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Episode Discussion: Death of the Queen Bee

Episode discussion for:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 17
The Death of the Queen Bee

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Anonymous said...

Freddy Kruger guy is creeping me out for real. I have never watched those movies and definitely never will.

Maggy said...

This episode is ODD. I'm not sure I like it. But what I hate...

Lines I did NOT like:

"I've already moved on. In fact I have a date next week." <--WHAT? already??? PLEASE.
"We opened a door neither of US want to walk through." <--- uuuuh I thought *he* said he did??????? WHAT THE ****

Amanda said...

@Maggie--I think that was Booth bluffing sweets.

Tara said...

I really liked this episode. Plus I think it was an appropriate follow up to the 100th. It was obvious to me that Booth was acting different. It was subtle, but he was colder. He didn’t introduce Bones at the beginning, or even bother to stick up for her when her classmates were mean to her. * laughs* awh man, The episode after Brennen rejects Booth and fans are mad at her, we get a whole episode where people are obnoxiously cruel to her. Wow, were the writers cleaver or what?

The short discussion about ‘opening a door’ was awkward, but it was supposed to be. And if Booth wants to act like it was a mutual rejection, I can see it. He’s being defensive.

Oh,.. but poor Booth, the moment Bones shows a glimmer of vulnerability, “this is the prom I never got to go to.” He becomes gentle and kind again. Even though you can see he is struggling internally. And Bones looks so happy dancing with him.

I thought the end was cute too.

Maggy said...

I still don't have to like it :/ Especially the whole door thing neither of us wanted to walk through bit.

Lauryn said...

i liked the episode, but I wish something would happen between Angela and Hodgins at the end there...nothing BIG, but SOMETHING!!!

I loved the B&B dance cute. But I felt sorry for Booth :'( cant wait till next week!!!!

Stephanie said...

@Amanda - I'm so glad someone else thought Booth was lying to Sweets about having a date! I thought he was making it up, too, and the people I said that to thought I was crazy.

I love love love that they're seemingly setting it up for Hodgins and Angela to be something again soon. They've been apart for far too long.

I actually really liked this episode. I tend to love the ones that revolve around Brennan like this. She reminds me of me in a lot of ways. And I can't believe it took us 5 years to get a Brennan = Morticia joke.

Amanda said...

Tara said "
Oh,.. but poor Booth, the moment Bones shows a glimmer of vulnerability, “this is the prom I never got to go to.” He becomes gentle and kind again. Even though you can see he is struggling internally. And Bones looks so happy dancing with him."

Agreed. I felt so bad for him. I'm interested to see how the writers deal with everything.

I also have to agree with the cleverness of the writers regarding the classmates.

Maggy said...

Oh see I just assumed he really did have a date cause of ... well next week.... WOOPS.

Hmm maybe it was a lie... this is why I shouldn't find things out before hand. lol

chillip said...

the slow dance scene is just remarkable. brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Are HH and the writers serious? A week after Booth gets his heart ripped out, they would lead you to believe that every thing is normal between Booth and Brennan. I have always thought and will continue to think that HH and SN feel that no matter what they put out there, people will continue to watch. After watching next week's promo, and seeing Booth with another woman and Brennan talking about sex with Hacker, we should not hold our breath about a good season finale, no matter what bull**** HH throws our way.

Courtney said...

Again, the thing I have trouble with is the constant tinkering with Bones' personality - she wasn't this clueless in the early seasons and even since then, we have seen she has glimmers of understanding certain basic human interactions. Then again, here is she blurting out she is successful and rich (or whatever) and then asks Booth if she did that is her demeanor that just shifts too much for me - I get whiplash from the way they mess with her to suit the particular episode.

I did like Booth's reactions to a lot of the weirdness of the custodian - the exchange of looks with him were fun.

We know Bones is not so disconnected - so the continual switching back and forth with her just drives me nuts.

If only B&B could have a grown up conversation like Wendel and Angela or Angela and Hodgins - it sure would be nice for a change.

Courtney said...

I just wanted to add that I agree that we should not expect a good finale - I think it is going to be a brutally sad - I have no evidence, just a gut feeling.

Writers/producers like HH don't care much about continuity - it is as though each episode in some way is a stand alone and they work the characters' actions and behaviors just to fit into that week's story.

Others are more consistent and write the episodies/stories to fit the characters not the other way around.

Amanda said...


"Continuity is a b--ch, isn't it?"--Mr. Deity.

