Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Extreme Spoiler Chat: The Predator in the Pool

Sides are out for Bones Season 5 episode 18: The Predator in the Pool. Here, you can comment about ANY spoilers related to this episode. It's FFA and spoiler-phobes stay away!

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Wendy said...

So a little birdie got me to read sides for the first time in a long time...

What do you all think about this episode? Did anyone see the recent double-date Castle? Is it wrong to hope it ends up that well?

I'm not a fan of either of them dating other people. I know there is still this gulf between them and maybe it makes logical sense for the characters but it just feels like, as a fan, the show is screwing with us.

Anonymous said...

I agree Wendy but am trying to remain positive that their 'dates' aren't all they appear.

There are some theories circulating that:
a) they are really dating each other and are therefore are dating other people as cover(I personally don't see this as likely - principally because it's low to use someone like that and B&B are decent people);
b) that they are kidding themselves into believing that they can move on and that at the end of their respective dates, they will realise that they'd rather spend time with each other - this is more likely, I think, but its a little too 'cutesy' for Bones. I think this idea carries more weight if Bones agrees to another date with Hacker (Lord knows why!) and Booth thinks to himself "why the hell am I sitting here...alone?!" and so he agrees to go out with Catherine because he's lonely, horny or just plain bored!
c) Booth is dating Catherine as part of an undercover operation. Catherine is somehow linked to the Gravedigger because of her association with the aquarium. Another option, I guess, is that he's going undercover to try and solve the case which brings Catherine into the frame in the first place.
d) Booth decides that Sweets was right and that his coma-dream caused him to fall in love (yeah, right!) and so goes on a date with another women...cue Brennan's foray into jealousy.

All of the above may just be a load of hooey - probably, right? But I think something needs to happen to get Booth/Brennan stirred up - I think things have been a bit flat lately - the spark of S1 & 2 has gone and there's no reason that they can't love each other and still drive each other nuts and want to rip eachother's clothes off etc.

Anonymous said...

Good for booth I cant wait to read to episode chat after this as Booth getting a date has been something people have worried about for a while. the ending of this episode will have to be amazing.

Anonymous said...

Booth has already realized and admitted that he is in love with Brennan- no way is he really 'into' dating someone else. And Brennan was growing in leaps and bounds re: her emotional intelligence about Booth...this reads like a very frustrating step backwards. However, I remain hopeful that the spin will be that each of them is forced to own up to the fact that really, the only "company" they want is each other's. This whole love triangle/square thing they keep doing with Brennan and Booth is getting old. Hart Hansen yaps about the show losing its magic if the two leads get together- but tired storylines like this will kill the show more quickly than a B & B relationship.

Anonymous said...

them dating other people is breaking my heart.

Cindy said...

Because this episode is so close to the end of the season, and they have already been renewed for season 6, this is just my theory on what might happen. Booth and Brennan each get romantically involved with other people that might last till the end of the season. Something similar to the Sully episodes. Booth with Catherine(I hope this woman is drop dead gorgeous, because there is nobody as handsome as Booth) and Brennan with Hacker(OMG doesn't she have eyes). HH and the writers are hell bent to keep BB apart. Just think what the ratings will be for S6 if my theory holds true.

Anonymous said...

Gravedigger in or not in the 18th episode?
That's question!

Catherine may be linked to gravedigger or not.

Wilder idea has grown on fox site where people are thinking could Hacker be linked to gravedigger or is HE actually The Gravedigger!?


Wendy said...

Hacker as the GD would be awful...

aardvark508 said...

I share the annoyance with the implication that B&B will again be driven apart in an effort to maintain the tension that the writers and produces believe is the show's primary attraction. That said, if one tracks the ratings, it is hard to argue they are misreading the audience. They may not be reading me corectly but I am only one of 10 million viewers. The ratings performance has been good and, the leaking of ambiguous tidbits to create anxiety and buzz among the fan base seems to improve the show's ratings position. They are marketing the show and the product is the plausible hope B&B are moving toward a real and enduring realtionship while maintaiing the credible fear it may all fall apart. No one is paying attention to the fan's wishes as long as the ratings are strong. The product is selling.

