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Episode Discussion: The Parts in the Sum of the Whole

Episode discussion for:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 16
The Parts in the Sum of the Whole

I hear it's going to be EPIC! :D

Please, please, PLEASE -


Please, do not say "wow, that must be what leads to..." or "well, that won't last because Hart Hanson said that 2 episodes from now she will..." or whatever. I will have to delete any comments that include spoilers for future episodes or download links.

The spoiler post for this episode has some action already, if you want to see what's already been said.

If you see something in this that makes you think of an upcoming episode and possible impact, you can always find that episode's spoiler post here, and go wild. But PLEASE keep spoilers off this post.

Other than that, please discuss away, every aspect of this episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!


gilliahhn said...
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gilliahhn said...

SO, i just watched the episode because I have a choir concert later tonight and I had free time right now, and it's definitely AMAZING. It was NOT what I was expecting, and it was just great. Kudos to the crew :D

norwegian-girl/bonesfan! :D said...

I must say.. it was EPIC!! WOW! :D I loved it! (hope this didn't spoil anything ;)) Can't wait for the next episode!! :D I have never before been such a huge fan of a television show. It's fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Loved it so much! I was screaming and grasping for air ... s2

leeloo said...

but it made me so sad :(

seems to me that she's not ready to give them a chance, but she loves him enough to protect him from herself (?!?) she's just scared aagghhh

nevertheless, this is such a great beginning for the remaining six episodes

Anonymous said...

It was like someone reached in with razor sharp nails and ripped my heart right out of my chest cavity.

I cried throughout the entire ending scene... and I don't mean shedding a few tears... I mean actually SOBBING with loud shrieks.

Did I mention this was at 3 am last night?

I didn't know fiction could ever have this sort of effect on me. I have been in a daze all day today during work.

I will never ever forget this episode.

Lizzy said...

uoI don't know if anybody loves pride and prejudice here, but the end reminded me so much of the rain scene in the 2005 movie (when mr darcys proposal gets turned down).
This final was so heartcrushing! Can't wait for the next episode!

Anonymous said...

This is a little trivial..but worth mentioning.

The part where Booth goes " did I" after Bones tells Sweets that she went home and went to sleep that night, sends chills down my spine.

It just sounded so HOT...I got goosebumps.

mep said...

All I gotta say is.. I KNEW IT!!!! I knew Booth "knew it" from the start!!! HA HA HA TAKE THAT BRAIN SCANS!

Colleen said...
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Colleen said...
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Colleen said...

I just.....feel crushed. I just got done watching this ep, and it was *amazing* right up until the last couple minutes. Now I just want to find Hart Hanson and kill him. I have not been this upset since the show decided to make Zack into Gormogon's apprentice. How much longer is Hanson going to yank us around?

mep said...

I'm sad Booth said he had to move on but this whole season I felt they were trying to tell us Booth hasn't been in love with her all along.

I am just HAPPY they finally came out and said that YES he has been! *focuses on the good*

Its only season 5! They have another season at least so we know they aren't getting together soon. So we've got a lot of yanking around to do still.

*keeps kicking stupid poorly thought out brain scans* MUHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Great episode.... touching, sad, funny, everything you could want... but i really really wanted Booth to bring up the scan when Sweets was telling him that him adn Bones were in love.. Really wanted Sweets punched.. had my hopes all up...


Rolywa said...

I thought the last scene was a big scene. SOMETHING had to be said. Now she knows how he feels and she can work it out on her own. And I fully believe she will:)

Lisa said...

I have a whole jumble of emotions about this episode...from the "yeah, yes," to the "no, no no." Overall, I do think it was an excellent episode.

I was broken hearted for Booth bc he looked devastated.

I think that it was great seeing them kiss (the six years ago kiss) versus the now kiss. The six years ago one was the attraction/lusty one. While the now kiss was so much more meaningful because for a moment it seemed like they both really wanted to move forward. Like the both really wanted to try.

Then, I agree with leeloo. I think that Brennan does love him but she's scared & really feels like she doesn't deserve him bc deep down inside she still feels like that awkward scientist & doesn't see the changes in herself that Booth sees.

Dany said...

A great episode that left me utterly heartbroken....the only question that keeps coming to my mind now is "Does that mean that they won't ever be together?"
Ofcourse we know at some point this is bound to happen but i'm afraid that will be when the show is finally over, as for now we will only be left with a sense of despair and thoughts of what could have been...

Don't go breaking my heart said...

Fox really needs to stop toying with my heart. The ending was just....UGH!!!! Freakin hated that ending. Yes it was sweet, but then again I think Hanson said, "Ok, I'll give Bones fans what they want, but not yet. I gotta make them cry first." Sigh, and cry we did.

Anonymous said...

I saw it last night and cried the whole time... i was in a daze all of today and couldnt focus on anything! never cried so hard during an episode of any show ever. except maybe on glee when mr shue and emma kissed. I couldnt believe the whole episode but yet it makes so much sense.

i think it was the best episode of the show . i'm so glad that booth told bones that he loves her!!! "i'm that guy, bones!" AHHH!!I SOBBED!

Anonymous said...

i just hope they dont put them together right at the end of the show. i want to see them together!!!

Anonymous said...

I was sobbing at the end when Booth was saying all that stuff about "It's the guy who knows, and I know!" and Bones was CRYING... when they left each other and Booth said "...I did too" I was left breathless...when she hit Booth I gasped... when Sweets was pushing at the end I was screaming at him... wow crazy episode. I am so glad I stayed away from spoilers! It was like Christmas morning.

Lali Hyde said...

:( wahhhahaha waaaah i am so sad right now! wahhhh. oh booth, poor... awww.. mannnn. that was terrible. i never cry at not-real-life stuff, but :( :( :( i was crying and laughing at myself for crying and crying some more.

this episode was so good though. and sad. and good. :( :(

Cheryl said...

Listen to the optimists...I didn't have such a happy view of this ep. Good thing I came here to be consoled.I still have literal tears in my eyes & the ep has been over for 17 minutes. You guys, I need a hug. & prayers for my resurrection. When Bren is like "I can't change" & "Can we still work together?" I just...died, metaphorically of course.

And looking at Booth's reaction to her rejection I just wanted to curl up & cry. Or curl around Booth & rub his back. I'm with the Anon who said they felt their heart had been ripped out & with Colleen, except HH has til the season finale to convince me this was a good path to take. If not, I may help u hunt him down. I'm gonna need recovery time. And plz, Ange, smack some sense into the world's best forensic anthropologist b4 she loses 4ever a man who could love her so perfectly.

On other matters:
Every time they denied the in love bit & Sweets got exasperated I just wanted to hug him & say, no it's not ur fault. Yes u r speaking English. Yes, they are THAT good at denial. No it's not a reflection of ur psych skills.

And Booth inadvertently admitted he's been waiting for her & that she's the reason he's single when he says

"Ok. But I'm going to have to move on, find s'one who will love me for 30 or 40 or 50 years."

Grp hugs would be appreciated. I'm gonna need them to recover.

Anonymous said...

This has been my whole night. *rewinds* SCREECH!!!

Anonymous said...

God I do so hope Booth moves on. He FINALLY realized that this will not work between him and her. He took GG's advice and grew a set, and look where it got him. What I don't understand is, here is a woman who is very promiscuous(She wanted to have sex with Booth immediately),will flirt and have sex with almost anybody no matter what they look like, yet she REJECTS this gorgeous man. Unbelievable !!!!

Anonymous said...

Booth and Brennen have a different relationship than Brennen did with all those other men.

Cheryl said...

Thing is, Bren can have sex easily cuz her heart's not involved. She's terrified of moving fwd with Booth cuz...who knows her as well as he does? And if she loses him, how will she cope? She's A-Ok with sex but absolutely talented at avoiding intimacy. I think she said that Sweets said it's because of her being abandoned as a teen. So I get how she could reject him. But I'm counting on s'one *cough*Ange*cough* smacking some sense into her b4 it's too late.

Mysti said...

WOW! What an amazing episode. I forgot how much I missed the banter between Hodgins & Zach. I want him back NOW! And I loved seeing how Angela became part of the mix. I loved the scene when they were fighting when they were looking at the judge's car. It so reminded me of the first episode when they were fighting in the gun range. And then the ending.... OMG he finally told her. AMAZING acting by David Boreanaz. He made me swoon, cry, and ache all in the same scene. And Bones will figure it out. She doesn't realize it, but she has changed. She is just SO scared right now. When she sees Booth "moving" on it will effect her and they will be together. I have so much more confidence in that now. Can't wait for more. This so felt like a season finale and I'm so glad we have more!!! OMG!!! They really kissed!!! Twice for real now!!! UGH!!!!

Anonymous said...


Jen said...

For a moment ..that kiss....then ahhh!

totally deflated.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I can't believe that ending. I agree with everyone else that that was a GREAT episode. However, that doesn't change the fact that I am utterly heartbroken right now. Ugh, the look on Booth's face. We have been waiting all season for him to tell Bones how he feels . . . and then when he finally does, she says no!! And the fact that he kept trying to convince her to just give it a shot made it so much more heartbreaking for me. He is so in love with her. I also felt a little stab of pain when he said he had to move on. . . I really see that happening in the next few episodes. I don't think HH would have written that into the episode unless it was going to happen . . . at least for a few episodes. I think that Bones needs to feel that she has lost him (whether that be professionally or relationship wise) in order for her to come to terms with how much she loves Booth as well. I agree that she is aware of her feelings and attraction to him, BUT I don't think she realizes what it would be like to share him with another woman. It's been awhile since Booth has really been involved with someone (right?) and her feelings are much more obvious now than what they were back when he was in somewhat serious relationships. So I think the next few episodes are going to be "disappointing" (or maybe frustrating is a better word) in the sense that there will be no Booth/Bones romance. Instead, I think it will be us seeing Booth a little sad and depressed and us watching Bones start to understand her feelings more. . . the same way we watched Booth's feelings unfold over a few episodes. God, at least I hope so! I really need for Bones to start getting it I guess. I wish she would have at least said a little more to make Booth want to try again later. I feel like she crushed him . . . and me. Well, it certainly wasn't a disappointing episode! Maybe Booth will talk about it with Sweets and Sweets can convince him not to move's hoping!! I have to say I feel a little better now . . . I need someone to talk about this with!!

