Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The 5 best Bones/Booth moments

of the previous 99 episodes.

I have to say, I pretty much agree with this list.
What are your top 5?


Miss Mary said...

While I agree these moments are awesome

my top 5

5 I'd kill for you, I'd die for you...but I am NOT getting in between girlfriends

4 I'm with Bones, all the way, don't doubt it for a second

3 Lessons in love- Breaking the laws of physics

2 Bedside tears, "If I don't make it I want you to have my stuff..."

1 Hello beer hat! "Hot bath + Cold beer = warm beer. Hat= solution!

em-jay said...

After almost 5 seasons, it's hard to narrow it down to just 5! But those would definitely be in my top list.

chillip said...

two scenes from KotG:

1) kiss-lite: the kiss on the cheek in the hospital

2) the head on the shoulder: brennan reading to hayley

N2seeleybooth said...

1.Soldier on the grave when he tells her he killed Radic
2. Guy Hugg in Judus on the pole
3. When they come to arrest her in New Orleans.
4. You can't have a gun. The Blod in the game.
5 I'm that Guy!

Anonymous said...

the whole discussion around "you can't have a gun". and then when she buys her own, the discussion around "bigger is better"

Courtney said...

When he gives her Jasper the pig. How close he leans in - like in other scene in the old days...sigh.

vp said...

1)The "everything happens eventually" scene
2) The Brainy Smurf scene
3)The "making love " speach from DitS
4)Last scene from Fire in the Ice
5) The end from The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond when she fixes his back

Anonymous said...

1. The Truth in the Lye:
Last seen when they hold sexy eye contact right after Brennan said:
"I'm sure Rebecca's not your only option for satisfying your biological urges."

2. The girl with the curl:
When Booth dumped Cam to spend time with Brennan.

3. Judas on a Pole:
When Booth placed his finger underneath Brennan chin and said: "There's more than one kind of family".

4.Death in the Saddle:
"Making love" explanation by Booth.

5.The Intern in the Incinerator:
"Are you going to betray me?" moment

I can go on forever.

Anonymous said...

The Verdict in the Story - So MANY to choose from!

The look - and lean-in - they give each other at the diner when Sweets insists Brennan should be more upset about her father going on trial.

Outside the courthouse, when Sweets asks to study them and B/B do that thing where they exclude the third party, then kind of mock Sweets for liking them.

Brennan to Booth, after he tells her to put her brain in neutral, and her heart into overdrive:
"Sometimes I think you're from another planet. And sometimes I think you're really very nice."

Booth on witness stand, basically implicating Brennan for murder:
"That's a lot of heart, Bones."

Big hug on the courthouse steps as B/B wait for verdict. Love, love, love this episode!!!

Simplememories said...

Soooo many.

My favorites are probably when Booth ditches Cam to get Thai food with Bones. And the explanation of making love. And the explanation of spending your life with just one person.

Also, the holding of the chin - "There's more than one kind of family."

And I ADORE Booth saving Bones when she's tied up - the way she clutches him.

Anonymous said...

m a new found Bones obsessee ! have been reading plenty blogs on Bones last few days..surprised no one mentioned one scene in any of those..Season 5.where Booth's boss's boss asks her the last scene Booth & Brennan are getting awarded..& she says i didn't bring Andrew.."what happens between us...belongs to us"...he slowly leans on to her...i almost thought 'finally'...but of course the lab squint crowd had to interrupt..Spoilsport!

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