Friday, April 30, 2010

Reviews for "The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle"

Here are a few recaps/reviews of last night's episode. Which one do you agree most with?

TV Obsessed
TV Squad
EW (This one includes spoilers for next week's episode but nothing beyond the promo.)
Series NU
Give me my remote (Hehe at this bit: "Goofball Booth rubs some people the wrong way, I know. And some people want Booth to rub them any way he wants to, so it’s just personal preference, I guess."


Jeannie said...

Um, I didn't realize the Camp manager and Erik Dalton were famous guest stars.

Lukas said...

This episode was awful. While I liked seeing more story with Cam, the rest of the episode seemed to bring those good moments down.

Watching David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel pretend to "rock out" made me feel awkward. I felt embarrassed for them. There is nothing wrong with taking a scene "over the top", but this one rolled down the backside of the peak.

I know Hart Hanson and Bones needs the money, but perhaps they should not follow Fox's "Theme" weeks anymore.

Maggy said...

Wow I come here a day later and usually there is a list long of comments... I almost didn't watch this episode cause Catherine really really put me off of Bones last week but I caught it on Hulu just now.

I CRINGE every time Catherine is brought up. Its awful and I hate watching Booth fall for another woman. I HATE IT.

And poor Bones is just trying to CLING to their partnership/how things use to be so hard that its just sad. Its totally sad. And I wish she'd see or Booth would get her to see that them being together is not going to be the end of the world!

Other than that, I thought it was a cute ep. I could care less about Cam and Michele. Those scenes annoyed me. And I am so over Angela and Hodgins. Like I was over them back at the end of Season 4. I was done. But whatever.

As far as the pretending to rock thing went... I thought it was fun. There was nothing that said they had to be amazing... everyone was just there to live out a fantasy. Even if you fantasize about something it doesn't mean you're awesome at it. So this didn't bother me and it kinda made me remember the old times when they use to be all chummy. Before Catherine stepped into the picture and started ruining everything!!!!

But it is getting harder and harder to watch Bones.

Meg said...

@Maggy- I understand what you are saying, but I really don't think Booth is really falling for Catherine. He is just trying to move on and is doing that badly. Did you see the look on his face when Bones suggested they had a "social contract"? He was freaking out. I think we WILL get our happy ending. Just don't know when :)

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