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Episode Discussion: The Bones on the Blue Line

Episode discussion for:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 15
The Bones on the Blue Line

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Anonymous said...


thats all i can say!

Vasso said...

Ok, I liked this episode and I think it was the best choice as the first one after the hiatus and the one before the 100th...
For yet another time I have to say I love Hodgins!!!I’m so glad when a story line is about him.
And now about the B&B stuff.Do you guys agree he was totally checking her out in that silk robe? Or is it just my wishfull thinking???? His look was priceless, that’s for sure! As was his “page 187???” question! Loved his reaction there!!
And the whole soul mates thing, they laughed about it, but we alll know the truth! They are each other’s soul mate!They are just afraid to admit it/ or they are not ready yet, so they laugh...
Also, why do you think Booth was so eager to find out about Angela’s contribution to the books? I’m thinking because he was hoping that the Kathy-Andy relationship was Brennan’s fantasy about him and herself... and now he realized that he was wrong...
I LOVE the fact that we have new episodes to talk about!!!and I’m so ready for the 100th!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree about the robe scene and about Booth hoping that Brennan had written the book! Did anyone notice that the subway scene was from the set of the Universal Studios backlot tour! So cool!

Courtney said...

Sigh. I'm disappointed that they went the route they did with having Angela be the one who contributed the "human" interaction in her books.

I always liked thinking that her ability to write her books with those scenes were an offshoot of that part of her personality that allows her to so enjoy going undercover as a character (as in the circus episode and the Las Vegas one).

I feel absolutely nothing between B&B at this point - I think they have just worn me out and bored me withall the teasing that I really no longer care if they do or don't.

I still enjoy the show but I don't like their new dynamic this year - when it had been so hot in the first seasons. Oh well.

On a totally superficial note, I think DB looks healthier and like he filled out a bit from being overly (in my opinion) thin.

Rolywa said...

Promo for next week=AMAZING!

Bones is back!

Anonymous said...

You know, I feel stupid but I totally missed the whole Booth maybe being disappointed that the juicy relationship stuff that Bones writes about was really inspired by Angela. I guess I just didn't put things together (it's been a long day). In any case, I don't think he should be that disappointed because as Angela indicated, Brennan writes the novels and Angela just makes suggestions. If Brennan didn't want something in the novel, she wouldn't write it in (and Kathy wants!)

I was confused however at the end when Brennan tells Angela that she decided to give her 25% credit because of something Booth said...something about him being surprised at how much Angela contributes to her novels. Did we witness this conversation? Wasn't it the Japanese reporter who made Brennan realize that she shouldn't take credit for Angela's contributions?

All in all I enjoyed the episode. I liked the Sweets/Daisy storyline. And Booth was definitely checking out Brennan in her robe at the end. :)

Cheryl said...

@ Anon
Booth expressed surprise right b4 they entered Founding Fathers. Bren was all "yea...but the r'ship/sex stuff is not important. It's just a vehicle to move the forensics fwd."

"So u didn't write those scenes?"

"Angela helps me"

" 187...?"

"That was Angela"

That's the convo Bren was referring to.

I liked this ep. I was rooting for Sweets as he proposed to Daisy and then thought "TWO proposals in this season? And BB r STILL rolling like single is the way to go? Hellllllllloooo! Get a clue!"

I loved our Japanese reporter too.

And priceless Bren

Reporter: That's just like Andy making sure Dr Reichs is safe. Very exciting!

Booth: Not exciting at all

Bren: It's even more exciting when he shoots them. & he _never_ misses.

Bren is so proud of her bab-- partner. ;)

dee-em said...

Here's a complaint: I thought the murder plot was very thin, and totally disconnected. Did you get the motive for the cop shooting the blind scribe? Was it even believable? I'm beginning to think that the show is becoming so relationship-driven (to use DB's words) that in some episodes the writers seem to forget that a baffling case and strong crime-solving skills is also what makes Bones so attractive and so strong as a show. I don't mind the relationship stuff at all, but Bones should not become a soap. We had a really good blend of relationships and crime-solving in the earlier seasons. Hope #100 will be better!

ceecee said...

final scene - Booth looked hot, loved the way he checked her out and she did look pretty in that robe. They both seemed so much at ease and real in that scene....obviously, they should realize they are soulmates.
It was a pretty good episode.
When Sweets proposed, I found myself wishing I had not seen any of the spoilers....would have been a nice surprise. I, too, feel the writers have ruined for me the passion and addiction I had for this show. From all we have heard, it sounds like they are really going to jerk us around now, and I'm not sure if I want to continue watching or not. It makes me sad.