As to Castle, I find the character similarities boardering on blatant imitation. That's does not necessarily strike me as bad. The Castle writers seem to be conciously avoiding some of the weird stuff that went on in Bones during Seasons 3&4 and, if they can plot a different trajectory from the same character components, good for them. The double date trick was really well done and, while maybe predictable, had humor and warmth. It was almost believable.

Back to Bones, I think they started down a tricky path at the end of an early season 1 episode where Booth shots the Arab with the biological weapon at the conference. In the closing sequence at Sid's, they come so close to joining together too early, it has been hard to keep the WTWT plot device fresh. I suspect they did not believe they would be around for 6 seasons or they may have done it differently.

Anonymous said...

Wendy said:
'Hacker as the GD would be awful...'

Would it be bad if Hacker was gravedigger?
- English isn't my native language and I understand awful as a bad thing

I thought everyone wants Hacker more or less out.

I think it would be a spectacular episode if they could chase GV's partner or even GV him/herself.

If all those 'coffees/lunches/etc' are only to separate B&B I think it's poor writing.


Anonymous said...

my typo, meant GD instead of GV


Wendy said...

Because they're making him a sweet, almost endearing character. I actually like him. I don't want him dating Brennan, but I like him as Booth's boss.

luscious said...

I think with this plot line they are walking the tight rope with the fans we all know these two are meant to be but sometimes it just does not happen like that.. these two characters cannot date other people and maintain any feelings other than jealousy so this storyline for me is a poor one however I WILL KEEP THE FAITH IN THESE TWO OVERCOMING ADVERSITY.

Anonymous said...

While i really want some B&B already, i feel its good if Booth went out with someone. Maybe wake Bones up a bit as Booth hss not dated anyone since Cam. I think he is lonely specially if Bones is out with Hacker.


Anonymous said...


I'm sorry, but I see him as a love sick clown drooling after Brennan. If he wasn't drooling after her he would be just a clown. A boss with political connections, but definately not doing anything on the field.


Anonymous said...

My theory on the coffee/lunches: Sweets' book alleges that they love each other. Once that comes out, B&B try to show everyone else (not necessarily themselves) that they are totally interested in other people. Which I think could be kind of cute.

Mike said...

I've liked Detrich Bader as an actor from the Drew Carey show and Office Space. I even like him as Booth's boss. BUT ONLY AS BOOTH'S BOSS. (I still miss Caroline like mad though.) I still think this is a setup for Booth and Bones to end up together, and I do think Booth going out with another woman would show Bones how she truely feels. That said, can we have one show where David Boreanez ends up with the love interest? Please? (oh to clarify, one that doesn't turn him evil after a moment of happiness? :))

Turtle said...

I was just starting to get a little excited about where things were heading but this is not sitting well with me. They have moved it along(although at a snails pace)and now they are jerking it away again.... I am so disappointed. I thought they were going to be brave and wade on in but I guess I was wrong. They have built this lovely love story that is not all about perfection and sex and now we start over. I've said before its the characters and their interactions that make me love this show so when I lose that .... I am going to wait and let some brave souls watch - I just can't watch them not together/or with someone else anymore. I am going to look for some stupid fluff show so I don't get pulled in to caring about what happens. This show has been my first and last obsession. Thanks for the chance to rant.

olivia said...

My rant is a bit off topic- how in the world am I supposed to stay away from big spoilers for two whole months???? I always said I wouldn't read sides and look at me...this is so hard:))))))

Mike said...

I'm with you Olivia, I wish I hadn't read this either. As someone new here, how accurate are these sides?

Kate said...

Sides are usually pretty accurate as far as the dialog, but I've found things can translate on the screen a lot differently from the sides. That's why I *generally* don't read the sides anymore. I'd expect one thing from reading them and it would visually play out differently in the aired episode.

