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Episode Discussion: The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle

Episode discussion for:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 19
The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle

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Lyndsey said...

hmmm not likin the ep. so far :((

Sarah said...

Just finished the ep.

"Well in ignorance, I await my own surprise."

Sighhh. I want icons of that. lol

Booth calling it their song. SIGHHHHH. The way they look at each other. The way Booth smiles. I can't take it.

Despite Bones being awkward and serious, she really lets loose very easily. I've always loved that about her.

Andddd the ending together. Sigh sigh sigh.

Booth's hair is looking red these days.

Michele said...

Bones is poking at Booth's relationship with Catherine as if it were a sore tooth. I think that's how she registers jealousy.

I'm happy to see Cam with a nice guy, though - it's about time!

Anonymous said...

I actually really enjoyed this episode, more so than the last one which, I have to admit, I didn't like too much. The case was interesting, and there was character development for B + B as well as Cam, Hodgins, Angela, Sweets, and Arastoo. Good for Cam to step into a relationship!! :) And I am really liking the growing friendship between Hodgins and Arastoo... after the shakiness with Wendell, I'm glad Hodgins is getting to know another person. As for Booth and Brennan, Brennan's constant commenting about Catherine shows that Catherine is on her mind A LOT. And her questioning about it seems like she doesn't really care about the whole situation, but in reality, it is quite the opposite. I LOVED the moment when Booth is like "this is our song!" and they both go up to rock out.... -melts-
Also, as a side note, DB is looking healthier/filled out a little in the face.... I like. :)

Jeannie said...

In the light of the current story arc, I felt that this was a really well-done episode.

Oh, Brennan is jealous alright. The constant talking about Catherine, the Freudian slip during the conversation with Cam ("I like him not as much as Booth"), her not being too enthusiastic about Hacker, and that she felt the need to get reassurance about her position in Booth's life at the end where she told him how important their partnership is... Good stuff.

Loved HOdgins-Aristoo-bonding. It's about time he got a non-religious-related plot.

Mom!Cam was cute and fun to watch. Awkward at times as I'm sure it was supposed to be.

And Booth - trying to move on but failing miserably. Still here for Brennan as soon as she needs him. He can't say he loves her again because they agreed it's not going to happen but really, what else is "you die for your partner, that's how I see it"?

Glad Angela got to be the expert on guitars. Given her family history, that was perfect.

Liked this episode a lot, well done!

Jeannie said...

Meant to add: So who is wooing whom now? Last week, Brennan told Booth he was handsome (albeit not as tall as Hacker, hehe) and this week she tells him he can sing well when that's obviously not the case, just to make him happy. Draw your own conclusions... ;-)

ceecee said...

Episode was so-so. Some things I liked: B&B arguing about the "grouper vs groupie" was almost like old times. B&B singing "their song"....his singing hasn't improved since his Angel days.
I agree it's fun to watch Brennan really let loose and I think Booth has that influence on her.
For much of this episode, however, it seemed they were not very connected...guess we'll have to get used to that.

It was interesting that Brennan felt the need to tell him how important their partnership is to her. I don't believe she has ever said that before. That long look between them ...full of unspoken feelings for both of them. At least, they are still having together time at the end of each show.

I think she's jealous,also, the way she kept bringing up Katherine to Booth and then to Cam.

Deborah said...

Don't know if all the baseball references were necessary, but I'm glad Hodgins has found a new friend. Bones seems to be thinking about Catherine WAY too much. She's definitely jealous. Even Booth doesn't think about her quite as much! I can see he's not over Bones at all. He seems let upset that she won't enter or accept a "social contract" with him, but she will accept one from Hacker.
Cam's part was really funny, and I'm glad they finally decided to get her a boyfriend. I loved the part where Michelle finds out and Cam doesn't even know what to say.
That being said, I think it was a good character development episode, but a not so good case episode. At least we get to see more about how B&B are both feeling. And the quote, ("die for your partner") was just awesome. Not a lot of people would die for their partners, but they would die for someone they love.

Anonymous said...

Just an observation. I have never commented on this site before, but I am getting WORRIED that not many people are commenting. This episode has been over for 2 hrs on the east coast and to have so few comments,is worrisome to me. What's going on?

