Friday, April 9, 2010

From here to the Season Finale

Definite spoiler warning as Hart Hanson and the cast talk (frustratingly vaguely, if you really want to know) about what's going to happen in the rest of the season, and especially the season finale.

Does it satisfy you?


Meg said...

Oh boy.

Did anyone else read into the whole "100th episode is a finale in itself" thing as "Booth and Bones are never gonna get together?"


Not ok. Not ok. NOT OK!!!!

Stephanie said...

I don't think that's what they meant at all. I think they just meant the 100th episode was finale-big. People have high expectations for finales, and the expectations for the 100th episode were HUGE. Plus, finales usually feature big events, and they knew the 100th needed to, too.

Everyone calls Booth and Brennan a "will they/won't they" television couple. I don't think it's a question of "will they?" with these two. I think the right question for B&B is *when* will they?

Anonymous said...

I also take that comment more that it was a big episode, rather than a remark on their relationship.

I try not to read too much into what they all say, its all so cryptic and can be taken a million ways!!

I think that they need to play it carefully with them getting together, I think the writers are cautious not to just get them together for the sake of it.....their coming together has to be true to their characters and not just rushed for the sake of it.

Hey we have stuck it out for this long.....I want to see where this ride takes us!!

Courtney said...

I'm guessing lots of potential changes - maybe someone leaving the Jeffersonian, maybe Booth will take a leave from the FBI, maybe they will split up B&B for awhile - I don't read anything positive coming out of the finale for B&B - just lots of changes - some that people may like but since there is at least one more year of this show, I highly doubt HH is going to end this season with B&B anywhere close to a relationship - my bet is he really throws a monkey wrench in and splits them up - at least until sometime next Fall -

Hope I'm wrong.

catnapping said...

wedding...must be sweets and daisy. was one helluvanepisode!

i think, given their insistence that b/b connection spells an end to the show, they probably thought it best to put a brake on the that booth's love had surfaced.

bones loves him; otherwise she wouldn't have backed off. she thinks she'll hurt him.

bring on the sexual tension

i think the next few weeks, and next season, will be about bones slowly learning that she is capable of a lifetime commitment.

if the next episodes are like this last one, they will succeed where moonlighting failed. (but pleeeeze, bones-writers, avoid the contrivances and painful twists that killed david and maddie.)

personally, i was hoping they'd move into a thin man neighborhood, but i'm pleased with what they did. the writing was great. boreanaz' acting, wow, and wow!

i didn't appreciate the breaks in series continuity, but since for bones this has become chronic...oh well. i'll suffer.

i guess we'll see sweets/daisy and hodgins/montenegro tie their knots...all part of the life lessons for bones, i'm guessing

Anonymous said...

There is also alot of talk going around that one of the big shows on tv will have their main character become pregnant. Bones is on the list along with about 5 others as a possibility. Anyone think this could be the "big changes"?

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