I wouldn't expect any major changes.

Mike said...

Thanks Kate. I think I'll have to stay away from the sides and just enjoy what happens next, what ever that may be. And that better be Booth and Brennan dating :)

Anonymous said...

Spoilers are like a drug. They are great, I wanna know, can't wait ... and then they turn around and bite me. AWK!

I know, for me, staying away from them and the roller coaster speculation that comes from everyone concerning them means I will be staying away from the fan sites for the duration of the hiatus.

It will be the only way I will make it to April with my sanity intact.


pierceb37 said...

If gravedigger isn't around in this episode as I hope he (!, I'm also the 'believers', lol) will be then for me the only acceptable reason for separate 'double dates' is that B&B is trying to keep their relationship undercover.

I fear that it's not the case. They will just try to pull them apart to buy more time for B&B to build up that f... UST almost from scratch.

It's just LAME!

gabriel said...

I agree with you Wendy, I have a lot of faith in Hart Hanson, but after reading these sides I felt totally screwed. I read them twice just to make sure I wasn't too pessimistic but they didn't raise my hopes. I only wish they actually changed some of the things there or left them out or else put a twist in the story and have a totally unexpected ending (or a totally happy B&B-together-kind-of one). We don't have Castle here but if it's not a double date, at least their respective dates should be catastrophic! X(
I will never give up Bones no matter what they do on screen (even if my heart will break), yet, I do hope they don't give up the high standards and start using really stupid soapish stuff.
As a side note, I don't really like HH admitting they regard their show a crimedy (it lost dramedy's drama element, which is way too sad). And by drama I don't mean watching your other half dating other women with melancholy eyes.

Anonymous said...

totally off topic, sorry,
but does anyone know what Booth´s major is?
trying to write something.


I am a long term, honest to god Bones fan but, come on Hart....This is becoming ridiculous. Why do Hart and the producers assume that if B&B are together, then the show will eventually die down? Isn't it the exact opposite? I'm sure that should B&B be together the ratings would sky rocket. Don't Hart and the producers have enough faith in the fans, who have stuck and suffered through fake kisses, fake "I love you's" and fake sex, to believe that even if Bones and Booth are together, that the show would still be a hit. Shouldn't they at least give it a try.... They could always break them up if the ratings drop ( not that I want them to at all!). At first them not being together may have been just about bearable and intriguing, but now its just plain annoying.Just because Hart and co know what happens in B&B's future doesn't mean they should keep toying with the audience. They don't realise how difficult it is to wait, week after week for months to see B&B get together. Especially for people like me,who live in countries where Bones doesn't air live and have to search hard for websites where they can watch the latest episodes free, outside of the US, and who have to bear the suspense of waiting hours for the video to load and suffer through broken links. They don't understand this, because they don't have to suffer through it.You have to at some point (soon) give the fans what they want, or even the most loyal of fans will eventually give up (not that I'm going to for a while!). So , although Hart and co believe that they are saving the show by preventing B&B from being together and simply adding twists as to why they are not or shouldn't be together, they are actually destroying the show piece by piece, because fans are eventually going to become soo annoyed and agitated that they will give up. So PLEASE Hart and co, after reading this huge comment/analysis, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let B&B be together and stop screwing with us. I will certainly not make it to April sane. PLEASE HART . PLEASE listen to your ever loyal fans.... I BEG OF YOU!

Anonymous said...

Re Hacker as the GD...NO! That will push me over the edge. I mean, I don't care a great deal for the character but he's kinda harmless and if TPTB utilize him properly, there's lots of opportunites for Brennan to compare him to Booth. And decide, quite rationally, of course, that he's Booth-lite. I like to think Hart & Co imagined the character for this reason and not so that he could one day be unveiled as the GD. If he is, what does this say about the FBI vetting procedures?!