Anonymous said...

Karine Rosenthal who wrote "The headless witch in the woods" gave us another good episode. I loved it.
The interesting part that made it different from S2 episodes, was the end scene. In S2, it was always Booth that would break their eye contact. Now it is Brennan's turn.

She was as intelligent as you expect her to be in this episode. Perfect. I really loved this episode.

Stephanie said...

Why aren't people commenting? Maybe because there are a billion other shows to watch on Thursday nights!! This is about as early as I'll ever get online after Bones because I go from Bones to Grey's Anatomy to Private Practice to my DVR recording of The Mentalist and/or Project Runway, when it's in season. I still think the networks got together last summer and decided to put all the great shows on Thursdays. It's kind of brutal if you're a TV junkie like me.

I don't really have any complaints about this episode. I almost wish Angela's father would've made an appearance (definitely would've fit with the Fox Rocks theme,) but seeing Angela as the music expert was pretty awesome. I'm glad they acknowledged that she does have that background.

And speaking of the Fox Rocks theme, I am so majorly impressed with Emily tonight. I took guitar lessons for an entire year, and nothing ever really stuck. She had lessons for three weeks and did awesome. I love it when they have Brennan sing. It's always fun to watch her let loose and enjoy herself.

I know a lot of people are upset because Brennan's not falling all over herself with jealousy, but I have to commend the writers and Emily for showing Brennan's jealousy over Catherine and her relationship with Booth while still keeping Brennan in character. She brought it up to almost every single person she came across in this episode. It's definitely bothering her. Booth didn't seem too thrilled with being in a "social contract" with Catherine, either.

Also...more Michelle, please. She & Cam are kind of awesome together.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't hear whatBones said Hacker gave her. Doe's anybody know?

Anonymous said...

Hacker gave her a magazine subscription (to which Booth commented, "sexy") and he also gave her a CD mix of music -- which led into the banter about Led Zepplin at the end of the episode.

I have not posted much anywhere since the 100 mostly because of all the negativity. Not that it is overly negative here, it isn't. But after awhile I just stopped going anywhere because I am enjoying the show more on my own.

I am loving this turn in the story arc. It is not supposed to be comfortable! Makes me tired to read so many fans who just want them to be like they were. Lordy! After 5 years it was time to move beyond UST, eye sex, and denial. Or it sure was for me.

It didn't go the way we all wanted it to but Brennan's reaction was in character (as was Booth's by putting his heart out there, finally) and this has taken them in a hard but I think forward direction. I'm hoping the finale makes this all worth it. Fingers crossed.


Anna said...

@Anon 12:35AM
i totally agree! of course after 5 years the relationship is going to change, i'm loving watching at the moment and i'm really interested and can't wait to see how they get through this 'rough patch', and we all know they're going to be together in the end anyway!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice, the way Booth got upset after Brennan admits that Hacker's CD was a social contract. And right afterward, she tried to state the fact that he is the most important person in her life. Awwaa

Jeannie said...

Fun fact: I totally remember that DB actually got to go to that Led Zeppelin concert they talk about. He was all excited about it in interviews at that time.

Vorpaks said...

I thought the convo between Brennan and Cam was very sweet, and sad. Echoing the 100th episode, it feels like Brennan is pushing Booth away because she doesn't feel she is capable of loving him the way he deserves to be loved. Protecting him. :)

I am glad that the episode focused mainly on the crime -- I am sure we are going to get tons of relationship/interpersonal stuff in the season finale and it is nice to have a little bit of a breather before that. Although, I had to laugh at the way the killer jumped into their arms and said "okay, I'm ready to go!" Got to be the easiest apprehension of a killer yet.

And the rockin' out was awesome!

chillip said...

for those that like to hate on continuity the bones picking at booth's love life harkens back to seasons 1 and 2 -- it just seems more aggressive now.

i thought this was a good follow up to last week. as someone noted , perhaps in another thread, and i noted earlier, i'm not sure we were supposed to enjoy last week's episode.

also from the "this isn't a coincidence" department -- the tie.



makes one think, doesn't it?

Shep said...