Nguyễn Sử Kim Thư said...

I really enjoyed this episode. It has everything I expect when watching Bones. Funny moments. Clueless "Ms. Temperance" when it comes to social skills. Sweet & cute moments of Booth and Bones. And would you look at Booth's face when dancing with Bones, or when he saw her high school picture! The only problem for me is the dress that Bones was wearing when coming to the reunion party.

Emily is very beautiful, why do they keep dressing her in those boring clothes?

em-jay said...

I thought this was a great episode! It was good the way they addressed last week's episode while having Booth still uncomfortable with it but trying to save face.

Terri said...

Courtney - one theory about Bones being different episode to episode - she is comfortable now around the people she sees most often but still socially awkard with new people. I have the same problem. :-) So, I think it does fit with social akwardness that some situations bring out the "dork" more than others....

Sarah said...

Anyone else get freaking furious about Phleuger? I'm sorry...back in season 3 we learned that she liked him and was weighing the pros and cons of kissing him and then he taped brainy smurf to her locker to embarrass her.

He asked her to prom? Sorry, don't buy it. And wasn't he supposed to be the Varsity Lacrosse team captain? To me he didn't look like team captain of anything except maybe the battle star galactica fan club.

Oh and continuity issues..lets talk about Brennan being terrified of snakes yet having one as a pet. Que?

@Maggy, about the door neither of us wanted to walk through bit...yes, it seems out of place but I think its just him trying to reassure her that they made the decision, that she didn't hurt him. Even though, as clearly evident by that dance, he was in emotional hell.

I also kind of hated that he was a bit mean to her. Calling her Wednesday Adams while everyone else called her Morticia? Not nice Booth, not nice!

Nicole said...

No poor Booth from me. This is a result of his gamble. How do you go from never saying anything to blurting out 6 years worth of emotions? Who does that? Where did the mentality that Booth is ready so Brennan should be ready come from?

I don't feel Brennan has to suffer some emotional upheaval for saying no to Booth. Brennan loves Booth but doesn't want to chance anything greater than friendship. She doesn't trust those emotions. If Booth wants to move on, great, let's make it happen.

This episode had the appropriate reactions of someone that said something and can't take it back and another person who really could have done without hearing what the other person felt the need to say. (Run on sentence... i know)

Lauren said...

This episode was just so... odd.

Why are they pretending to be married a week after Booth professed his love? And why would he jump in with the idea of being an undercover married couple and then suggest that a dance was too close to walking through that "door"?

Were the writers giving us a glimpse of what the show would be like if they were a crime fighting duo in a relationship? All the "honeys" and "sweethearts" flying around were funny, but felt really forced because Booth was obviously hurting.

I loved the emotion in last week's episode, and I love the lighthearted episodes, too. But, this episode was all over the place and not really in an awesome-goofy way like the circus episode was.

@Sarah - Augh! Phlueger! I totally agree! Now I have another episode I have to go back and watch and try to make some justification for - dang writers! (Of course, after last week I feel like I need to go back and watch EVERY episode again!)

I love Bones and will watch it until the very last episode (hopefully sometime around 2030). I don't want to say jumped the shark, but did I see sharks in that promo?!

Deborah said...

What keeps bothering me about this episode is how happy and up beat is Bones during the whole episode. They are treating her like crap, she just had That Conversation with Booth a week ago, how can she be so happy here?
I also noticed that Booth is slightly more distant... not as cheerful. As always, he's there for her if she needs him, isn't that what she wanted?

Stephanie said...

I guess I am in the minority as I really liked this episode a lot! I thought it was a great follow-up to last week because you could tell something has changed and they did refer back to last week, instead of just ignoring it for a few episodes, which I had half expected would happen.

Cheryl said...

Things I Liked

1. They did not ignore the heartcrushing end of last week's ep. S'times Show has a tendency to do s'thing emotionally huge & then act like nothing happened for the next 4 weeks.

2. Booth was a tad too normal here but as the hour unfolded you could see him being different with Bren, as Tara pointed out. He didn't reflexively defend her, he was fully ready to sit out dancing to "Kiss from a Rose", he made sure they had separate rooms tho they're tellin ppl they're married.

Aside: I thought it was really evil to have them use a married couple cover after last week.

3. Wendell & Angela broke up! And it was done so gracefully that I still adore Wendell after it was over. AND I could follow the reasoning. When Hodgela broke up I was like" What? Ur breaking up over that? Ur not just gonna get counselling & work it out like ppl committed to a r'ship _should_? Are u kidding me???"

