Sunday, March 7, 2010

Announcing the Contest Winners

Time to announce the winners of both of the contests for a free copy of Noah Boyd's "The Bricklayer."

Ms. Random Number Generator says that the winner of the comment contest is #10: Stephanie!

And for the fan-fiction contest: Era pulled in the votes! :)

Era and Stephanie - send me your full address information as soon as possible at the blog email: obsessedwithbones[at]

Thank you for everyone who participated in both contests, and especially to those 5 of you who wrote the fan fictions. Great work! I hope this helped pass away a small chunk of hiatus time. Bones will be back before we know it! :)


Stephanie said...

Wow, I was not expecting to win. How exciting! I just sent you an email.

Era said...

[I've sent you an email, as well, Wendy.]

Also, thanks for this great opportunity ! :] And thank you to everyone who participated, it's a blessing to receive this. I hope you enjoyed it; it was fun to write! :]

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! You should do more fanfiction contests...just for the heck of it. It was so much fun.


Eileen B said...

I congratulate Era and Stephanie who won the fanfiction and comment contests.
I enjoyed participating in the contests too.

Shep said...

Congratulations, Era and Stephanie!

winona said...

Congratulations winners! Participating was great fun. Wish we had more selections. Maybe next time we'll have more competition.

As always, thanks to Wendy for making this site such a great place to visit!

knox5 said...

Congrats to both winners! Great job. :)

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