That woman's scream at the beginning was awful!
And the singing - oww! Oh, David. He has looks, charm, but definitely not the voice of an angel. It was funny though. (Although I don't think anything can top his rendition of 'Mandy', even if he was then singing badly on purpose)
I don't see how Brennan could play the guitar even after playing the whatchamacallit she claimed. My knowledge of guitars is limited (very) but I find it difficult to believe. I don't see how she could have known chords for Hot Blooded either.

The scenes of the people at the camp felt forced to me. Just wasn't believable. Dunno why. The case: meh.

Something was off about the Brennan-jealousy too. It felt too obvious. I don't know how else they could have done it but I'd have prefered something more subtle. I'm basing thi son what I can remeber from watching it yesterday. It might need a rewatch.

I did like Sweets' fangasm-ing over Simon. It was fun to see him all obsessive and giddy. I also like that the episode closed on a B/B argument.

After this episode, I think they should just keep Vasiri and get rid of all the other interns. I loved him; he has a great rapport with Hodgins (I liked the Baseball-bonding) and I think he'd make a great permanent member of the team.

Mindy said...

This was a funny episode! For what I assumed would be a "filler" episode to get us toward the final episodes, I ended up really liking it!

Wonderful non-verbals throughout the whole episode, not to mention the great one-liners through the first few scenes.

I actually liked the baseball theme between Hodgins and Arastoo. It reminded me of Booth and Wendell with hockey. Good fun in my book. Also, didn't Pej Vahdat play on the Bones crew baseball team at the Fox studios? With a small kiddo at home, I particularly enjoyed the "board games with hungry hippos" line. Classic game!!

But as I said, the non-verbals were out in full force! Good eye contact stuff, good emotions just under the surface, great discomfort in the way life is playing out for each of them right now, and it all seemed to stay in character.

Didn't ED and DB seem to have a BLAST on stage for "their" song?

I'm just glad Cam will be finding Michelle a new doctor. =) *shudder*

Meg said...

Aside from the super awkwardness of dating your daughetrs gyno...I do really like Cam's new BF. He can stay! :-)

Could really see Bones struggling in a very Bone's way with her feelings during this one!!! This is the jealousy I wanted to see last week!

Kate said...

Ah, again one step out of line with the rest of you.

I didn't like this episode. The baseball references got on my nerves (really, every line for Arastoo?), the case was pathetic (why did purple-hair nameless guy kill again?), and I don't like Michelle.

Finally, there are some real cracks showing in Booth and Brennan's relationship. I don't like what that bodes for the future.

(P.S. Everyone knows that Wendell is the best intern.)

Anonymous said...

I'm not watching anymore, but I have to comment on the interns.

FISHER is my guy! He seemed to fill the Zach void in the most complete way to me. He's the only one I can see as a permanent member of the team.

erinskaya said...

good stuff: loved Mom!Cam too, believable, awkward and enjoyable, and nice to have the focus on someone else for a change.
thought the lab work was much better than it has been in a while. rock-out Angela is too awesome.
jealous Brennan and her fumbling were sweet, and it made me remind myself that HH has said that this show is about one of them always chasing after the other.
the only bad thing i've got is something i've noticed and others have too lately. namely, i'm upset by my own lack of sympathy for either the victim or the murderer. it's been a long time since they felt like real humans that i should care about instead of clever ways to further the personal interactions on the show. not that i'm going to stop watching, but it would be nice to have a 'girl in the garden' or 'superhero in the alley'.

aka said...

Just some observations and wondering about why... I'm curious what the rest of you think.

Sweets seems to be wearing crazy pattern ties since the 100th episode or so. When Booth and Sweets were walking to interrogate Simon, I laughed. And the tie at the cafe was hideous. (Or was I just blind during the rest of the season?)

I've been missing Booth's wrist tattoos for most of season five. The lack of his tattoos for most of the season seemed deliberate, and now the shots showing them in the past few episodes seem deliberate.

Booth and Brennan seem to have moved from the diner to the Founding Fathers for their after-case meetings.

Booth seems to spending less and less time in the lab. The last episode, he made a quick exit, and in this one, I don't remember if he ever showed up at the lab.

Am I making up things here, or have you noticed this as well?

BonesObsessed said...

