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Episode Discussion: The Predator in the Pool

Episode discussion for:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 18
The Predator in the Pool

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Sarah said...

I have an entire blog that I have to yet post on this, but I think all the B&B shippers can rejoice at a new classic line:

"Bones, you are the standard."


iheartbooth said...

Good episode. I liked when Brennan said that Andrew wasn't as attractive as Booth, and how they both essentially acknowledged that they were one another's "standards". Everyone else will just be second best. The end scene just about made me want to cry :(

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I feel about that one. I did find it interesting that they still met up that night after their dates. What I didn't like was the cute way Booth asked that woman to dinner. Also liked the conversation outside the elevator. "You are the standard." :) But it sounds like they are going to keep seeing their people. boo

Anonymous said...

Oohh...I know it has already been said, but "Bones, you are the standard" is the best line of the show! Made me melt in my seat....awwww!!!!

Now stop making them date other people and put us out of our misery!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

After watching this episode, I can only conclude that Booth is definitely ready to move.

At the end scene, right after he asked Catherine out for dinner, he sort of nodded to no one in particular...perhaps acknowledging to himself that he made the right decision.

Also, when he was telling Bones about the earring story, he realized how different Catherine and Brennan are...and for once, he wanted what Brennan wasn't. Contrary to the norm, he didn't st there and explain himself to Brennan.

Catherine is a breath of fresh air. She gets him, makes him laugh and is interested him. Just this once, he's going to cut himself some slack and take the easy road.

Aside from that, here is my list:

1. Brennan had tons of cute lines and mannerisms that I found absolutely hilarious and adorable.

"They must be extraordinary rodents"

2. Booth flirting with Katherine and smiling was a nice change. I love his smile.

iheartbooth said...

If Booth actually does move on and dates someone for any extended period of time, I'm out. I don't think I could keep watching. It would be painful

Anonymous said...

Looks like they're going to play out the whole "FBI won't let us work together" angle from this point on.

Maggy said...

The fact that Booth is ready to move on now and was so different with Bones at the end because of this new woman....

makes me not care about next week.

THIS SUCKS! They've danced around this too long and this constant move forward then move way back is just STUPID.

If Booth is going to fall out of love with Brennan than I no longer care for the show! THE END.

iheartbooth said...

Ditto, Maggie! You always hear about how getting the main characters together ruins a show, well this would ruin it SOOOOOOOO much more! If HH and co pursue this storyline for very long, they are doing to lose some of their faithful.

Easnadh said...

They were both the happiest they had been in a long time, after dating other people. It just seems wrong, and goes against everything that they have been building up to for four and a half seasons.

Cheng said...

After all the nervous anticipation of this episode, I actually found myself really enjoying it. There were a lot of funny lines. And as much as it pains me to say so, Booth and Catherine look pretty cute together. And even though Hacker is merely a distraction for Brennan (I hope), he is still a funny character, a doofus.

I disagree with earlier comments about how Booth is falling out of love with Brennan and he's so ready to move on. I think this episode showed really well Booth's internal struggle between wanting to move on and his continuing feelings for Brennan. He's obviously attracted to Catherine, but she's also a lot like Brennan (minus the social awkwardness), and she acknowledges that she may not be the love of his life, but she's happy just to provide him company. And Booth isn't even relieved that he's escaping Brennan's lack of knowledge of pop culture because at the end, he seems bittersweet about how Hacker will be the one to explain to Brennan who the Rat Pack really was.

The one thing that I really didn't like about this episode was how Brennan's considering dating Hacker seriously. It's totally contrary to the 100th episode. The whole point of her rejecting Booth was because she didn't do serious relationships! If she wanted to pursue a serious relationship, she would do it with Booth. It would be much more in character for her just to jump into a sex date rather than starting with "having coffee" with Hacker. Whereas Booth is making good on his promise that he has to move on, and he's really trying.

Anonymous said...

Cheng, thanks for giving me hope! I don't think that Booth is falling out of the love with Brennan, but it is painful to even attempt to see him move on. I think that Brennan saying that she didn't "do that" about serious relationships was just a cop out. I'd say her and Sully were pretty serious.

Hope Hacker and Catfish are both gone by the end of the season!!!!

Courtney said...

This episode again just makes me wonder what the writers are smoking. What on earth are they doing to Bones? They are really upping her cluelessness about everything now. She didn't know that having coffee wasn't code for something - jeez, we saw her on a date with this guy early in the season.

This was the first time I actually found her more than irritating and I began to wonder how Booth imagines a relationship with this version of Bones.

She seems even a bit robotic in her speech and movements. I hate when they change a character just to shove them into a storyline they are determined to pursue regardless of how ridiculous it is.

I hope Booth goes full guns blazing for the new woman - it is time he had some fun.

With how they are having Bones portrayed now I am pleased for the first time that they are not together - this is getting boring and old for me and I welcome a new character that will hopefully shake things up and bring some spark back into this show.

Boy, B&B used to have great banter - clever, smart, etc. Gone, gone, gone.


Anonymous said...

God. This show is just killing me. I really don't know if I can watch anymore. The end scene was just heart crushing.

Brennan is really starting to irritate me. Her character has regressed socially and emotionally and she's appearing just plain goofy. Please HH put a stop to this. Leave Brennan alone. Her akwardness is funny and cringe worthy in small doses but this episode made her appear silly.

Meg said...

I will admit my heart is crushed right now as well...but I disagree that either one is truely moving on. Though they both do seem happy in the moment, the elevator scene clearly stated that they are both settling for below their standards!

Christine said...

Even though they sometimes irritated me, I have always given HH,SN and the writers the benefit of the doubt in how this beautiful BB love story was unfolding. After watching this last episode, I am now convinced that HH is pulling a giant scam on the loyal bones fans. Where was the jealous Brennan that I expected. Nothing,Zilch,Zero. I don't care how rational you are, when the person you supposedly love is with another woman you have to show some obvious jealousy. What is she a robot? For God's sake, it looked to me that Booth was the jealous one. They give Booth(who in real life would have women falling all over themselves for him)a love interest for one episode, and with very little hope of seeing her again. BOOTH MOVE ON YOU ARE TOO GOOD FOR THIS EMOTIONAL DWARF!!!!

