Friday, March 5, 2010

The spoiler from the keynote speech

Feel free to discuss the spoiler from Hart Hanson's keynote speech here.


Anonymous said...

YES!!!!! Thank god they will fix that mistake.. maybe even mention it in the 100th episode.. after all If Sweets said they are in love yet told Booth he was not in love with Bones then something is off!


Shep said...



Anonymous said...

My fear is that HH's views Brennan's admission that she believes in love as the "fix" of Sweet's brain scan stupidity.
Read the direct quote and see what you think?
"If I had any sense as a network showrunner, as a mass entertainer, I would at some point in the future refute this brain scan scene, and have our characters realize – probably through an epiphany – that love cannot be quantified, that it is magic, and if I were smart, and a good showrunner, who would get a show to a hundred episodes… I would do that. Soon. Probably before the end of this season."
Don't get me wrong, I LOVED Brennan's epiphany, but of course, I want more fix than that. Sweets must PAY (or admit his mistake/outright lie.)

Anonymous said...

YES SWEETS MUST PAY!! he is long over due. A good punch to the face at least. I came up with a reason to explain away those scans ( Booth was a monk and kept the thought of him and Bones together in his subconscious, the dream got his hopes and libido going as we all know Bones is his dream woman. Hence when he came to with knowing he was in love with her and wanted her for real is why the scan was positive) but i want someone to say something like that on the show.. and Sweets hit if not by B & B then by Angela for making her wait for them to hook up and admit their love!


chillip said...

i am dipping too deep into spoiler land i fear. however, note that there have been two references to "discrediting" the scans -- the other in one of the best crafted bones episodes, dwarf in the dirt. GGW completely dismisses those scans more than once in that epi.

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