Wednesday, March 31, 2010

David and Emily chat with Fox Detroit

David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel chat with Fox Detroit about fun stuff, and the 100th episode of Bones.

You can watch the first 2 and a half minutes with absolutely no spoilers, and only light reference to upcoming guest stars after that.

Thanks, Sam, for sharing!

25 thing you may not know about David Boreanaz

Happy Cana-Bones day! Yes, Canada has gotten the episode early once again. Enjoy it! :)

Thank you, N2SeeleyBooth, for sharing this list of 25 things you may not know about David Boreanaz. It is completely spoiler free. enjoy!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A few of the Gazillion Current Bones Articles

The press machine is in full swing and everyone is talking about the return of Bones this week on April 1st! There are tons of magazine and online articles, and here are just a few articles and general spoiler posts (spoiler warning on all of them):

Review of the 100th episode (I'm not reading it but it looks really long so I give a big spoiler warning!)
David Boreanaz interview at GiveMeMyRemote
David Boreanaz interview at Zap2It
David Boreanaz interview at ScreenRant (big spoiler as well on page 2 - Thanks, and Sorry!, to Kate)
David Boreanaz interview at IF Magazine
Season 5 - Keck spoils on a lot of stuff
Spoiler on why Bones' books are such a hit (not full article)
100th episode spoiler

For comments - consider this a spoiler-FULL post :) Spoiler-phobes beware!

PS I've heard about a particular Hollywood Reporter article that COMPLETELY spoils one of the episodes (the 100th, I believe). I'm not posting it. I'm not reading it. Please, DO NOT! post about it here. From what I understand it goes WAY too far and even people who like spoilers don't necessarily want to know this much.

Sarah, from Motivators TV, on why you should avoid it! (Thanks for writing it, Sarah!)

Monday, March 29, 2010

David Boreanaz on Leno 4-6-10

Thanks to Jenny and N2SeeleyBooth for the tip -

David Boreanaz will be on the Tonight Show on April 6th.

I will watch because it's DB, but I will be missing Coco!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Emily Deschanel on Ellen 4-7-10

Emily Deschanel will be appearing on the Ellen Degeneres show on 4-7-10.

Hart Hanson on DB

Hart Hanson on David Boreanaz's tricksiness.

Source: @harthanson

He was responding to this fan question, from @wellsbones:

@HartHanson I think DB 's disappointing the Bones fans . He don't want B&B together ?!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Get your Squee on: Booth and Brennan extras video

I think the video speaks for itself very well.

The Parts in the Sum of the Whole: Pictures

Pictures are out for the 100th episode of Bones: The Parts in the Sum of the Whole. Check them out here. Spoiler warning, as always.

Ausiello spoilers: On an Old Enemy

If you read spoilers, you know they haven't finished with this Bones foe yet, but Ausiello got a few more details this week.

US Weekly Rates the 4-1-10 Bones Highly

Source: @mosh426

Great Bones Article (some spoilers)

The Telegraph-Journal (Canadian) gives a nice positive look at the soon-to-be-returning Bones. There are quite a few spoilers for the 100th episode, but a lot of great non-spoiler chat too!

Hanson grew up in Canada and got his start directing Canadian TV productions such as Neon Rider, Road to Avonlea, Street Legal and Traders. He admits Bones owes a debt to The X Files, where the two investigator leads also shared a romantic tension.

He believes his show was also ahead of the recent trend toward a lighter touch when it comes to crime drama. Shows like Castle and even the CBC drama Republic of Doyle mix a fair bit of comedy with their police work. "All those crime procedurals that were massively popular were already there when we came on the air," says Hanson. "We had to do something different to stand out from all those CSI's."

The TVAddict talks to Michaela Conlin

TheTVAddict talks to Michaela Conlin about Bones spoilers and more. Skip #1 and #5 to avoid the spoilers.

Looking back on the first 100 episodes, do you have a favorite?
I really loved the first Christmas episode. I know a lot of people didn’t love it, but shooting that episode, it was the 13 episode of the season of the first year and it was really when we started to congeal as a cast. We all shot everyday, we were locked in the lab, I was in an elf outfit, it was just a blast. It was lovely and the first time I think we realized that we had something very special.

Marissa Roffman talks to Hart Hanson: Multiple Spoilers

Various spoilers as Marissa Roffman talks to Hart Hanson on the rest of Bones Season 5.


and more!

Hodgins on Angela

Some spoilers in this quick interview video with T.J. Thyne, on Hodgins love for Angela.

Bones Extras Video: Eyebrows

Great video of something 'surprising' coming up for Hodgins. Spoiler, but funny!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Episode Description: The Parts in the Sum of the Whole

You can read the full episode description for the April 8th (100th episode!) of Bones, "The Parts in the Sum of the Whole," here.