Courtney said...
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meglyman said...

I kinda like the jealous looks Brennan kept giving! I agree with DB that the drive of the show should not be to get them together (paraphrasing). I planned on not liking Hacker, but Diedrich Bader is really funny! I liked Rena Sofer more than I thought I would, too.

Courtney said...

Oh, I don't think they are truly moving on but I kinda wish Booth would - he's wearing his heart on his sleeve and she has compartmentalized to the point that I see zero feeling from her towards Booth - She is not unfeeling and we have seen her express emotion so I would like to see just a smidge of it.

I guess we are supposed to know what she is feeling but keeping it to herself, well, this is television and viewers do actually like to "see" and not have to always assume.

Her laugh is off putting and overdone. That scene with Andrew was just awful.

I'm still of the mind that by the end of the season there will be a change in their partnership - and they will temporarily go separate ways. I don't know why I'm stuck on that idea - just am.

I think Booth may find the situation intolerable and request a change...which may last a few episodes into next season.

Miss Mary said...

I have to say I loved the episode. I thought the banter was funny, the case was interesting and the sideways glances were hot...between both BB and Hodgela...

I know a lot of people are struggling with the fact that they both started dating so "easily..." But the fact of the matter is that a little practice may be just what they need. They are both feeling awkward and unloveable...unworthy of the other...perhaps a brief fling is just what their self confidance needs...

They are trying to stay open with each that is sure to lead somewhere....

Christine said...

Some thing I forgot to add to my previous post. This Catherine woman is better looking than Brennan. JMO!!

Anonymous said...

@Courtney, I so hope you are right, and Booth does request a change in their partnership. I think that might be on the horizon, because people are getting tired of the way Brennan is acting, and this is just another way for the TPTB to keep them apart.

ceecee said...

I am finding that I now dread watching the shows rather than being so excited that I can hardly I used to be. I watched Brennan's reactions to Booth mentioning his dating and she appeared jealous to me. The look on her face when Booth said he's going to see her again. It was an interesting scene outside the elevator when they were comparing their dates to each other. Sad as he watched her leaving in the elevator. When telling Hacker about solving the case, the first thing she mentioned was that Booth can now have sex with Dr. Breier.
I liked the way Booth was worried about her going into the fish tank.
Not sure what to make of the fact that she turned down the date code for sex with Hacker, but instead said yes to just coffee. I was glad.
I thought they dressed her nicely this episode and she looked beautiful.
They really could have gone a different way with this relationship.....I don't agree with the way they are writing this. It's leaving me feeling empty and disinterested for the most part. I continue to like all the characters though and will hope for a return of banter, guns, kick-ass Brennan, hot FBI guy Booth,interesting criminals, love, and all the other things about this show I fell in love with.

Elizabeth said...

Reading all the comments here, and seeing the unlikely direction the show appears to be heading, I have to wonder what HH is up to? What does he possibly have to gain by totally alienating hordes of faithful viewers?

I realize the show is his, and he's going to take it where he wants it to go, but to what end?

Courtney said...

I've read that they got a much better response and increase in viewership when they went more goofy - which breaks my heart because the show was so unique in the first seasons.

These people all do focus groups - they have probably gotten a lot of positive feedback on this and HH probably figures that everyone will hang around to see how this all winds up.

And, as long as they stay around 10 million viewers they are unlikely to change course back to the good old days.

Anonymous said...

I must emphasize, that I don't know what's going to happen in next week's episode, but from the promo,is seems to me that there will be no continuation of the awkward moments that we are now seeing. We all know how this show is with continuity.

Deborah said...

I'm not sure about the whole Booth and Brennan being so happy... if they are supposed to be in love, how can they be the happiest we've seen them in months with other people? It's been quite a while since we had seen Booth smile that much. I'm not sure where this is heading, and that confuses me and lets me down a bit. I understand Booth wanting to move on, because he thinks Bones will never love him, but how can Bones go on with Hacker knowing she loves Booth and that she broke his heart?
This change in their relationship is just so strange...

chillip said...

i will say up front that i did not enjoy this episode very much. i found much of the early part of the episode forced and there was an overall level of discomfort with the episode.

however, i think we are looking at what is likely an attempt to show how unappealing the entire storyline is without a strong b&b presence. the distance between the two was beyond noticeable during much of their interactions. awkward.

i think we did, though, see some subtle signs of brennan being jealous.

in the end, the episode was saved by "the standard" line.

i caught a couple of other lines that might be very interesting later on and the angela/hodgins storyline moves along.

and while the angela/brennan moment was ok, there really needs to be a beatdown moment or three for brennan at some point.

so, in the end, i didn't enjoy this episode -- but i don't think i was supposed to.

Deborah said...
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Stephanie said...

Brennan was totally jealous tonight! It's just that she's Brennan, so any show of emotion on her part is probably going to be subtle. She did not want to hear about Booth's date in the diner scene. They talked about her and Andrew quite a bit, but as soon as Booth brought up Catherine, she asked about the case. And she was the one to start openly comparing Catherine to herself with her "She's almost as pretty as me" line.

I know a lot of fans want to see Brennan be insanely jealous, but that's just not her. She feels it, but she tries to hide it as much as possible, and I think the writers and Emily did a good job of showing that tonight. I also don't think Brennan's regressing. I think that's always been part of her character. The more emotional she is inside, the more analytical and awkward she gets on the outside.

I'm not worried about Booth and Brennan. They're awkward right now and that's kind of awkward to watch, but even though they both had "dates" in the last 5 minutes of the show, the episode still ended with them, alone together, like always. They essentially went on a date with each other to discuss their previous dates. I think they're writing this wonderfully.

I'm loving the Hodgins and Angela stuff, too. Again, subtle and understated, but nice. It's about time they got back together!

