Tuesday, April 27, 2010

4 Episode Clips for "The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle"

We are getting closer to this week's episode so Fox has put up 4 sneak peaks for us to pass the time.

Spoiler warning applies!

Edit: Please let me know if these videos don't work for you so we can find a link to a different place to view them. I'm in Europe and they work for me just fine, though.


JLB said...

I think I'm going to hate this episode. The whole dating thing seems forced and stupid to me.

Mindy said...

I can NOT stop laughing!!!

"I really like your music; that doesn't mean I'm not going to clock you..."

Looks fun.

Sarah (#2) said...

I agree with Mindy -- the episode looks fun. But, like JLB, the dating thing seems forced to me.

Bones should give him a tie that says "sorry, my bad, I really love you!" This would be a WAY cooler tie than the marine biologist gave him.

Shep said...

The first thing that annoyed me was Booth's line '...because a) she's a good girl: she doesn't have sex...' AHHHH!!
I hate the whole 'chaste girl = good, sexually active girl = bad' idea. Yes, it's just one line and I'm being nitpicky but it bugs the feminist in me.

I agree about the dating thing feeling forced and it feels the same about the rock camp thing, too. That scene just felt off.

Or maybe I'm just in a grumpy mood.

Anonymous said...

Booth getting some bow chicka wow wow! nice!

i really hope for Brennan that she stays the way she is - this way she won't have to wake up one day and realise what slipped though her fingers.

their moment has passed......

Aly Kat said...

What is it with Booth getting pissed, about the rocker guy hitting on Brennan? We were led to believe that B&B are only in a work relationship. The more men that flirt with her, the more she seems to like it.

Anonymous said...

Right before booth says "I really like your music, but" the rocker guy says something I can't understand.

"I wouldn't be to sure when it comes to.." ? I cant tell what he says at the end. Can someone help me?

Mindy said...

He said, "I wouldn't be so sure. Why don't you come sit next to me?"

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