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Fan Fiction Entry - "A Typical Day in the Life of Special Agent Seeley Booth", by Eileen

I only own the first four seasons of Bones on DVD. I do not own any of the characters discussed or referenced in this piece of writing.

I write this fan fiction story for the sole purpose of having it as an entry for the contest as stated on

“A Typical Day in the Life of Special Agent Seeley Booth”
by Eileen

Special Agent Seeley Booth arrives at his office in the FBI Building at 7 a.m.

Booth takes the elevator up. Booth wonders to himself. Wow, it is early. The sun has yet to come up. What is wrong with this picture? I just was so awake at 5:30 a.m. and could not get back to sleep. I got up, got dressed, and headed into work. Do we have a case today? Let’s see. Lots of paperwork to get caught up on, but no case files. Might as well get some coffee and hit the stacks.

The phone rings around 9 a.m.

Booth! No, Angela. Is she not in her office or Limbo bone storage? She has yet to surface? You think what? Ah, huh. You are now in her office?

Oh, Ange. I understand. Brennan scheduled a breakfast meeting with her publisher for 8:30 a.m. You plan to have lunch, with just the “Girls,” at a new vegan cafĂ©.

No, I will not be over to the Lab. I have paperwork, and you know how much I like filling out these reports (Not)!

Bye, Angela. Booth chuckles to himself: Well, I might as well earn my keep. Hopefully, Bones will call in and maybe we can grab an early dinner. I know lunch is out because she and Angela going to lunch.

Great! The computer just froze up. This is my lucky day! I better call the IT Department. Booth dials the service hotline number.

Yes, I am Special Agent Seeley Booth with FBI. My computer ID is 09232005. So, this is a network problem. Yes, I have work that must be in by 5 p.m. today. Things should be back up and running by 7 a.m. tomorrow. Yes, I suppose that will have to do. Thanks.

Now what do I do? I will call my boss and see if I can have an extra day. Hello, this is Agent Booth. The computer network is down as you probably know. I need an extra day to finish up my report. I know. Procrastination should have been my middle name. Yes, I will try harder next time. Thank you. Yes, I will have it in by midnight on Friday.

Seeley’s phone rings. He answers and finds out that Rebecca cannot make it to have lunch with Parker for Lunch with Your Parent or Guardian Day at school. He, as always, tells Rebecca that he will go in her place and have lunch with his son. He hangs up and wonders how come Parker chose his mom over his dad. Maybe my day will be a good one after all.

Just as he is about to leave he hears from Angela that all is well. Brennan arrived at 10:30 a.m. at the Lab and has been in Limbo. No need to worry anymore.

He leaves the building and drives over to Parker’s school just in time to get his “Visitor” badge and to greet Parker as his class files into the cafeteria. He and Parker sit down and eat their lunch. Parker shares that he helped his teacher with science experiment that involved dropping an egg from a height of 3 ft. Of course that egg was encased in bubble wrap and polystyrene. Booth thinks to himself, “I wonder how Brennan will respond when Parker tells her about the science experiment. She already lectures me about the horrible conditions hens must endure to produce eggs that never become chicks when I order Eggs Benedict at the diner.”

Lunches are eaten despite the loud chatter of the elementary children, and the students return to their homerooms. Booth heads back to his office. As he pulls into the parking area, he sees what appears to be Bones’ car. No, as he looks at the license plate; it’s not. Bummer!

He enters his office and listens to his voice mail hoping that Bones has called. Instead of hearing his best friend’s voice, he finds out that he must have the report done by 5 p.m. sharp. How in the world am I to do that?! Let’s see it is 3 p.m.

He sighs. I guess I will have to use the old electric typewriter to get this done. He sulks and trudges down the dimly lit hall and opens a supply storage closet. He removes the cobwebs attached to the covering that protects the electric typewriter. He places the electric typewriter on a movable cart and wheels it back to his office desk. Next, he plugs in the cord and turns on the typewriter. He hopes that he still has the old style report forms with triplicate copies as he searches for them and some correction tape. He silently prays that the ink cartridge is not dried up and still works. He types up the report.

Well, the report looks good. I did with 15 minutes to spare. A new “Seeley” best for me! I’ll just drop this off at Hacker’s office on my way out. What do we have here? A new voicemail message from Bones that says she wants to meet me at the dinner by 6 p.m. Great! I will let her know that I will meet her there, drop the report off, and be off the Royal Diner. I hope they have juicy, sweet cherry pie on the menu tonight. Cause with my hanging out with Bones and enjoying great pie makes for a wonderful night!

The End

Written by: Eileen Byron



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