I just have to say that this episode got me thinking about something that Gordon Gordon said awhile back to Sweets about one of them knowing their feelings about the other and constantly struggling with it. After watching RitRC, I truly believe it is Brennan. I don't think Booth "struggles" with it, I just think he doesn't want to push her too far, but Bones definately has feelings for him beyond partner (IE: her slip to Cam about liking Booth better than Hacker and her constant jealousy over the fish lady) and it was very apparent when she told Booth at the end "Our partnership is very important to me" I think that was THE line of the night. It just goes to prove that that is her only reason for not furthering a romantic relationship with Booth! Anyone agree?

Meg said...

@bonesobsessed- I like your observation here. When she said the partnership was important, it was like she is explaining to him why she "rejected" his advances.

Colleen said...

I'm getting sick to death of this show. It's been sliding for the past couple season, and Hart Hanson gave it a great big shove with that crap he pulled in the 100th ep. I keep watching hoping it will get better, but it doesn't. I've decided to give it until the finale - if it still sucks, I'm out. (Although I will watch any season 6 eps with Zack.)

Mike said...

Putting my Nomex underwear on, but I didn't care to much for this episode. I guess I lost interest when Bren knew how to play a guitar and even knew the correct chords to Hot Blooded. I would like to think that in a 5 year span and knowing Booth's love of rock music that might have come up at least once.

I also didn't care for the campers. To me they were very over the top and somewhat cliche. I was really annoyed by the constant "he wasn't a true rock fan, he didnt deserve that guitar" by the murder and the girl who stole it. But I guess it did fit with the overall jealousy theme of the night I guess.

I did like the baseball talk and nice to hear a White Sox reference :) lol. Also good to see Michael Des Barre. He starred in one of my favorite WKRP in Cincinnati episodes playing a band member of "The Scum Of the Earth."

Nice to see Bren jealous. You know that's going to erupt nicely. :)

Anonymous said...

I have not watched one episode since the 100th, and will not till the finale, because I am sure that HH is going to stick to us again. I am still infuriated that she rejected him. To think, that this woman, who has had so many sexual encounters(her words) would then turn down the most gorgeous man in the world. F***** Unbelievable!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see everyone's comments on this site. This is the only show I actually tape on two television (yes, I still have VCRs :) and watch. But with all your insights (good and bad), I come away feeling a little better. Thank you for all your posts. The 100th episode left me feeling so absolutely terrible I wanted to cry. But I see that they do have to move on, whether I like it or not.

I just hope that the writers realize that again, and I've said it in another post, people can work together and still have a relationship. I have worked with my spouse 3 separate times at three separate jobs amicably during our lives and we're still together. It can be done.

As far as the writing, I truly believe that the stuff we've seen since the 100th and throughout 2010is not HH but other writers. He's off creating another series and has left the writing to many, many others and not even SN. The witty banter we're missing, not just between BB but between everyone, is just not there. The writing is just not up to its high standards and I am hopeful that HH will be back soon. I am sure he had a hand in the finale and I am sure his creativity is involved in every show, but the writing is just not there, which is making it, at least for me, difficult to watch.

The current stories and plot lines just don't have the previous seasons (especially seasons 1-3) brilliant writing. I watch those seasons over and over.

This season, Arastoo and Wendel are my favorite although we will need to see Daisy if Sweets is still a major player in the show and I'd like to see them marry. And go Cam. Finally a life. She makes a great Mom.

Just saw a great interview with Angela. Her and Hogkins make a wonderful couple and hopefully their romance will spur Brennan on.

Long on opinions but I love this show.

Anonymous said...

Spelled Hodgins wrong again....


Meg said...

Can I just ask, in a non-agressive/ non- confrontational way, I'm not getting all the negativity? We all are here, at a website called Obsessed with Bones, so that kind of tells me we are above averge fans, right? And we have watched for 5 years? So I think we need to trust HH a bit. I don't think, in the end, he will let us down with his story telling abilities. IMHO: I think we need to just enjoy the ride! :-)

BonesObsessed said...