4. Wendell & Hodgins get to bond over the wonderful woman Ange is. Gosh...isn't Jack so much more mature now? Hot!

5. Hodgela....full speed ahead. This was a great ep to set them up for getting back together. Thank u Show! I've been waiting for this since season 4.

6. Sweets, ma baby, Went There with Special Agent Seeley Joseph Booth. Booth kinda stonewalled him & flat out didn't answer who he's going on this date with but I rate Sweets for Going There. Now darling, plz Go There with Angela, & arrange an intervention, maybe led by Cam. ("Are you my loved ones?" lol).

7. I got Wendell, whom I was having a craving for :)

8. The science was not weak.

This ep made it a little easier for me to relax cuz I like how they continued with last week's issues. I, too, believe the season finale may just flatten me & that I may need even more grp hugs & resurrection prayers than I did after TPITSOTW. Srsly. I'm kinda hopin Hart doesn't go there & metaphorically kill me, but after watching Bren say no & hearing Booth talking abt dating...I feel it's gonna get worse b4 it gets better.

Kate said...

I really liked this episode. I loved Bones' interactions with the janitor--they were so happy together just being themselves. I about died laughing when Booth left room for the Holy Spirit at the beginning of the slow dance. Finally, breaking up Wendegla! Heck yeah!

Jeannie said...

I didn't have very high expectations for this episode since Bones has a history of ignoring continuity but I really liked how they handled the fallout from last week's episode. It felt very realistic.

I'm trying to ignore the fact that Brennan supposedly went to a private school (as we learned in Boy in the Tree), and she knows Seal??? Sigh. ;-)

Stephanie said...

Where in "The Boy in the Tree" did they say that Brennan went to a private school? I remember Hodgins mentioning private schools, but not Brennan. Also, when Booth was considering sending Parker to a private school back in season 4, Brennan said that Parker was a bright kid who would probably do fine in a large public school classroom, just like she did.

I don't think it's weird that Brennan recognized a Seal song. She likes Cyndi Lauper, Booth found Kayne West and Foreigner albums in her apartment, and we've seen her talking about music on dates. And she tried to do the Electric Slide tonight. Music seems to be the one part of pop culture she actually likes enough to sort of keep up with.

Jessica said...

I liked this episode, I also thought Booth was a bit different towards Brennan, liked the dance part of this episode, Booth didn´t want to dance too close to Brennan but after seeing her tear up(when the stars came down from the ceiling) he pulled her closer while slow dancing with her , he can´t refuse her ,does anyone noticed Brennan peeking at her weddingring when she had her hands around his neck and then smiling and closing her eyes the dance looked like a dance of lovers at least that´s my opinion, loved Mr. Buxley him and Booth staring each other down was funny, so excited for the rest of the episodes to come

Jeannie said...

@Stephanie: Hm, good question. I was under the impression that all of them went to private school except Angela. I would need to go back and rewatch to find out why, though.

As for Brennan knowing music, it's just so inconsistent. A few episodes back she had no clue who Michael Jackson was. Unless we assume that she was being oblivous on purpose to tease Booth, of course.

And Brennan must have been in the foster system by the time she graduated so it was really nice of her foster parents to let her keep a pet snake. ;-)
But I'm not going to be too nitpicky as I actually really liked this episode for the way they acknowledged their discussion last week. The dance scene had just the right amount of 'I'm doing this for you but I'm keeping my distance, oh no you are upset, here I am'. Although I have to say they overdid it with Brennan's bluntness in the beginning. I know they play that for laughs but they do need to remember that she's grown past that already.

gabriel said...

Well, I still try to get over the Pfleuger thing, cause I really thought he was supposed to be the kind of guy like Booth was in high school (in The Boy in the Time Capsule they talk about this) whom Brennan was adoring and he made a cruel joke on her because she was a geek. It might be my imagination gone wrong, I probably have to watch that epi again to come to terms with this, but still, I was as shocked as Booth that such a guy would pursue Tempe and Tempe would have given him a chance... Gosh...

