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The Writing of Bones: Agree or Disagree?

Do you agree with this poster's assessment of the Bones writing and the Booth/Brennan relationship?

This writer takes a more positive, though brief, look.


elmarie said...

I agree with the idea that the writers are backing themselves into a corner, but if they do get together it won't be the end. We love them way tooooooooooo much for viewership to drop.

I wish Hart could read fan fics to see what we really want. There are some out there that really showcase the emotions and personalities accurately.

I want to see Booth admit his love and see what tension that brings about. Brennan's reactions would stir some new drama and angst shich is always fun!

I want them to be together, but I want Hart to do it right.

Anonymous said...

What is right for one group of fans is going to be wrong for a different group. In THAT way I agree: the writers are in a corner.


Every fan loves this show because it has told some great stories, given us characters we care about, and done so with brains and heart.

If the writers do THAT fans will keep watching. People keep writing about B and B getting together as "the end of the story" or the end of UST at least. Ergo no more reason to watch, etc.

That is bogus. It would not be the end of good stories, characters we care about, and writing them with brains and heart.
All that would end FINALLY!!! would be the relationship B and B started out with ... that has now grown into a different kind of relationship.

Justin said...

The way things are going, I think B and B are going to get together. BUT, I have a feeling that they're going to be terrified, Brennan's going to go super duper rational, and it might hit a couple bumps for a few story lines.

Anonymous said...

I agree the writers are in a box, albeit of their own making. Seasons 1-3 were an excellent balance with a good realtionship vector. Season 4, with a few exceptions, was an embarassment for someone cuminating in the idiotic final episodes. Season 5, in my opinion, has gone the chick flick route and dropped all pretext of anything else but the when will B&B hit the sheets together theme. They now have to put it on reflux due to fear of premature closure.

I think B&B are at their best when they are bickering. For them to continue to be uaware of their mutual feelings for each other at this stage is insulting to the viewer's intelligence. Let them admit it to each other and, if needed, let them have a real kiss or two, but please, no sex and cohabitation. Save it for season 6 and make season 6 the last one.

What makes their bickering so good is that they go for the throat in the knoweldge that their bond will keep them together no matter what. One of my favorite bickering moments was Brennen asking Booth just what was the academic discpline in which he was capable of enriching Parker's education. She hit Booth right where he was the most vulnerable and it worked. How many married couples could have pulled that exchange off and stayed together? Or Booth telling Brennen that she is not really cold and unfeeling, she is just socially awkward. Or referring to her as Miss Rolex when she is having a pretentious yuppie moment. Finally, the plumbing repair venture where they tell each other how good it is they don't have secrets from each other when they are both harboring the ultimate "I love you" secret from each other. The irony is just too delicious.

Image the exchanges they could have if they had admitted they are in love with each other but afraid and uncertain of how to move forward because they are psychologically damaged goods. There are lots of options for the writers if the nitwit that has the sophomoric version of the WTWT fetish would just go away.

Jen said...

They are definitely in a corner. They played up the UST until it was at a tipping point and then seemed to decide not to go that route for the time being.

Let the characters get together, they can take it slow in a relationship and the writing will once again make sense.

Dijea said...

I honestly think the ONLY way to get Booth & Brennan together is to do it in a FLASHBACK. Like the 100th episode. Like that's why they hated each other....

Anyway. I find that it wouldn't be the same show if they got together and I'd be pissed if it were the last show.

UGH - what do you do?

Stephanie said...

The writer of the first article seems to think that seeing B&B's relationship issues would be bad, but it's my experience that most B&B fans WANT to see that relationship, issues and all. I mean, would it really be that different than what we have now? As the writer said, getting them together won't mean Brennan's character suddenly changes (at least, I really hope not) and the same goes for Booth's.

I've always said that this is the one show that could totally pull off getting the couple together because these characters would not stop bickering if they were sleeping together. As several episodes have proven, they can respect one another's viewpoints and still bicker at the same time, and none of that would change if they started having sex. I think these writers and these actors are good enough to pull it off.

The writers are in a corner, but it's their own fault because they seem to be too afraid of letting B&B be romantic. At this point, I personally think they're in more danger of losing viewers if they DON'T get Booth & Brennan together than they are of losing viewers if they do. I, for one, would feel really cheated if we had to endure season after season of the buildup to the B&B romantic relationship and then didn't get to actually see it. As someone in the article comments said, half a season is not long enough to really do justice to the romance the writers have spent 5 years setting up.

sadie said...