I agree with Meg. I don't think they would have stretched out this whole "will they/ won't they" get together thing if it wasn't going to have a happy ending. They are trying to keep the show on for as long as possible and they have given us some juicy moments here and there to keep us on the edge. Isn't that what good writing is all about, keeping people in suspense? Otherwise you would be bored and not tune in.

K said...

I've been one of the Debbie Downers lately, which I feel bad about given the site. But to clarify, I for one do trust HH on Booth & Brennan. I buy the years of waiting, I buy the 100th episode twist, I buy everything he's doing with them. My disappointment isn't at all about their arc, and it's only a little bit about their decrease in fun bickering. My disappointment is about the overall lack of chemistry and depth relating to the cases and the characters' reactions to the cases. The show used to make me tear up *and* laugh out loud on a very regular basis but the tearing up has barely happened lately (only Plain in the Prodigy and ep 100) and the laughing out loud has been from goofy gags instead of clever humor. I've actually decided to walk away until the end of the season, when I can watch the final eps all together and stop agonizing week-to-week whether things will get better. Whether it's HH's absence or something else, it's too painful to watch a full episode for a rare moment of B&B chemistry or even general cast chemistry.

I guess hanging out here is kind of like licking my wounds -- but I can't seem to stay away because I know how brilliant the show is when it's really on its game!

K said...

(Oh, and specific to this episode, it was totally on its game with the grouper/groupie argument -- loved it! I think I'm going to start saying grouper now.)

Anonymous said...

Wow.... Why so little feedback on the episode.

This episode was like the last two, awkward. The chemistry between BB is still absent, and the Cam side story did not appeal to me. Case wise, the killer's motives were unclear and they never reveal how did the body end up in the washer.

After watching this episode, I deleted from my Tivo. I have been very disappointed in the current story arc.

Anonymous said...


The reason for the negativity is the lack of depth in the current story arc. The BB moments do not make up for the poor storytelling. The cases are uninteresting, and the characters' lack passion when discussing the cases or the victims. They go for the cheap laugh. Even Sweets and Booth were more interested in the Rock and Roll aspect than the victim.

What drew me to the show was the sense that Booth & Brennan wanted to bring justice for the victims.

Cheryl said...

This ep had so many things to love! Testicle Talk check. Hodgins/Arastoo bonding check. BB rockin out to Hot Blooded check (& no, neither of them can sing, but it was just them having fun which was fun to watch). More Hodgela goodness check. Angela's special musical insight check. More MoveOn!Fail check. BB affirming their importance in each other's lives check. Cam gets her own man check. Michelle plays Mommy check.

I think it's important to step back & evaluate Bones as a whole. Not every ep has everything you want in it. All the characters don't always do what you want them to. And s'times (like the 100th) ur heart gets crushed & that sux. But I always find that when I step back & evaluate the whole series that it still sparkles, that things that annoyed me or I didn't like either make more sense or fade to the appropriate level of insignificance.

Bones, as a rule, is very character rich, the cases are ALWAYS unusual, witty craziness will happen and it will be a fun, interesting ride. Every case is not going to be abt connecting to victim or murderer -- in real life, ppl kill for stupid reasons: for a shoe, jealousy, for 20 bucks, cuz they're high & their judgement is clouded. Not every criminal is going to be like the girl in The Boy in the Shroud. As a species in real life, our inhumanity to each other is very often senseless.

On the BB issue, it took me days to recover from the 100th, but the good that came from that is that they both know what the other feels & all the insinuation is over now. The stalemate has been broken. Which is refreshing cuz they KNOW now, & Bren has decided he's not safe with her & she's practically shoving him toward Catherine. For those of us who r BB shippers, this can be difficult to stomach but its logical. Booth's offer was rejected --what else can happen? They both still feel as deeply, which is why she can't shut up abt Catherine & y Hacker doesn't hold a candle to Booth no matter what he does. And here is where the other important thing comes in: Bones ties certain loose ends all the time. And this? Is one of those. This r'ship? Has to happen. Between TEITB, & "everything happens eventually" & Booth's promise that one day Bren will believe in true love there are too many indicators that are hanging loose for this to be how it ends. So I can watch them date other ppl & be totally ok with it cuz life? Is messy. & this could totally be happening in real life. But u know what? This dating others is going to fail. And I have no idea what plot device will take them to where we want them but it will be found. & Bren will realise that she can be with this awesome man by whom she judges all other men. & Booth will have the woman he _really_ wants for 30 or 40 or 50 years.