Never mind, if I shut my eyes to that one, I'd say, I enjoyed the episode in a way. I liked the idea that retrospectively Brennan was actually the normal person in her class, all the others just seemed so scr**ed. And yes, Morticia! I loved her first nickname!(I'm tempted to say it's even better than Bones. Don't throw anything at me!) :)

Re the after 100 effects: I think BB behaved consistently and I had a feeling the writers are setting up the kind of situations to prove Brennan wrong (the dance with Booth), although she sort of explained herself in her last speech about friendship (subconciously telling Booth that she needs his friendship more than anything). Noticed how Booth was sort of standing a step back from the group at the FFs? I love all the subtle ways his hurt was shown in this episode. I feel for him. But he's a great guy and won't be cruel to his Bones. I love Booth more and more...

The Hodgela part was just too good to be true but didn't feel forced. No fighting between Wendell and Hodgins - everyone happy, ideal. Except for BB of course. Maybe this is how we are comforted until something happens on that front too.

Anonymous said...

The dance scene was very sweet. I also liked that Booth was holding on to the wood-carving "Temperance" for quite a while. He may say he's moved on, but he isn't able to let her go.

LotteMack said...

Four things:
2) How SAD was it when Bones said, “High school was not a happy time.” I wanted to cry :(
3) AND- Booth said, “A door that NEITHER of us wants to walk through,”- HE did, she didn’t. And she knows he did. So why is he pretending?
4) I think it was fairly uncharacteristic of Bones at the end with the friendship remark. I think Booth’s warming her up :)

Overall I liked this episode. At least the writers are not completely ignoring what happened last episode... it's a teeny bit awkward between them (or at least on booth's end).

HAHAHA "We have intercourse every chance we get!"
i lol'd ridonkulously hard.

LotteMack said...

@Courtney- i totally agree. Just when we get an episode where it seems as if Brennan's character is developing (in regard to a better understanding of inuendo and better people skills etc.), we are thrown back to square one and she acts stupid. I would have expected her to say, "My name is Temperance, not Morticia," or something, but unfortunately it's hard to expect anything from that aspect of her personality.

Aga said...

I did like the episode very much... It had me tear up ;) but for a good reason!
I wanted to say - I think Booth is allowed to have defensive 'system' as well? After what happened, with Bren rejecting him - maybe for once he does not want to think about what happened? That he just wants to act? [like Hodgins sayin to Wendell to misbehave after his breakup] I think reflection will come in later. Gordon Gordon told him to grow a set, he did; he did gamble and as a grown man he will put up with the consequences. He told Bren he will keep on working with her, and he will try to do so. (Just writers being evil with putting an undercover case where they play married couple as a first one after last week). I think they followed up really nicely - Booth keeping his distance, and bless him, Sweets saying 'who that might be' when Booth was already disconnected. Like talking to an empty...
I loved it when during the dance scene he could not keep the distance after all, that he cares too much. And it is obvious she likes him soo close to her, that she needs it... and him. Just don't know how to reach out for it...
I think science was better, I just hope it will keep on getting better :)
And the whole friendship thing... Loved it. Booth saying that they just did not understand her... Soo nice - she is specific, she has her trust issues - that put between pretty girls and creepy boys... Not a good combo.
While our belowed squits - they tend to see beneath the surface. And I love that about them - have been since beginning ;) Bren does appreciate that as well - btw - loved the surprised look on Cam's face when Bren mentioned feelings... :D
Angela/ Hodgins/ Wendell... they played it out very nice; as someone mentioned before, I could really follow up the reasoning. They respect each other, wouldn't do anything to hurt each other on purpose. How can you ignore that?

Anyway, I think my post is long enough, I could keep on going on and on and on about what I loved... (do not get me wrong - I want Bren and Booth together. Badly! But 100th episode happened, and, well - as mentioned - it is gonna get worse before it is gonna get better).
English is not my first language, so I apologise for the tone and wording in some places.

Calamity Jane said...

Well, I don't think Booth has any intention of moving on. He was hurt and all around good guy as he is, he still just a man. And what's a man without pride. Plus, I think he regreted that comment the moment she said "I know" That was just a pathetic attempt at spite on his part.
That's why he lies to Sweets, that's why he mentions it to Brennan, that's why he resists the slow dance. He's pride his hurt. But he is fundamentaly good and he will get over it.
I still haven't given up!


lucy said...



was waiting for someone to bring that up!

chillip said...

excellent catch 4:23am anon. i thought that scene with booth continuing to hold, almost cradle, the temperance carving a nice, subtle touch. i also wonder if that wood carving will show up later.

about the only thing i found wanting, and maybe it made the cutting room floor, was the angela/brennan "i'm your guy" scene. that is a rich vein to work. i can't imagine that topic isn't going to return.

chillip said...

as i noted in the spoiler thread (this whole canada/wednesday thing is a problem), google booth's undercover name for a bit of fun.

