Sunday, April 25, 2010

2 Years and Counting

Thank you, Emily. I can't believe I didn't notice! =)

Obsessed with Bones is 2 years old - today! Thank you for everyone who has been here for the long-haul, and those just showing up. I hope this great community of visitors and commenters never changes. We strive for a positive, deep look at this show we love!

2 years has meant...

  • Over 2100 posts
  • Almost 1.6 million visits
  • Over 2.6 million page loads
  • Over 5,000 comments
  • Countless great discussions
  • and a priceless community!
We have some bumps along the way, but we always come back stronger!

Thank you for all the great comments, support, and tips along the way. I've never been completely 'alone' in this blog and I appreciate all of you. You may have noticed that, just before this anniversary, Jeannie and Mindy starting making some posts as well. Life ebbs and flows but we intend to keep OWB the great place it has always been!


Jess said...

Happy blogiversary! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Wendy!! Love the open and positive nature of this blog, which is all due to you...kudos!

Vanessa said...

Congratulations on the two years of OWB! =D

And thank you so much for your work! It's just been a few months since I found this blog but I've been following it ever since.

I can only hope it keeps going strong for many more years (which would mean Bones would too ^^)!

Sarah said...

Thanks for all the work that you do! I just recently discovered "OWB" and enjoy it immensely!

I agree with Vanessa -- here's to hoping for many more years of your blog and thus many more years of Bones! :-D

Stephanie said...

Thanks for all you do, Wendy! OWB is one of my must-reads everyday.

Eli said...

It's mean that it has been nearly two years I caught in this Bones world. This is the first blog/website that I found when I'm started watching Bones.

Still waiting for the reviews ;). The reviews is the reason I came here.

Happy two years anniversary.

Wendy said...

Thank you all =)

As for reviews... they aren't dead, but I just can't do them right now :( On top of the new job I am also 140 pages into writing my own novel (it's been on hold at least 2-3 weeks itself) and we're right in the middle of buying our first house.

Claudia said...

I love your blog and visit it everyday! Because I´m obsessed with bones and that means with your blog too! So I also hope it and our favorite show keeps going strong for many more years!Keep up the good work.

Happy anniversary!

All the best from germany!

Deborah said...

Congratulations! I discovered this blog only a few months ago, but it has been a great way to deal with my Obsession with Bones! I'm from Guatemala, and there's not a lot of people who watch the show, and the ones that do are usually 3-4 episodes behind, so every week after an episode ends and I'm in desperate need of some reasurance and other opinions I turn to your blog!!
Keep it up, you're doing a wonderful job!

Eli said...

Actually I mean to write that the reviews are what make this site special (for me) and king of the lab's trivia.
The guests review is good too. Some as good as yours.
Good luck on writing the novel. But ... there will be no Page 187.

Cheryl said...

Happy belated! I've been callin OWB home since I stumbled upon it. & I love Wendy Reviews too, but maybe u should allow ppl to help u with that like u did when u opened up seasons 1 & 2 for guest reviews. The obvious downside is when guest reviewers fail to come through but you could just give that ep to someone else. Whatever you decide is fine tho. Kudos on ur wonderful blog!

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