Courtney said...

The season is nearly over and we still haven't seen any of the "wooing" DB kept going about - he said this season he would be wooing her?

I also don't like the whiplash I'm getting from how they keep tinkering with Bones' personality - one week, she is sensitive and responsive and protective; then we have another episode like this where she seems detached from the world as it is around her.

They created a great character with Bones - but, they now seem to just tinker with her as it suits the weekly plots and how they want the B&B relationship portrayed that week.

And I agree about the crime this week - I just didn't care, didn't want to keep up with who was writing the letters, who was getting the letters and who those people were - I felt nothing for any of them.

I have in the past seasons really felt for the subjects involved in the crime itself; now, they appear in the interrogation and I get up for a glass of wine or something.

Breaks my little Bones' heart to be falling out of love with this show.

Justin said...

@Courtney- I think the constant changing of Brennan's personality has to do with her defenses of rationale. While she has been coaxed out of her comfort zone on occasions, when someone keeps pestering her about emotions (i.e. the japanese reporter), she just triggers the defenses.

ceecee said...

I, too, did not like the way they handled the writing of the steamy scenes in her book. We know from past episodes that she really enjoys sex, is not inhibited, had a great sexual relationship with Sully and others. All of a sudden, she doesn't feel sex is important? Didn't seem right that she would not write those scenes

mellybee101 said...

(Of page 187) "I'm anxious to try it"...hehehehe *giggle*

carrie marie said...

@Courtney - I agree. I too am falling out of love with this show. I found myself bored, and I honestly just don't care that much about Sweets/Daisy. I find Daisy to be extremely irritating, and can think of so many better couples (B&B, Hodgela... hello...) to promote than those two. Just like Jared/Padme... they're promoting couples that I have no emotional investment in whatsoever.
Also, B&B's relationship is going downhill, in my opinion, and they are missing that spark and flirtatious vibe that they used to have between them. I miss the exciting, heart-wrenching episodes from previous seasons, and am really hoping the writers/producers step up their game before this season is over, or I might just not return for season 6.
Overall, I thought this episode was a horrible choice for the first one back from the hiatus, but I'm hoping that's just because ep 100 is going to blow our socks off.

Sandy said...

I was pretty disappointed with this episode. It started out with a bang. The whole Sweets in the subway scene was moving and really drew you in, then it went downhill from there. The murder story was disjointed and the characters totally unlikeable. Daisy is annoying through the whole episode and then she gets Sweets? What's up with that? Sweets is a totally endearing character and deserves so much better than Daisy. The Bones/Booth storyline lacked its spark and their scenes together weren't anything special. Then the best part of Brennan's books is that her emotional side and her desire for a relationship with Booth comes out, and they attribute all that to Angela. For a first comeback episode after a hiatus it was disappointing and nothing special.

Sophia said...

this is going to be the longest week of my life!

about this episode: the case was dreadful, still do not understand the motive!

and anyone like the harry potter reference with the blind guy being called Aragon?

loved the daisy sweets plotline, untainted pure love.

hodgins was looking smoking hot and angela stunning as always.

booth was looking much better this week, i still want to see more of that raw emotion and fight with in each character from the earlier seasons.

also, continuity error maybe??? didnt brennan write the first book before she met ange??

next week baby!

da_Liza said...

I agree that the case in this one seemed disjointed, and felt that BB didn't have enough screen time together. On the flip side, I liked Sweets' proposal, Brennan doing something nice for Angela, and the end scene.
Overall I liked the ep, but one thing really bugged me. In the scene where Daisy and Angela were in the car, Angela's little speech about how wonderful the Sienna was felt like a commercial. Was anyone else bothered by this?

Anonymous said...

I, too, was disappointed by this episode and have to agree with the other posts saying they're "falling out love" with this show. I won't even bother downloading it from iTunes, which I've done for all episodes of Seasons 1-3, most of 4, and some of 5. It just doesn't feel fun anymore. Maybe the 100th will make up for a some of the lost lustre, but as we've seen in the past some of the most intriguing promos and hyped-up episodes have been duds. You can only string along a loyal viewer and fan for so long...