Anonymous said...

Booth looking very HOT and Bones looking very frumpy.

I think Booth should hook up with Angela - how is that for a HOT couple :-)

bobbi said...

oh God, the real Bobby Kent was murdered!!! And yes booth/david looks very hot again. in the first few episode of this season he looked really tired and too thin.
Anyway, I enjoyed this episode, not the best but quite fun to watch. The ending was nice, with Booth standing a little bit aside watching everybody else, and the dance scene was very sweet. Brennan is going back and forth with her attitude but I think it's believable: nobody changes overnight, you always have second thoughts and leaving behind what you've been for your entire life it's a hard job.

em-jay said...

The "Bobby Kent" thing kept making me think of Matthew and Ryan Kent from Aliens in a Spaceship. I didn't realize they were making a different reference! What a creepy story. And an oddly fitting reference.

I'm surprised at the level of frustration with Booth saying "neither of us..." because it just seems so classic-defense-mechanism that I just can't believe he means it.

Anonymous said...

Brennan went to a public school. It's all the other squints who tend to be private school alumnus.

Foster care does not lend itself to private school educations and remember the B/B conversation back with the manny victim killed by the rich kid creepy girl? Brennan went to public school but was helped out by her dad at home being science guy.

Which leads to Booth asking Brennan not to fire her dad, so he can be there for Parker like he was there for Brennan.

Jeannie said...

Thanks Anon for explaining. I guess I must have misunderstood in season 1. I kind of wondered myself about a foster kid receiving private education but I figured it could have easily been an early continuity error as well since we only learned about her being in the foster system in Boy in the Bush.

Question: Are we supposed to assume that Sweets knows what went down outside his office? The whole "moving on" exchange happened after they left him.

Courtney said...

I think the comment by Booth about neither of them wanting to go through that door may have come from the part of the discussion last week when, after she says she just can't change, etc., he says "You're right, you're right" - which indicated to me that he realized after his gamble that either she just wasn't ready for jumping in or that it just wasn't the right time - yet.

He's known all along about rushing her and he did spontaneously leap off the cliff after Sweets encouraged him - but, after, I think he recognized that it just wasn't possible - not now, perhaps not ever.

So, I think he came to conclusion the he too did not really want to walk through that door after the emotional exchange between them.

Kate said... i the ONLY ONE who REALLY dint like this episode????AT there sumthn i missed...i've watched it like three times now n i still dont like it....mainly becoz i thought the whole case was sum really bad fanfiction...

the BB interaction was i dunno ODD...i expected a little more awkwardness between the two...the end scene was again ODD...

the only part i liked was the slow dance(sum really good acting there)...n the whole angela-wendell-hogins arc...i thought it was done beautifully...

i'm actually wary of commenting negatively cuz u know u literally get lynched if u disagree with the majority(n the majority here likes this epi)...but well this is OWB so i'm hopin there wont be any venom spewing:-)(like there is on other boards)

but seriously did i really miss sumthn...cuz i'm usually in the majority:-)

Aga said...

I dont know why so many people comment on 'the door' mention from Booth. To see it as a metaphor - we do not even know wheteher he ment they are on the same side, or two different ones... The way I see it, Booth & Bren on one side, 'love/relationship' on the other. Booth wont go without Bren, that is obvious. And she is not ready to go. He wont push her, wont leave her behind. Just my little point of view ;)

Cheryl said...


Nah...I don't think anyone here will chew you out. Perspective & expectations have a lot to do with why ur prob'ly disappointed & the rest of us r not.

The Case: not all murderers have sense. These girls were obviously on crack & it obviously did not agree with them. A ridiculous case is, in this case, the fault of a high schl pact made with 2 girls who r crazy. Accept it & u'll be fine. Or not...ur call. When these things happen tho I just conclude that there r some _srsly_ disturbed ppl amongst us...that's all, and just move on.

The BB Angle
I FULLY expected them to come back this ep & ignore all of what went down last week, so when they didn't I was heartened, not disappointed. Awkward is gonna be subtle with these two, between Bren's compartmentalisation skills & Booth's tendency to pretend uncomfortable emotions never touch him until he's finally good & ready to fess up (like he did with Sweets when he was experiencing "anxiety" in the sperm bank). He's hurting. Bad. He's just pretending. As someone pointed out earlier, it's little things, like the fact that he wasn't right beside Bren in FF like he usually is, or that he didn't reflexively jump to her defence when her classmates were being mean, the fact that he couldn't answer Sweets when he asked abt Booth's upcoming date or how he was ready to bolt when Seal started playing.

