Sunday, February 21, 2010

Battle of the Network Hotties: Needs Votes!

On both the Men and Women's sides of the "Battle of the Network Hotties" Bones needs some help! They are losing all 4 polls. (Why is T.J. not on the man side?!)

Men (Seeley)
Women (Cam, Angela, Temperance)

Edit: moving this back to the top because I know how much everyone wants the Bones cast to win!


Jen said...

Huh?? When I was voting some hours before, Brennan and Cam were winning with about 80% and now it's the other way round!! That's impossible...??

Anonymous said...

i observed that as well, jen. :[
most online polls are screwy.

gabriel said...

No way, all girls were winning with a huge difference when I voted! I can't believe they received some 10,000 votes since I last checked! I won't vote again ever if it works like that.

Wendy said...

Maybe the House fandom is really getting into it. I've seen Bones fans turn polls around overnight before :)

Anonymous said...

TRYING to be serious. I mean how can anybody with eyes not pick Booth over anybody else in this poll. Chase is a cute good looking guy, but DB/Booth is the WHOLE PACKAGE!!!!The poll is rigged.

Anonymous said...

rigged polls are fairly common.
but did anyone catch that on the women's division they said thursday was the 22nd? obviously not very smart people running things.

and we all know who kicks butt. the house fandom has nothing on us :]

Anonymous said...

The polls are definitely rigged. I am a very superficial man and consider myself somewhat of an expert on hotness. None of the chicks who made it to the semi-finals are hot. Especially the girls from House. Why do people think they are hot? The one has bug eyes.

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