Nope. I think there might be a twist in the tale in that Taffet (it did strike me as a bit random at the time...I mean who is this woman?) won't be the GD but is however, his/her accomplice and I guess the series could end with B&B getting kidnapped by the REAL GD. Wow! Just think of all the fanfic possibilities. :)

Anonymous said...

I think that in the 100th, B & B have a moment of realization which Bones tries to run away from (hence ep 18) but in the Gravedigger episode, more stuff comes to light (AKA the letter, etc) that reveals feelings and it's AFTER this that we finally see them able to get together.

There's no chance that we'll get any togetherness before the season finale. Just no way.

Mart said...

Okay, this is maybe a weird question, but I always thought that they already catched the gravedigger in The Hero In The Hold? When Booth is captured by her? Or maybe I just misunderstood, I watched it without subtitles and I'm from Holland so..

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with Bones freak... I dont think that BB together would kill the show...and i'm so fed up with waiting for them to be together...
And i'm from France, so i have to load the episodes and it's a lot of stress (because in France they are at the beginning of season 5 and the french voices and traduction is not good for me!) So i hope HH read all we write and hope he understands that they must be together, because i think he's destroying the show...
i love it and watch it until the end, but i'm more and more scared that the end of the show could be a huge deception...because come on, if they dont finish together, it odent mean anything, and even if they become a couple in the last episode, for me it will be a huge deception, because i would like to see them together, at least during one season! it could be so funny!!!!!!!!!
Love bones forever

really sorry for my english, i hope people understand what i want to say!

pierceb37 said...

I think there have to be another person in the gravedigger case because of even this reason: how could one woman take unconcious Booth to the ship? It would be tough job for one man. It just doesn't make sense. If you saw the Hero on Hold episode you could see how long was the route probably from the bottom of the ship to the deck.

Anonymous said...

I think like Martha from Holand. And like Wendy.
I angry with writers.

Aga said...

I do not like what I have to say but... cannot imagine what if. If BB would not get together until the end of the show. Or if they would never end up together. That is a lot of faith we fans have in HH (just like Brenan in Booth :D)so he better not screw us over... Sorry for the impression. But after readin all these comments... for the first time, me being totally obsessed, started thinking about stop watchin if it will go that way... It is Harts show, fair enough. Him bein grateful for the rating shoul show in even better writing!!! LOL
Sorry, just on a bad day. And everyone who was watchin Gilmore Girls, and still cannot believe that ASP left the show before it ended... will know what I mean.
Back to Bones... ;) It is something beatiful they have (had) in their hands. Please do not dissapoint us...

Kate said...

Wendy: Hilarious clip of TJ and Pej learning how to use nunchucks. Maybe it will make people feel better after all this angst.


blogtastimater said...

Hart has definitley said in interviews and such that he is going to try and keep Bones and Booth from getting together for "as long as possible", both for fear of a moonlighting backlash and because its hard to get these characters together in a way that both makes sense and can be lasting.

i personally think getting the two together would be fun- unlike in moonlighting they are so different, dating for them would be a real adventure for us to watch.

In the meantime, if the show is going to keep dangling the B/B carrot for as long as possible, I'm actually RELIEVED that Booth has agreed to go on a date with someone else. thank god. having him moon after her was definitley plateauing for me. this should be way fun.

Anonymous said...

well, the awkward conversation with booth and brennan where she talks about coffee with andrew and it seems really forced and tense and wierd, and the fact that she seems to be defending her dating of andrew to the rest of the team, or explaining it, or whatever... it all seems to say to me that
A: the 'love' issue has somehow been made public: discussed, finally, and is out in the open (maybe via Sweets book? maybe they want to keep working together so they deny it? maybe the 100th episode flashback is responsible for a breakthrough of sorts that somehow leads to... this??)
B: Booth is somehow trying to either move on or cover something up, as he denies a girlfriend or a date but caves to the idea of lunch. i hope shes likeable more than i care about her being beautiful.

Anonymous said...

im glad i read these sides... now i know not to hold my breath all the way until august. its mad stressful

Mike said...