Nina said...

i think rena sofer is way too hot to just be some marine biologist. i mean come on. there should have been some more acknowledgement of that. wish we still had zack so him and hodgins come gape at her.

my positions on everything are:
-i am happy that booth is dating, having companionship, being happy... its refreshing and interesting. im actually really enjoying seeing them try to date other people because it shows more sides of the characters
=it definitely continues to push them together in that HH isn't making their romance linear- hes making it epic. not only do they have great chemistry, balance one another out, and have enough chemistry to power the western hemisphere, but ha!the idea of a life together gets him through a coma and omg! they've been crazy about each other since the second they met!-- and basically the last scenes of every season 5 episode gave more and more reasons why they should be together.
we need to answer the last question, give the final reason for b&b to be together-
because they really cant settle for anyone else.

ive gotten past the point of frustration with the B&B romance and onto the point where ive decided to j trust the writers, whcih makes me like everything that happens better

Sarah said...

I agree with Stephanie (above me) COMPLETELY.

Jeannie said...

Stephanie, I agree. I thought that Brennan had changed quite a bit, from that "I'm going out with Hacker because I can have sex with him" in "Night at the Bones Museum" to "I thought play was his code for sex so I said no".
I also liked how she actually asked Booth if he was ok talking about this as opposed to the past where she simply stated everything right in front of him.

Jeannie said...

Adding to my previous post:

I also found it very telling that we heard none of the previous "Andrew is superior to you because he's higher up the food chain" this time around. Now the only advantage Hacker has over Booth is obviously that he is taller (but not as handsome) which is very interesting, no?

Anonymous said...

The best line was "Bones, you are the standard" aww so cute
I think they were weird happy on their dates but that's the writters teasing us they have to be together i also think they are gonna get together in finale and i'm thinking that season 6 is the final season i don't know why i hope not because this is my favorite show ever i love them

Stephanie said...

Hart and Kathy Reichs have both mentioned recently that the network is already talking about wanting to extend their 7-season contracts to accommodate an EIGHTH season, so unless the ratings suddenly plummet, I wouldn't count on Bones ending next year. :)

Anonymous said...

This episode felt awkward. BB and the whole gang were of their game. The case and the entire scenes at the Jeffersonian were disappointing. Maybe it is Hanson's way of pointing out how much BB affect everyone around them.

I guess my overall problem with this episode, as a matter of fact the last 3 episodes, is that the Brennan character has been portrayed as childlike and not likable. The progress that she has made in the last two years has been tossed out to advance a poorly envision plot point and to further Hanson's ego. The Brennan character's portrayal in the last 3 episodes has made me wonder what Booth sees in her. This current Brennan has none of the qualities that would dazzle a guy like Booth.

As to the Catherine character, I like what I saw. I know Rena Sofer only signed up for one episode, but I saw sparks between DB and her. Catherine is beautiful, smart, not socially awkward, giving, and funny. She also values intuition and does not dismiss out of hand what Booth values. She is not needy, and she will give as much as Booth puts in a relationship.

I like how in the first scene, she pointed out that Booth was different from most law enforcement types because he showed empathy for the victim. I also like the aquarium scene where she made him laugh, and how she immediately recognized that he needed companionship because he was hurting. Wow. I really could see Catherine as the perfect foil (Rena please come back).

As to Booth, he loves Brennan that goes without saying. Yet I think in this episode, with Catherine, he sees that he can be happy with someone else. He had fun with Catherine and he was glad about having a second date. The end scenes with Brennan were also revealing. When Booth told Brennan Catherine's ear ring joke and how Brennan fails to get it, I saw a recognition on his part that maybe Brennan is really not worth the effort. This is why he refuses to explain the joke to her. He doesn't want to continue to emotionally invest on her. He also refused to correct her with Brennan's Rat Pack confusion. These are the signs of a guy that is now noticing the imperfections that he once overlooked.

We know Brennan and Booth will end up together after all this is what the show is about. Yet Hanson's mishandling of Brennan current story arc has damaged the Brennan character. One has to question whether they truly belong together.

I just don't see how they can fix it by season's end. Maybe that was and is Hanson's intention. He wants to keep them apart for another year. If it is, then all I can say is that he missed the boat. Season 6 will be more of the same, Brennan needing to catch up to her own reality, and Booth, here is the difference,will be struggling with moving on. I believe that by the middle of season 6, Hanson will have Brennan, who has let her emotional self go, attempt to recapture Booth's heart. She will need to because Booth will not be willing to risk having it broken again.

radsinuk said...

this is my first comment here! I liked this episode, but it was - obviously - not a gret episode like the 100th one, which i am watching on an average of once a day :). some of my thoughts are:

1. i think hart should have brought in someone less enticing than rena sofer to be booth's love interest. not only does catherine make brennan look drab, rena actually looks like a perfect match for booth. sigh.

3. booth looks so glad to have someone inetersted in him and actually express their cillingness to be his company. did you see his smile at catherine? it was endearing and heartbreaking at once. you are reminded of how many years he had been waiting for brennan to come to her senses. david's acting was so good here that i am actually hoping that he will have some fun with catherine. (and i am a loyal b/b shipper!)

3. okay, what is brennan DOING? Why is she asking for help from Angela reg codes? I thought Brennan had a colourful sex life, she is supposed to be this confident woman who was not afraid to go out there and get what she wanted. So why has she suddenly become so clueless about stuff? What is going on here??? Why are the writers wrecking her character?

4. this is a rant long due. why has brennan become so emotionally stunted? in the first 3 seasons, she was so unique, quirky, saucy. now she looks like she is severely autistic. i don't mean to offend anyone, but if brennan is supposed to have a problem, she shd have had that from the pilot, not from the 4th season. now she is giving blank looks and blank smiles like a robot... it's getting creepy, emily. please talk to the writers!

5. Also, what's with brennan's hairstyle, grrrr. why can't she have bangs or a lottle blowdry or even a nice pony tail.. whoever is doing her hair like its pasted on her skull needs to be shot. emily is such a beautiful woman but i don't know why she is shown as this dowdy, wooden person in the show.

Phew, I am done with the rants!

Jeannie said...

What exactly is Brennan's reason for dating Hacker? Surprisingly enough, it's obviously not sex. So are we to assume that she's looking for a relationship even though she told Booth she can't do those? Wasn't that her reason for rejecting him?
And the "FBI guys and consultants can't date" rule still applies because Hacker's statement that he gave himself permission was beyond lame.

