Monday, March 1, 2010

Mass of Bones Photos from T.J. Thyne

If you're on Facebook and don't know it, T.J. Thyne has been a very open celeb, friending every person who asked. But he's now reached his maximum number of friends at 5,000 and has started a fan page. On that fan page, he has shared some goodies, namely a 200-strong photo album of pictures from Bones Stage 6. The album includes everything from dead bodies, to script pages, to Tamara Taylor being unbelievably cute, crew members, and so much more. It's worth a look!


Tierney said...

That is just so cool. I had friend requested him before I knew about the limit and got a message from him today about it. It made me laugh. Those pictures are all really cool!

Mike said...

I got the same message today as well. I just got done looking at the pictures myself.

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