Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New guesses on "old" spoiler news

The TV Addict is making some assumptions about an already revealed spoiler.

Do you agree with the assessment?

Spoiler warning!!!


Stephanie said...

This is a new guess? I've been saying it's going to be them since the wedding spoiler came out! So yes, I agree with their assessment :)

Anonymous said...

Defintely them. Sweets and Daisy won't make it to the alter (imho) and, sadly, I don't see B & B making that leap in the foreseeable future. Don't think we'll be privy to Jared's wedding, though I wish we would.

Mindy said...

Interesting--I would LOVE for us to see Jared's wedding. I never thought that maybe we wouldn't. Since it will be such a big deal in Booth's life, I was hoping we'd see it.

Sarah (#2) said...

Whoever ends up getting married. . .maybe Brennan will at least catch the bouquet?

Anonymous said...

*super spoiler alert* maybe i misunderstood, but i was under the impression that angela and hodgins got married really soon, like before the finale, in an unconventional manner. i could totally be misreading though. still, my guess is jared and padme.

Stephanie said...

**super spoiler response** I think they do elope before the finale. That's what I've read, at least. Maybe no one else finds out about it until then?

Remember, part of the original spoiler was that the writers were considering bypassing the actual ceremony, so just the fact that they were considering not even showing the wedding should tell people not to expect some huge, planned ceremony.

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