving the episode... Recording the whole series and making my 2 best friends watch every episode... writing fanfics in my head when im supposed to be working... massive ZACK fan.... i think that covers it... oh wait - i try to watch episodes before they reach the UK... (why DOES the US get it first??!! - so not fair - england is way way way older - surely we should get first dibs?)

Charlie (UK)

n2seeleybooth said...

Obsessed with bones should be my name cause I am. Home and work computer background and my phone background DB's picture shows up on my phone when my husband calls me, All seasons on DVD, Tivo Bones on Fox, TNT, and WGN. DB calender at work and home twitter name says it all

Rock said...

Check back daily BONES related sites.
I check daily news with DB ED and others.
I've seen every episode of the series, besides reading books KR.
I dream of BONES, Ovbiusly..
I check all the fanfic, fic video, fan made and all of them.
99% of space on my computer is occupied by BONES.
and this, from Bolivia.
On local television are in Season 3, so it is more difficult to access material and local information.

The Badger said...

My phone ringtone is the theme. As soon as you walk in my flat there is a massive poster of our favourite duo. Computer, iPod and phone are Bones central. Have converted about 10 people into fans.

Anonymous said...

well...Where to start? Daily rewatching, Bones on computer background, my phone ringtone, background on the phone, i cant sleep if i dont read a fanfiction in my bed before! i dream of them all the time... i constantly talk on bones and ED, i check daily on blogs. i learned to my boyfriend all the names of family members of ED!!! (huge fan) last week i saw a tee shirt with inscription "sexy bones" and i bought it!
i spend all the fridays waiting to know the ratings (im in france...)
i read all the books of KR, and of course saw all the episodes plenty of times...
Before Bones, loved summer and holidays (i am a teacher so i dont work on july and august) now hate it because it means no bones!!!!
I think you understand...!!!!!
Love BONES forever!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry for my english... Julie from France

*Lucy* said...

I would definately say I'm Obsessed with Bones, especially after I got to meet David and Emily when they were filming in London. I was so excited I even decided to do an interview over skype for the Bones Podcast on this site! I've got four Bones posters in my room, a DB calendar, all of the Bones DVD's and a noticeboard full of the pictures I took on set. I follow Hart Hanson on twitter to try and interpret any hints for upcoming episodes and get behind the scenes info. I try and get my friends into it so I can watch the DVD's over again. I spend too much time watching fan videos of BB on youtube! Also me and my best friend have hoodies which say 'One of Booth's Squints' on the back!! Lol and I'm writing about my obsession on this blog!!!

Jessica said...

Wow where to start...checking different sites Bones related 10+ times daily looking for new promo's, vids, pics, spoilers, rewatching dvd's, watching reruns on tv (we still don't have season 5 on dutch tv :( dl all vids and episodes from the internet , twitteraddicted for anything Bones related, even bought the cocky belt buckle, the books, all dvd's, collecting magazine clippings, reading fanfics till late in the night (I'm actually sleepdeprived)I talk about Bones at least 5 times a day to people who don't watch it and actually are watching Bones on tv while typing this I can go on and on I think I need to go to rehab but I really don't want to loose this good addiction :D and I'm so glad for this great site btw did I mention I even look on the internet on my mobile while I was on holiday and in the bathtub told you I just can't stay away *sigh*

Anonymous said...

oooh this is fun! :)
well, there are many ways i'm Obessed with Bones!
of course i buy the DVD's and over christmas break i watched at least 2 a day. converting various family members to Bones fandom. having marathons with said family members. itouch and computer BG are bones related. talking about it 24/7 (literally). annoying family members that have yet to be converted. checking this site and spoilertv at least 5 times a day. recording every new episode even though i watch it on the internet thursday afternoons b/c it has already aired in Canada ;) marking various calendars with the newest Bones ep. constant youtubing and fanfic reading. making up fanfics in my head. following HartHanson on twitter. oooh and freaking out at just about every end scene w/ B&B because they're so cute together! **especially KILLER IN THE CONRETE AND NIGHT AT THE BONES MUSEUM OMG!** ok, deep breaths.
oh and i also freak out when they mention areas and towns in or around DC b/c i'm from there :)

Ashley Packard said...