It sounds like you expected more obvious awkwardness and so u were disappointed. But I don't think they would be any more obvious, given who they are.

idk if any of that will help tho, cuz as I said perception & expectations will colour how u feel. Feel free to hate this ep if u want tho.

Kate said...

thanks for that...
like Booth says in the Headless Witch episode "Our perceptions are always colored by what we hope and what we fear, what we love. We do the best we can."

n i am gonna cheerfully go back to hating this epi...well Bones is lucky that i dont watch it for its
but u know a good season 2ish case one in a while if not always wud be really very nice...where i cud actually buy the reason y the murder is being committed...

and on the BB interaction...i knew it wud be subtle...but this was waaaay too subtle for my liking..
anyhooo i'm gonna take ur advice n feel free to hate this epi..:-)

Cheryl said...

I'm sry u hate it. :( Here, have a frappuccino on me.

Rolywa said...

I thought this was a fun and campy episode. I didn't want anything serious after last week and the bones/booth interactions felt AWKWARD as they should! They're going to keep working together (we knew that) so it's gonna be awkward for a while. I thought the episode was fun.

As for continuity issues...I gave up on those a long time ago and am just in it for the ride. Honestly, I watch Bones when nothing is on tv even though I've seen each episode a dozen times. I love the characters and would never give up on this show. So every episode beats the heck out of all the other shows on tv.

em-jay said...

"Question: Are we supposed to assume that Sweets knows what went down outside his office? The whole "moving on" exchange happened after they left him."

Good point, Jeannie! Is he asking Booth according to B&B ignoring him (and his suggestion that they confront their feelings) as they walked out of the office or because he knows what happened? Sweets said he asked because of Booth's "feelings for Dr. Brennan." Booth answered that he's moved on, so maybe he doesn't know... Could be very interesting if/when Sweets found out. What do you think?

kba said...

Sorry...this doesn't really belong here, but can someone tell me which episode it was that Gordon Gordon (I think) says something about "dazzled by the truth of you"? It's driving me nuts.

Anonymous said...

I am on the side of not liking this episode. Though I thought it was well done. The director was the same one that did The Plain in the Prodigy and has directed about 6 others so I do not think it was his input. David and Emily always do a fantastic job.

1- I understand why Booth acted the way he did, I did think he was passive/aggressive with some of his comments. Additionally, he is to blame for most of what happened last week. He knows she takes time to process things and you cannot rush her. So, he says what he says without even preparing her. I understand he did it because it was bursting out of him, but he seems to be blaming her.

2- I did not like how the writer portrayed Brennan. I do not think this writer really understood her. He kind of made her a characture and not in a good way. Does anyone know who wrote this and what other episodes he wrote?

I think the purpose was to show how much she has grown with regard to friends. And, Angela even said Brennan was the normal one at the high school.

3- I still hope that the writers can pull this out of the fire, but with each week I am less confident.

4- The dynamic between Booth and Brennan was definately off and painful to watch.


Anonymous said...

okay so i thought the "are you serious?" to andy fluger was hilarious...i also think that the dance was perfection-she never got to have a normal childhood and i think HH did a great job establishing that no matter what happens, the two of them will always be connected as great friends. i loved it.
the picture brennan took of booth-hilarious.
also hilarious, "shes married" followed by the blowing of saw dust.
really touching, and what i love about this cast, is that final scene.
overall im happy with how this season is progressing.
and oh yea-is it just me or does the geust star next week seem to always be the character no one likes whenever she is on a show.

Shep said...

I found this episode odd to me for some reason. I didn't really feel anything much, other than irritation at the fact that I wasn't feeling much.

The Dance scene was nice and I liked desperation in Sweets' voice when Booth cut off their conversation 'Who might that be?' He's basically a B/B shipper just like the fans!

Robert Englund was fantastic as the custodian and I did enjoy his scenes. He would make a great serial killer, actually but I don't think it would work because of the Freddy Krueger ties - Englund playing another creepy serial killer. I also don't think we're ever going to see another serial killer episode, or arc. I know David isn't fond of those storylines. But I'm dissapointed about that actually, because all we've had for so long now are crimes of passion and even then they're not portrayed as being fueled by intense rage or something. I really want there to be a case where the murderer is just remorseless and irrational because that is what happens in the world these days. We don't get many melting bones but we do get people being killed for no reason or for something as stupid as 'he looked at me funny' and we still do get crazy lunatic serial killers roaming around. Bones doesn't reflect that anymore. I even guessed what's-her-name would be the murderer the first time we saw her.

