Monday, March 22, 2010

Today's Chatter Post

I'm sorry I haven't kept this up very well. Basically, talk about anything you want, Bones or not.

Remember, only 2 rules

  • Keep it clean
  • No spoilers


Cheryl said...

11 days til Bones!!! Finally. A few weeks ago it felt like an eternity b4 there's be a new ep. I'm so excited :D And really happy I've avoided every spoiler...ready to be thrilled by every moment of Bones-y goodness:)

Btw, there's some really good fanfic over on LiveJournal. I recommend bite_or_avoid, missmargaret and o'brien_blue. They've been helping with my withdrawal symptoms :$

Anonymous said...

DITTO totally on those 3 writers.

I follow each of them about as closely as I follow new BONES episodes.

Absolute "must reads." :)


chillip said...

any chance we see an "avenger" themed bones this season or next? don't recall any overt references (even in the uk eps) -- think there might be some nice working room there.

no, i'm not thinking of ED in one of those tight emma peel leather outfits.

much :)

seriously, there could be some good fun with this type of ep.

Mike said...

I have a question for the rest of the group about something that I may be making to much out of. Anyone here ever notice the hidden meaning between songs and music groups Booth talks about? My favorite band is Social Distortion and when I saw "Pain in the Heart" when he's listening to their album and Bones walks in obviously I enjoyed it. But then it hit me. Social Distortion's logo is a skeleton with a martini. :)

So when Booth (or Mr B as it was) has Motley Crue play at the Lab, they went older with Dr Feelgood. Does this mean the Doctor makes him feel good? And when he talks about his dad not knowing who the Dead Kennedys were made wonder if it was tied in with the Proof In the Pudding episode.

Sorry if this was long, and maybe I think to much, but I was bored at work today and listening to the radio. It is interesting to think about though!

Cheryl said...

I don't usu pay attn to the music but u raised good points Mike. If they're doing it on purpose then it's a stroke of genius:)

Anonymous said...

I think you maybe on to something here Mike. Nice thought and apparently everything is done for a reason according to Mr Hanson if i am not mistaken at least in terms of the Dr Feelgood song.

I wish they would just bring back bones i cant wait another week!!

Wendy said...

Don't forget Poco's "Keep on tryin'" :)

Mike said...

And "Hot Blooded"

Anonymous said...

Cyndi Lauper's song Fearless could not have been more perfect for Harbingers in the Fountain.

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