Monday, March 1, 2010

Emily is no Diva

This is not new, but I never got the chance to post it before. Joel David Moore (Mr. Fisher) did an interview with about his appearance in Avatar. They ask him a little about Bones as well:

Q: Will your character on Bones be ongoing?

Joel: Yeah, I think. If the schedules work out and Hart Hanson once me back, then yes. I really enjoy Bones. It's the best TV show that I've ever been a part of. The cast is amazing and the crew is great, which is so important. People that watch the show may not think about how important it is to have a good crew, but everybody behind the scenes really loves their jobs and that's important.

I do a lot of guest starring stuff. I'd never really been on a TV, besides LAX with Heather Locklear, who is one of the greatest people that I've ever worked with in Hollywood. She's so dear to my heart. She really fought for me on the show. I was a guest star and she loved the relationship that we had, so I was on the 13 episodes. I do a lot of guest stars and a lot of the shows that I go to are just not fun. They're not having fun.

With Bones, Emily Deschanel couldn't be better and couldn't be a nicer gal. When you think about these stars, they honestly could have some diva qualities to them because they deserve it, but she has nothing. She's just hanging out and doing her thing, and it's really nice to see. I'm more of a diva than she is.


em-jay said...

That's really funny. He seems like such a down-to-earth nice guy.

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