I had Brennan issues too. Grrr. I know she's hyper-rational and Buxley wasn't a bad guy so she had no reason to think that way but I would have though even she'd notice the creepiness of him just slightly. I'd like to think S1 Brennan would have. She's rational, not blind! I would've liked it if she'd acknowledged it but then said something like 'there's no concrete evidence' and therefore she has no reason not to trust him, because her reasoning is based on proof and evidence.

I liked the Hodgins/Angela/Wendell stuff but I just felt that it came out of nowhere. I know they have been focusing in Booth and Brennan but I would have also liked some build up to it.

Anonymous said...

i agree with 348-booths lines were hilarious all night...whew slow down and reactions were perfection. also brennans "if i had covered my paper shed still be taking that class" was classic!

luscious said...

@Kba Hi it was not Gordon Gordon that said that "he knows the truth of you and is dazzled by it". it was Avalon in Harbingers in the fountain hope that helps.
I liked this episode as i found it quite funny that Brennan was the normal one in the school. the tension showed between Booth and Brennan and I expect that to get worse and more obvious. Mr Buxley was a great character and his interactions with booth were quite funny they were so wary of each other and both protective of Bones found that funny. the case was mince would you seriously be allowed to work a murder case of someone who's jaw you had broke. the slow dance was as most people think the best part sums up the relationship really.

K said...
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K said...

I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this episode. Possibly the first time all season I've really liked two episodes in a row, which gives me tremendous hope (and nervousness for what's to come). It had a nice mix of goofy and emotional, with totally realistic behavior from Booth and Brennan and a wonderfully done Wendgela (?) resolution that made me breathe a huge sigh of relief.

As for Brennan being totally underdeveloped/regressive, I think Sweets's comment at the end was meant as a reminder that of course she was going to be even worse, she was effectively back in high school. I agree the writers often go a little too crazy jerking around her character's development, but I thought it worked here.

And as for her not picking up on why everyone's creeped out by Mr. Buxley, I thought that was a pretty fascinating study in how production affects perception (and within the story, of how expectations affect perception). A lot of the reasons he seemed so obviously creepy to us were via camera angles and timing and score -- stuff that Brennan of course wouldn't have access to. Take that stuff away and he might be only mildly creepy, certainly enough for semi-back-in-high-school Brennan to miss.

Oh, and to look even 1/10th as good as Booth in the FBI shirt is my new goal in life.

kba said...


Oh, yea...thanks! What a relief, can go re-watch!!

"Question: Are we supposed to assume that Sweets knows what went down outside his office? The whole "moving on" exchange happened after they left him."

It took me awhile (half hour later, random thought...), but I wondered about that, too.
I don't think Sweets knows about their conversation, actually... his frustration was still coming from the realization that his "book is crap", I think, and he feels Booth is continuing to/is going out of his way to point that out.

Mike said...

More or less enjoyed the episode, but there was a couple things in the story I didn't care for. I know Booth is hurting, but I felt he was kinda cold to her around her former classmates. I would think he would have stood up for Bren at least once. Speaking of Bren, why are the writers making her a caricature of herself? Her social awkwardness is charming and really cute but it seems the writers are going over the top with her awkwardness.

As far as Booth wanting to sit the Seal song out, I know several guys I work with who are fans of "Bones" who would have gladly taken his spot, myself included lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey to the Bones fans that are tired of the writers scheme to keep B&B apart, I have great news from Ausiello (here is the link Castle will do what Bones is unwilling to do.

I've grown to like Castle, and it is making me slowly forget about Bones. Instead of keeping their leads separate, Castle's writers are willing to go beyond the UST and do something in this years finale. It only took two years... Way to go Castle, and so long HH and Bones.

chillip said...

writer was mark lisson. wrote "man in the outhouse".

regarding sweets, etc. others knowing, i vote "no". i expect some characters seriously losing their minds when they find out.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody noticed the change of emotions in Booth face during their slow dance?

If you watch on slow motion, you would see that he went from "A..awa, what is she up to?" to "Maybe there is hope" to "Yes, there is hope".

Miss Mary said...

