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Favorite Quotes: The Parts in the Sum of the Whole

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: The Parts in the Sum of the Whole.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Booth - 'I knew right from the beginning'

Wendy said...


From the Anon post I deleted (spoilers removed)...

My favorite quote was "My book is crap." Just for the way he said it.

Anonymous said...

"I went home and went to bed."
"And so did I."

ceecee said...

Brennan - "I'm the best in the world".
"I could call you 'shoes'. So very shiny."

Caroline - "stick figure thing is like a sadistic children's book"

tybonium said...

Brennan to Hodgins
"I thought we talked about you being so unpleasant"

Not an exact quote, but you get the picture.

Deborah said...

"I enjoy working with you Bones"
"Bones is not my name"
"It's just a nickname..."
"Oh yes, I see... I could call you Shoes"

I seriously laughed so much over that!

Meg said...

I had a few - I'll try to remember.

In the beginning, when Cam/Brennan said:

Cam (mouthing, Brennan speaking): Temperance Brennan.
Bones (in Sweets's office): That's me!

Booth: Do you believe in fate?
Brennan: No. It's ludacris.
Bones: I still don't.
Booth: And I still do.

Angela: It's Jimmy Neutron!

Anonymous said...

I think the best two lines were exactly the same two words, each said at different times during the final scene by our favorite duo, "I know."
Booth: "Bones, I'm that guy! I know!"
and Brennan (after Booth tells he he has to move on): "I know."
The tone ED used in uttering that line, pure genious.

Theresa said...

There was a quote, I think Angela said was in reference to previous episodes or a previous situation. I can't remember it for the life of me. Does anyone know which one I'm talking about? I'll have to watch the episode again tomorrow b/c it's driving me batty that I can't think of it.

Alice Littel said...

Least favorite: Booth-" but I'm gana move on, I need to find some who will love me in 30-40 years"! i want to cry please some tell me that this is just a scare!);

Stephanie said...

Flashback Brennan: "I don't follow current events past the Industrial Revolution." LOL

Present-Day Brennan: "There was tongue contact." Only Brennan would word it that way.

Brennan: "Should we tell him?"
Sweets: "YES! [pause] Yes..."

Also loved Angela's line about the "skull, facial, murder, barf-making monstrosity." It took watching that scene about 3 times for me to register what she had said.

Deborah said...

I agree with anon above, Emily's "I know" was genius.

Chenoa said...

I was wondering why there was no reference to the Christmas Kiss in Season 3??? Did HH & Co. forget??

I'd explain where it would have come in, but don't want to give out any spoilers :)

Anonymous said...

I know - Brennan


Shep said...

I loved the shoes line!

leeloo said...

both from Brennan in the end

"Please, don't look so sad."

"I know"

PharaohHound said...

Zack: Why are you the deliverer of the blow while I am the recipient?!
Hodgins: Because you grunted when you picked up the bat.

And for some reason, Caroline's comment about the flip book being a "sadistic children's book" makes me lol!

Rebecca said...

"You're fired." "Why? Because I drank bang?"

"Get a soul." "Get a brain!"

Meg said...

"I passed with a lot of color!"
"Broil him"
LOVE naive Brennan!

"I have a feeling this is going somewhere" SWOOOON he was right!

And every word uttered in the final scene spoke volumes. *sigh*

Shep said...

Booth saying 'get a soul' makes me grin, seeing as David played Angel.

Anonymous said...

Loved, LOVED, LOVED!! this episode.

It broke my heart, but... good gawd it was television and story telling and acting and directing at its finest. Emmy worthy on sooo many levels.

Maybe because a majority of reviewers liked it, and just getting to the 100th is such an achievement in itself, we may see this show get some true recognition this year.

For those in despair? How many years and how many times have we heard both Booth and Brennan say "We are just partners"? Did we believe that??!!! So the first time we hear Booth say he's moving on and Brennan say she doesn't know how to be more ... we're going to believe them?

Come on. We KNOW better, right? :)


Theresa said...

I figured out the quote that I was thinking about...

It was Hodgens: "You ever feel like you saw something great that almost happened and then it didn’t."

Hello foreshadowing, in the same episode even.

Beth said...

This ep was just too perfect!

"Skull, facial, murder, barf-making monstrosity." - Ang.

"I'm the gambler, i believe in giving this a chance" - Booth (I fainted here btw)

"I knew, right frome the beggining!" - Booth.

"I know" - Brennan. (Heartcrushing!)

"Can God creat a bigger rock that he can roll?. Think 'bout that" - Oh Angie, you are the best.

"Did you know i've always wanted to go to Paris with an artist?" - Hodgie.