Michael said...
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Anonymous said...

I HATED the end of this left me depressed for their future

Anonymous said...

very well said and i feel exactly the same way. they are only setting it up so that when they do get together, it will be right for both of them and we'll know it. the next few eps are going to be brutal though ahah

Anonymous said...

AAAAHHH. mind blown. this episode was amazing. i love love love that bones has realized her feelings (sort of). she "got it" when booth said they should give it a try. she wasn't weirded out or questioning why. and you can tell she loves him, like people said, because she wants to protect booth, regardless of her own feelings. and when she pushed him away from the kiss, it looked like it hurt. and how she was so quick to ask if they could still work together.... just shows how much she really cares about him and how its out in the open. hopefully she can see that for herself. (or i will implode)

Colleen said...

Am I the only one who is totally wondering how the hell Zack ended up living over Hodgins garage?? They *really* didn't like each other in the beginning....

Wendy said...

Michael's comment, sans the spoiler part:

Ok. First off this episode was great. It's the reason I liked this show in the first place.
For those of you who are mad at the ending need to relax and see the whole picture.
While it was great seeing Booth admit his feelings what I took away was Brennan's reaction.
Brennan's been use to those who are close to her leaving. Her parents, her brother and so on.
I think the real problem is that she's scared that if it doesn't go well that Booth will leave her.
This sets up nicely for [spoiler]. I think that's the only way she'll finally admit her feelings.
Even in tonight's ending she walked off with him.
I'm excited for the future episodes both this season and beyond.

Anonymous said...

I just pictured Booth's face again . . . and felt like someone punched me in the chest. I mean the look on his face people!! And he was crying . . . it was truly great acting. That whole scene made me feel like it was me who was getting her heart crushed. Oh, I just feel so terrible for Booth. The next few episodes are going to be agonizing. Bones really broke his heart . . .

Cheryl said...

I concur with Micheal...Bren has abandonment issues. & as Mike and the last Anon pointed out they walked off together & she was emotionally affected by her rejection of him as well. I saw the way she held on to his arm & leaned into him as they walked spoke to how close they are but I can only imagine how much it cost Booth to have her that close without being able to have her.

Dijea said...

I have to say this showed more about Bones than it did Booth. I'm probably going to watch it again (I watched it with the kids) so that I can catch everything I missed, but this for me so much more a disappointment for her and not being able to experience something that would finally make her whole and all because she's afraid to lose a lesser version.

~sigh~ I just want to shake her.

brennanite said...

Huge props to ED and DB. That last scene was all about their acting. It was so short, it only took like 3 minutes, and so powerful. Both of them. When Brennan asked him if they could still work together and thought that he might so no, the look on her face just broke my heart. And the way Booth was just throwing it all out there, impulsive and kind of wild. So good.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think that Booth walked away from that whole thing thinking that he has no chance of ever being with her?? That truly concerns me . . . not b/c I think they will never end up together but b/c I think it may take much longer for them to get there now. Or do you guys think that contrary to Booth saying that he needs to move on, that he really will hold out hope to be with her? I mean after all, he did say IN THIS EPISODE that he still believes in fate . . . .I'm so frustrated . . . ahhhh, I want to know what happens!

Michael said...

Hey Wendy,
Sorry if my comment was preceived to have a spoiler in it but trust me I don't ready any of that stuff. I was just stating what I felt the show was going to do. Sorry and I'll try to phrase myself better net time.

Anonymous said...

I think i might cry!!!!!
I have been a bones fan from the beginning and i have never been disappointed in an episode till now. I honestly felt like crying. I understand that they can't rush into the relationship but still you also need time for there relationship to develop. I'm so disappointed i mean they dangled that in our face in episode 17. God I'm a true romantic defiantly and i love the charters pure love for each other. And they said all that stuff and then nothing. Hart Hanson if your reading this stop messing around and get them together.PLEASE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree. The acting was so well done. The look on ED's face when she asks if they can still work together absolutly crushed me. and how DB cried!?! i cried soo much!

Wendy said...

No worries, Michael, but anything about future episodes is a spoiler, just for the next time :) You'd be amazed at how much spoiler information you pick up without realizing it!

I have to think on this episode more. I loved parts, and was bugged by others.

Totally not what people are thinking about when they watch this episode, at least at this point, but seeing the old dynamic, even if it was pre-the way we knew it, makes me sad. It was SO MUCH BETTER to have the old interactions, the old crew, the old squints.

I. Miss. Zack.

n2seeleybooth said...

Man I'm crying for real heart crushing David and Emily such emotion Booth/david with tears in his eyes. Part of me wants him to move on, she let her fear crush him. I will watch this show forever I love it.

Anonymous said...

I respect everybody's opinion, but I have to disagree with Cheryl 9:32 about the reason she is this way, is because she was abandoned as a teen. Booth,s early life was no picnic either and yet he turned out ok. I will bet anything that TPTB will make Booth act like a love sick puppy in the coming episodes. Remember you heard it here first. HERE IS MY RANT!! HH would rather walk on a bed of nails barefooted, than to put these two together.

Tara said...

“You thought you were protecting me, but you’re the one that needs protecting.”

She KNEW that he had been holding back. She KNEW that he loved her and didn’t want to rush her. For me, this one line acknowledges that Bren knew for a long time how much they loved eachother. She doesn’t do serious relationships and she believes she will hurt him if they try. She’s been acting oblivious on purpose.

Also, kinda poor timing on Booth’s part. With Sweet’s book, she was on the defensive all day. And Booth did rush her, quite physically with that kiss.

I was nervous for this episode. I am totally amazed by it now. Wow! I bow before the writers. It was so different than what I expected and so much better.

Rolywa said...


Good point! She did admit she had realized he loved her. That again goes along with her being the one "struggling with her feelings every day."

I for one am very excited for the rest of the season! SOMETHING had to happen- they couldn't go on the way they were forever. This will spice things up.

Also, I am a fullll shipper. But I don't know if I want them together just yet. So much will be lost because it is so hard to do will-they-wont-they couples relationships right. I always think back to The X Files- I SOOOO wanted Mulder and Scully together and it just didn't work once they were. The dynamic of the show changed. That being said, when they know they are ending the show, I think they should get them together so we can at least taste what it will be like. It's hard to do these relationships justice, but I think the Bones' writers could add a nice arch of humor to make it easier.

Also @Wendy- I agree...I miss Zack too:)

And I am staying spoiler-free the rest of the season. This episode would have had MUCH more of an effect on me if I hadn't known how it would end!

Cheryl said...

From Tara:

"She KNEW that he had been holding back. She KNEW that he loved her and didn’t want to rush her. For me, this one line acknowledges that Bren knew for a long time how much they loved eachother. She doesn’t do serious relationships and she believes she will hurt him if they try. She’s been acting oblivious on purpose.

Also, kinda poor timing on Booth’s part. With Sweet’s book, she was on the defensive all day. And Booth did rush her, quite physically with that kiss."


melanie said...

I cried! The look on poor Booth's face, and the tears in his eyes - it SUCKED but was one of the best ending scenes all at the same time.

I'm hoping that this doesn't lead to torture for the remainder of the season. But I don't foresee a resolution for quite some time, with a whole 6th season already picked up...

Samantha R. said...

I've never commented before, but I feel compelled to after watching this ep. Despite reading the spoilers for the last month, having a pretty solid idea going into this episode how it was going to play out and not getting my hopes up, I was still floored. Far above what I was expecting, sad ending and all.

I could go on about how wonderful it was to see the old dynamics from Seasons 1-3 again. I thought Emily and David did a wonderful job recapturing their personas from earlier episodes. Whether you like the progression their characters have taken or not, I believe it IS realistic to show these characters changing throughout the years. All the basics are still there, but people do evolve, and I'm happy they have allowed the characters to do so, and equally happy that Emily and David did such a good job of contrasting then and now.

But the part that resonated with me the most was how intimate the final scene was, and not in the obvious sense. From Booth's abrupt kiss to Brennan's acknowledgement that Booth has been protecting her (ie has known his feelings towards her), I was struck by how these two know each other inside out. A bit of an obvious statement maybe, but for a show that has built five seasons out of letting the audience feel as if it is privy to all of the ins and outs of its main characters's relationship, I felt that this scene underscored the fact that Booth and Brennan know each other intimately, have had private moments and understandings that others around them, and the viewers, haven't had access to. I'm struggling to convey exactly what it is I felt during this scene that made it so powerful for me. Maybe someone else will pick up on what I sensed.

Sorry for the ramble, but this ep made me happy, and actually hopeful for their future.

iheartbooth said...

Excellent insight, Tara. I was kind of hoping that Booth would tell her that she didn't need to change; that he loved her as she was. I agree, I think that she needs to "lose" him to realize that she has changed and can. Loved the episode, even though the ending was oh so sad. God, when she pushed him away, that was just heart crushing.

Anonymous said...

I think the writers are now going to push Booth into moving on . . . now, it's Bones' turn to figure out her feelings. She needs to feel like she's "lost" him before she's going to be willing to give it a shot. She has to feel what she just made Booth go through. Let's hope that at that point, Booth is ready for the relationship. And good point my husband just made--he said, well they can't let them get together yet. There's too much time left on the show . . . very true. When you think about, what makes this show so dang good is the back and forth with Bones and Booth. But whatever, still doesn't change the fact that I'm totally depressed right now. :(

Anonymous said...

i don't think this a spoiler, because I saw next weeks promo. After getting his heart ripped out, what the hell is doing going with her to a high school reunion? I tend to agree with another poster that Booth is going to act like a dope. Why didn't she ask someone else, and why did he agree?

ceecee said...

