Wednesday, March 31, 2010

25 thing you may not know about David Boreanaz

Happy Cana-Bones day! Yes, Canada has gotten the episode early once again. Enjoy it! :)

Thank you, N2SeeleyBooth, for sharing this list of 25 things you may not know about David Boreanaz. It is completely spoiler free. enjoy!


pfenix-goddess said...

Is it horribly geeky of me to admit that I already knew every piece of information on this list because when "Buffy" was still in its early seasons I bought the little '90's mini-biography on David Boreanaz?

God, I think I'm blushing over the internet... That bit about his family was absolutely adorable. It's always nice to know that at least *one* of the Hollywooders that you admire actually *is* a decent person!

Anonymous said...

I just like him so much...he really does seem like a *decent* guy, which is so rare...
And I'm tempted to buy my husband some Paul Smith socks, but as the foreman in a performance engine shop, he would be ribbed mercilessly...Plus he would probably shoot me for spending $30 on a pair of socks LOL

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