Monday, February 15, 2010

Vote Booth/Bones for TV's Top Couples Tournament

Kristen loves doing TV tournaments. She's opened the voting for a TV Couples fight. Go support Booth/Bones, who are currently taking only a tiny percentage of the vote.

The don't technically have to win this one; they just have to get in the top 64/128 and then the real tournament begins!


pfenix-goddess said...

Argh, that was brutal! I didn't vote for anyone in the end because aside from B/B that list had *all* my favorite pairings from "Buffy," "True Blood," "Dollhouse," "The Vampire Diaries," "Bones," "Glee..." That's a toughie!!

Pharaoh Hound said...

Augh! I couldn't do it, I had to vote for Ten/Rose! *is a bad B/B shipper* Sorry :(

Lilian said...

Booth & Brennan made it to the first round! (So did Hodgins & Angela)

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