I just can't believe how this ending affected me. I found myself sobbing even though I was trying not to. That was one of saddest scenes I have ever watched. He was just crushed,and she was so afraid she would lose him altogether. Her fear is obvious. The way they walked off together arm in arm and head on his shoulder just made me cry more.
It was fun seeing them banter like the old episodes and Hodgins and Zack were so great together again. Caroline just cracked me up, too, as usual.
Anyway, I feel so let down about Booth and Brennan. Not sure if I'm going to enjoy this show as much as I used to. The writing in this episode was back up to stellar. Lots of good quotes...they've been missing.
If this episode affected me this much, I can't imagine the season finale's effect. Right now, I just feel really, really sad.

Cheryl said...

Let's just put the lie to rest that BB getting together means the show has to end. BB _together_? I would pay MONEY to see that. Their wit & bickering isn't gonna go away cuz they're married or in a r'ship guys. I'm willing to bet that it'll be even more fun than this "Oh no no no no. We're _partners_." phase.

Also, I totally see Sweets trauma last week giving him the push to finally get his final draft into their hands. Ty Sweets! u shipper u!

Tracy said...

I noticed what didn't happen. I think he held back on her a bit. He said I want to try, "I knew', etc. But he didn't come out and say, "I love you." Does anybody else think that is significant.

I think it was awesome and amazing. Can't wait for the rest to unfold.

Courtney said...

It was great to see some of the old magic - though I am pretty sure it will just be for this one episode. Makes the difference between the early years and now so painfully obvious.

DB did a great job directing the episode - there was the old spark between them and the ending was so well acted and raw.

But, I am pretty tired of all the teasing about them being together - I did like that Bones revealed she knew he has been holding back to protect her and I can see, based on her personality, her thinking she needs to protect him from her. Not only does she not want to wind up being hurt, she doesn't want to hurt him. In her mind, if it doesn't work out, she loses him completely - which is probably exactly what would happen.

But, it is getting tiring after five years of this being jerked around by HH - though this was one of the better scenarios/stories for why the leads aren't getting together.

Just hope they can hold onto even a bit of the old spark till the end of the season.

This was the first episode of the season I actually felt something - but, again, I did not care a bit about the actual crime.

Anonymous said...

Very good point Tracey, although I don't know if it really matters. I tend to agree with ceecee that I don't know if the coming episodes are going to be as enjoyable as usual. And here's why: since the very beginning, we have all analyzed every little thing that Bones and Booth did, trying to figure what it means for their relationship. Now, though, it's over for Booth. I mean I think he walked away from that thinking that there is no chance. I think that really changes the dynamic of the show, at least for awhile. I think that's why I'm so frustrated b/c I don't think HH needed to make it so dramatic to make things change in the BB relationship. After all this tonight, though, I think changed A LOT and not necessarily for the better. I just think that it's going to take a lot (or quite a few episodes) to move past this development. I mean she crushed him. Unless she does something to change what he thinks the status of their relationship is, then it's going to be different for awhile. Gosh, maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about--I'm royally frustrated and confused! That's good writing I guess!

Anonymous said...

Script from one of ED's most recent interviews talking about Bones and her relationship with Booth:

""I think that she's incredibly scared and when she says, you know, she doesn't know how she'll feel in five or ten years, I think [what she means is] that she doesn't know how he'will feel in five or ten years. I mean, this is somebody who was abandoned by her family, the people who were closest to her, so of course she's going to protect herself. And, you know, having a friendship with somebody who she loves is better to her than having a romance that could very easily go south and he could be gone."

I think that pretty much sums it up as to why Bones did what she did. It makes a lot of sense to me.

Anonymous said...

I never really got carried away with the shippers, but that last scene was pretty good acting... And as someone who was in a very similar relationship (without the science and ass-kicking, of course), totally believable ending. Been there. Not fun times.

Jeannie said...

From an interview with Emily about Brennan's reason for turning down Booth (will provide link tomorrow):

"I think that she's incredibly scared and when she says, you know, she doesn't know how she'll feel in five or ten years, I think [what she means is] that she doesn't know how he'will feel in five or ten years. I mean, this is somebody who was abandoned by her family, the people who were closest to her, so of course she's going to protect herself. And, you know, having a friendship with somebody who she loves is better to her than having a romance that could very easily go south and he could be gone."

Jeannie said...

Oops, sorry, I just saw that someone posted the exact same thing while I was typing my previous post. Sorry! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Loved the fact that booth shows his rebellion with flashy ties, colored socks and cocky belt buckles thanks to brennan's insight.
The turn at the end... amazing, not expected, well received though. the show needs a new look at their relationship in order to keep it interesting

Anonymous said...

Tracy D. says......

I was so sad at the end.....but I do think this will be the shake up they need. I agree with the previous poster that said Booth will say he's moving on but he will still wait for Bones. He loves her too much to just give up on the first try. Maybe if he is with someone else it will make Bones realize what she is missing out on.
I know HH will come through for all of us shippers in the end. Even if I have to wait longer, I am not a fair weather fan! I will stay loyal, just because every episode doesn't turn out the way I would like, I will not abandon the show. There is a reason why we aren't tv writers people. Obviously HH and crew are doing something right if we have all gotten this emotionally invested in the show.
Now excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep:(

Meg said...

This is slightly melodramatic, but this episode just left me feeling rather gloomy about life in general.

I believe that Brennan and Booth are soulmates - if they can't have happiness, then how are the rest of us supposed to hold on to the hope that we can?

This is every fan's worst nightmare - Booth finally gets up the courage to ask Brennan to give him a chance, and she turns him down.

Even worse, Booth says he has to move on. And she lets him.

Now, I understand that she loves him enough to let him go, but that seems to be the only noble part of this whole catastrophe.

Thank you Hart Hanson for destroying my idea of a perfect partnership.

Anne said...

Bravo to HH and the entire Bones staff. That was an absolutely perfect episode.

monica said...

i just have to say i really liked how emotional yet real the end was. weird i know but i liked it. i didn't want it to be over!

Mike said...

I still believe they will be together. It's the only rational thing that can happen. I have an idea how it will happen but I'll save that for later.

That said, I don't know if I can watch this episode again, at least for a while. Real sad ending, but how's the cliche go, always darkest before the dawn?

Anonymous said...

This episode realy explains alot. It ties the pilot in nicley and you could easly see the emotion taken place. Sweets is right she does have relationship issues with how her past was and so does Booth. You can see how she comes on strong to him and than after he gets real with her by telling her right off the bat about the gambling adiction. She gets spooked right there. Cause than it is him that came on too strong. And she has time to think about this cause afer all its in the the kiss. I not going to make any furture predictions about this show becaue so far I just really apprieate how "real" it is with the characters and he situations.Nicley Done, Can't wait for more artistic exression with the plots and story lines

Lauryn said...

oh. my. gosh. is was so SAD!!!!!!! but it was SO GOOD!!!!

it was really sweet and sad when booth had tears in his eyes at the end. i wanted to go up and hig him :(

when they were in Sweets' office at the end, I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and then when they were outside and they kissed, and he asked to "give it a try", I was like "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"
and then it got very touching and sad and I cried for like 10 minutes (not ALL just because it's B&B, but also cause it was in general very sad).

I love it. it was one of my all-time favorite episodes!!! I was just really, really hoping...

P.S. my word verification word is "squint", can that get any more ironic?

Anonymous said...

did anyone else pick up on how when they're walking out of sweets' office, the quote read "Nothing happens unless first a dream..." and that may be a play on s4 finale. I feel like HH's giving us a little hope with that (bc the dream happened already) and also the way they walked off together arm in arm.
its too frustrating bc they're basically in a relationship (ie they are each others best friends, share more than with anyone else, and are always there to talk to at all hrs of the day), except they're not getting to enjoy the fun aspects. Why wont Bren realize Booth's sticking around?!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else feel semi-crazy at the amount of effect this show has on you? Why am i so emotionally invested? this drove me crazy, but i trust it'll take BB where they need to go. (don't know if i can handle the wait though)

Miss Mary said...

Well I am in shock still....3 hours later....I never cry at TV or the point an ex said I was frigid...but seriously tonight I was in tears. Not because it was heartbreaking (but it was) or touching (but it was) but more out of hope. I really do feel that there was a lot of hope in this episode, He admits to loving her, she says she CAN"T but never that she DOESN'T...big difference.

I really hope that Hart et al. don't just disrgard this all next week...although I am sure they will. This "episodic" format really messes with my need for more information....oh well I have to believe all things come in time...

It was amazing...the acting was lovely...although tonight will be sleepless i hope that what comes will be brighter...

Meg said...

Anonymous, I completely agree. I've sat here crying for the past ten minutes after THINKING about the episode, simply because I believe that if Booth and Brennan, two fictional characters, are soulmates. If they can't find happiness together, then the rest of us can't.

I heard somewhere that truly good entertainment moves its audience. Let's just go with that, and not admit that we are emotionally steeped in this show far, far more than what's considered healthy.

Lotte said...

and, WHY did booth say, "You're right, you're right," when he knew she obviously wasn't?! Was it to make her feel better? In my opinion he should have kept talking, kept trying because she was already opening up and I think he might have been able to convince her.

AND he should have come right out and said, "I love you."

Anonymous said...

@miss mary

from the looks of that promo it seems like HH will disrupt the continuity and forget all progress made in this episode :(

Meg said...

...Did anyone else LOVE that Cam was the one that got Booth and Brennan together in the first place?

I think she's the most underrated character in the show. That made me SOOOOOOOOO happy.

Then HH had to go break my heart. But that's besides the point.

Cheryl said...

@ Meg I love Cam now. Early!Cam had a weird vibe like in AIAS (This is exactly y I was hired. u guys r brilliant but won't make intuitive leaps). But Dr Camille Saroyan I totally adore. & her linking Booth to Bren? Yea...gotta love that.

Plz don't lose hope for urself..."Everything happens eventually". If ur gonna take any lesson home from this, just remember that s'times a perfect r'ship has a rock start & must b fought for. She turned him down yes, but they need each other as much as ever. I have to believe this is going s'where good. And so will ur life. It's just not all roses all the time.

@Lauryn yes "squint" as ur verification is _hilarious_!