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the negatives. I did think this was going to be a more touching and funny episode. Remember when Bones used to be both moving and funny? I have to agree that, for me, that spark, that zing between B&B is missing this season. They definitely did a better job balancing relationships with cases in previous seasons. I also agree that Brennan's attitude toward the sex scenes in the book do not match her previous statements about sex...disappointing that she had so much help with her book. I'm not sure what the purpose of that is, either. There must be a reason that was put into the episode?? I also am looking for the wooing this season. At this point, B&B are two good friends/partners working on cases together. A few nights ago I saw a Bones rerun from season 2. At the end of the episode Brennan tells Booth that she slept with Sully for the first time the night before. When Booth expresses surprise that she shared that info with him, she replies that since they are partners and since he told her about his new socks (a particularly colorful pair), she thought she would share something with him--love that she puts those two things on the same level. As they are leaving the office, Booth mutters to himself something like, "I'm gonna need a flashier tie". I loved that scene, but it made me miss the old back and forth between B&B! We got a little bit of that last night with page 187 scene, but of course, that was Angela's not Brennan's--what?? I am going to keep my fingers crossed that the 100th episode and the rest of the season will make up for the humdrum of this season so far...not feeling too optimistic, though.

Colleen said...

I really, really wanted to like this episode. It was ok, but not one of the better eps by far. I did not care about the case at all (and honestly, I don't think the writers did either). I love Sweets and Daisy, and I'm glad he didn't break up with her. Angela annoyed me with her product placement, and I really didn't understand why Brennan gave her 25% of her book profits. I got the impression that she made suggestions on the books, not that she wrote big chunks of them. I hope next week is awesome because they need to make up for this in a big way.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is the motive for this murder confusing and totally unbelievable?? She killed the guy who really wrote the love letters to her because....why? Because they made her old boyfriend angry?? I don't get it. Can someone explain please?!!

Anonymous said...

I believed that I was the one who thought that this show was getting old and boring. This comes from a woman who has watched from the pilot. HH has an unbelievable obsession in keeping B/B apart. Really, who gives a shit about Sweets and Daisy. People might disagree, but the incredible chemistry that David and Emily have not only as characters but as real life people is the only thing that drives this show. There was only a small snippet of them together at the end. This episode stunk.

Shep said...

I agree with Courtney et al. My feelings about this episode (and tbh Bones overall right now) are 'meh!'. I didn't care about the case either and I saw Sweets' proposal coming. There's no sparkage anymore either with B/B and overall: we used to get really witty lines that cracked me up before. There was also a balance between characters and cases. Another thing I'm annoyed about is the way they've been writing Brennan: she used to be strong, intelligent and fiery but just emotioally detached. I think the writers may have realised that they'd developed her quite quickly: S2 finale - (to victim's mother)'You did it out of love' and so now they've tried to reel it back in e.g.the stupid facial expresion exercise with Sweets. I hope we'll see some more of the old and IMO 'true' Bones in the 100the episode. When I finally go to get the DVD boxsets, I'll definitely et S1-3 but right now I'm debating about whether it will be worth getting 4 and 5!

Sorry for the negativity, although I'm not the only one here - I hate being negative about Bones because I adore it for Season's 1-3 and I've seen what the writers can do, which is why I get peeved.

Colleen said...

I have to say I agree with others who think this show is losing its draw. Personally, the finale of season 3 was when the show started to go downhill IMO. That's when I first got the sense that they (Hart Hanson et al) were going to do what they wanted and not really care about continuity and stuff (as evidenced by Brennan's you-yoing personality). I've hung in there, hoping things would improve, but now, I don't know.

Sadie said...

I must add to the negative reactions too. Courtney et al. have said it better than I could.

HH and writers have bled the chemistry between B&B bone-dry after 5 freakin' years of teasing. I want to know for what purpose? They're certainly not giving us intense crime plots anymore. The show remains all about the characters, esp. B&B, and yet they have eliminated witty dialogue, messed with character development (Brennan can't write sex scenes- huh?), and have not provided any compelling back-stories to move the show forward post Season 3 (e.g. Brennan's back-story compared with Booth's). Sorry to be so negative, but I'm peeved.

Pilu said...

I just can't believe all of that stuff is coming out of Angela and not of Brennan. Even if she does write the books, the scenes are not completely hers...?
I don't know, I have Brennan as a wonderful figure, a hero, and that little detail has changed my mind a bit about her...
Also, Sweets' proposal... I saw that coming. Oh my god I was soo right about it. It was kinda obvious uh?