Anonymous said...

I think that Booth enjoyed the date with Catherine because it wasnt something serious, as Catherine pointed out, saying that they can have a good time together (but no pushing for something more). Booth wants to move on, but that doesnt mean that he wants to begin with a serious relationship (mostly because you cant if you are in love with someone else. It requires time).

Also, I think that HH have give us a hint with Brennans laugh. Since the first date with Hacker, her laugh seemed forced to me. Too loudy. But when she laughs with Booth, is a quiet and nicer laugh. That Hacker said that he loves Brennans laugh makes me thing that HH did it on purpose: because we now which is the REAL laugh of Brennan, the one she have with Booth.

Sorry for my english, Im from Spain

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing sexy, funny Booth with another woman! He was so hot, so deserving of that belt buckle of his. ;-) Please, more of that! Really hope it moves further along with this new woman, cause we need to see that banter and chemistry again and I'm fine with it being between Booth and someone else. Especially someone so hot! He will eventually see that Bones is so NOT for him.

And Bones, you are wrong. She is much prettier than you are! And that you are smarter than her is truly debatable. Sorry sweetie, but someone has to be honest with you here and it's not going to be Booth because he actually cares about you. He doesn't see that you have become frumpy and irritating and so not funny anymore. Yet.

Please Booth, find a new standard!

Anonymous said...

Aghhhh! What is with this "Bones, you are the standard" quote? Enough already!

Booth, elevate your standards, please! She does not do the statement justice.

Anonymous said...

@ Stephanie, I disagree with you. She did NOT show any jealousy at all. As viewers , are we supposed to try to guess how she feels without any action to the contrary? Off topic. They found a woman that puts Emily to shame in the looks department Rena is beyond HOT. Just wish we would have saw a hot make out session between DB and RS. TPTB should try to find a better looking man than DB for Brennan GOOD LUCK with that, because there is NOBODY!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I have to agree with all the negative comments above. Why would they meet up for a drink to discuss their dates?? Ludicrous, as Brennan would say... Only thing that keeps me watching at this point is Booth and his gorgeous smile!!

Anonymous said...

Man, why all the hate for Brennan? She obviously cares deeply for Booth. At the end of the 100th she was crying--something she doesn't do very often. She thinks SHE is not good enough for Booth, so doesn't want to have a romantic relationship with him because she thinks she will ruin it, then lose him! That is the ultimate sacrifice! Why hate on her for that? It is classic romance plot, if not extremely frustrating for us fans. AND, I definitely saw signs of jealousy from her in this ep in subtle ways that have already been mentioned. She may be going about things the wrong way, but she is trying to do what she thinks is right by letting Booth move on and trying to be happy. We all know that what truly makes them happy is being with each other, and hopefully soon they will both realize it!

Grace said...

I liked last nights episode well enough.

However, does anyone else think its weird how Brennen is acting all date-y with Hacker? I think its very annoying and can't decide if I think its like her totally avoiding the Booth thing and throwing herself into this. But I think for Booth it kind of comes across as a slap in the face that she's all into him but won't give Booth a chance...yeah, I think thats how I feel lol.

And Angela and Hogins are so cute, because in last night esp I think they were acting like they did before they went on the swing set date. And I liked how Clark broke his cardinal rule to tell Hogins to stop being an ass. Because we all know he needs that once in a while.

I really liked Catherine. I really liked Booth WITH Catherine. I couldn't help but notice how happy he seemed last night and how young he looked. Like a weight was lifted. I kind of hope this is explored on the show.

Really sad when Booth told Brennen she was the standard. And I thought it was very rude of her to even say that Catherine is as pretty as her, using her as a standard. I just think at this point she should know better, and it really upsets me EVERY SINGLE TIME she talks about anything she's like "is this okay, are you okay, can we still talk about this" because of course when something like that has happened you just want to brush it under the rug and kind of forget about it. I just feel like if someone kept saying stuff like that to me, I'd start getting upset.

Rant over :)

bandbestfan said...

Check out the really brief hurt/tortured expression on Brennan's face immediately after she asks Booth in the bar scene at the end, "How was your date with Catherine? Did you have fun?" He's looking down and she looks like she is forcing herself to smile at him when he looks up, but that one look, however brief, tells it all! Check it out. It's so quick that you almost miss it!

These two are trying so hard to move on, but I don't see it ever happening. Although, Booth is so discouraged and down, that Catherine's attention right now is just the boost to his ego that he needs.

When she is giving her technical explanation of the aquarium after he says it's mysterious and "the great unknown", his expression as he listens to her technospeak is so adoringly profound. You can tell that this is one of the reasons he loves her. He just thinks it's so adorable how she can be so clueless sometimes.

These two are the best at facial expressions, however subtle, that say it all in a few fleeting seconds.

I love them and just hope that HH and the writers could see how fabulous it would be to have them in a true relationship with all their little quirks and meaningful glances intensified a hundredfold. The ST would not be diminished but increased as they struggle through the problems inherint in all relationships (i.e., Brenda and Fritz on "The Closer"!)

HH and Bones writers, "GROW A SET" and give them a chance!!! Bones fans will follow you in droves!!!

Mindy said...

A lot of people are saying "they seem happy with other people" like it must be right then. But Brennan never said she didn't love him or care about him or anything like that--she said that Booth needed to be protected from her because she couldn't be what she thought he wanted.

It seems pretty clear that they each know that the other is interested, but they're trying to push away from each other. Just because they think that's what they should be doing doesn't make it easy or nice to be in the middle of it. Right?

@anon 7:19--glad you brought up the belt buckle. Have we ever seen anyone besides GGW, Brennan, and Angela bring up the belt buckle? Doesn't it seem like something that would make other people comment?

@anon 10:17--Well said!

Michelle said...

I think that everyone is very negative because we all want to see B&B get together and it's just not happening fast enough for us.