Anonymous said...

i am totally with everyone who is wondering if it is healthy to be so emotionally invested in this show. I was trying to sleep and all i could think about was tonight's show. my roommate told me i should watch something happy and i thought of Bones (because they always cheer me up) and i was like I can't watch them! ugghhh! i mean this impacted the way i watch every episode. i'll get over it by tomorrow, but tonight i just feel overloaded and drained. i really shouldn't be so emotionally involved, but i am... we need to start some kind of support group or something :)

Lauren said...

I have to say.....I'm a total spoiler junkie. I knew that Sweets was going to say "my book is crap" before tonight's episode. However, despite my 'want to know before it happens' I NEVER, NEVER, EVER expected this from tonight's episode. I just can't believe it! I watched and rewatched the ending and just cried. If was so powerful and amazing appropriate for the 100th episode. Although this ending left me partially devastated what with "I'm the guy, I knew" and Bren just not being ready.....I have to say one thing, the cat is out of the bag. Finally! Now, we really do have confirmation of what they both want- we have validation- we just have to weather some more storms and give it some time.

One of the best hours of Bones EVER! And now, I'm even more intrigued. If last season was "The End in the Beginning" and this season finale is "The Beginning in the End"-- my god-- WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?????

chillip said...

[dang post eating page!]

i wanted to agree with anon regarding the sandberg quote:

"Nothing happens unless first a dream..."

i mentioned this on the spoiler thread since i watched the canadian ep this morning as i had an engagement tonight.

to me, this is a 2x4 of a foreshadow.

excellent episode, but hard to watch the last 3 minutes.

and i'm a spoiler-free kind of guy, but i do have a sneaking suspicion that those not happy with the apparent lack of character development with b&b won't be disappointed over the next 6-10 episodes. as sweets notes, someone broke the stalemate so there can be movement again. there's no way they can stay where they were.

Angie said...

Oh my god, the first kiss was the hot one. Then the next one was the hopeful / heartbreaking one. You did notice, that she was the one who made the first move 6 years ago (i.e. she asked him about his lovelife and she was the one who kissed him) and then at present Booth did that. I was literally smothering myself with a pillow because I wanted to scream so much! But I still believe that they're going to be together soon. I think Brennan just freaked with that "Let's give this a shot" thing. Sure 6 years of feelings, but I guess she wasn't really ready to expose all of that in one go. She still has issues, though. And Booth -- Oh my god, Booth, you will never move on from her! Bones will love you thirty or forty or fifty years and more... the two of you just need a little more time. Hart Hanson, that was just brilliant and the tiniest bit cruel to leave us all like this!

Angie said...

@Anonymous who said...

It was like someone reached in with razor sharp nails and ripped my heart right out of my chest cavity.


Anonymous said...

I wish writers would spend sometime and watch the first 2 seasons before writing this one. I found two goofs:
1. if Booth got the idea of rebellion from Bones, why did he act surprised by Gordon's observation about the tie and socks and even told Bones about it?
2. As I remember Booth told the director of FBI that he dismissed her reasoning in her first case because she did it by only looking at the x-rays.

Tara said...

@ anon 1:27 AM Here's how I try to see it

1. Gordon Gordon said Booth did that to resist regimentation and deal with a homogenizing profession. Bones comment was to say that leaders find a way to stand out. It still makes sense to me. What started out as trying to be a leader, turned into a mechanism for dealing with other things.

2. With Cullen, Booth probably didn't want to say; "I got her drunk, fired her, made out with her, tried to sleep with her, rehired her and called her soulless. So she's a bit bitter" He just needed his boss to know the animosity was his fault. So he made up another reason to tell his boss.

Jeannie said...

@ the last anon poster, if you look closely, there were a bunch of other continuity errors as well, like Caroline meeting Brennan even before Man in the Morgue and or the complete lack of Goodman as her superior in this episode, but I'm willing to suspend disbelief to a certain point. After all, they wrote this in hindsight and it still had to make sense.

Count me among those who spotted the quote about there being first a dream and immediately thinking that this must be a shout-out to the fans.

Loved the wig Hodgins was sporting! ;-) Loved how they explained how Angela got the job at the Jeffersonian but wished they could have dropped a line about how she knew a lot about computers and could help them set up something more professional than that stick figure book.

For the first 40 minutes, I found myself thinking that this was a cute episode, with lots of laugh-out moments. I am kind of proud that I called a kiss while they were on their first case without any spoiler information (including the promo) and I find it equally interesting that Sweets used the same phrase I recently used to describe BB's current relationship ("You missed your moment.") although he was referring to the past and I was referring to the present when saying that.

Did anybody else catch DB's father as the guy who slammed a notebook on the copying machine (in a really weird angle, too) to make a copy right before BB turn around the corner at the FBI building?

As for the end, my immediate reaction was disappointment in Brennan and sadness for both of them, but that was soon replaced with hope and a feeling of "this is opening up many possibilities". As many of you have mentioned already, I think it was important that Booth came clean about his feelings and it was equally important for him to realize that Brennan had been aware of them and had tried to do the right thing. Any movement in their relationship is a good thing for me at this point!

I just hope for once they will stick with some continuity over the coming weeks and not pretend this episode never happened.

(And Fox really should have made this the much-hyped winter finale instead of that episode they chose.)

Jojo said...

Never have I ever yelled at a tv show with such great passion like I did tonight.

With their first kiss I was squeeling and yelling "Oh my gaaaah"

Towards the end when they were in Sweets' office I kept yelling "Tell her Booth! Tell her!"

And when they got up to leave I was like "NOoooooo"

And then that ending. That. Ending.


Thanks Wendy for creating a place where all of us Obsessed Bones fans can come to a place and share our feelings.

Wow, I can't believe there have been 100 episodes.


Anonymous said...

I kind of felt like Sweets was watching his parents break up in front oh him. Idk really why.

Miss Frazzle said...

incredible acting. and IF AND ONLY IF BOOTH AND BRENNAN END UP TOGETHER BEFORE THE SHOW ENDS I am very, very happy with this episode.

first in that it was ingenious to say they had feelings all along as well as HISTORY which is sicknastyawesome because i will view EVERY episode differently now.

second in that if they cant just have bones jump on the relationship wagon right away, which makes sense, at least she clearly wants to and just doesnt feel capable. which leaves hope.

but booth being so sad! and saying he needs to move on! and the kissing! aaaauaughghghaghagahgah! torture!

this is what i cling to like saranwrap: i hope that brennan seeing her friends happy and married later on this season changes her mind some.

this is what i fear: the new kind of sexual tension might not be as fun to watch. it just might make me want to curl up and die on a bed of knives all the time.

Jordi said...

I’m sorry, but I have to disagree. Yes, it’s a great episode, excellent direction of DB, great first meeting plot. But I’m so tired of this “unsolved sexual tension” thing…..There are no writers in all the USA capable to make good histories including a Booth-Bones established relationship?. Why are all the producers so afraid about the “Moonlight effect”?. I’m afraid that “Bones” is going to finish in the 6th or 7th season like “JAG” finished, with a sole “happy ending” episode. Sorry about my english, is not my first language.

Anonymous said...

Booth and Brennan had gone beyond sexual tension, so it's just a little more complicated than that.

Amie said...

I have followed this blog for some time but never had the courage to comment. Having been amazed by this episode I really wanted to contribute to the discussion.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It really felt like Bones was back to its winning formula. As far as emotion goes, there was the sheer happiness of seeing the old team back together again and learning how they all started out and then there was the devastatingly sad ending. I watched the episode yesterday and it has been the only thing on my mind ever since. I am heartbroken. David & Emily’s acting in that final scene was superb. That final scene was so real and raw; the audience could feel exactly what it was the characters were feeling.

I can understand why the writers have taken this direction with Booth & Brennan. The stale mate had to be broken (but did it have to be so sad!). Booth has finally put his feelings forward and now it is up to Brennan. I think she wants to be with him, but she doesn’t know how. She is not prepared to risk losing possibly the only person in her life she can trust, depend on, confide in, feel safe with, be herself with, learn from, grow with, etc. If only Brennan could see that with every risk there is also gain and in this case, what a wonderful gain it would be.

On a side note, having watched Bones since the pilot episode, I could ignore some of the continuity issues for the sake of pure television enjoyment.

Finally, I hope next week's episode continues with this storyline and it doesn't get dropped for an episode or two.

Jessica said...

OMG LOVED the episode, my heart was and still is crushed from the end scene, I cried my eyes out and still do after rewatching, so wonderfully acted by DB and ED ! And I still believe ´Everything will happen eventually´

Shep said...

First of all, *hugs* to everyone who is feeling depressed atm.

I thought it was a beautiful episode and David did anotehr great job at directing. I'm glad they stayed true to the S1 tone and style of case. The annoying thing about that was that it showed that they're conscious about the way they write the current cases and it just amde me want to scream at the screen going 'See! Why can't you write like this now!!!'.

I believe it is a step forward for Booth and Brennan as she is now fully aware of his feelings. I couldn't believe Booth was actually crying - I just wanted to hug him. David is the king of puppy dog eyes!

I loved having Zack back (I miss him so much!)and the reference to 'Naomi from palaeontology' but I wanted to see more of him, and Hodgins too, and maybe just a mention of Goodman? But I guess they couldn't squeeze in everything.

Oh and Caroline - YAY!

Did anyone notice the picture on Booth's tie - reminded me of Buffy's cheerleader outfit. Regarding the tie, I thought they were subconscious decisions and Gordon Gordon was the one who made him realise that those were symbols of his need to rebel. I didn't understand Brennan telling him about that.

Some other minor nitpicks: I think they could have done a bit more to keep with the S1 tone. For example when they go to check the judge's car, the musical underscore was too lively - I think it may have been electric guitar based. I'd have liked it if the murder hadn't been a crime of passion as well, more like something doneout of malice or some other twisted reason. Not that I'mweirdly morbid or anything, it's just that in that way, they could have included lines about Brennan's reverance for human life that we used to see in S1. I also wanted to see a little more light bickering between them at the beginning, in amost the flirting.

But anyway, it was a tearjerker of an episode. But that's no reason to give up hope yet: I get the feeling Hart is quite fond of his limbs to not have them get together!

chillip said...

