Friday, April 2, 2010

Hiatus = BIG Ratings Drop for Bones

As the author on TVBytheNumbers put it Bones was "not welcomed back with open arms" after a 2 month hiatus from the air. The winter finale pulled an impressive 12M and put Bones as the #7 show for the week, but last night's episode "The Bones on the Blue Line" was nowhere near those numbers.

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)

8:00 CBS Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains 3.5/12 11.08

FOX Bones 2.4/8 8.44

NBC The Office (R) 1.6/6 4.04

ABC FlashForward 1.4/5 5.07

CW Vampire Diaries 1.3/4 2.80


Rolywa said...

I suspected this might happen...the longer a show is off the air, people forget about it! Hopefully next week's ep will get more viewers. They are doing A LOT of publicity. All shows were down though- could be the weather and time of year.

Anonymous said...

It also doesn't help that Canada is back to airing the episodes on Wednesday nights instead of Thursdays like they did for a few weeks before the winter finale.

One it airs on Wednesday nights, links are posted and A LOT of people just download the episode and don't watch it on Thursday.

I think it's unfair, personally. You'd think Fox would do something about it and demand the airings be moved from Wednesday to at least Thursday. Or at least crack down on the people who are posting the download links on Wednesdays.

Emilie79fr said...

Damn it, Bones should not be airing one day earlier in Canada! I'm pretty sure that's the reason why the ratings are so low. People just download the episode as soon as it is online - which seems to be the most logical thing to do when you can't wait to watch your favorite show - and don't necessarily feel the need to watch it again on Thursday. I'm so upset rigth now with whoever decide on the airing days in Canada... The episode was pretty good, by the way. I hope the ratings will be better next week with the 100th episode, but I guess this episode alone won't solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

After being off for two months, I would have thought that the ratings would be sky high for the return. All the excuses about Canada don't cut it with me. I think viewers are starting to get annoyed about the lack of progress in the BB relationship. There was more sexual tension between these two in S1-3 than there is now. If Survivor kills it in the ratings next week. with all the hype, this show is in trouble.

Anonymous said...

The viewers want a resolution to the relationship question.

At the end of season 4, we were told something magical would occur in the final episode. We were misled. At the beginning of this season we were informed that Booth would be wooing Bones as he slowly recovered from amnesia. That has not happen. To explain the shows loss of momentum I go back to THitL episode were Brennan and Rebecca discuss why she said "no", and Rebecca's answer is to me why viewers are losing interest. The show had its moment with a possible B&B relationship at the end of last season and by further delaying it another season leaves the viewers looking for alternatives, like Castle.

Stephanie said...

I'm not very worried. 1.) Bones has been off the air for two months, and Fox has been promoting the 100th episode. I know some people who thought it wasn't new again until next week because of all the April 8th/100th episode promotion. 2.) It's almost holiday time for those who recognize Easter. A lot of people are probably traveling right now. and 3.) Even Survivor's ratings seem lower than normal. It may have just been a bad TV week.

Lawrence said...

Nothing will beat Survivor, no one expects it. So number two equals number one. Bones completely smoked everyone else.

Once people remember Bones is on the numbers will pick up. Even I forgot it was on this week and had to watch it on Thursday (I'm in Canada).

Ignore the shippers, everything will be great.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I am one who downloads it early after it airs in Canada. I can't watch it on Thursday's anyway because I am a college student with other commitments (class and meetings) and no TV. However, I would watch it on Thursdays if I were able...even if I downloaded it early.
-Anonymous #4 (Sorry, I don't have an account here)

Anonymous said...

I think it was just a slow tv night for every show across the board for all the reasons people have mentioned.

Die hard fans knew it was on and tuned in. With the media attention and such solid reviews coming out now, I bet the numbers will go up for the 100.

I don't own a tv so I watch online only -- wish I could be counted but I can't be -- but I honestly doubt that any more people watched early (or only online like me) this past week than before the hiatus -- when the numbers were a lot higher.

Online viewing is not a new thing. It didn't hurt the numbers before the hiatus and won't hurt the numbers now as long as people across the board start tuning in again.


pfenix-goddess said...

I really don't think that the "waiting for them to get together" thing is a ratings killer. It's plain: Fox's ridiculous scheduling hiatuses whenever American Idol comes on is a show killer. It really is. This happened last year, too, and it's going to happen again and again until Fox learns that yanking *everything* in its lineup off the air just to show AI for three nights in a row isn't going to make people tune *in*, it's going to make them tune *out*.

And, yeah, from all the hype about the 100th episode, I was actually unsure that "Bones" was back on this week, because I thought it wasn't coming on until next week until the TV Guide set me straight. "Bones" is not a bubble show and 8 mill is still big numbers for Fox Network on a Thursday night, so don't anyone get the hankies out just yet; I wouldn't be surprised if "Bones" made it to 200 episodes before it ended.

Damn Fox's idiotic scheduling!!!

Deborah said...

You know, for us people that don't live in the US, watching it on the pages that upload the episodes after Canada's Wednesday night is our only chance to get a chance to watch them. It's either that or wait another 4-5 weeks (cometimes even up to two months) to catch them on cable in my country. What do you think Fox could do to stop the blogs that upload them anyway? Or how do you think that they could demand a change in the Canada airing schedule?

I wouldn't worry too much about people not tuning in. I think they'll definitely turn up for the 100th episode, and if that goes well, they'll keep returning for the next ones.

aardvark508 said...

I assume they expected this was a potentially dead week and that probably explains all the hype focus on the 100th episode as well as the fact that 99th episode felt, at least to me, as a throw away with little if anything of interest. The coming week will be a much better test since they have had their hype machine in overdrive in the run up to the 100th show. I am assuming this episode will initiate the ground work for keeping the WYWT plot device alive for another 20+ episodes while maintaining the interest of the fan base. It will not be an easy task. I don't know about others but they can keep me involved by just dropping the repressed Catholic school boy angst vs. intellect constraining openess to love plot device. They can confess the truth about their feelings about each other and still find plenty of ways to maintain their physical distance and UST. It is the implausibility of the lie rather than failure to consumate that is wearing on me.

Anonymous said...

I don't need a relationship resolution, I need the bloody show to be on the air every week. What is with tv shows and taking a hiatus?? It drives me crazy and despite how much I love a show, it pisses me off that they expect me to just be there when they need me - it's like being in a bad relationship - you're treated like crap, but expected to be there to take the abuse.

I love this show, but it really gets under my skin when it's just not on the air for a few months at a time.

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