I'm not sure I liked the episode. I hope episode 100 is GOOD, and I do mean GOOD, because I'm tired of all the spoilers and articles and stuff; and I can't wait anymore. So I really hope it's worth the waiting.
Still, I love Bones, I'm crazy about it, I always will be. No matter what.

Anonymous said...

The episode wasn't that bad, but I have to agree: the sparkle, the teasing, the hot chemistry between Booth and Bones has turned only into a friend/parntership. It's almost like they've been married for a long time (just w/o a lot of the good parts of beeing married!!!)Brennans character has changed a lot. She used to be a very self-confident woman! Very Intelligent, sexy, ass-kicking, funny... In the promos for the 100 ep. it looks like Brennan is going to be back!!!! I r e a l l y hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lilian said...

Wow, I didn't think there would be so much negative reactions here...

I didn't particularly love this episode, but I am not so negative about it either. Maybe it's because it's after the two month hiatus that we all put so much hope in this episode?

I thought the Sweets/Daisy plot was cute. I have to admit, Daisy is a bit(or more) annoying, but they do make a cute couple - young and fun and spontaneous, contrast to B&B (and other "older" couples). I've read spoilers, so it took the fun out of his proposal (which I regret)...

The murder was not as strong as other cases have been. But the murderer, Officer Grant, was just stupid...yeah, she does have issues with men.

And I do believe that Angela is just there to make suggestions. She is like Bren's editor in a way...Angela would probably just say "I think they should say something and laugh here." But the actual scene and dialogue would be from Brennan's imagination. And the Pg. 187 thing might just be something that best friends share, you know? And Brennan thought that's a good move, so she wrote it in the book. I really don't see why we are all contributing those scenes to Angela - they still came from Brennan's mind.

Overall, this was not the best episode, but it was okay. I look forward to the 100th ep!

Courtney said...

Personally, I think that what has happened to all the witty writing, compelling cases and characters is laziness...pure and simple.

HH and the writers have climbed to the top and have about 10 million viewers each week 0 more than some of the shows on the big networks.

So - while the show was still scrappy and they were having to work for their viewers and for a good time slot, they put their all into the shows - and, now, it just seems so incredibly different in tone, directing, writing that I can't believe they are satisfied with their product - except that the number of viewers is what the suits care about most and since these lightweight stories and tinkly music seem to be keeping the viewers, I doubt we will see any changes.

But, man, I can't believe they could ever watch the Man in the Fallout Shelter or Two Bodies in the Lab and think for a second that these episodes hold up to those in any way.

Makes me sad - but, boy is Fringe good and thankfully back next year.

Anonymous said...

characters have to grow, B&B are going to be more comfortable and familiar with each other. All through that last scene I was thinking how much it reminded me of a husband coming home after work and telling his wife all about what happened that day. It was just so simple and comfortable. On the note that its taking a downturn, I think we all fell in love with bones for a reason, and that reason is very much there. I had to tell myself, I cant expect every single positive quality about the show in every episode, and I trust that at the end of the ride we will all get what we want. The cases, the heart, b&b, its all still there for me, i think next season is going to be pretty intense. Were gonna wish for the less complicated times of season 5 haha.

ps-maybe its me but im soooo glad bren is more of a person now then she was 3 yrs ago!

Anonymous said...

also i cracked up when he said scotch...sooo funny. like he realised what she was wearing and decided he needed a strong drink. classic. i love this show

Sarah said...

I, too, have been feeling the Bones' Blues (pun intended) with this episode. I thought they really did a lot of damage to Brennan's character in this episode. From her "forensics is god, blah-blah-cakes" to her not writing the most interesting parts of her books, the writers made Brennan seem very unlikeable and a bit unethical (Angela helping so much in her character dynamics in the books). I normally enjoy Brennan and defend her little quirks, but she really is starting to annoy me. Booth is coming off smelling like roses and I don't even particularily think that he is all that attractive (I know the sacrilidge). BUT, I find the character of Booth to be VERY attractive (now if he would just grow a set). :) I'm really concerned about the direction of the show because my love is really wanning (especially with more enticing television options coming to fruition). They better hope that this season ends with a hopeful ending, with some actual pay off or they are really going to have some serious fan backlash or even worse, fan tuneout.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was trying to stay spoiler free for next week... thanks anonymous @ 4/1 11:03pm giving away some of what happens..

Rachael said...

@da_Liza: I COMPLETELY agree about the Sienna "commercial!" Did Toyota pay a little extra for slipping that in?