"Finally, I hope next week's episode continues with this storyline and it doesn't get dropped for an episode or two."

to tie this into other comments about this should have been the winter finale and continuity concerns -- i say have no fear. i believe that these last 6 eps will be "tight" and it was done for a reason.

also, i'd call that quote foreshadowing, not a "shout out". HH and crew have made great use of foreshadowing in the past.

i'm just thinking of this ep as finishing at the very top of a very long, exciting, and at times scary roller coaster ride -- look out below!

Jeannie said...

Chillipp, since I was the one calling the quote a shout-out, let me explain. Of course this is supposed to be foreshadowing but it was put at a wall for only the fans to see. It was not part of any dialogue etc. Of course I took it as an "Look here, just be patient and join us for the ride, everything will happen eventually and yes, last year's finale did have a further meaning."
And I might need on my wording. ;-)

chillip said...

no worries, jeannie :)

Lucy said...

i realised the quotation!

B&B are meant to be together! dont give up hope!

i thought this was a FANTASTIC episode, had everything, joy and tears. keep it up bones!

favorite show forever

Jeannie said...

Quick question: Why did Brennan give "I am a scientist" as a reason for not wanting to give this a try? I understand that it was in contrast to 'Booth, the gambler' but what was the significance of that scientist part? That really confused me there.

Anonymous said...

Finally a resolution to the love question. Now, like Booth, it is time to move on. Brennan had her chance, and she, like Rebecca before her, failed to take it.

As a fan of the show, I been hoping for B&B to be more than partners, but with the season 4 finale and this whole season, I grown more skeptical about the show and HH.

This episode was the go for broke moment -- all the chips are on the line, and there were only two outcomes possible the beginning of the relationship or none whatsoever.

I will watch the show for what it is, but I do not want to be constantly reminded of the missed opportunity. NO MORE B&B as potential lovers. IT IS OVER, and if HH wants to keep playing the game with a potential hookup then he has lost this viewer.

Anonymous said...

Her history plays a role in how she chooses hyper-rational behavior in everything. She doesn't want to ever be left again, and if that means settling down for a lifetime of friendship with Booth rather than ten years of being lovers and her being left again, then she chooses to settle.

Lisa said...

@ Tara & Cheryl~ Great points. btw, Cheryl, hugs to you =D

I think that it has been obvious that Brennan feels like she needs to protect Booth. She has said so before & she has come to his defense in front of Sweets when she feels Booth is being attacked. I think that she may feel that not only does she have to protect Booth from herself but she also carries the information that Booth's grandfather entrusted to her about Booth's father. So, she's even more cautious. It's true that she doesn't want to lose Booth bc they are very close.

Now, I'm not saying that Booth isn't protective of Brennan. That too is very obvious.

After reflecting a bit, I do like the fact that the both acknowledged that they do have feelings for each other & that this goes back to the beginning. In that sense, it was very satisfying.

Excellent acting by DB & ED. Love them =D

Stephanie said...

What is wrong with me, I wake up an hour and a half before my alarm goes off and can't fall back asleep because I am thinking about this show so much!

I think everyone who is worried about the future of B&B needs to relax. You know how in a romantic comedy there's always that bit in the middle where you wonder how in the world the guy and the girl are going to come together before the end? Obstacles just keep getting in the way and it seems almost impossible that everything will work out. Well, I think that is where we are at with B&B right now. Only since this is tv and not a movie it has, and will, drag out for a lot longer. This does mean that there will probably be some things coming up that will be tough to watch (I don't read spoilers--just speculating based on this ep), but I am definitely along for the ride. I believe that "everything happens eventually" and that there will be some really good story-telling along the way.

PharaohHound said...

Man, am I the only shipper who DIDN'T cry?!! Well, I'm weird like that (I only cry for TV when there is an animal involved, for whatever reason...) I did sit in a slightly shell-shocked state saying omg omg omg over and over for a bit.

Amazing acting, and it still kinda hasn't sunk into me that this is all cannon now... I think that'll take a few more episodes.

Angie said...

@Anon who said that Brennan had her moment

On the contrary, I think after this heartbreaking episode in their lives, this will be the time that she'll slowly realize that they're meant to be. I feel like Booth, who said that he has to move on to someone who'll love him for thirty, forty, fifty years was kind of referring to Brennan already - he's just probably waiting for her to wake up and get it!

Also, the fact that Brennan said "I can't change" meant that she loved him right back, just that now is not the time to go into that step. Even with all those years of change since she met Booth, she still has issues, which are completely understandable. Plus if she didn't love him she could have said so -- what she said indicated that she was afraid. She was afraid that he's going to feel the hurt she's felt when she was abandoned, because she's scared that she might not be what he wanted once they're in that relationship, like she's going to shut him off because he's giving too much and she can only take some, and vice versa. She knows that when it comes to things like that her flight response overtakes her fight response, so she'd rather they not reach that because she loves him so much that she doesn't wanna see him hurt. Especially by her.

Anonymous said...

I'm still sad, it's the next morning and I am walking and working in a kind of melancholy state.

I understand that Brennan is scared, but I had thought she would be strong enough to at least consider/try. Not without reservations, but I thought that they had brought her further. Remember the 'want to believe in love' talk, the story/dream she wrote in EitB, her talk with Gordon Gordon in DitD and the incredible toast in DitD?

Why ignore all of that? It hurts! Feel bad for both of them! I'm so sad!

Great acting though!

Shep said...

That episode also made me realise how much I miss kick-ass Brennan!

I have an urge to go watch the pilot now, too.

Meg said...

AHHHH- 104 comments! This episode will go down in HISTORY!!!

I just want to say how incredible the acting was in this episode. Bones screaming at booth that she hates him and slapping him- she played that perefctly. Showing us just how emotionally immature she was then!

And Booth wiping away his tear and the loooooooong pause before he agreed they could still work togther. And saying he had to move on. Man I am tearing up here at my desk. This episode has tied me in emotional knots!!!

Rebecca said...

I've been sad about last night's episode all morning.

I think the important thing to note is that Brennan didn't say she doesn't love Booth. She knows she loves him, she knows she's changed and she's scared. Scared that if they start something and it doesn't last that her heart will be broken.

She would rather hurt a little bit now but still be certain of their friendship, than lose everything. That's why she asks if they can still work together.

I really do hope that before they wrap this show, we get a few episodes of them together and happy and right!

mom2abntb said...

So very upset about this episode. The whole thing was great, besides for the last scene...I cried and pouted for a while afterwards, saying I'd never watch again. I have no problems with being yanked around the will they or won't they thing...but Bones just shooting Booth down like that...too heartwrenching! have done it again...

Anonymous said...

As usual, I agree with Courtney. I enjoyed the old zing between the characters. The fun tension between B&B and all the characters was awesome (Oh Zach, I miss you).

But, then we get to the present time and that awful ending. I'm sorry, but I'm getting oh so tired of this. I just don't think it's realistic for Booth to be so resigned to work with her as usual. So he grew a set by taking a risk and finally owning up to his feelings. Personally, and I know most will disagree, I wish he had acted more upset and angry when she couldn't take the next step. Let's have some tension in the present. Let's wonder what's going to happen next. Instead, I was left to think that it will be as it has been all season long -BORING.

Colleen said...

I thought I might feel differently about this episode after a night's sleep, but I really don't. About the only difference is I've gone from being sad to being pissed off. I wish I could be optimistic like so many of you are, but I'm not. I fully believe that Hanson intends to jerk us around to the end and then give us a final episode of the series with "Ok, they're together." And the argument that getting them together would ruin the show is BS. Hanson is basically saying that the sexual tension is the only thing keeping the show going. That is a huge insult to the writers and the actors. I haven't been this upset since the end of season three. I hope that someone gets resolved by the season finale because if not, I think I'm done with this show.

emie said...

best/worst episode ever!

amazing acting, story....but AHHHHH i wanted her to go along with him! it's clear she loves him...she's just to scared...booth can't give up yet! i think she'll change her mind in the season finale.

Anonymous said...

This was STUNNING EPISODE! One of the best I have ever seen on any TV show. I cant believe that this show,DB,ED are always ignored at EMMY time. DB and ED are extremely attractive people who can actually act their asses off. Very few of these in Hollywood. HH hit the lottery when he put these two together. He may be devious, but one thing he isn't is dumb.

Anonymous said...

So, I taped the show and watched it this morning. I almost didn't want to watch it because I had a bad feeling. I still had that bad feeling at the end of the episode, but after reading comments, and thinking about it for a while, I am feeling a bit better. It really was a fantastic episode, but the ending was soooooo sad. I am feeling a bit more hopeful now. However, sadness aside, I can appreciate this episode for all the emotions it brought up. I won't rehash everything, but I suddenly had a thought I wanted to share. The two shows that many commenters have LOVED this season--the JFK episode and this one--both had just the core team, no interns. While I am not totally opposed to the interns--they are all entertaining in their own way--in my mind no one can replace Zack. So, I am happiest when the interns aren't cluttering up the story. I know it's in the past, but I just can't let go--I wish Zack was still on the show!! He is such a good fit for this show...sigh...OK, I will focus on the present and future...keeping my fingers crossed!

Cocky Beltbuckle said...

Seeing this episode made me go back and think about Booth and Bones interaction in other episodes. Especially the episode where Bones and Hodgins were buried alive and Booth went sprinting down the hill to save them (her). My wife and I love this show...I'm trying to figure out if it's making my marriage better or my wife secretly wishes that I was Booth...

Anonymous said...

The Bones writers, execs, actors have all convinced themselves that this show is like Moonlighting, but IT IS NOT! This show has proven over and over again that it is unique. Why can't they continue that and prove to the world that they can get their two leads together and STILL have an exciting hit show????? Having B&B in a sexual, loving relationship doesn't mean they have to be boring! That doesn't mean their old zing has to go away to be replaced by a lovey, dovey, sappy couple! B&B can still have their zippy conversations, disagreements, etc, then occasionally have hot sex! Remember Cheers when Sam and Diane characters are arguing (yelling at each other) then, one of them says, "Are you as turned on as I am?", and the other says, "More!" That could be B&B! They could start out trying to hide their physical relationship with the rest of the team for fear of being separated professionally. Anyway, I am not a writer, for good reasons, so I will leave the storylines to them, but I can so see that in my mind--DO IT, DO IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, people, it's pretty obvious they're setting Bones and Booth to become a couple at the end of the season. You really thought it would be that easy? "I love you- Me too- Let's be a couple". Booth made the first crack in Brennan's shell. Give it a few ep, Angela's advices and the atmosphere surrounding Sweets' impeding wedding, and the shell will crack completly. I would have been extremely pissed off if the shell had just cracked open just like that, instaneously.