I think that Brennan is showing so much more of her personality. Yes she may have changed a lot from the beginning, but think of all that's happened to her since season 1; finding her parents and all those traumatic experiences. She learning how to wear her heart on her sleeve and that's new to her, It explains why she's acting the way she is. (unsure of a lot)

I think Booth is trying to make it all stop hurting by dating other people. You know the saying; the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. (Which he probably won't do literally but the principal still stands). Also, Brennan could be using Hacker as a test run. She's a scientist, maybe she's doing an experiment to see if she is ready emotionally to be in a serious relationship.

Either way I'm staying positive, because no matter what they belong together. It's more exciting spread out like this! They can't just stick them together and have it be all good! You’ve got to ease your way into this relationship which HH is doing... and masterfully. This story line compliments Brennan’s character very well.

Keep up the good work Hart!

isabelf said...

Who else think Bones is becoming selfish and cold ?

And who else is tired o seeing Booth sad and surrended to her feet.

As an example think about Brennan in a night at the bones museum. She tells Booth she will meet Hacker even as he ask her no to date him because he is his boss.

At that time it could have been understandable because she was supposed to ignore Booth feelings for her.

But now, she knows, and she acts all the same way. She took advantage on him in her reunion, asking him to dance a slow song even knowing he loves her and it would be hard for him.

In the predator in the pool, she is not as jelous as she should be, even as she is dating the less sexy man she can possibly find and Booth is dating the most hot woman he can.

But Booth is still sad .

He only looked sexy and happy again when he went to see rena sofer.

I really love his style when he is showing his more attractive side. Sexy, relaxed, hot, that is what I miss from him.

Lately he has been acting like an idiot, and now that Bones knows he loves her… she is acting like a very selfish person, a cold fish.

I am pretty tired and, as I imagine they will not be togheter at the end of this season, I don´t know if I will have enough patience to wait for another whole year.

I am sure they will not put them together at any time of the season.

Hart will wait an special moment. And if it is not this season finale, we will have to wait until next season finale.

The 100 th episode was amazing !!!!! How much time can pass to have Booth and Brennan as a couple?

We have been waiting for 5 years ? Can we wait for 6 ? ……
I really don´t think so.

Anonymous said...

Could someone,anyone explain to me, WTH are they doing together at the end of this episode, discussing each others dates. I thought that this was supposed to be a work relationship only. I know many people are really getting tired of the same old,same old. I just saw the ratings for last night and they lost over a million people, HaHa, they are blaming it on the NFL Draft. I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

The drop in ratings is really no big surprise to me. I think the promo was a bit of a mistake as well - made it seem like Bones was going to have sex with Hacker. Who wants to see that?! lol.

tybonium said...

@bandbestfan you are totally right about Brennan's facial expression showing jealousy. Even when she asked what they laughed about, she was more tense/controlled than usually. I also love her tone of voice when she said "she wore amusing earrings?". There was an edge to it, like Brennan was thinking how ridiculous this girl must be.

I know a lot of people were hoping for an obvious display, but that would be really OOC for Brennan. When it comes to emotional situations she really pulls away, and becomes very rational to not have to deal with the emotions. A lot of people (on the show, and the fans), misinterpret that as her not caring. She has been consistent about this behavior since season one. We just got so used to seeing her relaxed with Booth (and not having to worry about who has feeling for who) that we hadn't seen her clam up in a while.

I was/am really hoping for more heart to hearts with Angela. Brennan started relying on Booth so much for emotional guidance, it's completely natural for her to go back to Angela looking for reassurance. Even on things she probably knows the answer to, she may not trust herself (her gut) to know what's right all the time.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:23, Are you serious about the sex with Hacker and that stopped people from watching? Knowing her past history, she has probably done a lot worst.

Anonymous said...

ok, maybe we are a little hard on Bones right now. getting away from this fact:

Booth is HOT and Bones is NOT!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how one can say that for Brennan to show signs of jealousy would be out of character. To the contrary. She has been jealous in the past to Tessa, Becca, Cam, and Perotta. You can tell when she is jealous because she withdraws and becomes pensive and insecure. I remember when she found out about Booth and Cam, she became withdrawn and immediately accepted a date with the guy who turned out to be the killer (Headless Witch). Also when Perotta came into the scene, she wanted reassurance from Booth that nothing would get between them (Fire in the Ice).

Shep said...

I liked the episode more than last week's. The awkwardness between them seemed intentional and I did see the jealousy on Brennan's part. I thought Rena Sofer was great and I think it's good that they're showing Booth making an effort to move on. It was nice to see Booth so much happier,too.

On the other hand, I'm starting to lose my patience with the way they're writing Brennan. At some points it was fine and I did like her 'they must be extraordinary rodents' line but at other times she just lacked depth, which is something you could say for many episodes this season and last. I agree with whoever said last week that she's become a caricature of herself: they've taken her awkwardness and social ineptitude and amped it up so that it has become who she is instead of part of it. I just don't feel she has the spark and fire she used to have. Saying 'no' to sex with Hacker made no sense to me, not so much because of her attitude towards serious relationships, but because there was nothing in the dialogue to show a change in attitudes towards relatonships to explain it. I feels as if the writers just expect us to fill in the blanks for ourselves and figure out an explanation 'oh well, maybe her views have changed over the years and she's learned to...etc'. It doesn't seem as if they have an intention for her development and the giant shift from S1 Brennan doesn't make any sense: based on what we used to see, I don't believe that a personality like hers would have become what we have now. Her passion for science, her search for the truth and justice were ingrained in her and formed part of who she was. Her attitude, emotions and views would have developed and changed (and her tendency to hit could possibly have mellowed out, although I'd still love to see her kick ass, because again, that was Brennan to me) But I find it hard to believe that anything else would have.
Brennan is a character, not a real person and so there should be things that influence an interpretation of her. At the moment it feels as if the writers are just writing anything knowing that we'll find an explanation. I didn't get the code thing either - seemed silly.

I figured out why I hate Hacker so much: I just feel that he doesn't serve any real purpose other than to be goofy, have dates with Brennan to make fans angry and to make Booth look better, which we don't need anyway because we know how good an FBI agent Booth is. He doesn't stand as a character on his own. I find he's a bit f a cricature himself and I just can't take him seriously, especially as Booth's boss. What happened to Cullen by the way? I can't remember if we ever got an explanation or he just went poof in the writing process?

