Thursday, April 22, 2010

Signed, sealed (in a book), never delivered?

Spoilers ahead!!! If you are spoiler-phobic, don't even hover over the link, please!

One simple letter in Season 2 has prompted a novel's-worth of speculation over the years as to its potential contents. Korbi TV went to the source to ask if we'd EVER find out what Brennan included in her letter.

What do you think? Is it better to keep it an unknown? What do you think the answers from Stephen Nathan and Hart Hanson mean?


Tia said...

I am beginning to wonder myself..How will we know?? Show us in the form of actions or the form of the spoken (or written word). We will see

Anonymous said...

I think it means Brennan is abducted by the gravedigger or her new accomplice again...especially because of that twitpic that Nathan released.

Stephanie said...

Best to keep it unknown! Maybe tell us who the letter was to, but don't tell us what it said. That way, every fan gets to decide for themselves what she wrote. I just think that, by this point, there's been so much buildup and speculation, that they couldn't do it and keep it in-character for season 2 Brennan while making the fans happy. If fanfiction is any indication, a lot of people will be disappointed if it's anything less than some big love letter to Booth, and I just don't think that's in character for Brennan in season 2.

chillip said...

i've wondered about that note for a while. where did it end up? as i recall we never saw the note go into the book.

if it was in the book, then hodgins likely would have found it (or perhaps angela?) as hodgins had the book (and the plastic shard from his leg) at the end of aliens. did brennan keep it herself?

dang me and my eyes seeing "grave" on that writer's picture. now i feel obligated to chase spoilers like this :(

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