So! I am in it for the long haul. I would plead with Hart tho to give us a full season of them together cuz them? As a couple? Will be even more fun. And u know what? Bones has sneakily made it so I care abt every character...even our guests. I get cravings for a particular intern, or for Parker, Caroline, Pops and Max. And the fact that Cam has a bf? Made my next 48 hours. Sweets proposing? I almost screamed. Wendell/Angela break up? Classily handled which mattered to me cuz he's a good guy & I didn't want him sullied in any way. BB is only 1 reason I watch this Show which points to how rich it really is. And this Show? Is awesome. The End.

Anonymous said...

i've said it before and I'll say it again: cam is lovely, she is, and i care about her, i do, in a way, sure... but... i also dont really care about her. if they killed her off tomorrow i would be sad but it just wouldnt be the same as if hodgins, angela, brennan, or booth went anywhere. she just seems to have very random knowledge here, none there, always has that same surprised/interested thing going on... she's found a nice guy, but he's also boring. i have little interest in watching their relationship develop.

give her more edge! i love when she told the boxer from the girl in the sand episode that she was from the bronx and wasn't intimidated by her. or lets get more into how being an expert on flesh works- what does she have to add to the team that nobody else does? and strengthen as well as specify her relationships with the staff more- shes just a nice sort of friend/boss, in the same way, to everyone!

someone tell me im way off if im way off, but...

chillip said...

i think that's a little harsh on the cam character. she's went from being the "heavy" (new boss) trying to bring brennan into line and sleeping with brennan's man to essentially being another party trying to bring the two together.

i do wish they had more air time for cam (and everyone); TT does comedy well.

regarding the "important" line -- the line was "our partnership is so important to me." i thought the phrasing interesting.

Anonymous said...

good point, chillip, the phrasing and timing on that line are, indeed, very interesting.
Sarah 8:30 mentioned something else that struck me: Brennan went from asserting that she couldn't change in the 100th to almost agreeing with Cam:
"All organisms evolve and develop along patterns only recognized in retrospect. Your life doesn't exist outside the laws of nature."
to which Brennan responds:
"Then, in ignorance, I await my own surprise."
sure she qualifies it: "Although the odds of it involving a commitment to another person are remote."
even with the qualifier, it's still light-years ahead of "I can't change." and i wonder where the impetus came from.

Meg said...

Alright, just to clarify, cause this makes a big difference I think. Is the line, "our partnership is STILL imporant to me" or is it "...SO important to me"?


Cheryl said...

I heard "still important to me".

Stephanie said...

I originally heard "so" but I've seen people comment that closed captioning says Brennan said "still." I like it either way, though, haha.

chillip said...

About 100% sure it's so. Jumped out at me.

Anonymous said...

Just watched it. She says SO important to me.

liz said...

SO important to me -- I've seen it five times now; I always hear So important to me....

but I also hear Booth say:'s die-for-you partnership ...

chillip said...

"die-for-you partner, that's the way i look at it."

Meg said...

Ok, now I need to watch AGAIN! I think "STILL" vs. "SO" adds a new level to this statement. And I wasn't even considering the "die for YOUR partnet" vs. "Die for YOU partner" possibilities!

Perhaps I think about this stuff too much :)

Cheryl said...

It's ok Meg...Wendy didn't call this "obsessedwithbones" for nothing. ur in good *cough*obsessed*cough* company here :)cor

Beth said...

Ok, NO!
It's really making me sick all of this people saying they're done with the show, that's not ok.
I haven't watch this episode yet 'cause i'm back to college, so, since i'm from Venezuela, i haven't had the time to download until today.

I just don't get how people are expecting Brennan to run into Booth's arms and say "Hey, screw the world, i wanna be with you", it's not like i don't want that to happen but..Come on! IT'S BRENNAN for God's sake! If she was the kind of person that just goes after what she loves no matter what, She would've do so from the beggining! and yes sometimes i do feel i wanna kick her in the face as hard as i can, and also Booth, but, i realy do trust, not only HH, but the other writers, i mean, they have been clever enough to keep us coming back no matter how much we hate an episode or two (I haven't hate any episode so far haha). So people, just zimmer a little and enjoy the ride!. It's been 5 years of death bodies, akward but still real and cute quotes, fun, tears, squints, anxiety, and B/B moments. And that's what THIS SHOW IS ABOUT!