The case: I didn't feel much but it was a little more engaging than previous ones. I'm not sure why, maybe it was just the pretty fish!

Btw, I really miss your episode reviews, Wendy. I'm sure you're really busy these days but I just though I'd mention it. I really enjoyed reading them. Here's hoping you'll find time for writing one soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow.... The ratings for last night episode were 8.8M. Down a million viewers. Hanson, I think you got your wish.

Now.... When do you think he will acknowledge that he screw up the current story arc. The viewers tune in to see BB and don't like your current story arc. If ratings tank in next weeks episode, next season's storyline will need to be quickly adjusted to repair the damage because I don't see things getting better by the finale.

Anonymous said...

Just for comparison, Castle's ratings for Monday's episode were 10.5M

Lisa said...

I love how people always have an excuse when Bones viewership is down.
Hart Hanson in the past has made a few off the cuff remarks that Castle was emulating Bones. Well guess what, it must have worked, because it is constantly outdrawing Bones. Castle is a great show. It is not only beautifully acted, but well written. You get that Hart. WELL WRITTEN..

Nicole said...

What does Castle have to do with Bones? Their ratings probably went up because "some" Bones viewers are running over to get some kind of fluff fix. Beckett and Castle won't be getting together anytime soon. It's only Season 2. They are in the same stage as Booth and Brennan was during Bones' Season 2.

Hart Hanson would probably worry if the rating went down 3-5 millions but not 1 million. He's not writing story based on reactions because this season is already done. That's the risk with TV, you sometimes lose viewers during certain storylines.

All this Booth pity and Brennan bashing is hilarious! If these two switched places, the same Brennan haters would then be saying: "Why can't she give him time to process? Why did she keep quiet so long and then spring it on him? She couldn't love him if she's already starry eyed for another man."

It's not right to blame only one for the current state of affairs. Booth may be easier to read but that doesn't mean that Brennan isn't hurting just as bad.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Lisa.

The quality of the show has gone down since season 4; the cases are less interesting, and the interactions between the characters have become stale. Cam and Angela are rarely used and appear to be only window dressing, what happen to conspiratorial Hodgins (Zach come back Hodgings needs you), Sweets -- okay what about Sweets, Brennan is becoming unlikable, and Booth seems rather dull (kick ass Booth/ edgier).

Castle, on the other hand, seems fresher and funnier. Castle and Beckett seem to enjoy each others company though Beckett pretends she does not. Ryan and Esposito are hilarious -- they complement each other.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Nicole, I hate to break it to you, but Ausiello recently broke the news the Beckett and Castle are going to have their moment in this season's finale. What? This is only season 2, and Castle's producers are already thinking about making them a couple. How refreshing.

As to bashing the characters, I think that what people are saying is that they do not like what Hanson has done to her character in the last 3 weeks. This Brennan is not the same one we saw about 3 months ago. The Brennan who said to GG that there was nothing she wouldn't do for Booth nor is she the same one who now believes that love is more than a chemical reaction. Hanson took that Brennan, and he chose to make her behave in childish kind of way. It is Hanson who is to blame because he chose to make this show about BB's relationship. When he fails to deliver, people take out on someone.

Lisa said...

@ Nicole, You said this nitwit Hart and I mean nitwit will start worrying if the ratings down went 3 to 5 million,well stand by, it is going to happen. I like most women I know watch this show for one reason and one reason only. DAVID BOREANAZ. The story lines are all poorly written and most of them don't make any sense. As a previous poster indicated the lead actors are getting together in the second season on Castle. I refuse to believe that Bones is being considered for a 7th season without seeing what the ratings are for S6.

Nicole said...

Ausiello always tell the absolute TRUTH about every show! They're going to have a "moment" and that means that they are going to be a couple?! A kiss maybe but a relationship.... I'll believe it when I see it!

I watch both Castle and Bones but what I don't do is compare the two and think oh why oh why don't the Bones writers take notes from the Castle writers. Two different relationship, two different stories!

She's in a different situation now. Three months ago, there was a "recovering from brain tumor and best friend ever" Booth not the "I've held it in for 6 years and want to start forever right now but if I can't get it right now, I'm moving on" Booth. Since we got the gambling Booth, they now deal with the repercussions.

Whose timeline has Hart Hanson failed to deliver B/B? relationship?

Lisa said...

OH! Poor Brennan, how misunderstood she is. Bull****.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why HH can't make BB an on again off again couple like Fiona and Michael on Burn Notice. It works. The chemistry is hot when they are together, and when they break up the sexual tension is even hotter.

Anonymous said...

If you analyze the show from the beginning, you can see there was a momentum for something to happen in season 3. If it were not for the writers strike, I think BB would have gotten together if not at the end of season 3 but surely by season 4. The strike led to disastrous first half of season 4, but the show did recapture its magic in the second half. Hanson, however fearing the Moonlighting curse, decided that to throw the brain tumor/ coma/ dream story for the finale. We all know how badly than went. Season 5 pick up with Hanson doing damage control, and he was succeeding until his ego got in the way once again. The 100 episode and the episodes that followed have not been great for ratings.

Hanson, there is no Moonlighting curse. What happen to the show was that BW wanted to be a movie star and CS decided to have a kid. Plus BW and CS hated each other offscreen.

Courtney said...

I think there are a few things going on with fans of the show. There are those who are disappointed in that the B&B romance they assume will occur is taking a ridiculously long time and it's frustrating to watch all the tricks they are using to avoid it for as long as they can.

Then there are a bunch of fans, myself included, who just want the quality of the first few seasons back and don't care about the B&B romance. I had wanted B&B to become a pair, but now after all this stuff, I could care less.

I would look forward to this show again if the quality, chemistry, wit and spark returned -

But, as I've said before, from an article I read I think earlier this year in which HH said they made a calculated decision to go in this insipid goofy ("insipid" and "goofy" are my words) direction purposely and when they did, their ratings soared.

Though I personally think their ratings went up a lot this year because of all the repeats of the early seasons they showed during the summer last year and people who hadn't known about the show tuned in this year. Boy, I bet they were surprised.

