Monday, April 12, 2010


I am sorry but I didn't even glance at these because I'm trying to remain spoiler-free so I'm just going to post the links.
Spoilers and lots of speculation ahead!

Inside TV

Edit: Here is a non-spoilery bit out of that interview that I found and considered well worth sharing:

On my second viewing, I noticed David Boreanaz fighting back some tears in the closing scene. Were you expecting that heaviness of emotion?
David was both directing himself and acting, so the whole thing was a surprise – even a little bit to him and Emily [Deschanel]. When they’re in the scene playing that moment, emotions come up that surprised them and certainly surprised us. I think it was very, very subtle – he didn’t really want to cry, and I don’t think he did. Something just popped up there for a minute, and he wipes his eye. I love how he kept it together even though his world had come apart. It was a nice balance he struck. We were thrilled with the job he did on that episode.

If you'd like to comment on this but don't want to be spoiled please use the non-spoiler article post for your comment!

Ausiello Files
HH spills about episode 100 and the finale
TV Guide


Anonymous said...

I would have been surprised if Booth -hadn't- been on the verge of tears.

Anonymous said...

It was one powerful scene so well done. Emmy worthy ... but that is probably just wishful thinkin' on my part. :/

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