Meagan said...

I've never commented before, but after this episode and reading allll the comments I have to.

I loved this episode. Yes, I teared up at the ending but I didn't 'hate' it. And though I would like to see Bones and Booth together as much as the next fan, I can see where Bones' hesitation is coming from.

Think of it this way (like many previous posters have said): in Booth, Bones has found the only person who has never left her. They are friends--and what could be a more true form of affection and love than friendship? Think of Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, both epic stories not about the power of romance but of the power of friendship. Bones doesn't want to lose that.

In addition to friendship, they are partners. Like it or not for Bones, they are partners in life as well as work.

What they have already is a marriage of sorts. Just not with the romantic element. In Bones' mind I can see how something so seemingly frail as marriage or romance could devastate something as powerful as the work/life/friendship that they have built together. Neither of them have examples of strong marriages around them, marriages that include life, friendship, partnership, work, romance and sex. Marriage to Brennan probably not only seems like an archaic institution, but maybe a death to her "real" relationship with Booth.

Just because Booth loves her doesn't mean that she needs to give in to it, or that it's necessarily the wisest thing to do (at this moment).

Could they be an epic romantic couple? Yes. And I believe that HH will take the show there eventually. But the weight of what they have already shouldn't be dismissed.

Anonymous said...

"David is the king of puppy dog eyes!"


Sadie said...

But sexual tension is gone from this show. That's the problem! If B&B were as interesting to watch -sparing back and forth -as in the first seasons, then maybe it would still be fun. But now they act like a couple who've been married for 10 years ...except they're not actually a couple for unrealistic, convoluted reasons.

It no longer matters to me if Booth can handle the rejection or if Bones can deal with her feelings. HH and writers missed their moment. I'm not convinced they can make up for it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is dismissing the relationship that B&B already have. It is a big part of why we watch the show. My feeling is that it is time for their relationship to progress even further. It has been FIVE years, not something that has happened overnight. I am a little bit tired of the build up, taking steps forward, then seemingly backward again. I would like to see them together before the last minute of the last episode of the entire series. That would be very disappointing and leave me feeling unfulfilled, for lack of a better term. Also, I think some of the fun and excitement of their relationship is missing lately. I miss the sparring and their quirky interactions. A little of that, a little love and some dead bodies. Sounds great to me!

aardvark508 said...

I have somewhat different take on the last 3 minutes of the 100th episode. Since I am of the opinion the progress of the show is driven by the need to statisfy a contractual obligation to deliver a certain number of shows while maintaining the ratings above a minimum level of say 10-12 million/week/new episode, what they did makes a lot of sense. The telling of a coherent and progressive story takes second place in this world. To crank out another 30 (minimum) episodes they needed to reset the clock back to at lease mid-season 2 or earlier and find a plausible device to do so. However odd it may seem from the perspective of other priorities, it makes business sense. In those last 3 minutes we went from an impediment of the infamous LINE with Booth's Catholic schoolboy angst and Brennan's logic inhibited feeling as the reason for inaction to an obliterated line with the new impediment being Booth's need to "move on" vs. Brennan's unopenable heart. Booth is now a spurned love interest and Brennan is poised to be a martyr by saving Booth from her capricious view of the future of realtionships. Think of all the potential time the writers bought. If B&B were to actually move apart in fact, the show implodes because there is no other reason to watch and the writers have to manage this carefully. The most interesting tension after the 100th episode is how the writes can keep viewer interest up for another 30 episodes without resolving B&Bs realtionship in meaningful manner. As numerous others have pointed out, it is not getting easier. They need to undo, realtively quickly, a good portion of the damage they did to buy the time they needed.

Anonymous said...

This episode was great, but the ending definitely had me choked up. However, I am optimistic. I believe that Booth and Brennan will eventually get together, it just may take a little more time for them to get there. If anybody here is a fan of The Office, remember the season 2 finale/season 3 premiere when Pam shot Jim down and now look at them, they eventually got to where everybody wanted them to. I sincerely hope that this is also the case with Booth and Brennan. Also I must say, amazing acting by both DB and ED at the end scene!

BonesManiac said...

I'm really worried..... Although I am a Giagantic B&B shipper, i fear for their relationship...I don't think the 100th ep could have been more depressing (unless someone died!). Shouldn't celebrating 100th eps be a happy occasion with rejoicing?! I think Hart made a grave mistake because before, there was atleast some hope for B&B shippers like me, and the "will-they-won't-they pressure was there". Now that there is no there is no "will they" option, meaning there is little hope.....This I think may ruin their relationship....That's not to say that the 100th ep was bad, the flashbacks were funny and the kisses were AMAZING!!! *sigh* I really hope they find happiness SOON!!

Nihilia said...

Ah... I miss Zack. It was nice to see him.

The episode was good...then it stabbed the viewers in the face... Great directing by DB, it was a very entertaining episode. Please PLEASE tell me that quote was a hint!!! God I love this show...even with all the flaws and certain unpleasant moments when they create loopholes that don't make sense to the previous seasons.

Regardless, I still wish Zack was back :(. But it was sweet to see how the 'team' was formed. Kudos to Cam for setting up BB, I knew she was good!

Overall, a nice episode to watch and scream over...and silently sob to.

Vasso said...

Booth's reaction, first in Sweets's office when Brennan says "we are not in love with each other" and then in the last scene... when he's about to cry...

jojo said...

I watched the episode again and I think Hodgens' line sums up the whole episode:

"You ever feel like you saw something great that almost happened and then it didn’t."

Mike said...

I was still bummed out today and was listening to Social Distortion. I found this song very ironic and sad today. Maybe Tempy can walk in on Booth again while this song is playing this time.

Anonymous said...

The way they built up the past was great--it made me miss the early seasons and want to bust out my season 2 dvds--but I take issue with the ending.
It's not that I'm hollering they had to get together RIGHT THEN (though by the end of this season would be good...) but some things don't seem to fit to me.
If Booth "knew" from the start that she was The One, then why would he suddenly, abruptly, expect her to be super okay with it? He KNOWS who she is (and isn't he supposed to be dazzled by it?) I thought it would have been more realistic to his character for him to try to get her to take it very, very slowly (rather than spring a kiss on her) in the new dynamic, rather than be like "fine, but I have to move on." She doesn't think she knows how to change, but she does.
-what about her speech about believing in love, eh? he heard it. maybe she just needs reminding :p
Also, I feel that if he had "known" from the start, why was he so easily convinced by those brain scans? I think he's been trying to deny it, if he knew, so why the sudden, abrupt "well, I'll just have to move on asap" rather than working with her at it, just like he worked with her to get her to a more socially comfortable point (well, that is, when the writers decide she's made progress one week and change their minds the next).
I"m hoping they resolve all of it by the end of the season...honestly, I know it's a crime show etc etc but they have built the characters up so much more than in a standard procedural show. I watch this show for the characters, not the cases. The cases are almost a secondary feature at times, one that just shapes the characters more. How many epis just end with a case solved--no, you usually learn something else about the characters as a closing note.
I think they're forgetting that they've taken this show away from standard crime drama. They need to have faith that they can break the silly moonlighting thing. They have created a really well written show, and have amazing actors. They need to start having a little faith in their ability to make it all work! Heck, I think we'd have more UST with them as a couple than we will with this plot twist.

Anonymous said...

What I really think is interesting is that it seems like Bones said no to Booth, at least in part, because she is afraid that if their relationship hits a rough patch, she could lose him. But, if Booth does find someone else and gets married and has a family, she will lose him anyways. I don't think she realizes this because the only semi serious relationship he has had sense knowing her was with Cam and he was always dropping Cam to be with Bones. It is going to hit her hard when he finds someone else and won't drop everything for Bones. I think when she realizes that the only way to really keep him is to be with him, then we are going to see her confessing to him. She doesn't want things to change, but everything is going to no matter what she chooses. But it's going to come down to keeping him or giving him to another woman and I think (hope) she is going to keep him.

Carrie said...

I've been thinking exactly what Anonymous at 7:46 on April 9 said--Bones is going to lose Booth no matter what if she lets him move on--there will be no more post-case drinks, no lingering looks into each other's eyes. He'll still be a friend, but he won't have that kind of time for her. I expect she will begin to realize that.

That said, real life doesn't wrap itself up in simple one-hour increments, there are lots of frustrating steps backwards. And the acting felt so right in that last scene that I can't quibble too much about the speed with which Booth decided he had to move on. He'll try. But in the end it won't last. They'll get together eventually. I can live without the instant gratification. But boy those kisses were hot!

Cheryl said...

@Ms Frazzle
I love ur similes

"this is what i cling to like saranwrap: i hope that brennan seeing her friends happy and married later on this season changes her mind some.

this is what i fear: the new kind of sexual tension might not be as fun to watch. it just might make me want to curl up and die on a bed of knives all the time."

And me too.

Thx for the hugs :)"David is the king of puppy dog eyes!" Yes. Yes he is.

Bren said she's a scientist cuz science is all abt proof. Booth is willing to take it on faith that if they were to get together, it'd simply be fulfilling destiny & that they'd work out cuz he knew from their first meeting that she was the one for him. None of that is evidence. He corroborates that by talking of old couples who r still in love, which Bren calls an anecdote. So while a gambler can take it on faith or go with his gut, a scientist must have proof & she has no empirical evidence that a romantic r'ship between them would work.

Thx for the hugs :) & yes, ED & DB are masters of non-verbal communication. & TJT too...I can still remember him vibrating when he figured that their mystery body was JFK.

Yes! I mean Hodgins was referring to all of them being a murder solving team, but that quote is sooooooo applicable to the BB friendship. It's good, mind u, but a romantic r'ship is the beautiful thing that has (so far) almost happened.