I'm not givin' up on this show, not now, not even if they don't end up together at the end (BUT THEY WILL), because i'm sure of something, the emotions that this show pulls out of me with every scene, I'm not gonna find it in any other show on T.v.
So, u can call me crazy, but that's the way i see it :)

chillip said...

you can't control other people, beth. it disappoints me too, but it is a fine line to walk for the writers. as i said earlier, you need a lot of good writing and acting to get scenes like the end of Sum of the Whole and the slow dance in QueenBee. brennan, and to a lesser extent booth, are written as human beings with all of the inherent flaws that come with it. life isn't easy.

i like the kick in the teeth line, though :)

and cheryl. obsessed? i'm not sure what you are talking about...LOL.

and still no discussion about the dolphins on the tie? just a coincidence? color me skeptical.

Beth said...

Yeah, i'm not trying to make myself look like i want them to see the show cause i said so haha, it just bothers me. But well, i guess like you said, it is a fine line to walk for the writers.. I just hope that all the people who are kind of let down with the show, can see soon that all of this will-they-won't-they-still-wondering-thing it'll be worth it eventually! :)

Well, the episode just finished donwloading.
Off to watch! So excited!!..

Love people! x

liz said...


i just watched it again twice in a row, volume loud. there is NO question:

Our partnership is So important to me. ... You know that, right?

Sure... Yeah. Die-for-you-partner. That's the way I look at it.

(be still my pounding heart...)
She is DEFINITELY wooing him now. How many of us know EXACTLY how it feels to think ""Oh my God, what in the world did I just do? I just made the biggest mistake of my life..." (ok, maybe not how it feels to turn down DB, but just the main dynamic)...

When I was in the middle of college and felt like I was in love with my best friend, after 2 years of tension, during which countless friends assumed we were completely involved... I pulled the Booth and put it all out there, and my male friend pulled the Brennan and said "Can't risk this friendship"... and I said "Too painful for me to be just your friend, I've gotta move on"... and I DID move on. Probably should have been more patient, as Booth is now demonstrating....

PS - I did the right thing perhaps... after another 15 years, I met the right guy and we've been married almost 10 years now..

BUT I bet LOTS of you guys have very similar stories!

chillip said...

that's kind of the way i'm seeing it liz. trying to read TB after booth's comment is tricky. a couple of half smiles -- just a regular reaction or quality acting?

though i'm not sure exactly what i'd call this. what i'm seeing is that brennan, at least subconsciously, wants to jump in the pool with both feet, but just can't trust herself to do it.

but this is bones -- you can be going along, having a light moment, then the hammer drops. it's really a tribute to the writing, but moreso to ED and DB who just seem to be able to knock it out of the park (heh) at any given time.

Anonymous said...

of *course* the dolphin tie is significant, but i think only to the fans. just as the fact that Brennan is dating "Andy", and Booth is dating "Kathy" is significant. i see it as a nod to us, nothing more.

Cheryl said...

"and cheryl. obsessed? i'm not sure what you are talking about...LOL."

That's right just keep telling urself that ;)

What do u think the dolphin tie means? I know that both Tempe & her Mom loved them but that's it.

chillip said...

booth and bones should be totally aware of the significance of dolphins -- the question is this just a coincidence or does dr. cathy know, too? is brennan's "interesting" after learning about the tie a reaction to the gift itself or to the dolphins?

this is just seemingly too juicy a morsel to be a throwaway to hard core fams. at least to me.

i try to be as spoiler free as possible, so i'm not going off anything like that. i've picked up a couple of things the past few weeks that tickle my antenna. whether i'm just overly obsessed or observant will become apparent over the next few weeks (and months). (i'll bet on obsessed :) )

Lucinda said...

