Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Extreme Spoiler Chat: Death of the Queen Bee

Sides are out for Bones Season 5 episode 17: Death of the Queen Bee. Here, you can comment about ANY spoilers related to this episode. It's FFA and spoiler-phobes stay away!

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rgilbert said...

I'd just like to predict that this is the episode that "he knows the truth of you and is dazzled by it" comes true for our crime busters. The sides I've read suggest that Brennan's visit to her old high school will provide us a certain amount of geeky-creepiness for the hapless doc, but ultimately, she's done well for herself and Booth will be there to lend support.

My guess is that the last 8 (is that right?) episodes will each focus on some aspect of the relationship that needs to be addressed.

I would like to see Brennan confront aspects of her past that have kept her from fully engaging, but I'd also like to see Booth deal with his father. That may happen in the wedding episode which I predict is Jared and Padme's nuptuals.

Anonymous said...

this is awesome. Teenage bones as a wednesay addams looking at dead things with the creepy custodian... and not seeing ANYTHING WIERD ABOUT IT, even now. it makes me love her so so so much more. its so endearing and geeky and hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Booth and Bones are pretending to be together in this ep, heres some proof :) ::


I'm excited, but this will be SO awkward!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that this is a high school reunion episode.

(sry about the vid quality. it starts after like 40 secs i think)

B/B go to Brennan's high school and, for some reason, act like they're together. Brennan runs into some old comrades from her high school days, and I think the girl says something like "YOU liked dead things!"
Of course, awkwardness ensuses when Brenn introduces Booth and says that they "have intercourse any chance they get" which it followed by an awkward silence and then Booth jumping in and going "yes. yes we do."

SO AWK. but I bet it'll be funny!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Sweet's and Daisy are getting married too. As to who gets married first Jared or Sweets it is possible that booth mite confront his father any ways. After everything that has happened i defiantly think booth is going to do some reevaluating weather it comes to him personally wanting to make amends with his father or sweets pushing him to, or other natural circumstances. I defiantly think though that sweets will be involved he is like that. He has a desire to fix everyone's dramatic past because of his own. Personally i think he will convince or bombard booth with talking to his dad. I don't know if they will arise this though, its a very sensitive topic and a tricky one there going to want to get the relationship between booth and his dad just right. Also if such an occasion arises i think that this is when Brennan will tell booth what his pops told her about his dad.

chillip said...

the slow dance. wow.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Chillip - the slow dance was amazing. So many emotions in such a short space of time.

I liked the funny aspects of this episode, but also the serious bits.....

And Booth in that FBI tshirt can make an appearance anytime!!!

chillip said...

for some fun, you can google booth's undercover name.

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