Friday, March 26, 2010

The TVAddict talks to Michaela Conlin

TheTVAddict talks to Michaela Conlin about Bones spoilers and more. Skip #1 and #5 to avoid the spoilers.

Looking back on the first 100 episodes, do you have a favorite?
I really loved the first Christmas episode. I know a lot of people didn’t love it, but shooting that episode, it was the 13 episode of the season of the first year and it was really when we started to congeal as a cast. We all shot everyday, we were locked in the lab, I was in an elf outfit, it was just a blast. It was lovely and the first time I think we realized that we had something very special.


Anonymous said...

I think the first Christmas episode is loved by a lot more fans than not.

Just like this season's Proof in the Pudding epi, any time we get just the regulars, all together vs spread out in the lab and in the field, and they are working on something with a little weight to it ... fabulous.


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