Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fan Fiction Entry - "A Day in the Life..." by DizzyFiction

A Day In The Life…
By: DizzyFiction

“Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage…Lynyrd Skynyrd!!”

Booth had no idea where the booming voice pouring into the stadium was coming from. The bright lights that lit the large stage made it impossible for him to see any hanging speakers. When he looked back down he noticed that the sleeves of his confederate flag t-shirt ha been torn off and that his jeans were covered in holes as well. Funny, he didn’t remember falling asleep in any of this. He didn’t remember falling asleep inside a giant coliseum either. Suddenly he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder. When he turned around he was greeted by a rather angry, bearded, southern gentleman.

“You gonna sing or what man?” His voice was deep and husky laced with a southern accent. His breath stunk of whiskey and cigarettes.

When Booth turned back around there was now a giant crowd before him, chanting his name over and over again. He raised a victorious fist in the air and the crowd began cheering even louder. Without any effort the words to “Sweet Home Alabama” slipped from his mouth. He watched as the crowd began to dance and sing a long to his voice.

As the song came to an end, so did his dream of being a world famous rock star. He rolled from his back onto his side and with a blind hand reached out for the off button in his alarm clock. The illuminated red numbers shined obnoxiously in his face, 5:00 a.m. Any day that started off with him singing lead in Lynyrd Skynyrd was a good day. He rose from the bed slowly, stopping to rub his tired eyes and run his hands through his bed head. He grabbed his cell phone from the nightstand and made sure that he hadn’t slept through any calls from his brilliant, yet sometimes over zealous partner. He exhaled in relief when he saw that his call log showed no missed calls.

His first shower of the morning only served one purpose, to wake him up before heading to the gym. He tried to make it to the gym at least 3 times a week. Having already skipped the previous two days he had a lot to make up for. The steam from the warm water rose into the air around him. The comfort of the water tempted him to get back under his covers and go back to bed. He quickly turned off the water hoping that the sting of the cold air in his apartment would wake him up. He made a mental note to call his landlord later on that day. His heat had been on the fritz since winter had started. A little too convenient for his landlord, he thought. All he had to do was remind Mr. Farley that he was a F.B.I agent and the problem would be taken care of. Oh, the perks of being a federal agent.

He grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge before he ran out the door. Within seconds the scent of something rotten attacked his senses. It was probably some old Thai food from a late night investigation with Bones. Thai didn’t really keep well, he knew from several different past experiences. He made another mental note to clean out the fridge before he picked up Parker for their weekend visit.

He jogged to his local gym which was only a few blocks from his house. That way he took care of cardio and transportation, killing two birds with one stone. He passed the same few people every morning. 5:25 a.m. wasn’t a very happening time. There was the old couple that went and got bagels at the corner deli, the young blonde girl walking her black lab, and all the other joggers that frequented the same route. He enjoyed the familiarity of the area and found comfort in the neighborhood.

When he walked into the gym there were only a few other patrons inside. Bill, the owner, greeted Booth as he did every other morning. He chose this gym over the official F.B.I gym because of that greeting. It had a much more personal feel to it. He was surrounded by other agents all the time and he found his workout time to be sacred. Not even work was aloud to interfere.

As soon as he walked through the door to his office his cell phone was ringing. He exhaled loudly and rolled his eyes a bit.

“Already, really? I guess it’s gonna be one of those days.” He looked around his office and remembered he was talking to himself. It was a rare occurrence that there was no one waiting for him the moment he walked in. Usually he found Sweets or Bones waiting by the door for him. He appreciated the unusual silence for a second more before finally picking up his cell phone.

“Hey, buddy! Nope it’s no bother, I just walked into work.” Parker called him every morning on his ride to school. It was easily the highlight of his day. He listened while Parker talked about an upcoming science project and mentioned a girl or two in his class that he thought liked him.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, buddy. Slow your roll. You don’t want any girls distracting you while you’re at school. Believe me on this one, I know from personal experience.” That got a laugh out of Parker, the first one Booth had heard that day.

“Alright, little man. I gotta go catch some bad guys. I’ll pick you up at moms at 7p.m. sharp. Love you.” Booth snapped his phone shut. Only 12 more hours until their father son weekend commenced.