Everyone always talks about Brennan compartmentalizing...but let’s face it Booth is pretty damn good at it too...I think that the writers/the actors nailed this feeling of "everything is honky-dory" on the surface while maintaining an undercurrent of pain.

This show has always been about a lack of continuity...they let story-lines falter and references are forgotten, but really isn't real life the same way? Haven’t you ever been angry with someone and suddenly not? Or completely forgotten a statement you made? Maybe I am weird but I find something endearing about its imperfection. was a perfect ending of the Wendell fling...with all parties coming out respecting each other. Wendell is wonderful, and I love the budding "Bromance" between him and Hodgins, and would love to see a little "three way" with Booth...;)

Lastly...The final speech about friendship...gorgeous. What a statement, a sentiment, a moment...lovely to be shared by them all, because face it….they are all a bunch of lost baby ducks looking to belong...

One anyone ever going to mention the fact that the 12 year old is engaged????

Anonymous said...

Towards the end, when Bones says "there was this prom I didn't get to go to", did anyone notice the expression on Booth's face as he pulled her towards him? I thought it was amazingly sweet.

chillip said...

nice thoughts, miss mary. if we want to consider the thoughts of GGW, it's that b&b are more alike than different.

to me, in the dance scene, the sideways glance at the end speaks more to still wanting something he can't have than anything else.

Catnapping said...

I can't see Bones being so relaxed as she was with those creeps she suffered in high school A part of her would still feel resentment. I think she'd have been a bit more diffident when talking to any of them. Reserved.

I also think that they might have wanted to know more about her. She's a best-selling author - tell me the other alumni wouldn't have been aware.

I didn't buy any of her social gaffes. Again, the writers have turned her into a caricature of her former self.

Sure. It makes for great lines - we have intercourse every chance we get - But such dialogue jars. I am never allowed to suspend my disbelief, because I can never believe this character exists.

I really wish they'd bring back the Bones of the first season. Remember how good she looked in that very first episode? Fit, interesting, and confident. Small wonder Booth was enchanted.

Cheryl said...

"Booth is pretty damn good at it [compartmentalising] too" Yes he is.

"is anyone ever going to mention the fact that the 12 year old is engaged????" Maybe he hasn't told them yet? And r u chanelling Booth? lol. cuz as a staunch Sweets-lover, I must remind you that he totally has like, mad PhDs & like 12 year olds are totally not allowed into wicked universities like him ;)

With u too on more guy time with Booth, Wendell & Hodgins. & can we plz give Wendell his own girl now? okthxbai!

yea...I think the admission abt her missing prom is what made Booth dance with her for real cuz, let's face it....she owns him.

idk abt all the social gaffes she made but no amount of time spent with Booth is going to prevent Dr. Temperance/Joy Brennan from saying things like "we have intercourse every chance we get" cuz she's straightforward like that. That is one statement that is completely true to form.

Catnapping said...

p.s. Having said all that. I enjoyed much of this episode. "Freddy Kruger" was hilarious. And that scene in the gym with everyone weilding sharp weapons. Very funny.

Booth's expressions, omg and lol.

Elizabeth said...

Okay, here's what I'm having trouble with.

Bones was abandoned by her father. Yet, she has shown the ability to love him despite having her heart broken by him.

If she can forgive and love her father, then why can't she love Booth?

It messes with the continuity of the show when the do this.

chillip said...

elizabeth, that really isn't continuity, but a potential internal inconsistency in the character -- and who amongst us doesn't have those? :)

however, i'm not sure your thought about consistency follows. a romantic relationship is a much different animal than a relationship inside the family. and it took a long time, and some heavy lifting by booth, to move those relationships along. if b&b are going to cross the line (or go through the door) there's nothing more booth can do -- someone else will have to help if she can't work through it herself.

and to the anon who thinks it's ok to spoil other shows on this thread, i actually started watching castle because of it. nice show (the first season is very rough) but it's not nearly the show bones (or house) is.

Anonymous said...

did anyone else notice how long Booth held onto the Temperance wood carving that Andy made for her?

chillip said...

"did anyone else notice how long Booth held onto the Temperance wood carving that Andy made for her?"

twice on this thread, anon :)

Anonymous said...

"did anyone else notice how long Booth held onto the Temperance wood carving that Andy made for her?"

twice on this thread, anon :)

so, YES? :-)

chillip said...

the answer is indeed "yes", anon :)

Anonymous said...

@chillip: thanks for humoring me. :-)

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