Cheryl said...

The first verse of ur song describes Bren perfectly
"I know a girl who warns the dangers of love
all the pain and the anguish, the sorrow that it brings
she keeps herself in a world thats protected
her outsides are tough
but insider her heart longs to sing"

Mike said...

@ Cheryl

The song needs to be in the show somewhere. It fits so perfectly for both of them.

Anonymous said...

Wow...what an amazing episode. I personally loved it, and I love reading everyone's comments - all so different and insightful.

My takeaways from the last scene (I'm really just rehashing what a lot of people have already commented):

1) Brennan doesn't say she doesn't love Booth. She doesn't say doesn't desire to be with him. She doesn't really even reject him. What she says is that she is protecting him because she doesn't think she knows how to love him in what would be considered the traditionally successful way. She doesn't have confidence that she can love him in a way that won't eventually hurt him. To me, this shows that she is putting his happiness ahead of her own, which in and of itself is a demonstration of her love for him. Remember, she only finally admitted a couple episodes ago that she even believes in love. It only makes sense that she feels she has no mastery of it and would probably screw it up.

2) If Booth can read people as well as he claims, then I think he should have picked up on this. I think he should have realized that "hey, she does love me but she's just not confident she knows how to manage that love." Which is why I'm a little puzzled by him telling her he needs to move on, especially when he knows how sensitive she is about abandonment. Perhaps this in another gamble though on his part? I wonder if his intent is to challenge her by ultimately making her fight for him. Perhaps if she's truly faced with the prospect of losing him as he "moves on", then she'll realize that regardless of whether or not they share a romantic love, there will always be the possibility that their friendship or partnership will end for any number of reasons, so why hold back?

3) The fact that Booth agreed to keep working with her right after he says he needs to move on could be interpreted to mean that he'll actually wait for her. I don't know about that though...perhaps just wishful thinking on my part.

Overall though I think this is a huge step forward in their relationship. A much needed catalyst to bring them closer together.

chillip said...

long thread, hope i didn't miss these.

booth ended up with the office with the windows :)

when booth looked back at the pool hall after brennan left in the cab, his gambling (for money) days ended.

Cheryl said...

@ Anon
"Remember, she only finally admitted a couple episodes ago that she even believes in love. It only makes sense that she feels she has no mastery of it and would probably screw it up." --> Good point!

"Which is why I'm a little puzzled by him telling her he needs to move on, especially when he knows how sensitive she is about abandonment."

I think this may be due to the fact that Booth can't be objective abt Bren. If u remember from Dwarf in the Dirt, he told GG that Bones doesn't love him cuz he would know if she did...he felt that this love was all on his part. He may be able to read others but he as convinced himself that she is not into him. I'm not sure how much of the "moving on" is honest & how much is a knee-jerk reaction to being hurt. I honestly can't see Booth with s'one else. I feel that if he got a gf, he'd find himself comparing her to Bones allllllllllllllll the time & just get sick of it & go back to what his heart really wants.

"booth ended up with the office with the windows :)

when booth looked back at the pool hall after brennan left in the cab, his gambling (for money) days ended. "

I liked both these things, tho the gambling bit I never picked up on before.

Anonymous said...

i loved this episode. immediately went and bought it. it left me like speechless. they are totally gonna turn this into an amazing finale i seriously cannot wait for the episodes to come.

btw... anyone notice that weird camera angle where Booth asks sweets if he wants water and pauses for like 5 seconds... FORESHADOWING MAYBE?

oh and the dream quote at the beginning of the last scene saying "nothing is a reality until it is a dream" or something. = booths coma making him realize his love for bones. brilliant.. this show rocks.

Melodious said...

Sigh. Just watched. I'm really sad and feel quite devastated. Is there any hope left? How long can Booth wait? And how can Brennan resist him?

Anonymous said...

Overall, I thought they did a horrible job with the flashback. Watch the pilot, most of it was completely OOC for the character Brennan was back then. That being said, the ending made the pain worth it :-) I loved watching Booth swallow his pain back and lie to Bones about being able to work with her again. It was epic. Completely epic. Then she just wraps her arm in his like she didn't just break his heart.

Amie said...

I am really enjoying reading these comments. Anonymous who posted 9April at 7:46 PM & Carrie's reply at 8:46 PM ... excellent point.

Sometimes I can't believe how much this show has me hooked. Two days after watching this episode and still thinking about it. Anyone would think they are real people with the amount of time I invest in them. Credit to the Bones cast/crew.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!

I finally got around to seeing the episode online, and the minute it was over (and after I re-watched the ending) I knew I had to come straight here to get some help processing it all. Thank you all very much for your insights! I did have a couple to respond to and a couple to share of my own, to hopefully help other late viewers.

1. I agree with the person who pointed out that Booth didn't actually say "I love you" to Brennan - that is significant. I am still a firm believer that there will be I love yous before the end of this season, with plenty more seasons still possible after that if they decide to do them.

2. For all those shouting "Moonlighting!" when reading my first point, I'm a child of the 80s and was as big a Moonlighting fan as anyone, and I have to say I think this week's episode was designed for all of us. Sweets' book could basically have been titled "The Moonlighting Theory" because he suggested that if they ever gave into their feelings that would be the end of their partnership. By pointing out that they had given into their feelings (albeit ones of lust, rather than love) means that we've already had 5 seasons past Moonlighting, so to speak.

3. I hope that Booth deciding to "move on" does not involve dating other women at this point, and I don't think it would need to. Any bit he starts to pull back from her will show her that they are not a "let's just be friends" kind of couple. This is an all or nothing situation.

4. I agree with people who pointed out the incongruities with earlier seasons. They tried very hard by having Caroline say that she intentionally doesn't remember squints, and I can see Brennan's mind not being all there in New Orleans when they re-meet, but Booth's dialogue still would have been different in that episode. Thanks, though, to the person who pointed out that Booth had plenty of reasons to lie to Cullen in the pilot about how things went with Brennan on the first case. I'm going with your theory on that!

Again, thanks to everyone for all your thoughts. I would have had a very sleepless night after watching the episode without them!

Courtney said...

I've watched this show from the beginning and this year has been a real challenge as I've actually gotten bored through most of the episodes, especially when they were dealing with the cases - and, some of the silliness with the other cast members.

I'm now perplexed as to whether I will continue to watch it - without the incredible compelling cases of the first few seasons (Man in the Fallout Shelter, Two Bodies in the Lab, the Howard Epps trilogy, the episodes about her mother and father, Aliens in a Spaceship, etc) - all of which evoked strong emotional responses from me, I don't really have a reason to watch any longer without the B&B relationship teetering on the edge.

The incredible sexual tension? Gone. The witty, smart dialogue? Gone. The great debates about religion, when it is okay to lie to children, etc? Gone. And, now, there's just going to be some new cooked up take on their relationship to keep viewers hanging? I'm not interested.

If all the other stuff had remained as great as it was in the early years, I wouldn't care about how they have mucked up this long simmering relationship between two adults...

I'll wait and see how they pull off next week's episode but if it is anything like the rest of this season has been (except for last night) then, I'll just have one less DVR'd program to watch.

All of which makes me very sad because I really loved this show.

I do want to say again as I did a few days ago - the acting by DB and ED was stellar - this has nothing to do with those two - for me it is all about the writing and how it seems really juvenile to me at this point. The only part of that last scene that I loved and it was because of how DB delivered - was his comments about hold people who have been together for decades. I've know those couples and yes, it has always been the man who said they knew from the beginning - including my father who proposed to my mother on their first date and wound up married for 62 years. That part I believed.

Cindy B said...

DB and ED were MAGNIFICENT!!! No other words to describe it. Imho, the most gorgeous man and woman in Hollywierd, and they can act. What a rarity. To magnify the performance of DB, he also had to direct this episode. Just imagine how hard that was to do. These two JUST HAVE IT. Unique is the word.

Laura K-K said...

I've never posted before, but I love following OWB. And, I agree with what so many people have said about feeling really emotionally invested in these characters (and a little worried about myself because of it), but is so great to be able to share reactions, feelings, predictions, little things you noticed, etc. with a community of other people. I loved reading everyone's comments so much, I felt like I HAD to join in!

I thought this was a great episode, and right now, even though it made me a little sad, I want to feel optimistic... "nothing happens unless first a dream" ... I think there are good things to come... when? who knows?

Thank you all!

Amanda said...

See, I heard spoilers after the episode aired about how it ended, and I was so terrified to watch it (I didn't get to until last night) because of the ending. But I'm glad I watched it, because what I had pictured in my head was totally different than what actually played.

I watched Bones' heart break in two when she told him no. I don't think she wants to admit that she's not ready, because she wants so hard to stick to who she really is. She doesn't realize that Booth doesn't want her to change.

laurie said...

I've been so appreciative of OWB for a while, but I've not commented before now. There are a lot of us who've been brought out by this episode. :-)

I LOVED the way the last scene went. I love me a little angst, but more importantly I loved how directly he put himself out there and how protective they were of each other. I think things will move forward, and this was necessary for that, but it wouldn't have been in character without some huge hesitancy at the beginning.

I hated pretty much the whole rest of the episode. I didn't buy any of it. Most insulting was the idea that the squints weren't used to working in forensics -- she's a FORENSIC anthropologist! Yes, she IDs ancient bones, but her focus is on science within the legal field. She knows about evidence. They all know about evidence.

I went back to Season 1, of course. The Man In the SUV, especially, struck me -- Bones' demeanor at the bomb site, her reaction to Tessa... There's no way I can believe that episode and this new one both.

The timeline doesn't match up either. At the beginning of the pilot Bones has just spent two months in Guatamala following a break-up that involved a shared television and possibly a shared home. I don't buy that she was completely single 11 months before leaving for Guatamala. And she'd known Booth for a while -- his doppledanger was in her book, published around the time of the pilot. It's not likely her first book was written, published, and distributed within a 13-month period.

Maybe they made the whole thing up for Sweets, but that's out of character too.