Bones wins another Genesis Award

Bones won another Genesis award this weekend, for "The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken."

You can see a load of pictures of Emily at the event here.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for the tip!

Today's Chatter Post

I'm sorry I haven't kept this up very well. Basically, talk about anything you want, Bones or not.

Remember, only 2 rules

  • Keep it clean
  • No spoilers

Friday, March 19, 2010

Extreme Spoiler Chat: The Beginning in the End

Extreme spoiler chat for Bones Season 5 episode 22: The Beginning in the End. It's already season finale spoiler time!

Here, you can comment about ANY spoilers related to this episode. It's FFA and spoiler-phobes stay away!

View all Spoiler Chat Posts

Bones/Fringe Promo

Thanks, Sahar!

Bones on the Blue Line Clips for Non US Viewers

Bones on the Blue Line spoiler clips

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Ausiello Spoilers: 99th and 100th episodes

Latest Ausiello has a few more Bones spoiler 'answers.'

New Videos at

Fox on Demand has multiple new videos - including some behind the scenes videos and some clips for the April 1st episode of Bones which are definite spoilers.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Bones Promo

Spoiler warning + tease warning :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Even Better Spoiler Questions and Answers from Ausiello

Check out this list of spoiler questions and answers about the 100th episode of Bones.

I was sad that I watched the clip ahead of time, but pretty excited to read the spoiler Q&A!

Thanks, Lauren, for the heads-up.

Monday, March 15, 2010

100th Episode Spoiler Questions

Marissa Roffman asked a list of spoiler questions re: the 100th episode of Bones coming up on April 8th.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

American Idol Final 12 Party - Michaela and JFD

The Bones Facebook page has a few images of Michaela Conlin and John Francis Daley at the American Idol Final 12 party.

Episode Stills: The Bones on the Blue Line

Episode photos for the April 1st episode of Bones: The Bones on the Blue Line. Spoiler warning, as always.

S5E15 The Bones on the Blue Line

Bones Haitus Video - "Wheels"

Fun Bones video "Know your Bones - Wheels"

From the Bones Facebook page:

What kind of car would you like to see Booth in? Watch "Wheels" and let us know! Email your suggestions to BoothCars[at] - the Bones producers will pick their favorites and post them to the forums at!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I-Bones talks to Pej Vahdat

I-Bones (Italian Bones website) recently interviewed the very personable and friendly Pej Vahdat. The original is in Italian, but xhio posted a translation on 206 Bones. There are no spoilers.

He always strikes me as genuinely nice guy. You can check him out on Facebook at his profile or a fun new fan page, and on Twitter.

Bones Reruns move to Fridays this summer

Starting in the middle of June, summer Bones reruns will appear on Friday nights.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Clip from the 100th episode of Bones

Latest Ausiello files includes a clip from the upcoming 100th Episode of Bones (April 8th). It's definitely a big ole' spoiler for Booth and Brennan and worth the wait if you are looking forward to the 'experience' of this episode. (I'm kind of sad I watched it)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vote Bones "Best in Show"

I think it's just mean to put Castle and Bones up against each other, but maybe that's just my personal issue, loving both of them! But, I definitely voted for Bones, and you should to! Currently, Bones is losing. By a lot.

David Boreanaz directing the 100th Episode (and his Dad)

Cute hiatus extras video highlighting David Boreanaz' upcoming episode behind the camera for Bones. You see some shots but they don't talk about spoilers.

Talking to Emily and Zooey at the ASC Awards

Two cute videos of Emily and Zooey Deschanel outside the awards ceremony where they presented their father's lifetime achievement award. They talk about growing up, their speech, and learning to love the camera.

I can't imagine dealing with the flashbulbs like they do. It's blinding even on video!

Extreme Spoiler Chat: The Boy with the Answer

Extreme spoiler chat for Bones Season 5 episode 21: The Boy with the Answer. Here, you can comment about ANY spoilers related to this episode. It's FFA and spoiler-phobes stay away!

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Announcing the Contest Winners

Time to announce the winners of both of the contests for a free copy of Noah Boyd's "The Bricklayer."

Ms. Random Number Generator says that the winner of the comment contest is #10: Stephanie!

And for the fan-fiction contest: Era pulled in the votes! :)

Era and Stephanie - send me your full address information as soon as possible at the blog email: obsessedwithbones[at]

Thank you for everyone who participated in both contests, and especially to those 5 of you who wrote the fan fictions. Great work! I hope this helped pass away a small chunk of hiatus time. Bones will be back before we know it! :)

Happy Birthday to T.J. Thyne!

Today is T.J. Thyne's 35th birthday. Hope you have a happy and fun birthday!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bones Promos: The Bones on the Blue Line

Thank you, Shep, for the links! Here are two new Bones promos for the April 1st episode, "The Bones on the Blue Line".

