Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A few of the Gazillion Current Bones Articles

The press machine is in full swing and everyone is talking about the return of Bones this week on April 1st! There are tons of magazine and online articles, and here are just a few articles and general spoiler posts (spoiler warning on all of them):

Review of the 100th episode (I'm not reading it but it looks really long so I give a big spoiler warning!)
David Boreanaz interview at GiveMeMyRemote
David Boreanaz interview at Zap2It
David Boreanaz interview at ScreenRant (big spoiler as well on page 2 - Thanks, and Sorry!, to Kate)
David Boreanaz interview at IF Magazine
Season 5 - Keck spoils on a lot of stuff
Spoiler on why Bones' books are such a hit (not full article)
100th episode spoiler

For comments - consider this a spoiler-FULL post :) Spoiler-phobes beware!

PS I've heard about a particular Hollywood Reporter article that COMPLETELY spoils one of the episodes (the 100th, I believe). I'm not posting it. I'm not reading it. Please, DO NOT! post about it here. From what I understand it goes WAY too far and even people who like spoilers don't necessarily want to know this much.

Sarah, from Motivators TV, on why you should avoid it! (Thanks for writing it, Sarah!)


Sarah said...

I actually wrote an article about why people should avoid that Hollywood News article:


Hopefully, it will deter some people from looking. I figure, yours is as good a blog as any to let people know about it.

Wendy said...

Added it to the post. Thanks!

Sarah said...

Thanks Wendy!

Rolywa said...

Lots of good articles! I for one am spoiled on everything on the 100th ep. and it actually is making me want the episode to get here sooner to see how it all plays out. BUT I have decided to stay spoiler free for the rest of the season because- like Sarah's article says- I want to experience Christmas morning during the last few episodes! Excited for the next few weeks!

Kate said...

There's a HUGE spoiler on the second page of the Screen Rant. I like spoilers, but I kind of wish I didn't know that. Just a heads-up.

N2seeleybooth said...

another no spoilers just person stuff about David http://www.usmagazine.com/moviestvmusic/news/25-things-you-dont-know-about-me-david-boreanaz-2010313

Anonymous said...

Sarah's article is WONDERFUL!!!
I totally agree...
Cant wait for the 100th episode!

Sam said...

Hey guys! Check this out ;) :


Stephanie said...

I still don't understand why everyone got so upset over that Hollywood News article. It's the only one so far that's gotten me excited about the 100th instead of making me worry about it. And I don't feel spoiled at all! Oh well.

Thanks for all the links!

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