Overall I'm tremendously disappointed.

chillip said...

i understand your concerns with the continuity amanda, but i think you are a little tough. i don't recall there was a hint of cohabitation, just a fight over a TV in the pilot. as noted multiple times, booth isn't andy -- no need to think that elements of a character can change a bit from one book to the next.

one thing i like about bones is that they are willing to move the characters, have them grow and not stay the same. i love the early b&b interaction but people change over time. i think there is a lot of fertile ground to work with over the rest of this season and next.

that being said, i miss dr addy, too.

chillip said...

oops i meant laurie in my last comment. sorry!

luscious said...

Hi to the OWB family i have been through the mill over the last couple of days with the effect this episode has had upon me. the first day I was extreamly shell shocked and was in a very strange moode to the point where I thought I should go cold turkey on the series because of the emotional involvement i have taken from it. the second time I watched it My mood enhanced slightly and now i am cautiously looking forward. I think the rest of the season might be painful to watch but I will never give up on something that can stir such emotion in me and I never thought a tv series not even beaches has had such an effect on my emotional state so really well done to the whole team that makes such great TV overall loved this episode until my little shipper heart was torn out with a spoon and whacked with a hammer in the last three minutes

Nina said...

this episode will make us all so incredibly sad, and everything that happens between B&B from here on out is going to be so hard to watch. unless they get together soon or we are given some hope i dont see how the events of the 100th episode are good for either the viewers or the show. because no matter how good the show is, you cant watch it and not be consumed with shipperism to the point where youre at work and messing up your job because you're busy thinking about the show.

you know?!!?
on the upside, for those of us who like spoilers, there are some pretty awesome things yet to happen this season.

EIRAM said...

Oh my Goddddddd!!!!! I really enjoyed this episode!!! I can't wait for watching the rest of the season.
Thanks to the Show's creator and all the Cast for give us a beatufil episode JUST FOR LOYAL FANS!!
I understand that Booth and Bones can´t be together in this moment because there are 6 episodes more and a new season #6... so... I'm afraid we'll be waiting for a little more...
I'm sure (I hope from inside of my heart) that one day Booth and Bones can be together as a HAPPY COUPLE...soon...

aardvark508 said...

The writers have, over 5 years, demonstrated their devotion to the basic values of the chick flick genre. Do they really want us to believe Booth would actively court and marry a woman who loved him while he did not really love her because his heart will always belong to Brennan? Would he even lead a woman on in this manner if he was still hooked on Brennan? There is nothing the chick flickers believe in more than the redemptive power of love and the writers dare not violate that emotive link between the characters and the viewers. The characters can pretend they beleive this sort of thing as a plot artifact but the writers dare not convince the viewers this is the real direction of the show. The plausible but precarious tease must go on because it is another truism in chick flicks that salvation/redemption arrives in the last three minutes.

erin said...

i've been in pretty much the same boat as everyone here. shell-shocked. loved the episode, but still vacillating between extreme depression and exhausted confusion.

so i decided to start re-watching from the pilot and i have to admit that with this new information about their first case, some of their earlier interactions have taken on a new and most interesting flavor. give it a try, all you haters.

and i must agree with those who are saying the next few episodes (maybe even all six) are going to be painful to watch, but that there's absolutely no way anything irreversible will happen. much as i hated the last three minutes, i've come to realize it's because the cat's out of the bag, not because she rejected him. i, personally, hate change and this is a big chunk of change. but the stalemate has been broken and that can only be good for our favorite non-couple, at least in the long run.

Anonymous said...

one of the best episodes ever, right up until the minute they walked out of sweets office at the end and sweets throws the book behind him. and in my opinion, it should have ended there. it had everything i love about bones: the chemistry, the humour, the sexual tension.

then the last 3 minutes came along and spoilt it all. it brought a heaviness to the story that can never be reversed. and if they try to do it by just going back to them working together as before, it will no longer work because we saw those last 3 minutes. it will just seem flat. it can and will never be the same. so sad, so sad......

i so regret having seen that last scene, cause it spoilt bones for me forever. i mean, who cares now if they get together? cause even if they do it can no longer be funny and sexy and light-hearted.

Courtney said...

Gad - I don't understand this term "haters" for people that don't like something. So ridiculous and insulting to call people that when they don't agree with you.

I agree that the tone is going to be very different and I've yet to decide if I will watch - it will depend, for me, on whether the writing gets a whole lot better than it has been this season. That is the only thing that will bring me back.

HH is producing another program at the same time he is working on Bones and I think that duality is showing in the quality of the episodes these past months - except for the other night, which as hard as it was to watch, it was more lively and alive than anything I've seen so far this season.

Hopefully, HH will either decide to walk away from Bones and let someone else devote the time to it that is needed or he himself will come back to it fulltime because it is really suffering from lack of attention, good writing and story telling - these actors all deserve more than they have been given this season.

erin said...

i apologize if that came off as rude, it was most definitely not meant as such. i was lumping myself in with the haters, and where i come from it is a socially acceptable and meaningless term. please accept my apology.

Shep said...

I'm not sure if Hart's involvement with his other project does affect the writing on Bones significantly. Regarding the cases, I rather think the lighter tone and goofiness has been going on for some time, ever since early S4. I think that they just like that tone and feel that's what works for the show. I recall Hart tweeting in response to someone that Stephen Nathan insists just that, though I'm not sure how serious he was being.

I'm hoping the writing will improve too. I'd love for it to become like S1-3 again but I wonder if it's too late now? They've had these lighter cases for so long now that it might seem a bit weird if they just suddenly shift the tone of them, especially for the latecomers to the fandom, those who might not have been watching since Seasons 1 and 2.

veraa said...

I for one think it was perfect. It would be too easy for them to just get together. Their relationship is too complex. The whole beauty of this show is how it was able to make people cry and really care. Sure they could put them together, but that would be just feel-good fluff; I think this episode was totally in line with both characters. Bones is not ready for a love like Booth's. I agree with some people in that I think Booth is going to get into a serious relationship and then Bones will start realizing what she lost; I can't imagine who that will be though and look forward to some surprises in this story line.

It was great having Zach back. I wish they would have another recurring bad guy like Gorgomon or Epps or the Gravedigger. I feel like the crimes haven't been as interesting lately because they're focusing on the relationships.

Courtney said...

At this point, I really do not care not much whether they get together as lovers - they wore me out with five years of all that, so I'm fine with them just being partners.

My biggest and only beef is the writing - as I've said far too many times now. And, I agree - I don't think they are going to return to the tone and depth of the early season cases. So, it leaves me feeling less than interested which is hard for me to believe given how much of a die hard fan I used to be.

I know B&B relationship is complex - I now have a bad feeling about where they are going to wind up at the end of the season - not based on any spoilers at all, but more just a gut instinct because I can't help but wonder where they could leave off in the season with a big cliffhanger (which we all know they will do) - if they don't do something very different and to me, that means some of them, including B&B going their own ways - for at least awhile. The dynamic of the team, I think, is going to change in a significant way - far beyond whether or not Booth finally allows himself to be in a relationship.

I guess we shall see.

Anonymous said...

I have been going back and watching past seasons and everything is much more complicated now that we know the back story. I loved the 100th episode, but now I am looking for the love in Booth. Before the 100th episode, I didn't really think Booth was *in love* with her, I thought there was an attraction that slowly grew into love. There are a few times I have seen as I've rewatched that his face has an expression like the one he had after Bones said that they weren't in love to Sweets last week, the one that said 'Um, I am in love', but I don't really see that all the time. Maybe I am missing... I don't know

Anonymous said...

Just want to say that it's been 3 days since I've seen the 100th and I'm still totally in a funk. And I loved it! I'm just still so heartbroken over that least scene...the pain that was captured by these two actors was so amazing and so real that I can't stop thinking about it and hurting for both Booth and Brennan.

I've never been so touched by a tv show. Kudos to the writers and the actors!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who the singer is (the victim), that sung and played the keyboard on the DVD clip of the victim???

I'd love to find the artist/copy of the song!

Amanda said...

(Different Amanda from the one above--I've been on the road and missed the original airing and just watched online).

I have nothing more to say besides my little 'shipper heart is aching.

Well, that and for the folks concerned with the continuity (or lack thereof), remember this is the same show that had Brennan rescued from foster care by her (later revealed to be) non-existent grandfather, and also help ID bodies at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, when she would have been at best 15 years old.

Anonymous said...

The thing that bothers me the most is the continuity error with Caroline. And yes, it is a continuity error, and no, it is not fixed by the throw-away comment that she never remembers squints. Brennen punched a federal judge in the face and then broke the case. I'd think that would make an impression even if her science didn't. Also, even if Caroline forgot meeting her, I very much doubt Booth or Brennen would have, considering they can recount all this to Sweets at the drop of a hat. The Cam thing I can deal with, it was a very brief meeting. I'm more bugged by the portrayal of Angela as an airheaded street artist who had only just met Brennen, but I can deal. The bit with Caroline really bothers me though. The emotional stuff between Booth and Brennen felt real, if somewhat disappointing for the shipper in me, but I'm just glad to finally see a new dynamic in their relationship. The constant will-they/won't-they was getting boring. I do think it would be interesting to see the progression into an actual relationship and I think it could be done well, but if that's not the direction they go in at least we're seeing something new. I'd be annoyed though if they magically get together at the end of the show and the only time we see it is in the final episode ever. Part of the beauty of the series has been the development of relationships, not just dropping them on us at the last minute. I'd love to see Booth and Brennen slowly working through the daily intricacies of being a couple while also doing their jobs and trying not to let the two conflict. Other people have drawn the comparison, but THE CLOSER is an excellent example of exploring that kind of dynamic, I think, without it being the focus of the show.

Anonymous said...

This episode was so well done. I loved seeing how the team came together, and booth and bones working together for the first time. It made the pilot make so much more sense. And the ending was the first tv episode that actually made me cry. It was so well done and sad. It was exactly what should have happened. I know they'll get together in the end, but of course brennan was too scared to give it a try. I'm just disappointed booth didn't pursue it farther and convince her that it would work. It was so heartbreaking. Urghhhhhh. But so well done. I felt like someone had punched me in the chest.

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