After the writers strike, they made budget cuts - you can tell that the production values are not the same - a lot of the terrific outdoor scenes where there were a bunch of FBI agents about to storm a house, or the place where Max was held - those scenes have left the building.

I never used to fast forward through any of the scenes related to the crime - now I do as I just don't care about anybody involved in the crimes or any of the lab stuff which seems redundant.

I think shows have a shelf life - for me anyway. I am obviously only giving my opinion but my interest has waned.

Now that Damages is done for the season and maybe for good, the only show I look forward to is Fringe.


gabriel said...

Wow, so many different opinions re this episode... I've just re-watched the 100th and the pilot and sort of agree with people not liking the way Brennan is turning out these days. Yet, I wouldn't feel it justified to say that this turn is a complete mistake by the writers and it ruins the character they created almost 5 years ago. Yes, in some ways I preferred the Brennan in S1 or 2 or 3, but I also like the way she changed in so many ways. She acted strangely and seemingly too cold in these last 2 episodes (mainly this last one) but I won't draw huge conclusions until I've seen the finale. I didn't like her behaviour but I accepted it as a sort of defense mechanism. She seems cold because she wants to make things easier for Booth. Yet, she doesn't want to hurt him. But she does get hurt in the process - I think that was obvious, even if it was subtle.
While I just can't grasp how on earth Brennan can go for Hacker, I think she uses him because he is still around, interested. I was happy to hear that she refused the play because she didn't want to go for sex (compare that with ANatBM) hoping that this was Brennan realising how much it would hurt Booth (still, she hasn't had noone in her life so long for some reason, has she?).
Liked how Booth didn't want Brennan to go into the tank because he thought it was not safe for her (while Hodgins could go). And of course the admission that she is the standard. Yet, I must agree that Booth looked a lot more healthier and releaved this time, reminding me of the old careless Booth we knew from earlier seasons and whom we missed this year. I just can't hate Rena Sofer, she really seemed to be more fit for Booth than Brennan.
I still believe this episode was written to stir things up and make everyone angry but I don't see any long lasting effects. But I keep my mouth shut on future episodes. I just won't give up on a single episode that didn't fit my idea of what should be and advise you to do the same.

Anonymous said...


I share your sentiments.

Hart's focus on BB's relationship is at the root of the discontent. His refusal to commit to a resolution (a loving couple/ or just good friends) will continue to drag the show down. I maintain that the show will improve if Hart commits either way to a BB relationship and begins to focus on the show, develops the supporting cast (get rid of some the rotating interns), and gets back to more interesting cases.

Nicole said...


We view this show with totally different perspectives.

Who said Brennan was misunderstood? I was just pointing out that something dramatic happen to her. There's a reaction for every action!

I am one of the "few" women viewers that don't watch just for DAVID BOREANAZ since that's supposedly why "most" women viewers do. I'm also one of the viewers that think the storyline and writing is entertaining so I'll continue to watch.

Lisa said...

@Nicole, from your comments about David Boreanaz, that they are dripping with sarcasm. That's OK. To each is own.

Anonymous said...


Quite right, I've started watching Angel to get my Boreanaz fix! Have to say he's aged well though... - Angel is definitely Booth light!!

Mindy said...

On another topic--did they ever verbally state the name of the killer in this episode? I can't recall it. I found it on the credits, but I don't remember hearing it.

K said...

I'm hanging on for dear life because I love these characters, but I'm definitely getting closer to the quitting camp. And oddly, I actually think these past few episodes have been pretty great from a character standpoint. I could use a bit more from Brennan to know that the amped-up awkwardness and horrible Hacker laugh are just proof of how uncomfortable she is with the current situation, but overall I think the interactions between her and Booth have been super-believable. And I'm excited about the fantastically sexy Rena Sofer.

I'm getting close to quitting because the balance is out of whack -- now I find that I'm watching simply for the characters, because I've stopped caring about the cases. At least the past few haven't been goofy special-interest cases, but they have been sloppy. The gorgeous aquarium and some kind of neat science couldn't entirely make up for weird loose ends and other failures -- what happened to the Russian mobster and Ben? Another victim I don't care about at all? Another killer I feel little sympathy for? I'd hoped that with ep 100 some of these things were coming back -- the video of the victim and the interrogation of her boyfriend were old school Bones cases to me -- but alas, perhaps not.

I fell in love with Bones because it did so many things well and in combination with each other, and maybe it's a tall order to keep wanting that -- but now that I'm no longer getting it, I'm less and less interested.

Stephanie said...

I agree with whoever said that a Castle/Beckett "moment" by NO means equals a relationship. Yeah, they may kiss. But we got a Booth and Brennan kiss in season 3. Just something to keep in mind. If you guys want to ditch Bones for Castle, go ahead and enjoy, but I don't think the characters are similar enough for the two relationships to be very comparable. Castle/Beckett just aren't as compelling; their relationship isn't as layered as B&B's.

I'm a female fan, and I find it insulting to insinuate that most women only watch this show to stare at David. As if we're not capable of having less shallow reasons to watch Bones. I watch this show in spite of David Boreanaz. He's attractive, and Bones wouldn't be Bones without him, but I don't consider myself a fan of his. I watch this show for the wonderful characters and their stories...and maybe Emily. I adore Emily.

Lisa said...

@Stephanie, IF YOU RECALL WHAT I SAID WAS THE WOMEN THAT I KNOW WATCH BECAUSE OF DAVID. I don't know you and I don't care if your insulted.

Anonymous said...


I like what you wrote and like you I'm at the point of becoming indifferent.

I agree that the cases, victims, and even the killers aren't as interesting as they were in the earlier seasons. Hart really does believe that no one cares about the cases. He even wrote an episode, TBoaBL, to tell us so. I think this is short sighted. Season 1, 2, and 3 worked because there was a balance between interesting cases and character development.

As characters Booth and Brennan stand out, but the remainder of the cast has all but disappear. Cam has hardly anything of value to say, Hodgings only shows up to ask for particulates, and Sweets has taken on Booth's duties in the interrogation room but has not much to add.


Castle/Beckett and Bones/Booth are different, and they are at different points in their relationships. But to me, Hanson has needlessly delayed the Bones/ Booth relationship that is dragging the show down. It is all anyone cares about and, unfortunately, a huge detriment to the show.