Overall, I wasn't that impressed with the show, but it wasn't the worst, either. I reserve the worst rating for the pilot. I'm glad I started watching midway through season 2, because if I had started with the pilot, I never would have watched the show at all. And I never miss an episode! :)

Wendy said...

Admin note:

Don't spoil

Please don't spoil

Seriously. DON'T SPOIL

I don't know how I could get any more obvious than the huge red line I put on every single one of these Episode Discussions. Suggestions welcome...

The Anon post with glaring spoilers for next week has been deleted and my apologies for anyone who was spoiled.

On topic, though, while I liked some moments, and some lines, I really didn't like the episode as a whole. I felt the case had such great potential for poignancy and it just fell flat. They should have focused more on the partner if they were going to suddenly make her the real love interest for the man. And the reason for the murder was just silly. Why would she kill the guy who wrote the letters? If she was mad at being deceived, shouldn't see go after the guy who handed her the letters. And even then it would still be an absolutely stupid reason for killing someone.

And throughout I just felt like the pace and cadence of the episode was lost. It did not feel like Bones. The lines were just 'off'. I actually thought pretty quickly "I wonder if this is the episode Kathy Reichs wrote"? I don't know if it is or not but it just didn't feel like Bones.

I have to say I am totally pro-Sweets/Daisy. They are just cute. Like two year olds who play at love and have NO IDEA what's going on but they are happy.

Dijea said...

I am finding that the murder/mystery is getting weaker with each episode. My kids keep asking after its over - who was the murderer, or even better - who was murdered? I also think they are trying to make up for the lack of you-know between B&B by having everyone else have sex. What made the show so great at the beginning, the tension, the actual solving of the crime, Brennan learning the outside world - its gone. I still enjoy, but sometimes the anticipation wears THIN.

chillip said...

you're going to have to get a lot more aggressive, i think, wendy. that post stayed up for hours. i'm considering dropping comments for the rest of the season.

kettner co-wrote night at the bones museum. definitely a difference in feel but it makes one think.

liz said...

here's the most significant moment I see/hear; Bones tells us WHY she has not yet ignited with Booth.
at 22:00, the Interviewer asks her:
I: Why did it take so long for Dr Reichs to have sex with Agent Andy?
B: For the same reason that she used stable isotopes to determine that the victim spent her childhood in East Timor. The oxygen isotopes we ingest through food and water are incorporated into the hydroxylcarbonic appatite of bone... You - you should be writing this down.

Brennan is clearly telling us that THIS is important and we should be writing it down/ taking note! : that slowly, like the way our food and water gets incorporated into our very bones, Booth is becoming a very part of her... and when he is fully a part of her being, then "their passion is released"

Brooke said...

It was an OK episode, but I have to agree with almost everyone on here, that the case fell short of what could have been an intriguing mystery.

Also, did anyone else notice that Booth and Brennan barely spent any time together until the very end? It just seemed totally spaced out. It's like, five minutes of B&B working on the case together during the first 40 minutes, and then the last 2 were crammed at the end. That just lacked a little in my opinion.

I have high hopes for next week's 100th episode, and I hope it lives up to my expectations. :)

Gilbert said...

The show was more Sweets-centric and the murder itself was a minor part of the show. What was really the key part to the episode was Sweets making a decision to seize the day (or in this case, Daisy) and for Brennan to come clean about who contributes the sparky bits to her book.

I think it's a set up for the next episode. It puts some doubt into Booth's mind about what Brennan writes (that damn coma-dream just won't quit) and it sets up Sweets to push them into something, probably. (My guess.)

As for Brennan using Angela's ideas-- that's something that writers do. How much sex and relationship stuff is in the book we don't know, but 25% is a tidy sum. Brennan is surprised by the interest in the "heart" stuff of the book while she's always touting the "head" stuff. The fact that she gives Angela some credit for her contribution is significant. She's growing and not having Booth tell her she should do something. She decides on her own.

When Booth says people surprise him, I think that's also a clue about the future. I think we're in for a few surprises come Thursday. Can't wait.

Cheryl said...

I have no idea if Liz is right, but ur going very deep there lady! Very deep! lol.

& I think Gilbert is right...this ep was all abt Sweets, just as TFITF was all abt Pops proving that he is as big a shipper as any of us & giving Booth his blessing to woo Bren. From that angle, the ep makes more sense. I miss the deep science tho & really developing the crime & the victim/aggressor.

BonesDay! ur so close my love! I can hardly wait :D

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