My biggest complaint with the writing of the last few seasons is a lack of consistent story-telling and arcs. No, not every episode needs to be about B&B will-they or won't-they kiss. But, it needs to be about something propelling the story forward. Where are we headed? If I didn't read spoilers, I would have no idea from just watching the show (e.g. suddenly there's an episode about Brennan wanting to have a baby. Where did that come from?). I feel like it's going to be the same thing with whatever they do in the last eps of this season. All I can say is, I hope the writers (and actors) draw me back into the drama because I'm getting very bored, and *gasp* I'm not into the characters like I used to be.

brennanite said...

I basically disagree. Putting these two together will in no way end their relationship tension. They have all sorts of issues that they will need to negotiate as they try to figure out how to be a couple.

It underestimates the writers and actors to assume that this can't be done well. Unresolved sexual tension is a ubiquitous tv trick because it is relatively easy to pull off. But it is rare for a show to successfully draw it out this long and still hold the viewers interest. I think that the writing and performances that carried us this far are also up to the job of engaging us in the rest of their relationship development.

It will also be a pretty big accomplishment when they do it. I can't think of another show that successfully transitioned their leads through so many stages of a relationship. Usually they cheat: the characters declare their love and overnight they are super lovey-dovey and promptly married. There might be some stereotypical bickering about wedding planning, but then the couple is basically retired to beta status. Supposedly, there is nothing interesting left to see.

In the real world, growing into couplehood is full of small drama's. I am looking forward to Bones showing us this. I think it is where they are going.

Kate said...

Across the web high-five to Poetic Line!

I think watching B&B work out the problems of being a couple would be really interesting. I mean, there are some really issues to work through and that itself should provide enough B-plot action.

The writers are very much in a corner and I would not be surprised if they appeared to cool things down for a bit and then dusted off the "oh, they've been together for a while, keeping it on the down low" trick.

Shep said...

I agree with Sadie - there doesn't seem to be a heading. I get the feeling that the writers know where they want to go but have no idea how to get there so the show has lost its consistency. Besides the issue of getting Booth and Brennan together is looming so large over their heads and so it affects the actual quality of the episodes. This might be partly our fault as fans for clamouring for them to get together -our expectations have been become so high that it's making the writers nervous, yet I think it's also the their fault for letting it dominate the writing - it feels like every time they try to give us what we want, they just end up making us more frustrated. The romance also seems very forced at times because they don't want to face hoardes of angry fans. I think they should just concentrate on writing good episodes , characterwise and casewise and the rest will come naturally.

My biggest worry isn't whether Booth and Brennan will get together - because it's obvious they will - it's whether they will find a unique way of bringing that moment about. I actually don't want a mushy scene - I wan't one filled with the spark and humour that to me is Bones.

Those are partly the reasons I started waching the show. Another one being the family vibe the squints had and how that increased my connection to the cases. And I loved the cases! They were interesting and moving, not goofy and disjointed. You could really sympathise and were reminded that these were human being who had their lives unjustly taken. Sure, you get that with other shows, but with Bones it was just much more intense and realistic; the victims were actually mourned. I think the reason for this was because of the characters: you're already in love with the characters so when they connected to the cases, you in turn connected through them. I loved seeing Brennan and her truth-mania and hearing them talking about giving the victims their identities back. I miss the serial killer arcs (boy, that sounds morbid!), they were really interesting and there are still nutters like that out there!

The writers seem to have forgotten this and I'm hoping they can prove me wrong but I don't know how much longer I can hold out for it.

Also, I want to see more bickering! It's good to see B&B agreeing on things and being accepting of each other's views but what makes them a great pair is that they do clash at times, and it's hilarious! I don't think that B/B getting together can be the end of it - there's so much more they could do with the characters, but that's if the writers do it well.

Anonymous said...

I agree with those saying B&B together could make the story more interesting - they are quite the pair and the relationships issues they have would make for interesting side plots with the story.

They should get together, and it can wait until season 6 but if that direction goes too far off leading up to it, I'm afraid I'll start to lose interest.


I agree that they're trying to post pone the innevitable makes great television. I mean come on would you rather have a premature ending to thousands of viewers dreams by hooking B&B up so soon they possibly breakup! Which is NEVER HAPPENING! Or have them fall even deeper love and posssibly end the series on a great perfect note? I cant wait for the hookup which is gonna happen anyway. :)



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