I wish we could go back. I miss the stories with compelling and complex killers, like Epps and Gormogon. Heck even the Gravedigger was introduced in the third season. Ask yourself, has there been a killer or a case that you can recall in the last two seasons.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Bones should not be involved with anybody especially not Andrew. Are you serious? He is a dork. Booth should be dating up a storm to make Bones jealous and come to her senses.!

liz said...

sigh. i guess i am losing my interest and am surprised about that. i have to agree that the quality of the show is off. the cases are not emotionally compelling to Brennan and Booth, and therefore, not striking to the viewer. And frankly the complexity of almost all the main characters has flattened. There are some 'nice moments' but these are all one dimensional. GG, Max, the interesting villains... where is all the flavour? Í'm not annoyed, but I'm bored; and I think that's worse. Maybe I'll stop wasting time on this show... I have no desire to see the last episode more than once, which was quite a feat for them to pull off. I would not hae thought it possible. I'm thinking that the Reich's books might fill the void? Does anyone have an opinion on that?

PharaohHound said...

Did anyone else think that marine biologist lady pronounced the "lionfish"'s (there are many genera of "lionfish", the term is rather imprecise) scientific name wrong? The fish they showed looks like Pterois volitans, but I didn't think she said that.

Anonymous said...

All I get from this episode was Booth and Brennan don;t belong together. They are great partners but awful lovers. Booth is definitely better off with Rena. Even awful Brennan looks better when dating Andrew. They are both goofy and perfect matches.

So, can HH make them breakup once and for all forever? Pleasssse.

Mike said...

Having watched this episode, while I still believe Booth and Bones will be together, I gotta say admit it was good to see Booth out enjoying himself. If nothing else Booth seemed to have a renewed spark with his job. I think once he finally goes out with Kathrine he's going to compare and contrast and see who is really in his heart.

Bones dating Oswald, er I mean Andrew......again why? I do tend to view Bones as somewhat shallow only in that she puts a high value on her looks. Andrew is very vain and shallow. Other than the shallowness, there is nothing there for Tempy to have in common with him. Maybe it's his title that impresses her, which if that's her reason to date him, I've lost respect for her.

As for what people have been saying about Bones' character development, I agree. I hate what is being done with her character. When I first started watching Bones the fact that Tempy was SMART and BEAUTIFUL (in that order,) while being somewhat socially awkward was really cool. Now the order seems to be SOCIALLY AWKWARD, BEAUTIFUL and then smart. (accent on lower case smart.) I have read that HH views the Bones character as his insights on life and that it was a decision to change the show into light hearted fare. If this is true, it's sad that he feels that Bones has to be dumbed down to attract ratings. Scully was never turned into a "what maladropism will she use next?" type of character and oh yea, she was smart and beautiful too.

Bones is the only show I watch, other than news or sports. I adore all the characters, ok except for Zach, and these are characters you truly care for. I'm a big fan of DB, and I had never heard of ED or any of the other actors until I started watching. I would hate to see this show slowly wither from finding every road block to delay the inevitable. I'm going to continue watching, but that said, I do miss something from the past seasons, maybe the cases, the sparks, maybe the seriousness and heaviness of some of their cases.

New Zealand Bones fan said...

Whine Whine Whine Whine Whine Love the show sick of reading these episode Discussions it's not fun it's just depressing, :P

Lisa said...

Just read that David Boreanaz was rated as TV's SEXIEST cop by Cosmopolitan magazine. This is information for the few people on this site, who thinks he has nothing to do with the success of this show. Hart Hanson would be digging ditches for a living if it wasn't for DB.

Lisa said...

My last post was specifically for Nicole and Stephanie, but I forgot to add,he is the biggest reason this show is a success. I frankly don't care if you agree with me, because I surely do not agree with any thing you both said. Just remember, if it wasn't because of DB, nobody would have ever heard of ED.

Jeannie said...

Everybody is entittled to his or her opinion but what's with the personal attacks at other commenters? Please everybody, let's keep this civil.

erinskaya said...

Thank you for that, Jeannie.
One of the reasons i haunt this blog is that everyone has always been so kind and understanding about different views.
i get that people are very worked up about recent developments, i am too, but i hope we can maintain at least a modicum of respect for others even if our hearts are breaking. there's so much angst and pain on the show right now, let's not create more.

on to the ep: i enjoyed it. sure, it was *whoa* painful to watch Booth smile at another woman, but for some reason it didn't hurt as much as i thought it would. the case was still pretty lackluster IMO, and the twists and turns happened a little too quickly for my taste. but the Hodgins and Angela moments were sheer perfection. i'm hoping that even as the angst goes through the roof, the quality and attention to the casework will too.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lisa and Courtney. I got hooked on the show because of the Booth and Brennan of Seasons 1-3. HH, SN, and the know-it-all Fox execs changed the tone of the show from smart and sexy to just plain goofy. What a shame to waste the incredible talents of David B and Emily D - and the unrivaled chemistry they built up those first years - on such dopey plotlines and 2-dimensional character development. As for the risk of losing the sexual tension- and viewers - by bringing B/B together in a healthy, happy relationship, why not shift the cause of that tension? How about having it be all tense for a season after they finally get together, but decide not to tell anyone? The audience would be privy to all their private, couple moments and share in the fun and excitement of having this "secret" relationship. I know they're laughing because there are 8 million people still watching, but until HH, SN, and crew can get their act together, I'm breaking up with this show, not giving a second thought to their advertisers (who pay their bills) and switching over to Castle.

Anonymous said...

Let us all face it folks. HH IS NOT going too put these two together till the very end of the series. His thought is, as long as people watch, why change? I hate him, but as the Showrunner, IT kills me to admit it but he is doing his job. So with that being said, let them both get new romantic partners that last thru a good part of S6. Rena Sofer would be a good choice for Booth(she is better looking than Emily). For Brennan get a guy who is nearly as handsome as Booth(good luck with that) and let it go from there. Just for good measure throw in a few love scenes with both couples and that would make it so much fun. Go for it Hart. GROW A SET!!!

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