Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spoiler clips

Fox has released some sneak peek clips of Thursday's episode, The Predator in the Pool.

Spoiler warning! Please keep speculation and comments confined to this post.


Anonymous said...

Booth looks very uncomfortable. it's so cute! nice to see him interested in someone else. she's prettier than bones and more personable.

move on, Booth. you deserve someone who appreciates you!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a really good episode :)

Sarah said...

It's all all right. Booth and Brennan belong together and we'll get there eventually!

Mindy said...

Booth DID look really uncomfortable! It was almost awkward to watch. Ha! =)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure some fans will HATE this episode, but I for one LOVED it! The is the first case that I've actually been invested in in a long time. The dynamic was well played and the tension at a new level. Won't spoil anything until everyone has seen it. But kudos Bones makers, kudos!

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