Spoiler warning, of course.

The spoiler from the keynote speech

Feel free to discuss the spoiler from Hart Hanson's keynote speech here.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Worth the read, @harthanson's keynote speech

This transcript of Hart Hanson's keynote speech in Edmonton about a month old now, but if you haven't seen it I think it's very much worth the read if you are at all interested in many of the philosophies that are behind Bones, some of the scenes we have watched, his own history, or what it takes to write and run a TV show.

There is a little bit of spoiler stuff in there. It is about Booth and Brennan and one thing he will do this season. It is nothing at all surprising. 95% of the speech is about other things though, so it is up to you.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Extreme Spoiler Chat: The Witch in the Wardrobe

Extreme spoiler chat for Bones Season 5 episode 20: The Witch in the Wardrobe. Here, you can comment about ANY spoilers related to this episode. It's FFA and spoiler-phobes stay away!

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Extreme Spoiler Chat: The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle

Extreme spoiler chat for Bones Season 5 episode 19: The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle. Here, you can comment about ANY spoilers related to this episode. It's FFA and spoiler-phobes stay away!

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Ausiello spoils: Casting

Ausiello posted a picture and tidbit on an upcoming Bones guest-star. (spoiler warning)

What do you think?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Title of the Season 5 Finale Revealed

I feel a little dense. Ok, a lot. A lot dense. I saw this tweet showing the first page of the Bones Season 5 finale and thought "Oh, yeah, he's teasing us because it is blank."

Um, missed something!

If you look a bit closer than I did before (duh) you can see the Season 5 Bones finale is titled "The Beginning in the End."

For the purposes of comments, consider this a spoiler post because we need to discuss what you think that title means! (Hart Hanson isn't talking.)

TV Sexiest Cops - Booth and Brennan

Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan and two of TV's sexiest cops according to MSN.

Hart Hanson in the Hot Seat

Marissa Roffman puts Hart Hanson on the hot seat about Booth and Brennan and the 100th episode. Spoiler warning.


Do you think she's right?

Mass of Bones Photos from T.J. Thyne

If you're on Facebook and don't know it, T.J. Thyne has been a very open celeb, friending every person who asked. But he's now reached his maximum number of friends at 5,000 and has started a fan page. On that fan page, he has shared some goodies, namely a 200-strong photo album of pictures from Bones Stage 6. The album includes everything from dead bodies, to script pages, to Tamara Taylor being unbelievably cute, crew members, and so much more. It's worth a look!

Caleb Deschanel - Lifetime Achievement

Last night Emily and Zooey Deschanel presented their father, Caleb Deschanel, with a lifetime achievement award from the American Society of Cinematographers. I don't know if there's a video available, but if anyone finds one let me know and I will post it. I would love to see the speech!

Various places to see pictures from the night:

Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here

Emily is no Diva

This is not new, but I never got the chance to post it before. Joel David Moore (Mr. Fisher) did an interview with about his appearance in Avatar. They ask him a little about Bones as well:

Q: Will your character on Bones be ongoing?

Joel: Yeah, I think. If the schedules work out and Hart Hanson once me back, then yes. I really enjoy Bones. It's the best TV show that I've ever been a part of. The cast is amazing and the crew is great, which is so important. People that watch the show may not think about how important it is to have a good crew, but everybody behind the scenes really loves their jobs and that's important.

I do a lot of guest starring stuff. I'd never really been on a TV, besides LAX with Heather Locklear, who is one of the greatest people that I've ever worked with in Hollywood. She's so dear to my heart. She really fought for me on the show. I was a guest star and she loved the relationship that we had, so I was on the 13 episodes. I do a lot of guest stars and a lot of the shows that I go to are just not fun. They're not having fun.

With Bones, Emily Deschanel couldn't be better and couldn't be a nicer gal. When you think about these stars, they honestly could have some diva qualities to them because they deserve it, but she has nothing. She's just hanging out and doing her thing, and it's really nice to see. I'm more of a diva than she is.

Second Contest - Comment for a free Novel

This contest is open to everyone, writing skill or not, but like the other one the winner can only be a US resident. I'm sorry!

It is very simple: if you would like to win a free copy of Noah Boyd's "The Bricklayer," simply comment on this post. I will leave comments open until next Sunday night (the same time I will cut off the fan fiction voting). If there are 50 comments, or 500 comments, whatever, I will use a random number generator to pick the winner out of those comments.

You MUST INCLUDE YOUR FIRST NAME at least! You cannot be Anonymous 5pm, or anyone can claim to be that via email and I can't tell the difference.

You can comment as many times as you want between now and Sunday.

You can read about the fan fiction contest in the original post here, vote on the pieces (information here), and read my take on the book "The Bricklayer," by Noah Boyd, here.

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