Friday, March 26, 2010

Great Bones Article (some spoilers)

The Telegraph-Journal (Canadian) gives a nice positive look at the soon-to-be-returning Bones. There are quite a few spoilers for the 100th episode, but a lot of great non-spoiler chat too!

Hanson grew up in Canada and got his start directing Canadian TV productions such as Neon Rider, Road to Avonlea, Street Legal and Traders. He admits Bones owes a debt to The X Files, where the two investigator leads also shared a romantic tension.

He believes his show was also ahead of the recent trend toward a lighter touch when it comes to crime drama. Shows like Castle and even the CBC drama Republic of Doyle mix a fair bit of comedy with their police work. "All those crime procedurals that were massively popular were already there when we came on the air," says Hanson. "We had to do something different to stand out from all those CSI's."


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