Saturday, February 27, 2010

FBI Fan Fiction Contest - Voting Now Open

There are 5 entries for the Bones FBI/Booth-themed fan fiction contest:

A Typical Day in the Life of Special Agent Seeley Booth - by Eileen
A Day In The Life… - By: DizzyFiction
Booth's Rather Quiet, Rather Busy, Really Off-Day - by Patricia
The Day in the Life - by Knox
Worth It - by Era
You can vote for your favorite in the poll on the right side of the blog. I am trying an off-site poll creator and may utilize these in the future.

For this particular poll I have disabled viewing the results. It should still show you a vote count, but it won't show you who is winning. You can only vote once, as well. I just want to keep the voting as fair as possible.

Vote for your favorite!

PS - You can read about the contest in the original poll here, and the book "The Bricklayer," by Noah Boyd, here.


Anonymous said...

how long does voting last?

Wendy said...

I'll close it Sunday.

Tanveer Shah said...

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