Thursday, April 15, 2010

Favorite Quotes: Death of the Queen Bee

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: Death of the Queen Bee.


mellybee101 said...

Brennan: Why are you so far away?
Booth: Just keeping room for the Holy Spirit, that's all

Hehehe...oh and their dancing before that makes me scream with laughter every time

Anonymous said...

Something to the affect of 'It's always the smiley ones.' -Buxley

Made me think of Booth not liking smiley clowns from the couples counseling

Elaine said...

Brennan: Yes, we have intercourse every chance we get.
Booth: Wow. Uh, yeah! All over the place.


And I loved Brennan's little impromptu speech at the end, but I can't remember it word for word. Very moving though, something about friendship. It really was just a big, happy family :]

Deborah said...

Becky: Nice wheels, nice face... and bod...very nice
Booth: ...thank you...

His expression when he said that was priceless.!

Cheryl said...

Wendell & Hodgins r debating whose finding is more significant. Cam assures them they both did good work.

Cam: (walking away) I run a _kindergarten_

LOL...yes, yes you do!

Andy: Temperance...I'm still interested in you

Booth: She's _married_

Andy: Marriages have problems. Look at Brad & Evelyn...his business is failing & their marriage is on the orcks.

Booth: (stupefied that this guy persists) Srsly?

SHARi (Shree) said...

Brennan - This is what Friendship look like, This table. I'm very Lucky.

IMO, This quotes show us how much improvement she got so far. :)

lucy said...

that sounded clinical but felt very insulting!!!!!

da_Liza said...

Becky: Have I arrested you before, hun?

Becky: They're a freakin' love story and I'm feeding my cats.

Brennan: If I had covered my paper, she'd still be taking that class.

Sweets: Who would that be, Booth? Booth?

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