Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cana-Bones-day behind the scenes video

In case you didn't know, Bones returns to early showings tonight in Canada. Those of you who watch it online anyway, enjoy, but don't spoil us! :)

Here's a behind the scenes video involving T.J. Thyne and tonight's guest intern learning to not hurt themselves in the course of filming this episode. There are some spoilers for tonight's case.

Thanks, Liesa!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Leisa!
What. A. Hoot!!


Anonymous said...

oh, that made my day! Their teacher was amazing!!

Thanks for sharing,

B. Booth

jana said...

never thought Vaziri was ripped!

can somebody post this to youtube? having a hard time with brightcove stuff


Leila said...

WHAT TEHHH HELL?? I'm in canada... I didnt hear about it ¬.¬

Thaks for the news!! hahha

I went to the website of global like 3 days ago... no changing on the schedule!!


Thnaks A LOT

Dani said...

@ Jana, I totally agree with you, he's buff!! Guess you never can tell whats under a lab coat ey? heheheh

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