Sunday, April 18, 2010

An Open Letter to Hart Hanson

Obviously, not everybody was happy with the way the 100th episode turned out. The Jacksonville TV Examiner has published an open letter to Hart Hanson.
Do you agree with the author?


Elizabeth said...

No, I don't. Most relationships are rocky at some point; many have a rocky start. This show made us, the fans, sit up and take notice. It got us emotionally involved in the show. There are plenty of programs out there that provide mindless entertainment. This show grabs at the heartstrings, and makes us care about the characters.

Bones didn't tell Booth she didn't love him. She is scared; of being hurt and of losing what she has. She has to learn to look to the future for her happiness, since it's obvious she can't find it in her past.

I don't believe HH is going to let us down, in the end.

meglyman said...

More to the point Elizabeth, Booth didn't say he loved Bones. He said "try" and "give it a shot". He said it was a gamble, all those thing involve risk and uncertainty. Things Bones doesn't deal with well in the best of times.
Besides, getting them together too easily would be too sit-commie (ie or y?) I trust in Hart!

Nicole said...

I really don't like when people write these letters/criticisms and pass it off as they are speaking for all fans! I also get mad for Hart Hanson when people feel the need to question his process like they are on Fox payroll!

Hart Hanson is doing his job....creating stories for his show. You can watch it or not watch it!

Express your concerns (if you feel it's necessary) but speak for yourself! Please stop the generalizing such as "us fans" or "the fans"!

Stephanie said...

I agree with Nicole. I hate it when people do stuff like this and think they're speaking for everyone! I definitely do not agree with this letter, either. I loved the 100th episode. I thought it was very well done and very in-character for both of them, and it didn't make me mad in any way. I also don't think Hart (or Stephen or Emily or anyone else) has lied to us, and I hate when people try to accuse him/them of that. The teases they give out are not lying. Teasing is doing his job as a producer to get people interested in watching.

And I still maintain that Booth and Brennan are not "will they/won't they." At this point, it's just a matter of *when* will they? A good portion of the fanbase has gotten so negative lately that I wish those that are upset would just stop watching already and let everyone else continue to enjoy Bones.

Elizabeth said...

"More to the point Elizabeth, Booth didn't say he loved Bones."

True, he didn't come out and clearly declare his love for her. He did say that "he was that guy" and that he'd always known, from the beginning.

And, he had admitted his love for her to others. Something she has not done (admit her love for him).

I posted this somewhere else... how is it that she can love her father, the first man who abandoned her, but she can't love Booth? I don't buy it.

But then, I'm a hopeless romantic at heart.

pia said...

I totally shar the opinion of those who have written above, it sucks that some persons claim to be the voice of "the fans".

I also loved this episode and if the backgorund of brennan & booth is clear to the viewer, it would be inappropriate to let them get together without any complications. So HH did a great job writing this one- in my opinion ;)

But at one point i agree with the author's opinion, i also don't like Bones to be like the x#files or similiar ones. I don't want to se them getting together in the last episode of the show! I want them to be in a "real" relationship, which progresses!


Catnapping said...

I'm thinking back to the last scene in Sweets' office...

I don't think he would have told Booth to take the gamble. He would have directed his comments to trust.

He would have counseled her to believe in herself. He would be putting both of them into more role-playing games...tasks to help her learn to trust. And he would be directing their debriefings to that goal, as well.

I loved the episode. And I do not like the commentator presuming to speak for us all...BUT:

The series, Bones is taking some dangerous turns where B/B are concerned. This is getting a little too too.

While I can believe in that last scene between the two of them ... to a degree (mostly because both did such a good job in it), I don't think it would have happened there and then, and in that manner.

I think of other times where such declarations and full-stop-brakes would have occured more naturally. And I really don't believe Sweets would have suggested that Booth jump the gun if Bones isn't ready.

I also don't see Booth telling her that he's moving on. If done, it would have been in frustration and anger, and during some argument. Not like this. IF. IF.

I think Booth would know more than anyone that she's afraid, especially after what she said to him. He'd be smiling inside, because her reaction "told" him what he needed to know: She loves him.

Now - all he needs to do is teach her to trust herself and to trust that not all relationships are temporary.

Now - he would be courting her.

There are plenty of obstacles and and blunders in any courtship to fill 3 seasons. I wish Hanson was aware of these things.

I fear that Bones will lose its audience should these contrivances continue.

Kate said...

"There are plenty of obstacles and and blunders in any courtship to fill 3 seasons. I wish Hanson was aware of these things."

Amen, Catnapping. Relationships have all sorts of twists and turns along the way to happily ever after, there's no reason Bones couldn't go on while B&B navigate the ups and downs of developing a romantic relationship. There's more to relationships than sex you know.

Nicole said...

It's not about what we see Booth or Brennan doing(relationship or not) but what Hart Hanson sees Booth and Brennan doing.

Why the assumptions of what Hart Hanson is or isn't aware of? He CREATED these characters and storylines. He decides what obstacles and blunders happen.....right now, he chooses they be apart and having obstacles. PERIOD!

All these assumptions and opinions are what make these type of letters hilarious! These people should apply for a writing position on Bones' staff if they want to some say in the show's direction.

I would hate to see what happens if Hart Hanson starts writing for fans(small population on the internet with their oh so important opinions) instead of himself!

meglyman said...

Elizabeth (re: more to the point...) I just meant that Bones is such a concrete evidence person that she'd be afraid to assume that Booth loved her without "proof". I think we all "know" that he loves her and she him!

Catnapping said...

Sure, Nicole. These are Hart's characters. Too bad he's incabable of remembering who they are.

The thing is - Hart doesn't seem to be comfortable with writing for/about a realistic relationship. He seems confused on how to use everyday obstacles for plot devices.

Hell, the man can't even remember his own story arcs or his characters' personal histories. Doesn't he have a staff to help him out? People who can pipe up, and say (for example), "Bones was really into snakes when she was in New Orleans; we can't pretend alluva sudden that she's got a phobia. We'll look like idiots, and any fans with an IQ over 99 will be annoyed."

I don't doubt that Bones and Booth will end up "together." I'm just afraid that the show will suffer from the same lack of imagination that Moonlighting did.

A truly creative who's supposed to realize this series is "character-driven," would have no problem inventing obstacles without twisting the couple into pretzels.

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