Sunday, April 25, 2010

Contest Winners for "Reckless" By Andrew Gross

Time to close both song contests and announce the winners of the 2 copies of Reckless by Andrew Gross. (It's actually not on sale until Tuesday!)

Brennan Song Contest -

Comment #9 - Tia

Help Me Fall by Mark Wills begins like this:
I've been trying not to love you
I've been putting up a fight
I've been barely hanging on
Letting go with all my might
Booth and Brennan Song Contest -

Comment #29

I Will - Jimmy Wayne

Booth will do anything for Bones, it's that simple.
To claim your copy, you must email me at obsessedwithbones[at]gmail[dot].com with a US Address. If either of you is not a US resident please let me know as soon as possible and I will choose another winner (via the same random number generator).

I was actually given a copy of a previous book by Andrew Gross, Don't Look Twice, as well. It is based on the same main character: Ty Hauck. I'm in the middle of it now and I will say that it keeps the twists coming as quickly as every few pages. I am sure Reckless will do the same. I look forward to telling you guys about them soon. Maybe a we bit of something to take minds off all the B/B angst for a breather... =)


Emily said...

Hey, I might be totally wrong, but isn't today OWB's 2nd birthday?! :D

soccrmylifeandx3 said...

sorry i forgot my password and had to make a new username and i didnt see that i won until just now :( sad but its an awesome song!

Wendy said...

Send me your info. The 'alt' winner didn't message me with anything.

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