Oh wow.. let's see... i have 5 different bones sites saved on my toolbar that i check everyday... my hamsters name is booth :]] i watch bones basically everyday haha on facebook, there's an addicted to bones app, and then theres a "ever lasting trivia" yeah.. i finished that, i have never missed an episode, clearly i own all of the seasons, bones is my screensaver, computer wallpaper, and phone wallpaper, it is also the background to my itouch, i doodle the logo in my classes when i'm bored, i record each epsiode then make my friends watch them, i just ordered my 2010 db calender, i own the CD, db and ed are on my bedroom door, i have a good amount of the songs from the show on the ipod, i freak out after every cute BB scene, i check the sites when i can at school, my ringtone is the theme, i talk about the show WAY too much, everyone knows i'm obsessed, i also order a shirt that says, "one of booth's squints" and a hoodie that says, "fed cases" on the front and "booth" with the number 24 on the back, i think i should probably stop now.. haha

Anonymous said...

O.k. How much I love this show? I check this blog and others every single day. I google E.D. and D.B. all the time. When I found out Em was in Cold Mountain ( just for a little bit) I found myself liking the movie cause she's in it. Even if it was for a small amount of time. I'm always looking for new fanvids on Youtube.I think I've seen every cute interview with DB and ED.I bought all of the seasons on DVD and watch them on my computer at work.I tell my friends to watch the show.My wallpaper and screensavers are of Bones..I wanna go to Comicon just cause they always go and I wish I could meet them.I have the sound track...Everyone that knows me KNOWS that I'm obsessed...I could go on, but you get the point...

da_Liza said...

--I have a "Bones" wall in my room (decorated with magazine articles about the show)
--I have a "Bones" calendar (a handmade gift)
--I have three "Bones" t-shirts (Dancing Phalanges; One steamboat...two steamboats...five steamboats...a whole flotilla; I heart Booth)
--I wore a Temperance Brennan lab coat for Halloween
--I've written 39 "Bones" fanfics:

Vanessa said...

Ok, let's see...I check this blog and other blogs/sites several times a day; I watch/read every interview with ED, DB and any cast member I can find; I've watched all episodes (obviously) and keep rewatching them; I have a Bones wallpaper and a very full Bones file on my computer ; I use episode quotes almost (if not) every day; I keep talking about it, even to people who don't watch it; I've converted a friend who is now a fan =); I keep listening to "Dead man's party" and rewatching old promos. Gonna stop here, but I'm sure something else will come back to me in a few seconds! =D

Daisy said...

I love this show. My husband and I are hooked. We watch rerunns on TNT. Man cant wait for new season.

Emily said...

~I can name every episode(and plotline)
~Bones wallpaper on computer
~converted all of my friends
~rewatch over and over again
~check Bones related sites daily
~I have been told that if DVDs can be worn out my Bones DVDs will
...I should probably stop there

gabriel said...

All I'm saying is that after becoming a regular reader of OWB ('cause I'm obsessed too), I was inspired to start my own Bones blog in my mother tongue (Hungarian)... ;)

elmarie said...

No no no no no! Obsesssed with Bones should be MY name!
I read this blog everyday
I tweet constantly and follow every cast/crew member who has a twitter
All of my facebook bumper stickers are Bones
Phone, computer, and ipod are filled with Bones pics
I have converted 16 people to Bones
I started a Bones fan club at school
All of my passwords are Bones related
My last three art projects were a skull drawing, a portrait of ED, and a femur
I write and read fanfics like crazy and my author name is femurdreamer
I made Miis on my wii of all the characters
I have constant spazz attacks about Bones
I have a list of the movies the cast has been in and I've watched almost all of them
I bought a $60 shirt b/c it had phalanges on it
My last 3 english essays have been about Bones
I wrote a persuasive essay on why Bones is the best and won a prize
I own all of the dvds and watch an old epi every night
I rewatch each epi the next day on fancast
On the back of my dollar bills I write a B before the one and an s after so it says BONES
I have all of the music from every epi(expensive!!!)
I aspire to be a forensic anthropologist
I have read all of the Kathy Reichs books
My ringtone is the theme
Comic con tix have been on my Xmas list 4 the past 2 years
I quote the show on a minutely basis and my friends think im crazy
When i do my homework i listen to the dialogue of the epis to memorize them
And I named my violin Semperence!!!

Anonymous said...

i thought I was one of the most obsessed people until
A. I re-watched Woman in the Car from season 1 and I barely remembered it- and felt, like, ashamed!
B. I read the post above me!

But its pretty amazing to think that there is a scale of _obsession_, from mild to rabid...

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