Thursday, February 25, 2010

What is King of the Lab?

It's another hiatus Bonesday, and Fox has released another fun video. We've had JibberJabber, Cocky, and now King of the Lab. (Check out the quick Zack shots! - It would be wrong without them, wouldn't it?)

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Youtube Thanks, Kari!

Edit: Taken from TJ Thyne's Facebook fan page -

Come check out this new video of Hodgins. And write in your ideas of what I should blow up next on the show! send an email to Lets see if we can get it on the air!!!


Kari said...

The video has been uploaded to youtube. Url:

jenny said...

I just wish they had put more of Zack in it.After all,as I recall,before he left it was always a competition between the two of them,the result different in every episode.And according to Pain in the Heart...he was the one Cam had given the King of the Lab cup to :p(they showed it on the video,too).Just because he's not around anymore...anyway,it was a funny video.

Jen said...

loved it!
I'd love for some one new to get "king" of the lab, maybe Angela since she always teases Hodgins about it or Brennan finally figuring out what it means declaring herself K of the L.

Stephanie said...

Ha! I would love to see Brennan declaring herself King of the Lab (though being as correct as she always is, she'd probably declare herself Queen.) Either way, that would be hilarious.

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