I wonder if we will see some pushing on Brennan by Angela or maybe Cam pushing Booth towards the obvious. Both Cam and Angela are great friends with both of them and I can see the writers using Cam and Angela as go betweens in the budding relationship of Booth and Brennan.

That said, if Hart thinks the show is better without a relationship, then exactly what is the show about? It's not a crime drama or is it straight comedy. Seems like it changed not to long after the WITW to be more Booth and Brennan based. I also agree that seeing Booth and Brennan in a relationship would be fun and interesting. Having Brennan become more open minded and using her heart as much her brain only to see her with another guy is a kick to the crotch.

The only logical way this can end is with B&B together, not necessarily married, but just being with each other. If they don't then the change from procedure show to a love story was a dumb jump.

Mart said...

Yeah, that's probably true. But I always saw it as a closed case.. In the season 4 finale they also said that Max works for the gravedigger, so they probably meant that there is indeed another person who works for the gravedigger or is the real gravedigger..

Stephanie said...

Before I say anything I'd like to say that I DESPERATELY want B&B together in the end. I mean, really, I want them together. I know this may sound kind of weird, but the idea of them dating other people, to me, isn't such a bad idea.

Now, hear me out. I understand how this may APPEAR to be a regression- they have come so far these past few episodses that this leap to other people could be slightly disheartening.

I am choosing to remember The Night at the Bones Museum. What seemed like a harmful wedge ended up bringing them closer together. I am also choosing to remember that the 100th episode is supposed to be an episode of revelation with Sweets book. As many have said, Sweets' hypothesis that the two are in love will most likely cause them to deny it profusely. Remember the season premiere? After Booth came out of his coma Brennan went and hid in Guatemala, now she's hiding behind Hacker...

We have a choice in reading these sides, we can become bitter and angry (let's face it, we've been waiting for 5 seasons now, its easy to do) or to remember that these two have overcome every other obstacle. And besides, this outward denial of their feelings could give us the sexual tension we've been missing :)

rgilbert said...

Brennan believes in love, but does she believe that she loves Booth? Can she trust herself?

My guess is that the answer is yes, but she is afraid of how it would affect their working relationship. Maybe the date with Hacker is an experiment, a means to acquire additional evidence. THAT fits Brennan. She's analytical and the date is her way to try to make sense of the declaration of love (either in Sweets book or from Booth.) Booth might even encourage her to date (although that kind of masochism seems unlikely.)

Knowing that Bones is going to date, Booth decides to do the same-- he wants to do his own analysis-- mirroring what Brennan does.

The results are that there is no spark. Neither one of them wants to put someone ahead of their real partner.

OR the revelations from Sweets' book so overwhelms B&B that they seek to throw everyone off (ease their own fears) by trying to show interest in someone else.

Is it the typical throw in a wrench to upset the works? Yes. If it isn't done in a typical manner, then it will be a good Bones moment.

My guess is that the unresolved sexual tension that has everyone wanting to resolve it, might come back in a form of resolved sexual tension. The long looks, the charged arguments, the deep understanding despite their differences can still work. We just know that they go home to have sex. (Okay, okay, break the laws of physics.)

Both Booth and Brennan are of the "I'm not worthy" school when it comes to love. Booth is a child of alcoholism which colors his perceptions. If this is the "real thing" he wants to make sure it is perfect. He will be cautious. He knows that he's working with a woman who is both extremely tough and extremely vulnerable.

Brennan, having been abandoned, being in the foster system and being shy and awkward socially due to her genius (and possible Aspergers), will also be cautious. She has been on the outside much of her life and despite the strides she's made to be part of the world, love is still scary. She'll weigh the new relationship against the comfort she's maintained with Booth as a partner and friend. But love carries additional burdens-- compromises and loss of control-- that she will struggle with.

There will be some chain yanking by the great gods of Bones. We cannot control that. My hope is that they grow the characters as they've mostly done.

Anonymous said...