"Ever feel like you saw something great that almost happened but it didn't?" - Again Hodgins (Awwwww!).

"It's like you two missed your moment, and then you punished each other" (Or something like that) - Sweets.

It wasn't exactly a quote but, it's just too good: "Nothing happens unless first a dream" - I mean, DEAR MERCY GRACIOUS! I'm in love w/ this show.

Anonymous said...


"How many years and how many times have we heard both Booth and Brennan say "We are just partners"? Did we believe that??!!! So the first time we hear Booth say he's moving on and Brennan say she doesn't know how to be more ... we're going to believe them?

Come on. We KNOW better, right? :)"

OMG, I couldn't have say it better

Stephanie said...

I swoon every time I hear Booth whisper, "I dunno...I just...I feel like I'm gonna kiss you" to her. That was sexy.

I also really like the way Emily said "Hey...if we don't work together anymore, we can have sex." Emily's line delivery was just overall fantastic last night.

Cheng said...

I agree with everyone else! I also loved how Emily delivered her line after Cam tells Booth her name..."which is me!" And David was grinning next to was so adorable, like they were so happy that that was the moment they "met."

sophia said...!

Anonymous said...

Everything was perfect. I agree with the person who said it was emmy-worthy.

Everyone who thinks that this was like the end of Booth and Brennan, what would make you think that this time it's for real this time. And that quote on the wall before the big scene had to mean something. Don't give up hope guys!(:

Sarah said...

So many good quotes...

"I do respond to the breath of his shoulders and his strong jaw line." ~Brennan.

Don't we all?

"Watching you two is being at prom!"

"What is happening?!"

Eric Milligan's delivery of that line killed me.

"To bang"
`Booth and Brennan.

Yes, please. I think we'll all toast to that.

"I feel like I'm going to kiss you."


"There was tongue contact."

"What are you?"
~Booth to Zack.

"Because we're smarter than you."

"You thought you were protecting me, but you're the one who needs protecting"

How telling was this line? She basically is telling him she knew how he felt all along! Plus it reveals that shes too scared of hurting him.

Booth's entire 30 or 40 or 50 years, I knew speech. David cracked my heart...

"I know"
~Brennan's response to Booth needing to move on.

I said that David cracked my heart before because Emily took those two words and just full on broke it.

Such an amazing episode!

Mart said...

OMG. absolutely LOVED this ep! cried at the end, i have tp admit, but still.. wow.
quotes were fantastic! agree with everyone!
and the quote nothing happens until first a dream just tells it all! I mean, look at this whole season! Because of Booth's coma-dream, everything changed!! He confessed love to her! Bones confessed love to him in her own way, I mean, she wanted to (she cried!) but she couldn't! Gosh. I'm gonna watch this ep again. and again. AND again. (:

Anonymous said...

"You thought you were protecting me, but you're the one who needs protecting"

Sarah, I agree!
This line is what I thought was the biggest part of the episode. We've been seeing Booth struggle with his feelings openly all of season 5 while Bones seemed to just not realize what was going on. Finally an admission that not only does she know how he feels about her, but she feels the same!

catnapping said...

do you believe in fate?

absolutely not.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all previous posters and their comments...I'll just add a few:

Brennan to Sweets: "That's your right as a psychologist to get everything wrong."

Booth to Brennan: "So you're afraid that when I look at you in the morning, I 'll have regrets?" Brennan: "That would never happen."

And, of course, the quote on the wall (which I know has already been mentioned, but it bears repeating): "Nothing happens unless at first a dream."

The whole episode was wonderful. I loved everything about the scene in the garage where they were examining the judge's many good lines there. And I love everything Caroline says. She is just a riot. I wish they would feature her in more episodes.

And I can't believe I am so wrapped up in the lives of FICTIONAL characters, but I love this show, I love this show, I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! :D

K said...

Such a great episode at long last! I love so many of the lines that came up here but one of my favorites hasn't yet:

Brennan to Booth: "First the truth, then the catching."

So during the final scene, finally the truth -- and now the catching? Please?!

Louise said...

Booth: Get a soul!
Brennan: Get a brain!
FBI guy: Agent Booth?
Booth: -I'm- Agent Booth.

Great ep overall. (: Emily is so amazing.

Cheryl said...

I don't remember if he said anything, but _every time_ Sweets learns more of their first case & uses body language to communicate how exasperating the pair of them are, I just...get happy. Ty JFD! Kisses!

& paraphrasing Sweets:

One of you has to break this stalemate. has to be you. You're the gambler. For once, leverage that for good.

Thank you my lovely Lancelot, for using ur new carpe diem, post-watching-cancer-survivor-die-in-train-crash vibe to speak candidly to those two. Drinks on me!

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