Even though I disagree with all the posters that say they are going to continue to watch the show no matter what comes about, I admire them for their patience.I've had 5 YEARS OF PATIENCE! I will bet anything that in the upcoming episode, that BB go back to acting like nothing happened in the 100TH. As long as HH knows there are patient fans out there,he will continue to frustrate the BB shippers. Just my rant!!!

Collex said...

Loved this one. Brennan is jealous, but she shows it in her own way, by presenting a rationale appearance of happiness. Loved when Booth finally had enough and they had a fight in front of Sweets. They TRY to move on, but both are incapable.

I also loved how Brennan forgot she was "seeing" Hacker until Cam pointed it out to her. In her head, she is seeing nobody, probably because she feels that if she won,t let herself be with Booth, than rationally she won't let herself be with anyone else.

Also, Sweets was pretty fun in this episode. Loved how he was happy that they "were handling dating pretty well", and then got disillusionned pretty quicly with one sentence from Brennan. You saw in his face that for him, as psychologist, she wasn't handling it very well.

As for how I think it will go from here (and I know nothing beside the preview for next week), I think (or hope) both Brennan and Booth will be dumped by their "date" and be forced to realize that they love each other too much for it to work with anybody else.

Anonymous said...

the thing that i found "interesting", honestly, is that Booth wore the tie. *that* is what means something to me. he knows what dolphins signify to Brennan, and it almost (not quite, but almost) felt like a little dig at her. i'm pretty sure Brennan still thinks she's ok with everything. Booth, however, knows different. i hope.

chillip said...

interesting take, anon 9:28.

Anonymous said...

ughhh! please let Booth move on. i'm so sick of Brennan and her ridicuolus hold on Booth. what does he see in her?

Meg said...

He sees in her what we all do! She is beautiful, brilliant, and most importantly- unique! She's worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 9:23. Meg she is everything you said, but she is also unemotional and clueless. Booth,move on,there are woman a mile long waiting for you..

chillip said...

i think a key with dealing with bones, booth, or anyone of the supporting characters is that they are complex. for instance, in relation to brennan, we still have only scratched the surface of booth's character.

for bones specifically it is frustrating at times. at times she appears inconsistent because people really are that way.

i think this season has been a long work on bones coming to grips with her feelings for booth and how much she is willing to risk to take the next step -- and finding that an almost impossible step to take.

to me, there was a lot of subtle flirting this year, more of a teasing variety (that comment about practicing shooting at the bottom of the sinkhole in "the dwarf" the most notable). and all of that was fine until booth forced the issue. then it was real and suddenly difficult.

but i understand those that want, for lack of a better word, closure. bones isn't like much "regular" TV. i'd love to see HH blow it up and go a completely different direction the last 2 or 3 years -- with B&B. i'm not sure that any network show has done that of their own volition. and that would make a whole different set of the fanbase unhappy :)

Anonymous said...

i completely agree with chillip. again.
when people change, even people with no fear (unlike Brennan), it's very often a case of one step forward, two back, and *that* is what i've noticed in Brennan's character this season. not bad writing.
also, i want to point out chillip's word choice (sweets would be so proud) "forced". Booth *forced* the issue, and as we all remember, he's the one that said "don't you know you can't rush her?" if he expected any other reaction than the one he got, he doesn't know her as well as he thinks he does. but we all know he _does_ know her that well.
also, i want to state something about the uncertainty faced by tv writers and producers. you could see it in seasons 1-3, that they had no idea when Damocles' sword would fall on them, so they gave us *everything* they had for those seasons, positive they'd be cancelled, and unable to complete their story. now, they've got a bit of a reprieve, and so need to re-evaluate. the writers, _everyone_ knows they're MFEO, but if we, the fans, expect to enjoy their company every week for a few more years, we *cannot* have the closure we all want. it's practically a hollywood law.

Lauryn said...

I love how at the end, Booth says how much he wanted to go to Led Zepplin's last concert in London. DB actually went to the concert, as he said in this interview here:

haha i love inside jokes :)

chillip said...

i also thought the singing compliment from bones interesting, too. booth is always trying to get a compliment out of bones for the things he does well -- to compliment him on something he clearly doesn't do well seems quite out of character.

this episode has grown on me. it's like dentist in the ditch -- a good episode but the payoff in the closing scene elevates it.

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