Friday, April 23, 2010

Episode Stills: The Boy with the Answer

Definite spoiler warning in these stills for the plot of this Bones episode - "The Boy with the Answer"


Sarah said...

Bummer -- I was hoping for a picture of Bones and Booth confessing their love for each other!

I guess I'll have to content myself with the picture of the two of them enjoying takeout. For now. . . :-P

Shep said...

I hope this episode is more serious. It looks that way (*prays*)

Would someone chraged with being a serial killer be allowed to represent themselves? Seems unnerving to me.

The animation in picture 6 reminded me of the murder in 'Boy in a Bush'. (I loved that episode - almost made me cry)

Catnapping said...

I LOVE Patricia Belcher. She does such great work. I know she's a "just a comedian," but I think sometimes this lends greatly to acting ability. I'm not sure if it's the innate sense of timing, or the fact that comedians look more deeply into human behavior and motives (including/especially their own) than the rest of us do.

I'm so glad Ms. Belcher's in this episode. I'd love to see more of her. If there were ever a character to support a Bones spinoff, it would be that of Assistant United States Attorney, Ms. Julian.

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