These two have been, "Just partners" for soo long, that any change will be difficult, and met with anxiety. I think that the 100th episode will confirm that they have the hots for each other...now, what they do with that attraction is what will lead us into season 6, and when still have the baby question to revisit.

We've been teased that at the end of the season they will be in a relationship. So I have hope..limited hope.

Granted if they get married at the end of the season HH has the last laugh.

going to watch EitB for clues.

Anonymous said...

Late to comment, but I'm totally with you Wendy--SO not a fan. The whole "date others to force them together" plot device is so predictable it's farcical; I'm very disappointed and agree the show is just yanking our chain. I'm sure there will be some great lines and DB and ED will act it in their usual fantastic fashions, but the plotline is juvenile and contrived.

√Čtienne said...

Come on already! I'm growing tired of HH playing with us. Here's a thought. Why don't they write Booth and Brennan as a couple and then have them be passionate AND funny AND sexy AND snarky with plenty of tension? If they can write episode after episode of them staying apart they can certainly get creative and bring them together.

It irritates me that writers always go on about losing the tension when a couple commits to each other. Well who's fault is that? Get a clue HH - put B&B together and then write your best stuff! We're waiting.

Diane said...

I never read sides. I try to remain spoiler free, and never read spoiler threads, etc. I love to be surprised. Yesterday, someone on my twitter totally put this whole dating other people, along with the name of the actress to play Booth's love interest. Ahhhh...I wanted to pull my hair out, and rewind the last 30 seconds. I can't undo what I saw, so here I am...lol. Seriously, I felt so horrible after reading that. I know this is just a tv show...but COME ON!!!!!!! This is getting ridiculous. What got me going, is that the actress (Rena Sofer) COULD become recurring. Recurring??? I know the keyword here is 'could', but that just broke my little shipper heart. I mean, just broke it. I will wait it out, and see where it goes...but really, I feel like we are getting jerked around. I don't like that. Ohhh, and B/B in a relationship would be awesome. How many possibilities are there for these two??? I would LOVE to see them try to have a baby together. The storylines from that one plotline alone, would be enough to carry on through a few seasons. Come on HH and Co...give your fans more credit than thinking they will bail, if they get the leads together. It's what we are waiting for!!!!!

Wendy said...

You just hit on the main reason I have to stay off Twitter and the #bones feed!

I think this particular episode will pull a lot of people into spoilers. I know it did it to me and I have been mostly spoiler-free (and totally sides-free) all season.

Kate said...

Reoccurring doesn't mean very much. Jared's was reoccurring character with a three-episode arc last season--which translated to exactly three episodes evenly spaced throughout the season. She could be "reoccurring" with appearances in two episodes like Perotta.

Cindy B said...

AFTER FIVE YEARS MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED. FINALLY A POSSIBLE JEALOUS BRENNAN!!!! For all the Brennan lovers who were always thrilled when Booth was jealous when Brennan was having sex or seeing other men, this evens the playing field. What makes this even better for me, is all the men(including Sully) that she fooled around with all fell far short of Booth looks wise. It seems that Booth's new love interest is a real looker, very Emily like. Should be a very interesting episode. CAN'T WAIT!!

Diane said...

Wendy! Yes, this is exactly what happened to me. I also started following a few more people that tweet Bones, and that is where I saw it. Blatently put it right out there, in their timeline...no spoiler warning, or nothing. With such a HUGE gap until the next episode, I was jonesing for some Bones news, and did search the #Bones hash. Oh, it's all over that, too! You and I have spokent about this before. I know we both follow each other on Twitter, as well :)

Kate, you are right. Recurring is only a few eps. My shipper heart just went into over drive, after seeing that. And then ALL of the fan backlash...omggg...it so reminds me why I have been staying away from all that stuff in the first place. Really dislike all the negativity...but I got sucked right into it this time.