For about an hour Booth sipped on a couple cups of coffee and sorted through some of his unfinished paperwork. His uninterrupted bliss was cut short when a wet behind the ears agent burst through his door.

“Agent Booth I’m sorry to interrupt, but they just brought in Joey Hicks. He is in the interrogation room ready to be questioned.” Booth could practically hear the young agent’s heartbeat from across the room. The excitement of the chase had gotten to him. Luckily for Booth his chasing days were usually spent with Bones and the rest of the squints. Here they just brought him the bad guys. It was a lot easier on his back.

“A knock on the door might be nice next time.” Booth replied while leaning back in his chair. The young agent quickly exited the office, careful not to make any eye contact with him. His intimidation tactics always worked on the new guys, the more experienced agents knew it was all an act.

Booth and his team had been watching a group of money counter fitters for a couple weeks now. The fake money had first turned up at a couple department stores in the area but had since spread to several local businesses. It had taken them some time, but they had finally been able to identify the ring leader of the operation, Joey Hicks. He was exactly what you would imagine a cliché criminal to be. Prison tattoos decorated most on his uncovered skin, including a few teardrops underneath his eye. It was supposed to intimidate people, but Booth didn’t fall for any of it. By the end of his interrogation Booth had secured a confession that would send Hicks away for a very long time. All of this before lunch. His early morning prediction was proving to be pretty accurate.

While running out to grab some lunch Booth had called Bones to check on things at the Jeffersonian. As usual Bones filled him in on every last detail. Since they were not working on any cases they mostly spoke about coworkers and weekend plans. He didn’t mind the lack of subject matter one bit, actually finding comfort in her ability to just shoot the breeze with him. When he returned to the office he ate with some fellow agents and discussed what they would be working on that afternoon. He had been asked to ride along as back up on a drug bust just incase things got out of hand. Nothing he couldn’t handle.

Stationed behind the drivers seat door of his black SUV Booth held his gun firmly in his hands. When the SWAT team had entered the house in question they had been greeted by an angry, armed tenant. Luckily the guy had been too high to aim straight and hadn’t hit any agents. The stand off went on for hours. His back ached from squatting for so long. Next time he would think twice before agreeing to any extra work. Booth checked his watch several times over the course of the stake out, by 4:30 he started to worry that he would be late picking up Parker. Luckily the smoke bomb they threw into the house shortly after smoked the suspect out. By 5:00 he was on his way to the grocery store.

Booth walked down each isle trying to pick up all of Parker’s favorite snacks. Since it had been so cold out they had decided to spend there weekend watching scary movies and pigging out. He knew that the sugar would keep Parker up late, but he didn’t mind. They didn’t get much time together, so he valued every last minute of it. By the time he got to the cash register his cart was filled to the brim with all kinds of good stuff. He couldn’t afford to skip the gym at all next week.

He rushed home to unload his groceries and clean out the funk that had grown in his fridge. When he looked in the container he immediately tossed it in the trash. It resembled something that Hodgins would nerd out over at the lab. He finished just in time to go downstairs and thank his landlord for fixing the heat in such a timely manor. He made sure to balance out his demands with kindness, his grandfather had taught him that that’s how you got ahead in the world.

By 7 o’clock on the dot he was outside Rebecca’s door waiting for Parker. It was always easy to make conversation with Rebecca when she was alone, no boyfriends to make nice with. Ever since they had decided to keep there relationship platonic things had gotten much easier. Now they were just two parents trying to raise their son in the best way possible.

“Daddy!!” Parker came flying down the stairs with his weekend bag packed and ready to go the bag was almost as big as he was.

“You only had to pack for the weekend! Looks like you’re ready to backpack across America.” Parker giggled at his father comments and wrapped his arms around his leg.

“Let’s go, Daddy. I wanna get some movies!” The excitement in the young boys’ voice was contagious. Booth couldn’t help but run after him. They jumped in the car and headed off to their next destination.

“So how was your day, Dad?” Parker asked innocently enough. Booth could only smile in response.

“Ahh I’m tired of talking about work. How was your day, buddy?” Booth just sat back and listened happily as Parker talked about his day. Without a doubt, this was the best part of his day.


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