I may have to delete those people from my twitter, so this doesn't happen again. And try and be STRONG, and stop searching the #Bones feed. Normally when I do this, I just peek...hardly read entire posts...just enough to get a little info...but nothing major, no plotlines, etc. Gonna have to stop that. Boooo!

Anonymous said...

The show runs on Brennan and Booth. Maybe the introduction of a "love interest" who is a mirror image of Brennan in some respects is a way to show Brennan what Booth might want in a relationship.

Jealousy aside, what if the spin is that Brennan feels inadequate? She can compete with the good doc on some levels, but ultimately she doesn't have the same social skills. Maybe her great fear is to lose Booth as a friend and realizes how she feels.

Booth has to have some chemistry with the woman. How much chemistry did he have with Cam?

I do hope it's not the jealousy angle. I hope the powers that be spin it differently.

Isabel F said...

I agree with Cindy B. I hope Brennan will be JEALOUS enough to understand what she is losing.
Since season 5 began Booth has been acting like an idiot. He used to be SEXY and CHARMING but now he is always sad because of his love for Brennan. I really hope another woman will bring his more attractive side back, because he is not attractive any more.

Meg said...

Ok - after having seen the 100th episode, how do we react to Predator now?

We know that Booth tried and Brennan said no. Personally, I think it'd be good for him to go see someone else, if only for a little bit.

Also, I hope Brennan gets serious "you don't want what you have until it's gone" syndrome when she sees Booth with someone else.

What do you guys think? Also, how on EARTH is the GD related back into this episode? I didn't get to see the sides.

Anonymous said...

saw the episode.....

Booth is so cute around the new love, really enjoyed seeing that.

as far as B&B moments go.....awkward, awkward, awkward

is it just me or is bones just soooo unlikeable lately. the girl, not the show.

mellybee101 said...

awkward, awkward, awkward is right!! I have to admit that the promo made it look better than I found it in the end! I guess after last week where I found so many things to giggle at, I was kind of disappointed by that. Seemed disjointed maybe?

But I do think it's cute how Booth is still so protective of her!! Like how he didn't want her to go diving into the tank? And how he said that Brennan couldn't never be 'standard'? Clearly he is still in love with her, but he's just trying to respect her wishes and in the meantime get on with life. I hope Brennan opens her eyes soon!! Loved the evil eye at the start though!

mellybee101 said...

Woops I misquoted. Turns out Booth said "you ARE the standard". Sweet. Maybe this episode is starting to grow on me.

Sarah said...

Okay, just watched the episode.

Not a huge fan of it.

I think Bones and Booth were definitely awkwardish, but I think it was intentional.

Not a fan of the whole Booth-and-scientist thing, of course, but Booth telling Bones she *is* the standard... I cried. Very well done right there.

And, of course... the ending paves the way for the future - B&B always end up together. I'm one of those fans with hope.

Anonymous said...

Loved how jealous Bones was although trying to appear not to be. (After sad puppy dog Booth of the 100th) loved smiley Booth - how could you resist him, I mean really..! Loved how Angela and Bones made reference to the one she is "meant to be with". Hacker is awful, I mean really, how could Bones even bring herself to kiss him.. urghh..! I am sure Bones is going to accept she is meant to be with Booth by the finale..n Roll on May

Pwee said...

Weird, very weird episode.
Loved a few moments (Booth and Brennan by the elevator, ANGELA and HODGINS (that was great!!!) or Booth telling that Russian guy that he did not owe him any favors (great acting !))
Other than that ... you could see it was akward for both of them to see the other one with someone else, the way they acted just felt WEIRD !
Discussing their love life together just a few weeks after Booth told her he's loved her since the beginning ???? WEIRD !
I never used to mind them dating other people but today it was just WEIRD !
The scene between Brennan and Hacker at the restaurant, WEIRD !
Booth at the aquarium at least was a little cute, but Hacker and Brenna ? Two weirdos together like that ? WEIRD !
And with evertything that's out there concerning the finale, I feel like it will keep getting weirder and weirder ! I hope (and pray) the next few episodes will be better !

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